• Disposable Surgical Blade1. Article code: HI09701 2. Single-use 3. Materials: stainless steel, carbon steel 4. The surgical blade is sterilized by gamma radiation. 5. The disposable surgical blade comes with fine sharp cutting in well sealed packages, providing maximum safety and minimum pain for final users. 6. Suitable for surgery use. …
  • Disposable ScalpelA disposable surgical scalpel consists of two parts, a replaceable blade and a reusable handle. In medical applications, each blade is only used once. A disposable blade and a plastic handle is essential as a sterile surgical instrument, because it serves to prevent infection or contamination otherwise …
  • Disposable Blood LancetA blood lancet, also known as a double-edged scalpel, is used as a small cutting tool in medical practice. With fine and sharp cutting surface, the disposable blood lancet also suits use in surgery and dissection. During the study of biology, students may use the lancet for dissection of small …
  • Disposable UnderpadsThe underpads serve to protect the mattress and furniture from incontinence. The disposable underpads save the trouble of washing and very cost effective, in addition to reducing laundry and labor costs. Also, the underpads come with soft, vented liner, which provides comfort for patients. …
  • Dental BibColor: white, yellow, pink, green, blue, orange, purple
    The dental bib is used in hospitals and dentist clinics.
    Sanitation and quality in accordance with the ISO standards, CE certified …

Highside is a leading personal protective product, disposable clothing and medical disposables manufacturer, located in China. We specialize in producing and selling disposable dust mask, mob cap, disposable scalpel, and more.

Our products are made of various materials, like PP and SMS nonwoven fabric, perforated film, PE, CPE, polyester, PVC, rubber and paper, etc. Hence, our personal protective product has the advantages of being dust resistant, waterproof, oil resistant, leak proof, and anti-virus, etc. Our products can meet the requirements of labor protection, family hygiene and public places where highly hygienic condition is needed. Thus, our disposable clothing, disposable facewear, medical disposables, etc. are widely applied in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, restaurants, and food production, chemical, electronics, manufacturing, horticulture, forestry and animal husbandry industries.

Our CE certified products are well accepted in more than 30 countries and regions, including the US, Japan, Australia, Europe, South America and South-East Asia. If you are in search of disposable products, please see our product webpage to find the right products for your needs, or contact us directly for assistance. The staff at Highside is ready and waiting to serve you.


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