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Jan. 2, 2012 Vol. 245, No. 1 Serial No. 4314


Associations …………………………………………………………………..167 Association 2012 Calendar…………………………………………….. 163 Exporter Section…………………………………………………………….155 HVACR Consultants/Services…………………………………………. 587 HVACR Product Section ………………………………………………… 201 Manufacturers Alphabetic Section…………………………………… 38 Manufacturers Representatives ……………………………………… 596 Mergers/Acquisitions/Name Changes………………………………175 Software and Video Section …………………………………………… 589 Trade Name Section……………………………………………………… 561 W hole sa ler s ………………………………………………………………….. 4 25

Also In This Issue

How to Use This Directory ………………………………………………… 4 Directory Highlights…………………………………………………………. 6 Product Index………………………………………………………………….. 8 Product Profiles……………………………………………………………… 20 Advertiser Index……………………………………………………………..611

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How The DIRECTORY & SOURCE GUIDE can help you

We’ve designed our 2012 HVACR DIRECTORY & SOURCE GUIDE to help you. Here are some guidelines to help you find information quickly and easily.

Finding Product Manufacturers
by Category . . .
Our HVACR Product Listing section, begin- ning on page 201, locates the manufactur- ers of specific types of products. Our 1,866 product headings are indexed within the Product Listing section much like your local business telephone book. And, if you can’t find a product there, turn to page 8 for the handy alphabetic index.

Finding Manufacturer Addresses . . .

Having found a manufacturer’s name, you’ll need its address, telephone and fax numbers, key personnel, email and web addresses, and product lines. Turn to page 38 in our Manufacturers Section for the alpha listings for 1,689 top HVACR manu- facturers.

Matching Trade Names
with Manufacturers . . .
Need to know which company manufacturers products with specific trade names? Turn to page 561. We tell you who makes more than 5,137 trade-named products.

Finding HVACR Manufacturers Reps., Consultants, Services or Software
and Videos . . .
Turn to page 596 to find a geographic guide to Manufacturers Reps. Turn to page 587 for a listing of Consultants and Services. Turn to page 589 for a listing of Software and Videos.

Finding Wholesalers
and Factory Outlets . . .
Your industry Where To Buy section, begin- ning on page 425, provides the address, telephone, fax numbers, email and web

addresses of your local wholesaler. This section is listed geographically. Canadian and foreign wholesalers are also listed.

Finding Exporters . . .

Tap the global market by contacting the companies listed in our Exporter section, beginning on page 155.

Finding Trade Associations . . .

Turn to page 167 to find top associations, their addresses and key personnel. The national association calendar of key events is on page 163.

Finding Advertisers in the
2012 HVACR Source Guide . . . Companies advertising in the HVACR Source Guide have boldfaced names in the Product Listing section and are listed in the Advertiser Index on page 611.

Finding Information Online . . .
Our online Directory is the most compre- hensive, searchable database dedicated to HVACR suppliers. It only takes a few steps to find the products you need. Just go to Use the Search box to search on any product. Select the best match from the product categories displayed, and click into sup- pliers of interest for their complete listing information. Look for the ✪ star symbol for listings with product photo’s, prod- uct brochures, and additional product information. You’ll also see the ✪ in this edition for suppliers who have premium listings online.




You hold in your hands one of the HVACR industry’s greatest resources: The 2012 NEWS Directory. While it weighs just slightly more than one pound, the Directory you are holding could make tons of difference in your bottom line for 2012. Seasoned hvacr pros rely on this annual resource to locate products, get technical support, and discover new business opportunities.

Started in 1934 as an annual issue of The NEWS, The HVACR DIRECTORY & SOURCE GUIDE has grown tremendously. It’s the most current and complete refer- ence tool in the hvacr industry, containing 4,233 wholesaler listings, 84 associations, 85 exporters, 5,137 brand names, and 1,866 product headings, with 25,130 listings. We estimate more than 90% of all listings have at least one change each year.

HVACR Mergers/Acquisitions/
Name Changes —
This section provides a “genealogy” of hvacr companies going back several decades. Many of these companies con- tinue to exist but are now known under different names. To find the new identity, just look up the old name in this alphabetic section. The section begins on page 175.

Product Profiles Section —

For a sneak preview of what’s new for 2012, turn to page 20.

Software and Videos Section —

For a listing of hvacr-related Software and Videos, turn to page 589 within the Services/Software/Manufacturers Reps Section. Review some of the hottest train- ing and business software and videos.

Repeats —

Based on excellent response, we’ve expanded the HVACR Consultants/Services Section, and kept the expanded Exporter Section and Advertiser Index.

The 2013 HVACR Directory
& Source Guide —
While this Directory’s information is the most current available, we’re already work- ing on the 2013 HVACR DIRECTORY & SOURCE GUIDE, cleaning mailing lists, compiling new information, and schedul- ing production. But there’s one ingredient that will make next year’s edition more valuable — your comments. Please email your thoughts to:

Mary Wray

Publisher/Advertising Manager: P.O. Box 2600
Troy, MI 48007

To order extra copies of the 2012 HVACR DIRECTORY & SOURCE GUIDE, contact:

Ann Kalb 248-244-6499
Fax: 248-244-2925
or Email:


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Abrasives…………………………..201 Absorbents………………………..201 Accelerometers ………………….201 Accumulators …………………….201 Acid Brushes, Copper Fitting,

Tube & Pipe Clng ………….201 Acid Test Kit……………………..201 Acid Test Kit,

Refrigerant Oil………………201 Acid Treatment ………………….201 Acoustical Covers ………………201 Active Chilled Beams…………201 Actuator, Electric……………….201 Adhesives………………………….201 Adsorbents………………………. 203 Air Cleaners, Electronic……. 203 Air Cleaners,

Non-Electronic …………….. 203 Air Conditioner and

Refrigerator Combination 203 Air Conditioner Installation

Kits, Automotive………….. 203 Air Conditioner Installation

Kits, Room ………………….. 203 Air Conditioners,

Absorption ………………….. 205 Air Conditioners, Aircraft…. 205 Air Conditioners,

Automobile………………….. 205 Air Conditioners, Bus ………. 205 Air Conditioners,

Computer Back-Up ………. 205 Air Conditioners,

Corrosive Environment … 205 Air Conditioners,

Data Processing …………… 205 Air Conditioners, Ductless .. 205 Air Conditioners,

Emergency ………………….. 206 Air Conditioners,

Product Index

Air Conditioners, Portable, Under 5 Tons ………………..213

Air Conditioners,
Railway Car…………………..214

Air Conditioners,
Rooftop, Packaged ………..214

Air Conditioners, Room……..215 Air Conditioners, Self-

Contained, Under 5 Tons.215 Air Conditioners, Self-

Contained, 5 – 15 Tons …..218 Air Conditioners, Self-

Contained, Over 15 Tons .218 Air Conditioners, Solar …….. 220 Air Conditioners,

Special Events……………… 220 Air Conditioners, Split System,

Under 5 Tons ………………. 220 Air Conditioners, Split System,

5 – 15 Tons ………………….. 222 Air Conditioners, Split System,

Over 15 Tons……………….. 223 Air Conditioners,

Truck Cab……………………. 223 Air Conditioners,

Wall Mount………………….. 223 Air Conditioning Drainline

Flushing System…………… 223 Air Conditioning Equipment,

Emergency ………………….. 223 Air Conditioning,

Leak Repair…………………. 224 Air Conditioning

Performance Enhancer…. 224 Air Curtains …………………….. 224 Air Displacement……………… 224 Air Distribution Device ……. 224 Air Duct Cleaning ……………. 224 Air Filter Adhesives……………225 Air Filter Assemblies………….225 Air Filter Cleaning Machines .225 Air Filter Coating ………………225 Air Filter Efficiency Gauges .225 Air Filter Media …………………225 Air Fresheners …………………..225 Air Handlers ……………………. 226 Air Leakage Tester …………… 226 Air Mixing Units………………. 226 Air Mixing Units,

High Velocity ………………. 226 Air Mixing Units,

Low Velocity ……………….. 226 Air Mixing Units, VAV ……… 227 Air Pollution Control

Equipment…………………… 227 Air Washers …………………….. 227 Alarm Systems,

Temperature………………… 227 Alarms…………………………….. 227 Algaecide ………………………… 227 Alloys, Low-Melting,

Tube Bending ……………… 227

Alternators ………………………. 227 Ammeters………………………… 227 Ammonia ………………………… 227 Ampmeters………………………. 228 Analyzers, Combustion…….. 228 Analyzers, Hermetic…………. 228 Analyzers, Moisture …………. 228 Anemometers…………………… 229 Angle Rings …………………….. 229 Anti-Frost Chemicals………… 229 Anti-Frost Compounds……… 229 Anti-Windmill Fan Brake….. 229 Appliance, Integrated ………. 229 ASME, Code Welding ……….. 229 ASME, Repairs…………………. 229


Back Draft Dampers ………… 229 Backdraft Indicators ………… 229 Backer Rod and Gaskets…… 229 Backflow Preventers ………… 229 Bacteria Control ………………. 229 Barometric Controls…………. 229 Bars, Refrigerated for

Home, Office ………………. 229 Baseboard Radiation,

Electric ……………………….. 229 Baseboard Radiation,

Hydronic …………………….. 229 Bearings………………………….. 229 Bellows, Flexible Metal ……. 229 Belts ……………………………….. 229 Benders, Angle and Shape .. 229 Bending Springs………………. 229 Beverage Dispensers………… 230 Biocide ……………………………. 230 Blower Housings ……………… 230 Blower Shafts ………………….. 230 Blowers …………………………… 230 Blowers, Complete …………….231 Boiler Cleaning Products……231 Boiler Turbulators ……………..231 Boiler, Water Treatment……..231 Boilers, Accessories

and Parts………………………231 Boilers, Alternative Energy ..231 Boilers, Commercial

and Industrial, Packaged.231 Boilers, Rental…………………..232 Boilers, Residential,

Hot Water or Steam……….232 Boilers, Waste Oil ……………..232 Borescopes ……………………….232 Brakes, Electronic Motor ……232 Brakes, Sheet Metal, Hand …232 Brakes, Sheet Metal,

Hydraulic………………………232 Brazing Alloys …………………..232 Brazing Machines…………….. 234 Brick Vents ……………………… 234

Explosion Proof …………… Air Conditioners,


Farm Equipment Cab …… 207 Air Conditioners,

Gas Engine………………….. 207

Air Conditioners,
Hazardous Environment . 207

Air Conditioners, Air Conditioners, Air Conditioners, Air Conditioners,

Industrial 208 Marine….. 208 Medical…. 208

Mobile Home ………………..211 Air Conditioners, Mobile

Service Equipment ………..211 Air Conditioners, Mobile, on

Truck or Trailer …………….211 Air Conditioners, Packaged


Air Conditioners, Portable, Over 5 Tons ………………….213

Brushes, Cleaning ……………. 234 Brushes, Condenser

Cleaning ……………………… 234 Btu Meters ………………………. 234 Building Automation

Systems……………………….. 234 Burners …………………………… 234 Bushings …………………………. 234


Cable, Electric………………….. 234 Cable, Electric Heating …….. 234 CAD Systems …………………… 234 Calculators ………………………. 234 Capacitor Testers ……………… 234 Capacitors ……………………….. 234 Capacity Controls………………235 Capillary Assemblies………….235 Capillary Testers………………..235 Capillary Tube Cleaners …….235 Caps and Plugs, Protective…235 Carbonators, Soda Fountain.235 Cases, Display …………………..235 Castings…………………………… 236 Catalogs, Custom……………… 236 Ceilings, Radiant ……………… 236 Ceilings, Ventilating…………. 236 Cement, Plastic Pipe ………… 236 Cements, Bonding……………. 236 Certification, HVAC………….. 236 Chambers, Environmental … 236 Charging Stations …………….. 236 Chiller Barrels …………………. 236 Chiller Cleaners……………….. 236 Chiller-Heaters, Absorption 236 Chillers, Beverage Glass…… 236 Chillers, Blast ………………….. 236 Chillers, Flooded……………… 236 Chillers, Limited Charge…… 236 Chillers, Liquid,

Under 5 Tons ………………. 236 Chillers, Liquid, 5-15 Tons….237 Chillers, Liquid,

Over 15 Tons…………………237 Chillers, Packaged……………..237 Chillers, Rental ………………… 238 Chimney, All Fuel ……………. 238 Chimney Liners ……………….. 238 Circuit Breakers ………………. 238 Circuit Testers, Electric…….. 238 Clamp, Quick-Release ………. 238 Clamp, Snap-Lock ……………. 238 Clamps, Hose…………………… 239 Clamps, Pipe and Tube…….. 239 Cleanrooms, Hardwall ……… 239 Cleanrooms,

Softwall Modular…………. 239 Cleaners, Hermetic System .. 239 Cleaners, High Pressure,

Portable ………………………. 239 Coatings ………………………….. 239 Coatings, Anti-Microbial…… 239

Compressors, Compressors, Compressors, Compressors,

Ammonia……. 246 Centrifugal …. 246 Engine ……….. 246

Condensate Return Systems .252 Condenser and Compressor

Racks and Stands ………….252 Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaner…………………252

Condenser Bases ……………….252 Condenser Coil Cleaners ……253 Condenser Manifolds

and Headers………………….253 Condensers, Air-Cooled……..253 Condensers, Brazed Heat

Exchangers………………….. 254 Condensers, Brazed Plate…. 254 Condensers, Combination

Air- and Water-Cooled …. 254 Condensers, Double-Wall …. 254 Condensers, Evaporative ….. 254 Condensers, Gasketed ……….256 Condensers, Leak Repair……256 Condensers, Shell & Tube ….256 Condensers, Water-Cooled,

Co-Axial ……………………….256 Condensers, Water-Cooled,

Double Pipe………………….256 Condensers, Water-Cooled,

Plate Type …………………….256 Condensers, Water-Cooled,

Shell and Coil ……………….256 Condensers, Water-Cooled,

Shell and Tube………………256 Condensers, Wire and Tube .257 Condensing Boilers……………257 Condensing Unit Enclosures 257 Condensing Units, Air

Conditioning, Hermetic….257 Condensing Units, Air

Conditioning, Open……….259 Condensing Units, Air


Semi-Hermetic ………………259 Condensing Units, Commercial

Refn., Hermetic……………..259 Condensing Units, Commercial

Refn., Open…………………. 260 Condensing Units, Commercial, Refn., Semi-Hermetic …… 260

Condensing Units, Household Refrigerator …………………. 260

Conduit and Fittings,
Electric ……………………….. 260

Conduit, Liquid Tight……….. 260 Connectors,

Copper-Aluminum……….. 260 Connectors, Electric …………. 260 Connectors, Flexible ………… 262 Contactors……………………….. 262 Contactors, Definite

Purpose ………………………. 262 Control Repair …………………. 262 Controls, Appliance………….. 262 Controls, Electronic

& Automation ……………… 262 Controls, Electric Motor

Failure Prevention ……….. 263 Controls, Guards ……………… 263 Controls, High Pressure……. 263


Coatings, Cabinets
and Casings…………………. 239

Coatings, Encapsulent………. 239 Cogeneration Systems,

Packaged …………………….. 240 Coil Bending Machines…….. 240 Coil Cleaning Compounds… 240 Coil Coatings …………………… 240 Coils, Brazed Aluminum ….. 240 Coils, Chilled or Hot Water . 242 Coils, Copper…………………… 242 Coils, Electric Heating ……… 242 Coils, Finned …………………… 242 Coils, Piping Packages……… 243 Coils, Plate ………………………. 243 Collectors, Dust……………….. 243 Combustion Chambers,

Ceramic ………………………. 243 Combustion Control

Systems……………………….. 243 Combustion Testing Kits ….. 243 Compressor Burnout

Cleaner ……………………….. 243 Compressor Clutches ……….. 243 Compressor Condition

Analysis………………………. 243 Compressor Covers,

Acoustical……………………. 244 Compressor Cylinder Liners 244 Compressor Head

Cooling Fans ……………….. 244 Compressor Parts …………….. 244 Compressor Piston Rings….. 244 Compressor Rods …………….. 244 Compressor Seals, Shaft …….245 Compressor Terminal Parts..245 Compressor Units………………245 Compressor Valve Plates…… 246


Explosion-Proof …………… 246 Compressors, Hermetic………247 Compressors, Hermetic

Openers………………………..247 Compressors, Reciprocating,

Open…………………………… 248 Compressors, Rotary,

Hermetic……………………… 248 Compressors, Rotary,

Open…………………………… 249 Compressors, Rotary,

Semi-Hermetic …………….. 249 Compressors, Screw, Open . 249 Compressors, Screw,

Semi-Hermetic …………….. 249 Compressors, Scroll …………..250 Compressors,

Semi-Hermetic ………………250 Condensate Disposal Units…252 Condensate Dissipater,

Automatic ……………………..252 Condensate Drain Cleaners ..252 Condensate Overload…………252


Controls, Indoor Air Quality 263 Controls, Liquid Level………. 263 Controls, Low Pressure…….. 264 Controls, Microprocessor….. 264 Controls, Low Voltage,

Remote ……………………….. 264 Controls, Mixing, Air ……….. 264 Controls, Pipe Trace

Heating……………………….. 265 Controls, Pneumatic…………. 265 Controls, Sequence ………….. 265 Controls, Solar Energy

Differential Temperature 265 Controls, Solid State…………. 265 Controls, Speed ……………….. 265 Controls, Surge Limiting…… 266 Controls, Temperature ……… 266 Controls, Time …………………..267 Controls, Vacuum ………………267 Controls, Vent Damper ………267 Controls, Wash Cycle –

Electronic Air Cleaner……267 Controls, Water Heater ………267 Controls, Zone Damper ……..267

Convectors, Baseboard, Hot Water or Steam ……………. 268

Couplings, Pipe,
Quick Connect………………270

Couplings, Quick Connect …270 Couplings, Shaft ………………..270 Covers, Condenser …………….271 Covers, Ice Cream Cabinet …271 Covers, Refrigerated

Display Cases………………..271 Covers, Room

Air Conditioner……………..271 CO2 Controls…………………….271 Cranes ………………………………271 Crankshafts, Compressor …..271 Crushers, Ice……………………..272 Curbs, Rooftop ………………….272 Cut to Length Lines……………272 Cutouts, High Pressure ………272 Cutters, Tube …………………….272 Cutting Systems, Plasma…….272 Cylinders…………………………..272 Cylinders, Charging …………..272 Cylinders, Electro-Hydraulic .272 Cylinders, Hydraulic

and Pneumatic ………………272 Cylinders, Refrigerant ………..272 Cylinders,

Refrigerant Recovery……..273


Damper Actuator……………….273 Dampers and Shutters ……….274 Dampers, Ceiling Radiation .274 Dampers, Fire & Smoke……..275 Dampers, Industrial …………..275 Dampers, Vent, Automatic….275 Data Loggers……………………..275 Deaerators…………………………276 Deflectors, Air…………………..276 Defrost Equipment,

Automatic ……………………..276 Defrost Heaters, Flexible……276 Defrosting Controls,

Automatic ……………………..276 Dehumidification Systems,

Packaged Heat Recovery

1-200 Tons…………………….276 Dehumidification Wheel…….276 Dehumidifier Controls……….276 Dehumidifier, Desiccant …… 277 Dehumidifier,

Energy Recovery………….. 277 Dehumidifiers………………….. 277 Dehumidifiers, Chemical….. 277 Dehumidifiers, Drainline

Flushing System…………… 277 Dehumidifiers, Electric …….. 277 Dehumidifiers, Heat Pipe…..278 Dehumidifiers, Rental………..278 Dehumidifiers,

Sprayed Coil………………….278 Dehydrating A/C

& Refrigeration ……………..278 Dehydrating Chemicals………278 Dehydrating Systems …………278

Demand Controller ……………278 Deodorizer………………………..278 Descalers, Electronic………….278 Desiccants…………………………278 Desuperheaters………………… 279 Detectors,

Convertors, Hydronic……….. Conveyor Belts ………………… 268

UV, Fluorescent …………… 280 Detectors, Smoke-Fire

Ionization ……………………. 280 Detectors, Smoke-Fire

Photoelectronic……………. 281 Diagnostics, Vehicles/Fleets 281 Differential Pressure

Switches ……………………… 281 Differential Pressure

Transmitter………………….. 282 Diffusers, Grilles, Registers 282 Digital Measurement

Systems……………………….. 282 Direct Steam Injection ……… 282 Discharge Line Mufflers …… 282 Disconnects, Electrical……… 282 Dispensers, Ice Cube ……….. 282 Displacement Ventilation….. 282 Distance Meter ………………… 282 Distributors, Refrigerant…… 282 Dolly, Powered ………………… 282 Door Gasket Notchers ……… 282 Door Grilles…………………….. 282 Door Latches, Magnetic ……. 282 Door/Wall Makeup Systems,

H VAC ………………………….. 282 Doors, Access ………………….. 282 Doors, Air Curtains………….. 282 Doors, Cold Storage …………. 284 Doors, Cooler, Freezer……… 284 Doors, Double

Action Cooler………………. 284 Doors, Duct Access ………….. 284 Doors, Reach-In ………………. 284 Doors, Replacement Cooler

and Freezer …………………. 284 Doors, Swinging………………. 284 Doors, Traffic, High Speed.. 284 Doors, Vinyl Strip ……………. 284 Draft Controls………………….. 284 Draft Inducers …………………. 284 Driers, Refrigerant …………… 284 Drift Eliminators ……………… 284 Drills, Electric, Portable …… 284 Drink Dispenser-Ice Maker,

Combination ……………….. 284 Drives……………………………… 284 Drives, Blower, Belt …………. 285 Drives, Compressor,

Variable Speed…………….. 285 Drives, Fan, Variable Speed 285 Drives, Fluid or Hydraulic… 285 Drives, Magnetic ……………… 285

Cooler, Limited Charge…….. Coolers, Bottle Beverage ….. Coolers, Bottled Water……… Coolers, Coolant………………. Coolers, Draft Beer ………….. Coolers, Drinking Water…… Coolers, Evaporative ………… Coolers, Evaporative, Closed

268 268 268 268 268 268 268

Circuit…………………………. 268 Coolers, Evaporative,

Water Treatment ………….. 268 Coolers, Floral …………………. 268 Coolers, Instantaneous

Liquid …………………………. 269 Coolers, Liquid,

Soda Fountain……………… 269 Coolers, Makeup Air ………… 269 Coolers, Milk …………………… 269 Coolers, Oil……………………… 269 Coolers, Photographic

and X-ray…………………….. 269 Coolers, Reach-in ………………270 Coolers, Unit……………………..270 Coolers, Walk-In………………..270 Cooling and Heating,

Valance …………………………270 Cooling Tower Filters…………270 Cooling Tower Water

Treatment Controller……..270 Copper Cleaner …………………270 Cord Sets, Electric……………..270 Cords, Extension,

Air Conditioner……………..270 Cords, Test………………………..270 Corrosion Inhibitors ………….270


Carbon Detectors, Detectors, Detectors, Detectors,

Monoxide………… 279 Gas …………………. 279 Leak ……………….. 279 Leak, Ultrasonic . 280 Leak,


Direct Expansion…………. 292

Evaporators, Domestic Refrigerator …………………. 293

Evaporators, Leak Repair …. 293 Evaporators, Plate Type ……. 293 Evaporators, Refrigerated

Hold-Over Truck …………. 293 Evaporators, Shell & Tube … 293 Exhaust Removal Systems … 293 Exhausters, Roof, Power…… 293 Expanded Metal Mesh ……… 293 Expanders, Tube and Pipe .. 293 Expansion Joints ……………… 293 Expansion Tanks……………… 293


Fan………………………………….. 293 Fan-Blade Puller Tools……… 294 Fan Blades ………………………. 294 Fan Blades, Cooling Tower . 294 Fan Centers……………………… 294 Fan Guards ……………………… 294 Fan Guards, Ceiling …………. 294 Fan Housings…………………… 294 Fan Limit Controls …………… 294 Fan Motor Controls ………….. 295 Fan Relays……………………….. 295 Fan, Complete Assemblies… 295 Fancoil, Central Units ………. 296 Fancoil, Room Units…………. 296 Fans, Ceiling ……………………. 296 Fans, Duct……………………….. 296 Fans, Exhaust ………………….. 296 Fans, Fiberglass ……………….. 297 Fasteners …………………………. 297 Fastening Tools ……………….. 297 Feeders, Chemical

Proportioning ……………… 297 Fiberglass Duct

Fabrication Equipment…. 297 Filter Fabric …………………….. 297 Filter Frame Steel Channel .. 297 Filter Holding Frames ………. 297 Filter Retainers ………………… 297 Filter-Driers …………………….. 298 Filters and Purifiers, Water . 298 Filters HEPA/Blower

Modules………………………. 298 Filters, Absorber Solution…. 298 Filters, Activated Carbon ….. 298 Filters, Air, Electronic ………. 298 Filters, Air, Electrostatic …… 299 Filters, Air, High-Efficiency. 299 Filters, Air, Non-Electronic.. 299 Filters, Air, Panel……………… 299 Filters, Gas………………………. 300 Filters, Grease………………….. 300 Filters, Harmonic …………….. 300 Filters, Oil……………………….. 300 Filters, Pipe Line ……………… 300 Filters, Suction Line …………. 300 Fin Dies…………………………… 300


Drives, Mechanical…………… 285 Drives, Pump,

Variable Speed …………….. 285 Drop Box Diffusers………….. 285 Dryers …………………………….. 285 Dryers, Compressed Air …… 285 Dual Pressure Controls…….. 285 Duct Burglar Bars ……………. 285 Duct Clamps ……………………. 285 Duct Cleaning Equipment … 285 Duct Cleaning Machines…… 285 Duct Connectors, Flexible … 286 Duct Connectors, Metallic … 286 Duct Hangers and Supports 286 Duct Inspection……………….. 286 Duct Liners ……………………… 286 Duct Seamers…………………… 288 Duct Silencers………………….. 288 Duct Tools, Flexible …………. 288 Duct Tools, Metal …………….. 288 Duct Turning Vanes …………. 288 Duct Wrap……………………….. 288 Ductboard ……………………….. 289 Ducts, Fabric Woven ………… 289 Ducts, Flexible ………………… 289 Ducts, Flexible Aluminum

Jacketing …………………….. 289 Ducts, Prefabricated…………. 289 Dust Collectors ………………… 289


Economizers, Rooftop………. 289 Economizers, Split System… 290 Electric Hand Truck …………. 290 Electric Metering ……………… 290 Energy Efficient Application 290 Energy Management

Systems……………………….. 290 Energy Management

Systems, Residential …….. 290 Energy Recovery Devices …. 290 Energy Recovery

Packaged Units ……………. 290 Energy Recovery Wheels……291 Energy Saving Devices ………291 Engines …………………………….291 Environmental

Test Equipment……………..291 Evaporative Coil Cleaners…..291 Evaporative Cooler Media … 292 Evaporative Cooler,

Water Treatment ………….. 292 Evaporative Cooling Coils … 292 Evaporative Cooling Unit,

Portable ………………………. 292 Evaporative Steam

Dispersion…………………… 292 Evaporator, Limited Charge. 292 Evaporators, Bare Pipe Coil . 292 Evaporators, Brazed

Heat Exchangers………….. 292 Evaporators, Condensate ….. 292

Fin Presses………………………. 300 Fin Stock …………………………. 300 Fin Straighteners ……………… 300 Finishes…………………………… 300 Finning Discs…………………… 300 Finning Machines…………….. 300 Fire Safety Systems ………….. 300 Fireplace Inserts………………. 300 Firestop Products………………301 Fittings ……………………………..301 Fittings, Duct…………………….301 Fittings, Sheet Metal ………….301 Flame Failure Controls ………301 Flaring Tools……………………..301 Flexible Joints……………………301 Flow Controls ……………………301 Flow Switches………………….. 302 Flowmeters ……………………… 302 Fluids, Heat Transfer ……….. 302 Flushing Agents……………….. 302 Fluxes, Soldering, Welding

and Brazing ………………… 302 Foaming Agents,

Urethane, Insulation ……. 302 Forgings ………………………….. 303 Frame, Boot …………………….. 303 Framing, Modular,

Aluminum …………………… 303 Freezers…………………………… 303 Freezers, Bakery………………. 303 Freezers, Counter …………….. 304 Freezers, Dispensing………… 304 Freezers, Food Processing … 304 Freezers, Malt and Custard.. 304 Fuel Oil Additives ……………. 304 Furnaces, Duct, Commercial

and Industrial……………… 304 Furnaces, Forced Air………… 304 Fuses, Time Delay……………. 307 Fusible Plugs …………………… 307


Gas Connectors, Flexible….. 307 Gas Cooling Systems………… 307 Gas Detection ………………….. 307 Gas Fireboxes ………………….. 307 Gas Fireplace Logs…………… 307 Gas Fireplaces …………………. 307 Gas Flame Controls,

Modulating………………….. 307 Gas Ignition Controls……….. 307 Gas Vent, High Temperature,

Plastic …………………………. 308 Gaskets……………………………. 308 Gaskets, Compressor ……….. 308 Gaskets, Door………………….. 308 Gaskets, Magnetic Door …… 308 Gauge Protection Devices … 308 Gauges ……………………………. 308 Gauges, Compound………….. 308 Gauges, Draft ………………….. 309 Gauges, Fan Blade Pitch…… 309 Gauges, Tank…………………… 309


Gauges, Vacuum………………..310 Generators ………………………..310 Generators, Rental …………….310 Geothermal Products…………310 Germicidal Lamps……………..310 Glass, Insulating………………..310 GPS Tracking Equipment …..310 Grille Clips………………………..310 Grilles……………………………….310 Guards, Coil………………………310 Guards, Smoke Detectors…..310


Hand Cleaner…………………….310 Hand Tools ……………………….310 Hand Trucks……………………..312 Hardware ………………………….312 Hardware, Cabinet …………….312 Hardware, Damper ……………312 Hardware, Shelving……………312 Heat Exchanger Cleaners……312 Heat Exchanger, Gas-Fired…313 Heat Exchanger, Gasketed….313 Heat Exchanger,

Limited Charge ……………..313 Heat Exchanger, Plate………..313 Heat Exchanger,

Plate-and-Frame…………….314 Heat Exchanger, Tubular ……314 Heat Exchangers, Air-to-Air .314 Heat Exchangers,

Brazed Aluminum …………315 Heat Exchangers,

Fluid-to-Air …………………..315 Heat Exchangers,

Fluid-to-Water ……………….315 Heat Exchangers,

Liquid-to-Liquid…………….316 Heat Exchangers,

Liquid Line……………………316 Heat Exchangers,

Refrigerant to Liquid ……..316 Heat Exchangers,

Refrigerant-to-Water ………316 Heat Exchangers, Retubing ..316 Heat Exchangers,

Steam-to-Liquid …………….318 Heat Exchangers,

Steam-to-Steam ……………..318 Heat Guns …………………………318 Heat Pump Bases ………………318 Heat Pump Dual

Fuel Control ………………….318 Heat Pump Water Heater……318 Heat Pumps, Built Up,

Central Station ………………318 Heat Pumps, Dual Fueled…..318 Heat Pumps, Ductless………..318 Heat Pumps, Geothermal,

Direct Exchange ……………319 Heat Pumps, Portable,

under 5 tons …………………319 Heat Pumps, Room A/C …….319 Heat Pumps, Self-Contained,

Under 5 Tons ………………..319

Heat Pumps, Self-Contained,
5 – 15 Tons ………………….. 320

Heat Pumps, Self-Contained, Over 15 Tons…………………321

Heat Pumps, Split System, Under 5 Tons ………………..321

Heat Pumps, Split System,
5 – 15 Tons ……………………322

Heat Pumps, Split System,
Over 15 Tons…………………322 Heat Recovery Devices ………322 Heat Recovery Systems………323 Heat Recovery Wheels……….323 Heat Sequencers………………..323

Heat Shields,
Soldering/Brazing …………323

Heat Transfer Fluids ………….323 Heaters, Agricultural………….323 Heaters, Boot…………………….324 Heaters, Chiller …………………324 Heaters, Crankcase ……………324 Heaters, Door ……………………324 Heaters, Drum & Pail ………..324 Heaters, Duct, Electric……….324 Heaters, Explosion Proof

Electric …………………………324 Heaters, Floor……………………324 Heaters, Fuel Oil……………….324 Heaters, Infrared……………….325 Heaters, Make-Up Air ………..325 Heaters, Portable……………….325 Heaters, Process………………..325 Heaters, Reclaimer …………….325 Heaters, Room, In-the-Wall ..325 Heaters, Solar ………………….. 326 Heaters, Solar Water ………… 326 Heaters, Space, Coal-Fired .. 326 Heaters, Space, Electric ……. 326 Heaters, Space, Gas-Fired…. 326 Heaters, Space, Wood-Fired 326 Heaters, Swimming Pool ….. 326 Heaters, Unit, Cabinet………. 326 Heaters, Unit, Direct Fired .. 326 Heaters, Unit,

Steam or Hot Water ……….327 Heaters, Valance, Electric …..327 Heaters, Water …………………..327 Heating and Ventilating……. 328 Heating Elements, Electric .. 328 Heating, Hydronic……………. 328 Hermetic Service Kits ………. 328 Hoists ……………………………… 328 Hose, Flexible………………….. 328 Hoses, Charging ………………..329 Hour Meters………………………329 Humidification Accessories ..329 Humidifiers……………………….329 Humidifiers/Kitchen

Ventilation Systems ……….329 Humidifiers, Power,

Furnace Type ………………. 330 Humidifiers, Room…………… 330 Humidifying Systems……….. 330 Humidistats……………………… 330

Humidity Indicators…………..332 Hydraulic Punches/Presses ..332 Hygrometers ……………………..332


Ice Accumulators……………….332 Ice Bank Controls ……………..332 Ice Cream Cabinets……………332 Ice Cube Dispensers ………….332 Ice Machine Cleaners…………332 Ice Makers, Automatic,

Cube or Tube………………..332 Ice Makers, Automatic,

Flake or Sheet……………….332 Ice Makers, Block………………332 Ice Plants and Equipment…..332 Ice Rinks, Not Portable ……..332 Ice Rinks, Portable…………….333 Ice Storage………………………..333 Ice Storage Bins & Cabinets.333 Ice/Beverage Dispensers……333 Identification Plates …………..333 Ignition Systems………………..333 Induction Units …………………333 Industrial Air Heaters,

Direct Gas Fired ……………333 Injectors ……………………………333 Inspection/Documentation

Equipment…………………….333 Instrumentation, Service ……333 Instrument Repair……………..333 Instruments, Solar

Radiation Measurement …333 Insulated Clothing

& Accessories………………..333 Insulated Covers

& Blankets ……………………333 Insulated Piping Systems……333 Insulation Adhesives………….333 Insulation Blowing

Machines …………………….. 334 Insulation Clips ……………….. 334 Insulation Coatings ………….. 334 Insulation Jacketing …………. 334 Insulation Seals ……………….. 334 Insulation Strips ………………. 334 Insulation Testers…………….. 334 Insulation, Acoustical ………. 334 Insulation, Electrical ………… 334 Insulation, Reflective

Window Film ………………. 334 Insulation, Thermal, Batt …. 334 Insulation, Thermal, Board . 334 Insulation, Thermal,

Building Panels …………… 334 Insulation, Thermal, Duct … 334 Insulation, Thermal, Foam

Prod. Equip., Urea……….. 336 Insulation, Thermal, Foam

Prod. Equip., Urethane … 336 Insulation, Thermal,

Foam-in-Place ……………… 336 Insulation, Thermal,

Loose Fill ……………………. 336 Insulation, Thermal, Pipe…. 336

Insulation, Thermal, Tube … 336 Instrumentation……………….. 336 Intercoms ………………………….337 Intercoolers……………………….337 Interiors, Truck and Van ……337 Ionization, Bipolar …………….337 Ionization, Catalytic …………..337 Ionizers …………………………….337


Junction Blocks, Electrical …337 Junction Boxes, Electrical…..337


Kiln Ventilation …………………337 Kitchen Ventilation Systems.337


Labels ……………………………….337 Ladders……………………………..337 Leak Repair Kits………………..337 Leaktest Tools……………………337 LED Flashlights …………………337 LED Worklights …………………337 Light Diffuser ……………………337 Light Meters ………………………337 Lighting …………………………….337 Lighting Troffers………………. 338 Lights, Indicator ………………. 338 Lights, Portable ……………….. 338 Lights, Ultra Violet …………… 338 Line Sets………………………….. 338 Liquid Indicators ……………… 338 Lockout/Tagout Products …. 338 Locks ………………………………. 338 Louvers, Acoustic …………….. 338 Louvers, Drainable/

Storm Resistant……………. 338 Louvers, Wall …………………….339 Lubricants, Production……….339 Lubricants, Refrigeration ……339


Machine Tools …………………..339 Make-up Air Systems ……….. 340 Makeup Air Burners ………… 340 Manifold Enclosures ………… 340 Manifolds ………………………… 340 Manifolds, Gauge …………….. 340 Manifolds, Testing……………. 340 Manifolds, Valve ………………. 341 Manometers …………………….. 341 Masonry Drilling

Equipment…………………… 341 Material Handling

Equipment…………………… 341 Metal Electroplating …………. 342 Metal, Bearing …………………. 342 Metal, Sheet, Alloy …………… 342 Metal, Sheet, Aluminum …… 342 Metal, Sheet, Brass…………… 342 Metal, Sheet, Coated ………… 342 Metal, Sheet, Copper………… 342

Motorized Impellers…………. Motors, AC/DC Brushless…. Motors, Alternating Current,

Fractional HP………………. Motors, Alternating Current, 1 to 5 HP…………………….. Motors, Alternating Current,

346 348




Odor Absorbing Units………..350 Odor Neutralizers………………350 Ohmmeters ……………………….350 Oil Additives, Refrigeration

& A/C …………………………..350 Oil Burner Nozzles ……………351 Oil Control Systems …………..351 Oil Coolers………………………..351 Oil Processing Equipment….351 Oil Sampler……………………….351 Oilers………………………………..351 Oils for Coating Viscous

Air Filters ……………………..351 Oils, Lubricating………………..351 Oils, Refrigeration……………..351 Oils, Vacuum Pump …………..351 Operators, Damper Louver,

Automatic ……………………..351 Operators, Damper,

Remote Manual……………..351 Optimizer, Combustion,

Portable ………………………..351 Orifices, Gas……………………..351 Ozone Generators ……………..352


Packaged Central Plants …….352 Pads, Condensing Unit ………352 Pads, Humidifier and

Evaporative Cooler………..352 Pads, Vibration

Eliminating, Bases…………352 Panel Radiators …………………352 Panels and Boards, Control..353 Panels, Prefabricated,

Noise Control………………..353 Panels, Radiant Ceiling,

Heating/Cooling ……………353 Panels, Solar ……………………..353 Pans, Drain, Air Conditioning

Condensate …………………..353 Pans, Drain, Treatment………353 Particle Counters……………….353 Parts, Air Conditioner

& Compressor Repair…….353 Passive Chilled Beams……….353 Penthouses, Equipment ……..353 PH Controllers…………………..353 PH Meters …………………………353 Pillow Blocks…………………….353 Pinch-Off Tools …………………353 Pipe ………………………………….353 Pipe and Fittings,

Flexible, Gas…………………354 Pipe and Fittings, Gas Vent..354 Pipe and Fittings, Stove……..354 Pipe Benders …………………….354 Pipe Cutting/Cleaning Tools354 Pipe Freeze Prevention

Systems…………………………355 Pipe Hangers and Supports..355 Pipe Joint Compounds……….355 Pipe Markers……………………..355


Metal, Sheet, Galvanized ….. 342 Metal, Sheet, Stainless Steel 342 Metal, Sheet, Steel……………. 342 Metals, Perforated ……………. 342 Metals, Roll Form …………….. 342 Metalworking Machines……. 342 Meters, Weather & Wind ….. 342 Methyl Chloride……………….. 342 Methylene Chloride………….. 342 Micropressor-based Control 342 Mist Eliminators ………………. 342 Moisture Eliminators/

Chemicals……………………. 343 Moisture Indicators ………….. 343 Moldings and Trim…………… 343 Monitors………………………….. 343 Monitors,

Indoor Air Quality ………. 343 Monitors,

Oxygen Deficiency………. 344 Monitors, Ozone………………. 344 Monitors, Smoke ……………… 344 Monitors, Temperature …….. 344 Monitors, Vehicles/Fleets …..345 Motor Brushes …………………..345 Motor Kits…………………………345 Motor Mounts ……………………345 Motor Overload Protectors …345 Motor Protection ……………….345 Motor Repair Parts …………….345 Motor Soft Starts ……………….345 Motor Speed Controllers,

Electronic ……………………..345 Motor Start Relays ……………..345 Motor Starters, Magnetic ……345 Motor Starters, Manual …….. 346 Motor Testers…………………… 346 Motor, Hard Start Devices … 346


Over 5 HP …………………… 348 Motors, Alternating Current,

Miniature…………………….. 348 Motors, C-Frame………………. 348 Motors, Direct Current……… 348 Motors, Hermetic……………… 348 Motors, Linear …………………. 348 Mounts, Vibration Isolation . 348 Mufflers…………………………… 348 Multi-Zone Units ……………… 348 Multimeters……………………….350


Nibblers, Portable, Electric…350 Noise Abatement ……………….350 Noise Absorbers ………………..350 Noise and Vibration Meters..350 Noise Control Patches………..350


Pipe Nipple Trays ………………355 Pipe Repair Clamps……………355 Pipe Systems, Prefabricated .356 Pipe Temperature

Maintenance Cables ………356 Piping Seals ………………………356 Piping Systems, Insulated…..356 Plastic Enclosures………………356 Plastic Molding Materials …..356 Plastic Parts ………………………356 Platforms, Aerial Work ………356 Platforms, Rooftop …………….356 Plugs, Test…………………………356 Pneumatic Plugs ………………..356 Portable Isolation Systems,

Positive or Negative

Pressure………………………..356 Power Conditioners, Electric.356 Power Consumption Reduction

Sealer & Lubricant…………356 Powered Dolly…………………..356 Powered Hand Truck…………356 Pre-Coolers, Air-Cooled

Condenser, Evaporative …356 Pre-Heaters, Fuel Oil,

Electric …………………………356 Pressure Relief Devices ……..356 Pressure Testing Tools ……….357 Pressurizers, Room ……………357 Psychrometers, Sling

and Stationary ………………357 Pulleys………………………………357 Pump Repair Kits,

Ice Cube Maker …………….357 Pumping Systems, Packaged.357 Pumps, Boiler Feed……………357 Pumps, Centrifugal ……………357 Pumps, Descaling, Acid……..357 Pumps, Feed Systems ………..357 Pumps, Fuel………………………357 Pumps, Ice Cube Maker……..357 Pumps, Lubrication ……………357 Pumps, Oil Charging …………357 Pumps, Oil Removal ………….357 Pumps, Peristalic……………….358 Pumps, Refrigerant ……………358 Pumps, Refrigerant Transfer .358 Pumps, Rotary …………………..358 Pumps, Solar …………………….358 Pumps, Steam……………………358 Pumps, Sump ……………………358 Pumps, Vacuum…………………358 Pumps, Vacuum Heating ……358 Pumps, Water ……………………358 Purgers, Continuous ………….359 Purifiers, Air……………………..359 Purifiers, Air, Fresh Intake…359 Pyrometers………………………..359


Radiant Cooling…………………359

Radiant Floor Heating Systems…………………………359

Radiant Heating Systems ……359 Radiation Dosimeters…………359 Radio Systems, Two-Way ……359 Radios, Mobile…………………..359 Radon Equipment………………359 Rails, Equipment ……………….359 Reactors, Motor Drive ………..359 Rebuilders, Hermetic

Compressor …………………..359 Receivers …………………………..359 Receivers-Driers ………………. 360 Receptacles, Dryer Vent……. 360 Receptacles, Wiring………….. 360 Recorders, Electrical ………… 360 Recorders, Humidity ………… 360 Recorders, Operation……….. 360 Recorders, Pressure …………. 360 Recorders, Temperature……. 360 Recording Charts……………….361 Reeds, Valve, Compressor ….361 Refrigerant Buyback ………….361 Refrigerant Charging

Equipment…………………….361 Refrigerant Charging Kits…..361 Refrigerant

Containment Device………361 Refrigerant, Chemical,

Lithium Bromide …………..361 Refrigerant Cylinder Testing 361 Refrigerant Identification …. 362 Refrigerant Leak Repair Kits 362 Refrigerant Monitors ………… 362 Refrigerant On-Site

Recovery Service …………. 363 Refrigerant Processing,

Reclaim……………………….. 363 Refrigerant Processing,

Separation …………………… 363 Refrigerant Recharging …….. 363 Refrigerant Reclaim

Equipment…………………… 364 Refrigerant Reclaim Services,

3rd Party …………………….. 364 Refrigerant Recover/

Recycle Equipment………. 364 Refrigerant Recovery

Equipment…………………… 364 Refrigerant Recovery Tanks 365 Refrigerant

Recycle Equipment………. 365 Refrigerant Tank Requalify

System ………………………… 365 Refrigerant: ASHRAE Safety

Group A1

(R-11 to R-C318)…………… 366 Refrigerant: ASHRAE Safety

Group A1

(R-400 to R420A)…………. 366 Refrigerant: ASHRAE Safety

Group A1

(R-500 to R-744)…………… 366 Refrigerant: ASHRAE Safety

Group A2 ……………………. 366

Refrigerant: ASHRAE Safety Group A3 ……………………. 366

Refrigerant: ASHRAE Safety Group B1…………………….. 366

Refrigerant: ASHRAE Safety Group B2…………………….. 368

Refrigerant: ASHRAE Safety Group B3…………………….. 368 Refrigerants …………………….. 368 Refrigerants, Self-Sealing….. 368 Refrigerated Buildings ……… 368 Refrigerated Cases, Bakery . 368

Refrigerated Cases,
Open Display………………. 368

Refrigerated Hold-Over
Truck Cabinets…………….. 368

Refrigerated Tables ………….. 368 Refrigeration Controls………. 368 Refrigeration Systems,

Packaged …………………….. 368 Refrigeration Systems,

Parallel Compressor …….. 368 Refrigeration Systems,

Parallel Compressor with Remote Evaporators
and Condensers…………… 368

Refrigeration Systems, Supermarket………………… 368

Refrigeration Systems, Warehouse ………………….. 369

Refrigeration, Chemical,
Liquid Nitrogen …………… 369

Refrigerator Lamps…………… 369 Refrigerator Rebuilding ……. 369 Refrigerator-Freezer,

Combination, Two-Door . 369 Refrigerators for

Mobile Homes……………… 369 Refrigerators, Automobile…. 369 Refrigerators, Biological

and Medical ………………… 369 Refrigerators, Boat and

Travel Trailer ………………. 369

Refrigerators, Electric,
4 Cu. Ft. and Larger …….. 369

Refrigerators, Refrigerators, Refrigerators, Refrigerators, Refrigerators, Refrigerators, Refrigerators,

Florist ………… 369 Fur-Storage … 369 Mortuary ……. 369 Portable ……… 369 Railroad Car.. 369 Reach-In …….. 369

Truck and Trailer…………. 369 Registers………………………….. 369 Registers, Thermostatic

Control ……………………….. 369 Registers, Wireless Air……… 369 Regulators, Gas ……………….. 369 Regulators, Pressure ………….370 Reheat ………………………………370 Relay Repair ……………………..370 Relay Testers……………………..370 Relays, Current ………………….370 Relays, Electric ………………….370 Relays, Electro Mechanical …370 Relays, General Purpose ……370 Relays, Motor …………………….370

377 Forming and Bending ….. 377

Vapor Actuated ……………. 386 Thermostat Guards ………….. 386 Thermostat Testers…………… 387 Thermostatic Bi-Metallic…… 387 Thermostats,

Communicating …………… 387 Thermostats, Electric Rate… 387 Thermostats, Outdoor………. 387 Thermostats, Room ………….. 387 Thermostats, Unit…………….. 388 Timers …………………………….. 388 Tool Bags ………………………… 388 Tool Boxes Truck …………….. 390 Tool Boxes, Jobsite ………….. 390 Tool Cases……………………….. 390 Tools, Diagnostic……………… 390 Tools, Fiberglass

Duct Fabrication ………….. 390 Tools, Grooving……………….. 390 Tools, Multi……………………… 390 Torches, Blow ………………….. 390 Torches, Brazing,

Soldering, Welding ………. 390 Tote Trays ……………………….. 390 Towers, Cooling ………………. 390 Towers, Cooling,

Clean Systems……………….391 Towers, Cooling, Rental……..391 Tracers, Cable, Electric ………391 Training Aids and

Equipment…………………….391 Transducers ………………………391 Transducers, Pressure………..391

Repair ………………………….

Sheet Metal Machines,


Sheet Metal Tools …………….. 377 Shell and Tube HX…………… 377 Shelves and/or Baskets,

Wire ……………………………. 377 Shelves, Freezer……………….. 377 Shelves, Refrigerated

Display ……………………….. 377 Shims, Motor Alignment…… 377 Sight Glasses……………………. 377 Sleeves, Cylinder ……………… 377 Smoke Candles/Cartridges …378 Smoke Indicators……………….378 Snips…………………………………378 Snow Melting Systems,

Electric …………………………378 Snow Melting Systems,

Hydronic ………………………378 Soda Fountains………………….378 Software……………………………378 Software, Dispatch…………….379 Software, Estimating………….379 Software, HVAC…………………379 Solar Collectors, Flat Plate …379 Solar Energy Collector

Systems Coatings…………..379 Solar Energy Collectors ……..379 Solar Energy Equipment…… 380 Solar Energy Systems……….. 380 Solar Heat Transfer Plates … 380 Solar Heating Systems ……… 380 Solar Heating Systems,

Air-to-Air…………………….. 380 Solar Screens …………………… 380 Solar Storage Tanks …………. 380 Solder ……………………………… 380 Soldering Machines………….. 380 Solvents, Degreasing………… 380 Sound Attenuators……………. 380 Sound Covers…………………… 380 Spray Nozzles ………………….. 380 Spray Paint Equipment …….. 380 Stacks and Chimneys,

Prefabricated……………….. 380 Stair Climbing Hand Truck . 380 Stampings ……………………….. 381 Stamping, Fin Development/

Production ………………….. 381 Stands, Air Handler …………. 381 Stands, Pipe …………………….. 381 Stands, Pump…………………… 381 Steam Cleaners, Portable….. 381 Steam Generation…………….. 381 Steam Turbines………………… 381 Strainers, Line …………………. 381 Strainers, Oil …………………… 381 Strainers, Refrigerant ……….. 381 Strainers, Temporary Cone.. 381 Strainers, Water ……………….. 381 Straps ……………………………… 381 Subcoolers, Evaporative……. 381 Subcoolers, Liquid……………. 381 Subcoolers, Refrigerant…….. 381 Suction Accumulators ………. 382


Relays, Phase Monitor………..370 Relays, Pneumatic ……………..370 Relays, Power ……………………370 Relays, Universal

Pre-Packaged ………………..371 Remanufactured

Compressors …………………371 Repair Leaking Systems……..371 Repair or Rebuild,

Compressor …………………..371 Repair, Heat Exchangers,

Retube ………………………….371 Replacement Air Units……….371 Return Bends…………………….371 Rings, ‘O’ ………………………….371 Rings, Preform Brazing ……..371 Roof-Cooling Systems ………..371 Rooftop Unit Screening ……..371 Rubber Hoses ……………………371 Rubber Parts……………………..371 Rupture Disks……………………371


Safety Products………………….371 Safety Signs ………………………372 Saws, Electric, Portable ……..372 Saws, Reciprocating,

Electric, Portable …………..372 Saws, Vertical Band …………..372 Scale, Refrigerant ………………372 Scanning Systems, Infrared..372 SCBA Equipment ……………….372 Schoolroom, Htg., Vent.,

Air Cond. Units……………..372 Sealants, Air Conditioning

Leak Repair…………………..372 Sealants, High Temperature .372 Sealants, Mold …………………..372 Sealants, Tape, Caulk…………372 Sealing Compounds …………..372 Seismic Brace Systems……….372 Sensor Wells ……………………..373 Sensors……………………………..373 Sensors, Air Flow ………………374 Sensors, Indoor Air Quality .374 Separators …………………………375 Separators, Oil…………………..375 Service Valve Kits…………….. 377 Services, Absorption Chiller 377 Services, Eddy Current …….. 377 Services, Emergency

Air Conditioning………….. 377 Services, Field Coating/

Coil Cleaning ………………. 377 Services, Heat Exchanger,

Retube ………………………… 377 Services, Water Treatment … 377 Shafts ……………………………… 377 Shears, Electric, Portable….. 377 Sheaves …………………………… 377 Sheet Metal Equipment,

Superheaters ……………………. 382 Supports, Rooftop ……………. 382 Surge Blocker, Suppressor,

Filter …………………………… 382 Surge Tanks …………………….. 382 Swaging Tools …………………. 382 Switches, Condensate

Overflow …………………….. 382 Switches, Electric …………….. 382 Switches, Pressure …………… 382


Tachometers…………………….. 382 Tanks, Lined – Storage ……… 382 Tape………………………………… 382 Tees, Saddle…………………….. 384 Terminal Blocks, Electrical . 384 Terminal Repair Kit,

Burn and Non-Burn …….. 384 Terminals, Hermetic…………. 384 Terminals, Solderless ……….. 384 Terminals, VAV ………………… 384 Testing Laboratories…………. 384 Thermal Storage ………………. 384 Thermistors …………………….. 384 Thermocouples………………… 385

Thermoelectric Thermometers, Thermometers, Thermometers, Thermometers,

………………… 385 Indicating … 385 Non-Contact386 Recording … 386


Transformers……………………..391 Transformers,

Boost and Buck …………….391 Transformers, Electric………..391 Transmitter, Pressure…………391 Transmitter, Temperature …. 392 Traps, ‘P’ …………………………. 392 Traps, Radiator ………………… 392 Traps, Steam and Air ……….. 392 Truck, Accessories …………… 392 Truck and Trailer Bodies,

Refrigerated ………………… 392 Truck Service Bodies ……….. 392 Tube Benders ………………….. 392 Tube Cleaners………………….. 392 Tube Cut Off Machines…….. 392 Tube End Closers …………….. 392 Tube Expanding Machinery 392 Tube Hangers,

Straps and Clips…………… 392 Tube Hole Pierce……………… 392 Tube Plugs ………………………. 392 Tube Sheet Dies ………………. 392 Tube Spinning, Bending

and Fabricating……………. 392 Tubing, Alloy …………………… 393 Tubing, Aluminum …………… 393 Tubing, Brass…………………… 393 Tubing, Capillary……………… 393 Tubing, Copper………………… 393 Tubing, Copper, Insulated … 394 Tubing, Copper, Tin-Lined .. 394 Tubing, Finned ………………… 394 Tubing, Heat Exchanger …… 394 Tubing, Leak Repair Kits….. 394 Tubing, Plastic …………………. 394 Tubing, Precharged ………….. 395 Tubing, Retubing ……………… 395 Tubing, Rubber………………… 395 Tubing, Stainless Steel ……… 395 Tubing, Steel……………………. 395 Tubing, Titanium ……………… 395 Turbulator Production ……… 395


Ultraviolet Fixtures and Equipment…………………… 395

Unit Ventilators ……………….. 396 UV Light, Purifiers …………… 396


Vacuum Cleaners, Commercial…………………. 396

Vacuum Cleaning Systems… 396 Vacuum Dehydrating

Systems……………………….. 396 Vacuum Indicator …………….. 396 Vacuum Leak Detecting

Systems……………………….. 396 Vacuum Preventers ………….. 396 Vacuum Pump Repair ………. 396 Vacuum Refrigerant

Transfer Systems………….. 396 Valve Actuators………………… 396

Valve Positioners ……………… 396 Valve Tags, Numbered,

Brass…………………………… 397 Valves and Fittings,

Ammonia…………………….. 397 Valves, Air Relief……………… 397 Valves, Balancing …………….. 397 Valves, Ball ……………………… 397 Valves, Butterfly………………. 397 Valves, Can Tapping…………. 398 Valves, Capillary………………. 398 Valves, Check ………………….. 398 Valves,

Compressor Shut-Off……. 398 Valves, Compressor

Suction and Discharge …. 398 Valves, Compressor

Unloading …………………… 398 Valves, Constant Pressure … 398 Valves, Cryogenic …………….. 398 Valves, Electronic …………….. 398 Valves, Expansion ……………. 398 Valves, Flanged, Shut-Off …. 399 Valves, Float…………………….. 399 Valves, Flow Control ………… 399 Valves, Gas ……………………… 399 Valves, Gate …………………….. 399 Valves, Globe…………………… 399 Valves, Hermetic Access …… 399 Valves, Higher Refrigerant… 399 Valves, Line……………………… 399 Valves, Line Tapping………… 400 Valves, Metering ………………. 400 Valves, Mixing,

Hot or Cold Water ……….. 400 Valves, Motorized …………….. 400 Valves, Needle …………………. 400 Valves, Plug …………………….. 400 Valves, Pressure

Independent………………… 400 Valves, Purge …………………… 400 Valves, Radiator……………….. 400 Valves, Receiver……………….. 401 Valves, Refrigeration, Steel.. 401 Valves, Relief …………………… 401 Valves, Reversing, Four-Way 401 Valves, Saddle………………….. 401 Valves, Safety Shut-Off, Fuel 401 Valves, Service Shut-Off …… 401 Valves, Solenoid ………………. 401 Valves, Suction Pressure

Regulating …………………… 401 Valves, Suction Pressure

Throttling……………………. 403 Valves, Supply,

Water and Steam………….. 403 Valves, Temperature Control 403 Valves, Three-Way

Dual Control ……………….. 403 Valves, Two-Temperature …. 403 Valves, Water Regulating ….. 403 Valves, Zone Control………… 403 Van Interiors……………………. 404 Vapor Barrier Materials ……. 404

Vapor Recovery Systems…… 404 Vending Carts, Refrigerated 404 Vent Covers……………………… 404 Ventilation Hoods ……………. 404 Ventilators, Energy

Recovery……………………… 404 Ventilators, Floor……………… 404 Ventilators, Passive ………….. 404 Ventilators, Roof………………. 404 Venting Systems ………………. 406 Vents, Exhaust…………………. 406 Vents, Gas ……………………….. 406 Venturi, Fan …………………….. 406 Venturi, Roof …………………… 408 Vessels, Pressure ……………… 408 Vibration Absorbers, Line … 408 Vibration Eliminators……….. 408 Vibration Hangers ……………. 408 Vibration Isolators……………. 408 Vibration Meters & Monitors 408 Vibration Switches, Electrical

and Mechanical……………. 408 Video Camera, Infrared ……. 408 Video Inspection Systems … 408 Voltage Detector, AC…………408 Voltammeters…………………… 409 Voltmeters……………………….. 409


Wall Panels, Foamed………… 409 Warranty Services ……………. 409 Warranty, 3rd Party………….. 409 Water Detectors……………….. 409 Water Treatment Equipment,

Magnetic……………………… 409 Water Treatment Chemicals. 409 Water Treatment Control

Equipment…………………… 409 Water Treatment, Electronic 409 Water Treatment,

Non-Chemical ……………… 409 Wattmeters ………………………. 409 Weather & Wind Meters …… 409 Welders, Portable …………….. 409 Welders, Spot…………………… 409 Welders, Stitch…………………..410 Welders, Ultrasonic……………410 Welding Rod ……………………..410 Wheels, Blower …………………410 Winches ……………………………410 Wine Cellar

Cooling Equipment ……….410 Wire Forming Specialties …..410 Wire Pulling Lubricant ………410 Wire, Electric…………………….410 Wire, Magnet …………………….411 Wire, Resistance………………..411 Wiring Devices………………….411 Wiring Harnesses………………411 Wiring Tools……………………..411 Wood Tanks………………………411 Worklights ………………………..411 Zoning Systems …………………411


AirPac Portable Air Conditioners American Engineered, American Made. That’s Cool.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Berlin 2011 – AirPac was there, behind the scenes, keeping it cool with nineteen 10-ton PORTAPAC®

air conditioners. That’s 190 tons of PORTABLE cooling!

SALES & RENTALS 888-324-7722


75 Years of Quality & Reliability — A1 Compressor, an ISO registered firm, remanufactures Copeland, Carrier and Trane semi-hermetic air conditioning

TWO NEW EXCITING PRODUCTS FOR THE HVACR MARKET. — A/C Leak Freeze will stop leaks of refrigerant gas in HVACR air conditioning and refrigera- tion systems in homes and commercial

Product Profiles

and refrigeration compressors and A1 “Value Line” condensing units. Our 75 years of experience trans- lates into superior quality, extraordi- nary customer care and outstanding technical support. Experience the A1 Advantage! You’ll be glad you did! — A1 Compressor

For more information, see our listing on page 38.

Custom-Fit Heavy-Duty Fleece- Lined Vinyl Air Conditioner Covers — Designed to prevent condensation, there are more than 10,000 models avail-

buildings. A/C Leak Freeze & Magic Frost enhances system performance extending compressor life while reducing energy consumption, and it’s ideal for older systems. Contact your local distributor or Universal Technologies Inc. at 866-345- 1450. Visit us at for more information. — A/C Leakfreeze

For more information, see our listing on page 38.

Specialized Rental Heaters — From small-scale projects to demanding heat- ing requirements, Aggreko is the solution for all of your needs involving portable

able in a variety of colors, including new SEER models. Any make, any model 1 to 5 ton residential covers – one pricing structure. Swamp cooler and window air conditioning covers are also available. Call for pricing. Over 20 years in busi- ness. — A/C Covers, Inc.

For more information, see our listing on page 38.

heaters. Aggreko has a wide variety of custom-built electric rental heaters that are completely fume, flame and moisture-free. Available in sizes from 171,000 to 3.8 million Btu/hr, they can be used for HVAC, industrial or construc- tion applications. — Aggreko

For more information, see our listing on page 42.


Wizard-Kleen Flushing — The Wizard- Kleen® dual-function water/compressed nitrogen flushing system is designed for cleaning and maintaining 3⁄4-inch a/c drainpipe pathways. It utilizes water or compressed gas to flush sludge and slime from a/c plumbing. It eliminates buildup of algae, mold, fungi, mildew, and odors and reduces water damage

variable-speed blower, delivers precise heating performance, circulat- ing air quietly and cost- effectively, providing up to 96% AFUE, amana-hac. com — Amana Heating & Air Conditioning Systems For more information, see our listing on page 45.

Higher Standard of Comfort With The Platinum ZV Furnace — With its innova- tive communicating capabilities, variable speed blower and precision engineering,

your customers will experience a higher standard of comfort and efficiency with the fully modulat- ing Platinum ZV gas furnace. — American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning.

For more informa- tion, see our listing on page 46.

Forane Refrigerants — Arkema Inc. is a leading manufacturer of HCFC and HFC refrigerants as well as an innovator of next generation low-GWP refrigerants.

Arkema’s Forane® refrigerants are used wherever cooling or freezing applica- tions are required, including appliances, automotive, food processing, industrial refrigeration, and supermarkets. World- wide, Arkema has annual sales of EUR 5.9 billion. — Arkema Inc.

For more information, see our listing on page 48.

from drain line backup. — Air & Water Technology Inc.
For more information, see our listing on page 42.

COOLIT 2600 is the first all-inclusive, complete, portable air conditioning system. Just Plug and Cool — The COOLIT2600 is the perfect solution for

primary, supplemental, emergency and tempo- rary cooling of com- puter rooms, hospitals, commercial spaces and more. Spot cooling often works, but with the COOLIT2600 you can easily maximize cooling and achieve effi- cient, balanced airflow

by using the optional make-up air duct (MUAD) kit with the integral make-up air plenum. Condenser air is isolated, and cooled air will not be drawn from the room creating a negative pressure. That is true air conditioning! — AirPac, Inc. For more information, see our listing on page 44.

AMVM96 Modulating Gas Furnace: Quiet, Precise, Cost-effective Per- former — The Amana® AMVM96 Modulating Gas Furnace, with its self- calibrating, modulating gas valve and


First Choice in Insulating Chilled Water and Refrigeration Lines — AP Armaflex® pipe insulation from Armacell is the world’s most recognized brand in flexible mechanical insulation

and the origi- nal, closed-cell, fiber-free elasto- meric foam. AP Armaflex tubes are available in White and Black

in nominal wall thicknesses of 3/8 ̋, 1/2 ̋, 3/4 ̋ and 1 ̋ and popular sizes up to 6 ̋ IPS. — Armacell LLC
For more information, see our listing on page 48.

Full Line of Interface Devices — Have you experienced the issue of HVAC devices that have incompatible inputs and outputs? ACI has a full line

of Interface Devices that take vari- ous inputs (4 to 20mA, 0 to 10 VDC, pneumatic, pulse, resistive, etc.) and convert them to your targeted signals. — Automation Components Inc.

For more information, see our listing on page 50.

Sound Blankets for Compressor Noise Reduction — Brinmar manufactures heavy-duty sound blankets for both residential and commercial compressors. Their universal-fit design allows them to be used on hundreds of different models of scroll and reciprocating compressors

from one ton to 30 ton. They provide a 40% noise reduction and will make a compressor comply with local noise laws. — Brinmar HVAC Products

For more information, see our listing on page 54.

Coating In a Canister — Bronz-Glow’s Contractor Canister Coating Kit. Coat your own coils
and cabinets!

Why pay some-
one to do it for
you? Easy-to-use
format. Available
in 3 different sizes
for small, medium
and large projects.
Available through
leading HVAC/R
supply houses or factory direct. — Bronz-Glow Technologies Inc.

For more information, see our listing on page 55.

Rentals & Sales — Portable Air Con- ditioners, Spot Coolers, Heat Pumps & Electric Heaters designed and engi- neered for tempo-

rary, emergency
and event cooling
and heating applica-
tions. Our exclusive
els, from 5-30 tons,
come in many volt-
ages and configura-
tions. Our MOVIN-
and KWIKOOL air
& water cooled spot coolers and heat pumps, from 1-10 tons, are idea for all spot cooling applications. — Building Cooling Systems Inc.

For more information, see our listing on page 55.

Replacement Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps — Cold Point Corporation specializes in the production of replace- ment water source heat pumps and PTAC units along with packaged heat


pumps, new construction and replace- ment vertical PTACs and horizontal con- densing units. Contact Cold Point with all of your replacement needs. — Cold Point Corporation

For more information, see our listing on page 62.

PTAC Heating and Cooling Chassis

— CNI Tru-Fit EA-RS, 2 Motor Applica- tion Replacement Packaged Terminal Air

Conditioner heating and cooling chassis is a one piece complete unit consisting of condenser motor assembly, evapora- tor motorboard assembly, and control box designed to install in one easy step. No tools, baffles, or other assemblies are needed. Available in 5 Basic Sizes – 7,000 BTUH thru 18,000 BTUH. Full range of electrical supply available – 115V, 208V, 230V and 277V. — Comitale National, Inc.

For more information, see our listing on page 63.

NEW COMPLIFT — COMPLIFT provides a portable lift for residential and com- mercial air conditioning units. Allows compressors to be rolled out to clear the condenser and then easily lowered to the ground. The commercial lift model can lift up to 2,000 lbs. The residential

unit can lift up to 600 lbs. A manual hoist is included with both units, with an optional electrical hoist available. — COMPLIFT

For more information, see our listing on page 63.

rFOIL BIG-8 — rFOIL BIG-8 is spe- cially designed to reduce radiant heat gain/loss in residential and commercial

duct applica- tions. It helps control conden- sation by pro- viding airtight thermo break around duct-

work. Increases system efficiency while reducing energy usage and utility bills. rFOIL BIG-8 has been evaluated (and R8 Code Compliant Approved) under the ICC-Evaluation Report (ESR #1236). — COVERTECH FABRICATING, INC.

For more information, see our listing on page 65

SAM Pro Enterprise — Your business- wide service management software solu- tion providing wireless field service

technology, GPS

tracking, job costing accounting, dispatch work order manage- ment, a web-based client interface, sales quoting and more that can be written for your specific ser-

vice or construction business. Our soft- ware solutions are easily implemented. — Data Basics, Inc.
For more information, see our listing on page 67.

Dehumidification Applications — DryAire Systems manufactures a com- plete line of

tion specifically designed for commercial and residential indoor pools/rehab cen-


ters/hospitals/fitness centers and numer- ous industrial applications. For decades, DryAire continued to increase operat- ing efficiency and performance without compromising our reputation for reli- ability. “EXPERIENCE IS ALWAYS THE BEST SOLUTION” — DryAire Systems Corp.

For more information, see our listing on page 70.

PolyPro® Venting System for Condens- ing Gas/Oil Appliances — DuraVent’s PolyPro is an environmentally safe, 100% recyclable, engineered alternative to PVC/CPVC designed to vent high effi-

6’ BLOWOUT CLEANING HOSE — Blows dirt out of refrigeration condens- ers in seconds! Item # 02303-141. FOXX OFFERS A COMPLETE SELECTION OF CO2 PRODUCTS — Foxx Equipment Co. For more information, see our listing on page 80.

FlatPlate® Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers — FlatPlate® brazed plate heat exchang- ers are rugged, compact, reliable, made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel,

Below Grade Installation Flex Through Masonry Vertical Installation Chimney Installation

ciency gas furnaces, condensing boilers, and instantaneous hot water heaters. Gasketed connections assemble quickly without glues or solvents. Double-wall flex and single-wall rigid pipe. Safely used in Europe for over 15 years. ULC- S636. — DuraVent, Inc.

For more information, see our listing on page 71.

Dyn-O-Vent — Duro Dyne is proud to announce the addition of Grilles, Registers and Diffusers to our already extensive product

line. You can count
on us to be your
one-stop shop for
all your commer-
cial and residential
needs. Since 1952,
we are the Great-
est Name in Sheet
Metal Necessities. — Duro Dyne Corp. For more information, see our listing on page 71.

brazed together with either 99.9% pure copper or our proprietary nickel-chrome brazing alloy. Made in USA. — GEA PHE Systems North America, Inc.

For more information, see our listing on page 82.

TERSus Technology! — GeneralAire® Tersus Technology combines Electro- static Particle Fil-
tration, Ultraviolet

(UV) Disinfection and Photocata- lytic Purification to remove up to 94.2% of particu- lates, kill disease-

causing viruses, bacteria and mold and destroy chemicals and odors. For just pennies a day, your home’s indoor air will be cleaner, fresher and safer. For more information on this whole-house total air cleaning system, go to www. — General Filters Inc. For more information, see our listing on page 82.

Data Logging Hot Wire Anemometer/ IR Thermometer (CIH20DL) Ideal for Ultra-Low Air Speed Measurement — This unique new instrument is ideal for measuring the speed, volume and

temperature of slow- moving air (as slow as 2 feet/minute). It mea- sures airflow volumes up to 2.5 million CFM (72,000 CMM) and temperatures from -25° to 999°F (-32° to 537°C) with a data logging capacity of 20,000 data points. —

General Tools & Instruments
For more information, see our listing on page 83.

HVAC & Refrigeration Controls

— Genesis International is an elec- tronic controls manufacturer special- izing in HVAC & Refrigeration con- trols. Genesis manufactures a line of

trols for custom applications. — Genesis International Inc.
For more information, see our listing on page 83.

Hydronic Units — GeoSystems® Hydronic units supply all of your heating and cooling needs for up to 70 percent less than conventional

systems. Providing 100
percent of your home’s
hot water needs, with
features like a sophis-
ticated microprocessor-
based controller and
“On Demand” hot water
heating with integrated
desuperheater technol-
ogy. More details at http://www.GoGoGeo. com. — GeoSystems LLC

For more information, see our listing on page 83.

Dual-Fuel Packaged Heat Pump: Great Heating, Cooling and Efficiencies in One Unit — The Goodman® GDP14 Dual-Fuel Packaged Heat Pump delivers impressive energy-efficiency ratings of

up to 14.5 SEER, 8.0 HSPF and 80% AFUE. One self-contained unit features a high-efficiency scroll compres-

sor and an award-winning heat exchang- er using Goodman’s durable dual-diame- ter, wrinkle-bend technology. A 20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty backs the system. — Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating

For more information, see our listing on page 84.

Rooftop Ventilation Unit — Model RV/ RVE, a new rooftop ventilation unit, fully condi-
tions and

controls any mixture of outdoor and return air.


refrigerant monitors and alarm systems and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus for ASHRAE Compliance, evaporator and compressor controls for commercial and industrial applications. Genesis will design and manufacture HVAC&R con-


Designed for rooftop installations, the unit is configurable for commercial or institutional applications. Features include 2-inch double wall construc- tion, direct-drive plenum fans, 9,500- cfm capability, and heating options. An energy wheel is optional. — Greenheck For more information, see our listing on page 85.

Strut-Mounted Clamp — Hydra-Zorb Co. has been the leader in the strut- mounted clamp market since 1966. We offer a wide variety of solutions to

shock, vibration and corro- sion problems. Product sizes range from 1⁄4” O.D. tube to 6” Nom. pipe. Call (888) 456-

0672 or visit — Hydra-Zorb Co.
For more information, see our listing on page 90.

TRH Hanger System — Hydra-Zorb Co. has introduced their new TRH Hanger system for supporting a pair of insulated liquid and suction lines. The hanger can be fitted or adjust-

ed in seconds and
can also be used
to secure lines
to flat surfaces.
Designed for 1/4”
and 3/8” threaded
rod. Hydra-Zorb
has been the leader
in the strut-mount-
ed clamp market
since 1966, offer-
ing a wide variety
of solutions to shock, vibration and corrosion problems. Call (888) 456- 0672 or visit — Hydra-Zorb Co.

For more information, see our listing on page 90.

PVE – Non POE Refrigeration Oil for HFC Equipment — PVE is a refriger- ant lubricant for HFC commercial HVAC Equipment. PVE oil shows similar char- acteristics to Mineral Oil with good

lubricity and similar dielectric strength. It is compatible with all HFC refriger- ants and is ideal for R22 to R410 system conversions. PVE has good lubricity, solubility and no Hydrolysis! — Idemitsu Lubricants America Corporation

For more information, see our listing on page 91.

BIG SCREEN…small price! — The Comfort SystemTM T-21-P is an amazing- ly affordable, feature- rich touchscreen thermostat available exclusively from Jackson Systems.

The T-21-P can
be battery pow-
ered or hard-
wired which
makes it ideally
suited for use in
residential and light commercial appli- cations from 1H/1C up to 2H/1C heat pumps. — Jackson Systems LLC

For more information, see our listing on page 94.

Quiet Condensing Units — KeepRite Refrigeration Quiet Condensing Units are a quiet, compact and efficient choice for the refrigeration professional. Built

in, and designed for use in North Amer- ica, KQ-Line Quiet Refrigeration Duty Condensing Units are available for high, medium and low temperature applica- tions with Scroll or hermetic compres- sors, ranging from 1 HP to 6 HP. The perfect choice for virtually any location where space or rooftop access is limited or minimal sound levels are critical. Visit for more infor- mation. — KeepRite Refrigeration

For more information, see our listing on page 110.

QuakeLocTM Seismic Cable Restraint Connector — Kinetics Noise Control is proud to introduce a new evolution in seismic cable restraint systems. The QuakeLocTM Connector was designed to

seismically restrain piping, ductwork, suspended equipment and electrical sys- tems. This unique, contractor friendly product is easy to install and complies with the latest building codes. Made in the USA. — Kinetics Noise Control

For more information, see our listing on page 96

9 Series Strut Mount — Klo-Shure, Inc. has introduced a new series of insulation coupling. The new 9 Series coupling is designed for securing pipe and tube in HVAC/R, cold water plumb- ing and chilled water systems. The patented design directly supports the

pipe, provides a superior vapor barrier, reduces installation time, and dramati- cally improves appearance. Call (800) 839-0891 or visit for a FREE catalog. — Klo-Shure Inc.

For more information, see our listing on page 96.

Corus Fan – Air Moving’s Most Advanced Direct Drive Plenum Fan — Corus is a plenum fan that can be used in any design or application. Lau has combined its expertise and over 80


years of air moving experience to design a direct drive plenum fan that eliminates resonance conditions and tonal annoy- ance. Corus is available as an isolated or non-isolated fan. — Lau Industries For more information, see our listing on page 98.

The most quiet and efficient central air conditioner and heat pump you can buy — When it comes to cooling and heating your home, the XC21 and XP21 rise to the challenge. Exclusive SilentComfortTM technology maintains

precise temperatures while keeping energy costs and sound levels low. And the SunSource® Solar-Ready option allows you to create a solar powered system that generates electricity for your HVAC and more. — Lennox

For more information, see our listing on page 99.


Manitowoc Ice Machines Makes It Easy To Be Green — Long before ener- gy conservation became a hot topic, Manitowoc Ice was quietly providing innovative energy and water-saving ice

solutions. Manitowoc Ice leads the way with dozens of qualifying ice machines that meet and exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines. — Manitowoc Ice

For more information, see our listing on page 102

Global Valves — Mueller Refrigeration, LLC is a leading global valve manufac- turer for the commercial HVACR indus- try. Maintaining industry certifications,

such as UL/cUL and CE, Mueller also offers RoHS compliance for an exten- sive line of products including isolation service valves, check valves, system protection devices, brass fittings and fabricated tube assemblies. — Mueller Refrigeration LLC

For more information, see our listing on page 108.

ULTRAPENTM PT1: groundbreaking new Conductivity/TDS/Salinity pen! — The PT1 features the accuracy and stability of benchtop lab equipment with

the convenience of a pen. Constructed of durable aircraft aluminum, this pen is fully potted for extra protection with an easy-to-read LCD and one-button functions. The PT1 is an indispensable instrument in the water quality profes- sional’s toolkit. — Myron L Company

For more information, see our listing on page 109.

Only Gas Furnaces Designed and Manufactured in Canada — The Ulti- mate 9700 Series furnace is the absolute highest efficiency furnace on the market

with a remarkable 97% AFUE. Its small cabinet size and zero clearance to combustibles allow it to fit in the smallest and most convenient of spaces. Its sleek Euro- pean design is unlike any other. — Napoleon

Heating and Cooling
For more information, see our listing on pages 109, 152.

High-Performance Ventilation Fan with Humidity & Motion Sensor — Pan- asonic’s new WhisperSense ventilation

fan, available in
models, feature
built-in motion
and humid-
ity dual sensor
technology with
an adjustable
delay timer. In
addition, Whis-
perSense fans
are ASHRAE 62.2, LEED, and CALGreen compliant as well as Energy Star quali- fied, making it the ideal HVAC solu- tion. — Panasonic Home & Environment Company

For more information, see our listing on page 115

XTRU-THERM® PLUS, Solutions for a Greener Environment — XTRU-THERM PLUS, the energy-saving Green Pipe with

80 CFM and 110 CFM


the Aluminum Diffusion Barrier reduces CO2 emissions, improves thermal efficiency and is suited for LEED proj- ect applications. It is the most advanced polyure- thane foam insulated piping system for flu-

ids from cryogenic temperatures up to 250°F. — PERMA-PIPE, Inc.
For more information, see our listing on page 117.

PowerMate L-Series Retractable Dolly

— The PowerMate® L-1 and LE-1 models still do everything they have in the past. Now with our NEW Retractable Dolly

ria. Using Johns Manville Formaldehyde- Free Insulation, AMGFlex Duct is built with galvanized metal reinforcing. The Greenguard®-certified duct is available in R-6.0 and R-8.0. — Quietflex

For more information, see our listing on page 121.

Transform standard air conditioning into a variable-capacity system — The APR Control transforms standard air conditioning equipment into a variable- capacity system. It stabilizes humidity

and temperature, eliminates exces- sive cycling, extends equip- ment life, and reduces operat- ing costs. It is installed in the condensing sec- tion of the unit, which eliminates

the need for external piping, and is ideal in new or retrofit applications. — Rawal Devices Inc.
For more information, see our listing on page 122.

Theft Deterrent Cages — RDM Prod- ucts’ “SC Series” cages are designed to protect outdoor equipment from damage caused by would-be thieves. Vertical

Attachment, flat-surface moving is even easier! The NEW attachment is compat- ible with our full line of value-added accessories. Call 1-800-697-6283 today to place your order or visit us online at — PowerMate/LP International, Inc.

For more information, see our listing on page 119.

Innovative Flexible Duct Improves Air Quality by Resisting Mold and Fungus Growth — The inner core of the AMG- FlexTM Duct from Quietflex is coated with

Agion® Antimi- crobial Tech- nology, which resists mold- fungus growth and is effec- tive against a broad spec- trum of bacte-

and horizontal are available. Contrac- tor friendly, all cages have keyed or padlock-able latches and hidden hinges to provide access to service personnel and are powder-coated for all-season durability — RDM Products

For more information, see our listing on page 123.


New OAM-Purger Video Presentation

— Redi Controls is proud to announce the OAM- Purger. The Oil-Acid- Moisture Purger regains chiller capacity and saves thousands of dollars per year in energy savings due to oil migration during chiller operation. Consider opportunities for Utilities Rebates, LEED & Green Buildings points. Video presentation at w w w. — Redi Controls Inc. For more information, see our listing on page 123.

Commercial Grade Small Energy Recovery Ventilators — Commercial ERVs provide ample, pressure balanced ventilation. They control the size of conventional heating and air condi-

tioning equipment and cut the energy costs associated with ventilation air by approximately two-thirds. Using an advanced static plate exchanger,

RenewAire efficiently transfers both heat and humidity with positive airstream separation, ensuring exhaust pollutants are not recaptured. — RenewAire

For more information, see our listing on page 125.

eSyncTM Integrated Air and Water Sys- tem — The new Rheem eSyncTM Inte- grated Air and Water System provides air conditioning and water heating for full- service restaurants. By leveraging heat recovery technology, this unit removes heat from a kitchen, and then uses it to

heat water. It switches to a refrigerant- to-water system when there’s a demand for air conditioning and hot water. — Rheem

For more information, see our listing on page 125.

SMT pin header features an integrated cap for easy pick and placement — RIA CONNECT’s Type 318 5mm vertical SMD is available in tape and reel for use in automated manufacturing envi-

ronments. Available in 2 – 9 poles, the Type 318 is compatible with the lead-free reflow process, and features an integrated cap for easy pick and placement. — RIA CONNECT Inc.

For more information, see our listing on page 126.

YELLOW JACKET® Heat Pump Mani- fold — 3-1/8” high- and low-side gauges with 1% accuracy are designed to handle heat pump pressures and transitions in heating or cooling mode. Both low and

high side black steel case gauges handle up to 800 psi. Temperature scales cover the most popular heat pump refrigerants (R-22, R-410A and R-407C). — Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc. – YELLOW JACKET Products Division

For more information, see our listing on pages 126, 153.

UltraTM Series UASL-JEC Condensing Unit — The Ruud UltraTM Series UASL- JEC Condensing Unit is the company’s most efficient air conditioning offering to date—achieving efficiencies up to


19.5-SEER and 14-EER. This unit was one of the first air conditioning products to earn recognition on the inaugural ENER- GY STAR® Most Efficient list, which was released in 2011. — Ruud

For more information, see our listing on page 125.

“Early Warning” Refrigerant Monitors

— SenTech Corporation, the Inventor of today’s “Continuous” Refrigerant Moni- toring Systems specializes in industrial Comfort Air, Refrigeration, Critical Envi-

ronments and Ozone-depleting chlorofluo- rocarbons (“CFC”), (HCFC’s) and (HFC’s) applications. If you would like a “Product and Refrigerant Monitor Guide”, call toll- free (888) 248-1988, fax (317) 248-2014 or e-mail us at — SenTech Corporation

For more information, see our listing on page 130.

2-Stage High Intensity Infra-Red Heat- ers — Solaronics’ energy efficient “Sun- Twin” 2-Stage high intensity gas-fired infra-red heaters eliminate excess heat when not needed and are capable of faster recovery times when tempera- tures fall. Fuel savings of 40-75% over

conventional warm air type heaters can be achieved. Applications include loading docks, airplane hangars, ware- houses, and manufacturing facilities. — Solaronics Inc.

For more information, see our list- ing on page 133.

BucketDescalerTM — Remove lime scale buildup from tankless water heat- ers quickly and safely. Simply attach a BucketDescaler and

circulate our pre-mea-
sured SpeedyBrightTM
descaling solution. In
minutes, heating effi-
ciency is restored.
Add it to your main-
tenance services and
take advantage of the
tankless market. Simple
concept, fast results. http://www.speedclean. com — SpeedClean

For more information, see our listing on page 134.

UVC Kit for Air Handlers — Steril-Aire’s UVC Kit for Air Handlers is ideal for new and retrofit fan coil units, unit ventilator systems, and indoor air handlers. The

germicidal UVC Emitters destroy HVAC biofilm, keep- ing coils and drain pans clean and

reducing energy costs. Multiple mounting options make installation easy in these limited-access systems. — Steril-Aire Inc. For more information, see our listing on page 136.


SuccessWare®21 Lets You Manage Your Business to the Numbers — SuccessWare®21 is a complete busi- ness management software program designed specifically for the HVAC,

Plumbing and Electrical industries. With full customer service, database market- ing, accounting, management reporting, mobile solutions, and the largest, most experienced support staff in the indus- try, SuccessWare®21 will help you to become a more profitable company. — SuccessWare, Inc.

For more information, see our list- ing on page 137.

Wireless Monitoring on a Budget — The Log-EZ is a new and surprisingly affordable Wireless Data Logging System from TandD. Designed with simplic-

ity of set up in mind, this user friend- ly device measures and records both Temperature and Humidity, and offers all the convenience of wireless connec- tivity. Up to 16 Wireless Loggers, each with a large, easy to read LCD display, can be connected into a single system. — TandD US, LLC

For more information, see our listing on page 139.

Tecumseh CELSEON® Condensing Units Save Contractors Time and Money — Tecumseh’s fractional horse- power indoor air-cooled condensing units have long been a global indus- try standard. The new Celseon® line

increases customer value by covering a wide capacity range with fewer models, less complexity and more flexibility. Contractor-friendly features including shut-off valves, sweat connections and electrical screw terminations simplify installation, saving time and money. — Tecumseh Products Company

For more information, see our listing on page 139.

The Permanent Solution for Damaged Spade Terminals — Insist on the “Original” repair kit made of high qual- ity heat-sensored solid brass. Kits contain everything necessary for a fast

and easy terminal repair. Will never crack, break or burn off. Provides 4 full points of contact on the new terminal. Guaranteed for the life of the compres- sor. — Term-Lok Manufacturing Co.

For more information, see our listing on page 140.

testo 875 Thermal Imager for HVAC and Weatherization Professionals — The testo 875 ther-
mal imager allows

for quick and accu-
rate identification of
problem spots by
HVAC and weather-
ization profession-
als. The 875 has a
thermal sensitivity of
<80mK, a 160×120
focal plane array, and
a large 3.5” display.
It also includes 2GB
of image storage and
Infrared Imaging System Performance— testo, Inc.

For more information, see our listing on page 140

SEISMIC/WIND-LOAD ISOLATION CURBS FOR ROOFTOP UNITS — Vibro- Curb® combines adjustable spring isola- tors and a roof curb into a single unit. Rated curbs will resist the effects of

BOILER TECH SUPPORT — Topog-E® Gasket Company, formulates and mixes its own rubber, and manufactures superior molded rubber handhole and manhole gas-

kets for steam,
hot water
boilers, water
heaters, soft-
eners, deaera-
tors, make-up
tanks, and
other selected
pressure ves-
sels. Topog-E®
Gaskets have become an industry stan- dard since 1956. Topog-E® Gaskets seal quickly, completely, preventing seepage, corrosion and pitting. They peel off easily leaving clean surfaces for inspec- tion. Topog-E® offers a FREE Technical Specification and Usage Guide con- taining useful information about boiler maintenance safety. Also, FREE a pock- et slide rule that charts steam tempera- ture versus pressure. — Topog-E Gasket Company

For more information, see our listing on page 142.

Combination CO/NO2 Monitor — TOX- ALERT’S Model TSM Series CO/NO2 monitors are ideal for monitoring vehicle emissions in parking garages, fire sta-

tions, bus garages, car dealerships and other applications where vehicles are running indoors. The unit is compact for easy installation and Toxalert Inter- national has local representation with factory direct engi-

neering and sales support. — Toxalert International, Inc.
For more information, see our listing on page 142.


site-specific forces determined accord- ing to the International Building Codes. Flexible 8” counter flashing provides a weather seal and permits easy access to adjust isolators. Vibro-Curb® can be fabricated to match roof slope. Available in a 1”, 2” or 3” deflection. Airtight ple- num available. Vibro-Curb® can ship in one piece or knocked down. Licensed P.E. on staff. Member of VISCMA — Thybar Corporation.

For more information, see our listing on page 141.


Revolutionary Trane HyperionTM Air Handler — One installer, one tool, one revolutionary product. The Trane HyperionTM air handler can be disas-

sembled in under two minutes offer- ing quick, easy installation in even the tightest of spaces. Not to mention, it offers your customers equally impres- sive comfort and efficiency, year after year. — Trane

For more information, see our listing on page 142.

Emerson® BlueTM Easy SetTM Non- Programmable Thermostats — They feature easy-to-use Home, Sleep and Away pre-set buttons. Available in sin- gle stage and heat pump models, Easy Set

Thermostats offer home- owners the ability to manage their home comfort with just one touch and save energy

too. Emerson Blue Easy Set thermo- stats are sold through HVAC distributors nationwide. — White-Rodgers

For more information, see our listing on page 151.

Expands Refrigerant/Wholesale Product Family — Worthington Cylinders cur- rently offers the broadest family of refrigerant cylinders in the industry— refillable, non-refillable, recovery, and high-pressure. To further expand its refrigerant and wholesale product fam- ily, Worthington recently acquired a full line of professional grade torches, torch fuel, solder, and accessories from Newell Rubbermaid’s Lenox brand. — Worthington Cylinders

For more information, see our listing on page 152

Wireless Zoning — NEW Wireless Con-

trols and Retrofit Damper Solutions make every home a Zoning Opportu- nity. ZONEFIRST®’s complete line of dampers for square, round, in-line and outlets makes any home the opportu- nity to be zoned. Thermostat controlled dampers controlling the temperature in each zone improves comfort and saves energy. — ZONEFIRST

For more information, see our listing on page 153

unanimous decision

Genetron® PerformaxTM LT packs a punch compared to other supermarket refrigerants.

If your bottom line is a better bottom line, no other supermarket refrigerant comes close. From keeping fresh food fresher longer to energy savings, the list of reasons to choose Genetron® PerformaxTM LT over

R-438A or R407A refrigerants goes on and on. Genetron Performax LT offers industry-leading capacity, industry-leading efficiency and lower GWP values than other popular R-22 replacement supermarket refrigerants. This saves money in new installations and in R-22 retrofit projects. Plus, a mass flow that identically matches R-22 eliminates expensive expansion valve changes and adjustments in retrofit applications while maintaining superheat performance, protecting costly compressors. So go with the champion.

Go with Genetron Performax LT.

Maximize Performance with Performax LT.

To learn more, call 800-631-8138 or visit © 2010 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved.

Together, we can get the job done right…the first time.

The key to making a profitable refrigerant change over, or clean up after a compressor burnout, is avoiding costly callbacks. The two step Parker ParFlush Kit is the first system to help ensure that the job gets done right, and contamination doesn’t cause a callback.

Step one, the pressurized ParFlush solvent purges lines of harmful chemical residues from old refrigerant or compressor burnout. Then step two, the patented ParFlush filter-drier, with the unique staged filtration capability removes particles effectively, down to 3 microns, while providing traditional duty of maintaining system chemistry.

Get the job done right, and avoid costly callbacks related to plugged metering devices. ParFlush is the system for system cleanup. • 1.800.C-PARKER 2445 South 25th Avenue Broadview, IL 60155 USA



Manufacturers Alphabetic Listings


3M, Electrical Markets Div.

A130-4N-36, 6801 River Pl., Austin, TX 78726
(800) 472-1190 Fax: (800) 262-6329
The 3M Electrical Markets Division designs, manufactures and markets products for electrical construction and industrial maintenance. EMD serves customers with highly reliable prod- ucts, including electrical tapes, heat-shrink and cold-shrink tubing, electrical connectors, electrical insulation.

A & N Products Inc.

5873 Chapelhill Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45233
(513) 451-1721 Home/Office; (513) 703-8174 Cell Fax: (513) 922-3892
A. Auciello Jr., Pres.
Vacuum indicator accurately measures total pressure over a wide range from above 100 millimeters down to below one millimeter of mercury absolute.

A-1 Compressor, A Division of Orrbilt Compressor Inc. 140 Mendel Dr. S.W., Atlanta, GA 30336
(800) 743-6009; (404) 699-1521 Fax: (800) 743-7784; (404) 699-1139
A1 Compressor, an ISO registered firm, remanufactures air conditioning and refrigeration compressors and manufacturers a proprietary line of A1 condensing units. Our 75 years of experience translates into superior qual- ity and outstanding customer support. With over 600 models in stock for immediate delivery ranging from 1/2 hp-100hp. “We Have–What You Need–When You Need It.”


A.J. Antunes & Co., Antunes Controls

180 Kehoe Blvd., Carol Stream, IL 60188 (630) 784-1000 Fax: (630) 784-1651

Olga Flores, Controls Sales Leader
A family-owned and operated manufacturer of pressure switches, electronic controls, foodservice equipment, and water treatment technologies with over 50 years of history and a global reputation for quality.

A.J. Manufacturing Inc.

1217 Oak St., Bloomer, WI 54724 (715) 568-2204 Fax: (715) 568-3099

T. Carlson; B. Kortbein
Manufacturer of high performance HVAC access doors, foamed wall panels and pressure relief doors.

A. O. Smith, Electrical Products Co. 531 N. Fourth St., Tipp City, OH 45371

(937) 667-2431 Fax: (937) 667-5030
C. Mapes, Pres.-EPC; S. O’Brien, V.P./Gen. Mgr.-Global AC, REF; M. Metzler, Gen. Mgr.-HAC

Hermetic electric motors; sub-fractional and fractional horsepower motors.


A. O. Smith Water Products Co.

500 Tennessee Waltz Pkwy., Ashland City, TN 37015 (800) 527-1953 Fax: (615) 792-2163

David Chisolm, Brand Mgr.-A. O. Smith Water Products Co. Headquartered in Ashland City, Tenn., A. O. Smith is a lead- ing manufacturer and marketer of residential and commercial water heaters and hydronic boilers.

A/C Covers Inc.
25544 Five Mile Rd., Redford, MI 48239
(313) 541-7770 Fax: (313) 541-7773
C. Kowalczyk, Pres.
Custom fit heavy-duty vinyl air conditioner covers; over 10,000 custom designs; designed to prevent condensa- tion; window units; wide variety of colors.


A/C Fabricating Corp.

1821 Century Dr., P.O. Box 774, Goshen, IN 46528 (574) 534-1415 Fax: (574) 533-5254

G. Mast, Pres.; J. Vollmer, V.P. Non-ferrous custom tube fabricating.

A/C Leak Freeze
5626 Southwestern Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21227
(410) 507-3163 Fax: (410) 242-4721
Brian Kemp, E.V.P.
A/C Leak Freeze is new to the business of stopping leaks for commercial and home A/C systems. We are not however new to stopping leaks in air conditioning systems. We have successfully developed one of North America’s leading automotive A/C stop leak products. When we heard from HVACR repair technicians that they were successfully using our automotive A/C stop leak for the non-automotive market, we knew we had another opportunity on our hands. After much product development and optimization, we are pleased to offer A/C Leak Freeze, and A/C Leak Freeze with Magic Frost. These HVACR reformulated products are for use in home and commercial air conditioners and cooling systems, as well as refrigeration systems. Applications range from college dorm mini-fridges to commercial kitchen walk- in freezers.


AAF International, American Air Filter

P.O. Box 35690, Louisville, KY 40232-5690
(502) 637-0011; (888) 223-2003 Fax: (502) 637-0321; (888) 223-6500

G. Parlee, V.P.-Sales AF Americas
Manufacturer of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential air filters; air pollution control products/systems; machinery filtration and acoustical systems; supplies/parts.


2425 S. Yukon, Tulsa, OK 74107-2728 (918) 583-2266 Fax: (918) 583-6094

N. H. Asbjornson, Pres.; D. Knebel, V.P.-Sales; D. Cherry, Parts Mgr.; S. Neale, Mktg. Mgr.
Air handlers (200-200,000+ cfm), boilers (500-6,000 MBH), chillers (35-450 tons), heat recovery, rooftop equipment (2-230 tons), condensing units (2-230 tons).

Abatement Technologies Inc., IAQ Products Division

605 Satellite Blvd., Ste. 300, Suwanee, GA 30024
(800) 634-9091; (678) 889-4200 (Intl.) Fax: (678) 889-4201
G. Kruse, Gen. Mgr.-IAQ Prod. Div.
HVAC duct-cleaning equipment, HEPA central air purification for the home, portable HEPA-filtered units for IAQ remedia- tion, fire restoration, and dust control; full-line supplier to the IAQ remediation industry.

ABB Inc. LVP&S, Low Voltage Products & Systems

16250 W. Glendale Dr., New Berlin, WI 53151
(888) 385-1221 Fax: (800) 726-1441
Markets a full range of electric and electronic controls, circuit protective devices, terminal blocks, electronic relays, discon- nect switches, softstarters and custom control panels.

ABC Industries Inc.

P.O. Box 77, Warsaw, IN 46581-0077
(574) 267-5166; (800) 426-0921 Fax: (574) 267-2045 or
W. R. Linnemeier, V.P.-Sales-Ventilation Prod.; J. J. Kussmaul, Inside Sales Mgr.-Ventilation Prod.
Flexible hose and ducting (non-metallic) – insulated or unin- sulated; available in wire reinforced (for both positive and negative pressure applications).

AbsolutAire Inc.

5496 N. Riverview Dr., Kalamazoo, MI 49004 (800) 804-4000 Fax: (616) 382-5291

J. Budnick, Pres.; A. Budnick, OEM Sales Mgr.; B. Owen, Prod. Mgr.; A. Reeg, Engrg. Mgr.; D. Crowe, Acct.; Tony TerHaar, Purch. Direct and Indirect fired gas, heating and ventilating make-up air, Air Turnover Units, and HVAC equipment, commercial, industrial and automotive, HVAC roof top units.

AC Component Specialists Inc.
P.O. Box 500, Marshfield, MO 65706
(417) 859-6067 Fax: (417) 859-2109
Hitachi scroll and screw compressor North America sales and service center; remanufacturer and aftermarket sup- port of the Hitachi screw compressor.


Accu-Trol Industries, Cooling Tower Controls and Accessories
1021 Sweetwater Rd., Greensboro, GA 30642
(706) 467-9396 Fax: (866) 733-1836
T. Vanderplaats, Pres.; D. Smith, V.P.
Mfr. and supplier of control panels, water level control, immer- sion heaters, valves, cooling tower accessories.

Ace Coil Manufacturing

501 Terminal Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76106 (817) 624-0820 Fax: (817) 624-8581

T. J. Small, CEO; A. Garcia, V.P./Gen. Mgr.; C. Jones, Cust. Serv.; S. Ibarra, Opers. Mgr.
OEM coils, custom coils.

Ace Pump Corp.

P.O. Box 13187, 1650 Channel Ave., Memphis, TN 38113 (901) 948-8514; (800) 843-2293 Fax: (901) 774-6147

R. E. Bell Jr., Chmn.; R. E. Bell III, CEO; A. Randle, Pres.; Brian Sigler, Cust. Serv. Mgr.
Centrifugal water pumps and diaphragm descaling acid pumps.

Acme Engineering Prod. Inc.

2330 State Rt. 11, PMB-10, Mooers, NY 12958 (518) 236-5659 Fax: (518) 236-6941

G. S. Presser, Pres.; R. Presser, V.P.; L. Karanfil, Prod. Mgr.
Gas detection eqipment for IAQ and ventilation control, electric hot water and steam boilers for commercial/industrial heating, automatic scraper-strainers for liquid filtration.

Acme Engineering Products Ltd.

5706 Royalmount Ave., Montreal, QC H4P 1K5 CANADA (514) 342-5656 Fax: (514) 342-3131

R. Presser, V.P.
Gas detectors for commercial buildings, electric boilers and steam superheaters, automatic strainers for liquid filtration.

Acme Manufacturing, A division of Standex Air Distribution Products
7601 State Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19136
(215) 338-2850 Fax: (215) 335-1905 or

Tim Callander, Western Reg. Sales/Mktg. Mgr.; Tom Smid, Pres.; John Bailey, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Manufacturer of galvanized sheet metal fittings for the HVAC indus- try with ancillary support products to include flex duct, ductbaord, wrap, hangers, duct liner, caulking, sealers, mastic and tape.


1290 N.W. 74 St., Miami, FL 33147
(305) 836-4800 Fax: (305) 693-0045 or
C. Levine, Pres.; Izzy Glick, V.P.
Evaporator fan motor kits; ball bearing motors; motor mounts; fan blades; motor accessories; ice maker pump motor; duct fans; grommet sets, rainshields, complete ice machine pumps, motorized dampers, centrifugal ventilation fans.

Acoustiblok Inc. / Thermablok

6900 Interbay Blvd., Tampa, FL 33616
(813) 980-1400 Fax: (813) 549-2653 or acoustiblok-products/thermablok/

Acoustiblok is an environmentally friendly sound-proofing material widely used in the US and worldwide to provide seri- ous noise control in new and existing commercial, residential, and institutional settings.

ACP Termotecnica Ltda.

Via Anhanguera KM. 33, Cajamar – SP, 07750-000 BRAZIL 55-11-4446-6700 Fax: 55-11-446-6705

Coaxial condensers manufacture.

Active Ventilation Products Inc.

311 First St., Newburgh, NY 12550-4857 (845) 565-7770 Fax: (845) 562-8963

Martin Kolt, V.P.
Manufactures wind operated roof vents, solar attic fans, and roof exhaust fans for both the attic and exhaust ducts.




1766 Sabre St., Hayward, CA 94545 (510) 785-0510 Fax: (510) 785-2517

Kurt Herzog, Pres.
Since 1978 Acutherm’s thermally powered diffusers have been exceeding people’s individual comfort requirements with Therma-Fuser VAV systems.

Adams Manufacturing Company

9790 Midwest Ave., Cleveland, OH 44125-4297 (216) 587-6801 Fax: (216) 587-6807

M. Schonberger Sr., Pres.; M. Schonberger Jr., Purch.; J. Dubasak, Sales Mgr.
Gas and oil residential and commercial warm air furnaces, gas and oil burners, air cleaners, humidifiers, unit heaters, infra-red heaters, gas conversion burners.

888 Shenandoah Shores Rd., Front Royal, VA 22630-6415 (800) 243-2665 (sales); (540) 622-2635 (admin.) Fax: (540) 622-2634
Arthur R. Behnke, Pres.
Whether you need temporary air conditioners or com- mercial electric heaters for a project, emergency air con- ditioning or heaters during a disaster, or backup cooling for your server room-call ADAPT. We provide cooling and heating sales and rentals across the US, in all industries.



7050 Overland Rd., Orlando, FL 32810 (407) 292-4400 Fax: (407) 290-1329

Kevin P. Mahoney, Sr. V.P.-Mkt. Devel.
A manufacturer of HVAC equipment, accessories and con- trols. Products include packaged rooftop units, split systems, water-to-water units, air handlers, heat pumps. The company specializes in 100% outside air and geothermal applications.

Adirondack-Aire, of Cold Point Corp.
7500 Cold Point Dr., Rome, NY 13440
(315) 339-2331 Fax: (315) 339-2358 or or
G. Brockett; T. Crawford; S.Schreppel; S. Vivirito Replacement water source heat pumps, replacement PTAC and PTHP units, remote and in-wall condensing units, packaged heat pumps, custom units.


Adrian Steel Company

906 James St., Adrian, MI 49221
(517) 265-6194; (800) 677-2726 Fax: (517) 265-5834
Service van interiors and ladder racks, van shelving, ladder racks, pickup racks, tool boxes, van interiors.


1901 Mason Ave., Ste. 101, Daytona Beach, FL 32117-5105 (386) 274-1382 Fax: (386) 274-1798

MicroGuard AD35-protective coating for HVAC coil and fins on condenser, cabinet and evaporator.

Advanced Control Technologies Inc.

6805 Hillsdale Ct., Indianapolis, IN 46250
(317) 806-2750; (800) 886-2281 Fax: (317) 806-2770
Bill Thompson, Mktg. Mgr.
LED Tubes to replace fluorescent lamps, plus dimmable controlLED Tubes allowing controlled dimming from Building Automation Systems (0-10VDC input), 0-10VDC wall dimmer, plus toggle dimming from existing light switch, Commercial Grade Powerline Carrier load controls for energy management systems, Z-wave RF controlled lighting modules for light com- mercial and home use.

Advanced Distributor Products, Marketing

2175 W. Park Place Blvd., Stone Mountain, GA 30087 (770) 465-5560; (800) 848-2270 Fax: (770) 465-5599

H. Schmidt, V.P./Gen. Mgr.; Greg Connors, Natl. Sales Mgr.; H. Mohamed, Mktg. Spec.
Evaporator coils, air handlers and unit heaters.

Advanced Filtration Concepts Inc.

7111 Telegraph Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90640 (323) 832-8316 x12 Fax: (323) 832-8318

J. Fintland, Principal; T. Moyer, Gen. Mgr.
HVAC and industrial air filtration; turnkey installation; largest stocking distributor of industrial air filters in the Western US; same day delivery.

Advanced Geothermal Technology

P.O. Box 6469, Reading, PA 19610
(610) 736-0570 Fax: (610) 736-0571 or
Larry Forneris, Sales Mgr.; Don Creyts, Pres.; Patrick Cassellman, Sales Mgr.; Richard Rohall, Sales Mgr.
Direct exchange geothermal heating, cooling, and hot water heating equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Advanced Industrial Components (AIC)

2899 Portland Dr., Oakville, ON L6H 5S4 CANADA (905) 829-4666 Fax: (905) 829-4646

L. DeSilva, Admin.
High efficiency, stainless steel shell and coil heat exchangers, plate and frame heat exchangers, custom units for OEM.

Advanced Thermal Products, Spectrum Sensors & Controls Operation
P.O. Box 249, 328 Ridgway Rd., Saint Mary’s, PA 15857 (814) 834-1541 Fax: (814) 834-1556 or

Devin Brock, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.; Jude Hoffman, Production Mgr.; Greg Stauffer, Engrg. Mgr.
Custom designed and standard temperature probes and assemblies; discrete PTC and NTC components; engineered solutions for temperature monitoring and control for HVAC.



Advantech, Industrial Automation Group

1320 Kemper Meadow Dr., Ste. 500, Cincinnati, OH 45240 (513) 742-8895 Fax: (513) 742-0554

Chuck Harrell, Direct Mktg.
Fanless box PCs, automation controller, automation I/O modules, touch panel computers, remote data acquisition and control modules, Smart Web Ethernet I/O modules.

AEGIS Bearing Protection Rings

31 Winterbrook Rd., Mechanic Falls, ME 04256
(207) 998-5140; (866) 738-1857 Fax: (207) 998-5143
J. Audet, Mktg. Spec.; Adam Willwerth, Sales/Mktg. Mgr. Maintenance-free AEGIS SGR Conductive MicroFiber Bearing Protection Rings extend motor life by channeling VFD-induced shaft current safely to ground before it can damage bearings.

AERCO International Inc.

100 Oritani Dr., Blauvelt, NY 10913
(845) 580-8000; (800) 526-0288 Fax: (845) 580-8090
Neil Pilaar, V.P.-Sales; Debbie Purdy, Mktg. Comm. Mgr.; Harold Krebs, Natl. Sales Mgr.
AERCO boilers and water heaters simplify plant infrastructure, reduce project costs, minimize lifecycle expenses and satisfy environmental requirements for facilities seeking long-lasting, reliable, high-efficiency equipment with advanced integration and control capabilities.

Aero-Marine Engineering Inc., TechniCoat 10-2
P.O. Box 189, 708 W. Dempsey St. (Hwy. 380 W.), Bryson, TX 76427
(940) 392-3333 Fax: (940) 392-2058 or dsutherland@ame-tech-
Don Jones, Pres./CFO; Denis Sutherland, ISM/ECO/ORA/ SM/QC; Teresa Daniels, Billing/Shipping/Cust.Serv. TechniCoat 10-2 custom-engineered anti-corrosion coating for HVAC/R coils; total immersion dip process; minimal loss of thermal efficiency (1%); cure ‘dirty sock’ syndrome. Users: JCI-York, Bard, Trane, Lennox, Carrier & more!



4621 Murray Pl., Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 845-7081; (800) 237-6346 Fax: (424) 528-6242
A leading manufacturer of heat exchanger coils and related heat transfer equipment. Qualifications include ASME Section VIII – U stamp, ASME Section III – N or NPT stamp, ASME Section I – S stamp, PRC Manufacturing License, CE mark, ISO 9001: 2000.

Aeroflex USA Inc.
282 Industrial Park Rd., Sweetwater, TN 37874
(423) 337-2493 Fax: (423) 351-9289
Flexible thermal insulation available in tube and sheet form for pipes and ductwork with U/V resistance with a thermal range of -70 to 257F.



1601 Industrial Park Dr., California, MO 65018 (573) 796-4151 Fax: (573) 796-4153

Nathan Borgmeyer, Oper. Mgr.; Charlie Hoyle, Techl. Sales Mgr.; John Weyker, Dir.-Comml. HVAC
Sound attenuators, field erected built-up acoustical enclosures, acoustical louvers and dampers.

AeroSys Inc.

929 Eldridge Dr., Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 620-0002 Fax: (301) 620-0685

J. Garrett, Pres.; K. Whisner, Prod.; D. Summers, Purch.; J Steidl, Sales
Chilled water air handlers, thru-the-wall condensing and heat pumps, refrigerant reclaim, ceiling mounted data center A/C.


5959 Trenton Ln. N., Minneapolis, MN 55442 (763) 551-7500 Fax: (763) 551-7501

Lyle VanThomme, Dir.-Sales; Julie Oakley, Sr. Sales Mgr.; Dave Leclerc, V.P.-Sales
Propeller, axial, and centrifugal fans for industrial use, as well as air make-up units. Manufactures a wide variety of air moving equipment, from propellers to complete air make-up systems.

AFS Boru Sanayi A.S.

Ivedik O.S.B 1468 Cad. (Eski 24) No:153, Ostim Ankara, 06370 TURKEY
90-312-395-4860 Fax: 90-312-395-4868
Mr. A. Poyraz, Mktg. Mgr.
Aluminium flexible ducts, PVC flexible ducts, insulated flexible ducts, connectors, fitting elements, aluminium tapes, diffusers, stainless steel ducts, insulation pins.

Aftermarket Specialties Inc.
980 Cobb Place Blvd. N.W., Ste. 100, Kennesaw, GA 30144-6801
(678) 819-2274; (800) 438-5931 Fax: (678) 819-2275
D. Rohrer
Rotary and reciprocating compressors, unitary rotary compressors, inverter rotary compressors, dry metalized film run capacitors, CF-20 internal coil system cleaner and acid remover, evaporative coil cleaners, multi- control zone management systems, resin mold AC input DC brushless motors.



15600 JFK Blvd., Ste. 200, Houston, TX 77032
Aggreko is the global leader in rental power, heating, cooling, and oil-free air systems, providing 24/7 avail- ability and service support from over 50 locations nationwide.



16 Poplar St., Ambler, PA 19002
(215) 646-8010 Fax: (215) 646-8013 or Manufacturer/distributor of high-temperature, heat-resistant sealing and industrial products for industry and marine applications, including boiler accessories, gaskets, mechanical packing, tape and cloth.

Air & Water Technology Inc.
2293 W. 76th St., Hialeah, FL 33016
(305) 823-8191 Fax: (305) 823-8192 or
R. Perez, Dir.-Oper.; L. Coogle, V.P.
Chemical delivery system, A/C drainline flushing system, air; A/C drainline flushing system, water.


Air Drive Inc.

4070 Ryan Rd., Gurnee, IL 60031 (847) 625-0226 Fax: (847) 625-7422

J. H. Gilford, Pres.
Aluminum and steel axial flow propeller fans; diameters from 2” – 24”; 3-4-5-6 & 10-blade fan designs.

Air Flow Products Inc.

24 Park Ave., Hueytown, AL 35023
(205) 491-0563 Fax: (205) 491-0385
B. Cunningham, Pres.; R. Pierre, V.P.; R. Cunningham, Sales Sheet metal ducts and fittings, flexible ducts, lay-in ceiling diffusers.

Air Horizons LLC

45 NH Rte. 25, Meredith, NH 03253
(888) 808-2580; (603) 279-2580 Fax: (888) 808-2580; (603) 279-2582 or
S. J. Conkling, Sales Mgr.
High quality architectural “Frameless” linear grilles and diffusers.

Air Innovations, Cleanroom Systems, Floratech, Wine Guardian
7000 Performance Dr., North Syracuse, NY 13212
(800) 825-3268; (315) 452-7400 Fax: (315) 452-7420 or
John Patalita, Div. Mgr.-Floratech; Cheryl Gressani, Dir.-Bus. Devel.; Mike Militi, Div. Mgr.-Wine Guardian
Designer and manufacturer of environmental process con- trol systems for semiconductor, electronics, pharmaceutical, R&D, aerospace, military. Branded and custom products to meet OEM process HVACR requirements. Products range from fractional to 22-ton capacities and feature temperature control plus or minus 0.01 degrees C; humidification control capable plus or minus 0.5% RH; process and static pressure

controls; integration into facility’s control system; vertical or horizontal configurations. Non out-gassing construction avail- able. Branded products for supermarket floral (Floratech) and wine cellar cooling (residential and commercial) (Wine Guardian). Branded ventilating room air purifiers for home use (HEPAiRx). Portable contamination control with negative and positive pressure and built in air conditioning for hospital applications (IsolationAir). Equipment sold worldwide.

Air King America
820 Lincoln Ave., West Chester, PA 19380
(877) 304-3785 Fax: (610) 696-8048
J. Kenkelen, Pres.; P. Dehlinger, NSM; J. Fox, CEO
Fire rated exhaust fans for multi family housing, low zone energy star exhaust fans, ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation, furnace mounted, flow thru humidifiers.


Air Monitor Corporation

1050 Hopper Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 544-2706; (800) 247-3569 Fax: (707) 526-9970
Matt Maragos, V.P.; Dennis Hunt, Inside Sales Engr.; Robert Sousa, Regl. Sales Mgr.; Jeremy Mahon, Regl. Sales Mgr. Airflow and coal flow measurement and control instrumenta- tion for the HVAC, process, and power industries.

Air Products And Controls Inc.

1749 E. Highwood, Pontiac, MI 48340
(248) 332-3900; (888) 332-2241 Fax: (248) 332-8807
Mark Falkeiwicz, Sales
Duct detectors for smoke or CO, control relays, power sup- plies for HVAC and BAC systems. Made in USA.

Air Purification of Houston

8807 Emmott Rd., #1100, Houston, TX 77040 (713) 466-7555 Fax: (832) 325-1414
Jim Wolf, Pres.

High efficiency residential filters, electrostatic filters, carbon filters, grease filters, specialty filters, portable HEPA air clean- ers, industrial filters and dust collectors, cyclones, ozone generators, ductwork.

Air Quality Engineering Inc.

7140 Northland Dr. N., Brooklyn Park, MN 55428 (800) 328-0787; (763) 531-9823 Fax: (763) 531-9900

Jim Pinkowski, Domestic Sales Mgr.; Ira Golden, Gen. Sales Mgr.; Heidi Oas, CEO
Electronic air cleaners, media air cleaners, mechanical air cleaner, HEPA air cleaners, carbon air cleaners and dust col- lectors.

Air Rite Service Supply, Filter Division

1290 W. 117th St., Cleveland, OH 44107
(216) 228-8200; (800) 228-8209 Fax: (216) 228-5651; (216) 658-3012 or
D. Harris, Pres.; K. Rahm, Serv. Mgr.; D. Andolek, Sales Mgr. Air filters – special size, disposable, permanent, panel, bag, cartridge, HEPA filters; from medium to high efficiency. Old style gravity registers and laundry/clothes chute doors.

Air Tech Equipment Ltd.

1095 Ohio Rd., Boudreau-Ouest, NB E4P 6NA CANADA
(800) 416-9111 ext. 104 Fax: (506) 532-6991 or

Manufacturer of indoor air quality products: residential base- ment/crawl space ventilators, garage ventilators, ERV/HRV.

Air Vent Inc., A Gibraltar Industries Company

4117 Pinnacle Point Dr., Ste. 400, Dallas, TX 75211 (800) 247-8368 Fax: (800) 635-7006

S. Doubet, Cust. Serv.; P. Scelsi, Prod. Mgr.
Ridge vents, power attic ventilators, whole house fans, wind turbines, complete static ventilation products and shingle-over roof and undereave intake vents.

Air-Duct Manufacturing Inc.

920 N. Lombard Rd., Lombard, IL 60148 (630) 620-9866 Fax: (630) 620-9878

A. Sharify, Pres.; G. Pleticha, Inside Sales; R. Giles, Controller Manufacturer of Round, Oval Pipes & Fittings and SPIRAmir Self-Sealing Spiral Duct System (the Green Product).

Air-Tite Inc.
3108 Parker Annex Dr., Jonesboro, AR 72404
(870) 935-8483 Fax: (870) 932-5219
Connectors and fittings, saddle fittings for round duct.


AirCraft HVAC Products LLC

P.O. Box 728, Paterson, NJ 07524 (973) 782-6420 Fax: (973) 782-6419

Aluminum and steel ceiling and sidewall registers and diffusers for commercial and residential applications.

Aircuity Inc.

39 Chapel St., Newton, MA 02458 (617) 641-8800 Fax: (617) 969-3233

Aircuity is the smart airside efficiency company providing building owners with sustained energy savings through its intelligent measurement solutions.

Airdex Corporation

P.O. Box 1207, 230 Saunders Rd., Barrie, ON L4M 5E2 CANADA
(705) 739-8882 Fax: (705) 739-8781 or
P. Rae, Pres.; G. McEachern, Sales Mgr.
Prop fans, one piece fans, airotor wheels, furnace blowers, motorized blowers, housings, replacement parts.

Aire Technologies Inc.

1502 Industrial Dr., Monongahela, PA 15063
(866) 421-2473; (724) 310-1050 Fax: (724) 310-1262
Michael Florian, Pres.; Mark Smith, Mktg. Mgr.
Fire dampers, ceiling radiation dampers, access doors, retain- ing angle, register boots and damper sleeves, ceramic blankets, fusible links and damper accessories.


215 Metropolitan Dr., West Columbia, SC 29170
(800) 448-5872
Residential central heating and air conditioning products, packaged units and split systems under 5 tons.

Airgas Refrigerants Inc.

5211 Industrial Ct. S.E., Smyrna, GA 30080
(800) 406-2292; (404) 352-4007 Fax: (404) 352-6959
Services include: the recovery, recycling and reclamation of used refrigerants; products include: refrigerant sales, storage tanks/recovery equipment/refrigerant monitors, analytical ser- vices/refrigerant banking/used refg. purchase program.

Airgas Refrigerants Inc.
38-18 33rd St., Long Island City, NY 11101
(800) 473-3766; (718) 392-8002 Fax: (718) 392-8006
Jay Kestenbaum, Sr. V.P.-Prod. Management; Ken Beringer, Exec. V.P.
Refrigerant gases delivered next day coast to coast. Refrigerant recover and reclaim services including on and off site reclamation. Refrigerant management options such as buy-back, banking, clean-up, exchange and more.


AIRGUARD, CLARCOR Air Filtration Products

100 River Ridge Cir., P.O. Box 9, Jeffersonville, IN 47130 (866) 247-4827 customer service Fax: (800) 784-3458

Manufactures replacement filters for all types of HVAC systems. ie: office buildings, industrial, healthcare, schools, universities, public arenas.

Airia Brands Inc. (formerly Nutech), (Lifebreath)

511 McCormick Blvd., London, ON N5W 4C8 CANADA
(855) 247-4200; (519) 457-1904 Fax: (800) 494-4185; (519) 457-1676
Michael Dailey, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Indoor air quality products: heat and energy recovery ventila- tors, hydronic clean air furnaces, hydronic air handlers, air cleaner-turbulent flow precipitator, inline fan and grille series.

Airia Brands Inc. (Lifebreath)

511 McCormick Blvd., London, ON N5W 4C8 CANADA
(855) 247-4200; (519) 457-1904 Fax: (800) 494-4185; (519) 457-1676
Michael Dailey, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Indoor air quality products – residential and commercial: heat/ energy recovery ventilators, hydronic clean air furnaces, air handlers, air cleaners, inline fans and accessories.

Airmaster Fan Co.

1300 Falahee Rd., Ste. 5, Jackson, MI 49203 (517) 764-2300 Fax: (517) 764-3838

R. Stone, Pres./CEO; M. Pignataro, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; Jane Hemer, Mktg. Asst.
Industrial and commercial air moving and ventilation equipment.

Airmo Inc.

9445 Evergreen Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55433 (763) 786-0000 Fax: (763) 786-4622

H. Moran, COO
Tube expansion for HVAC, boilers and other heat exchanger industries; straight or hairpin expansion; end-forming, hydro- forming, hydrostatic testing and tooling.

AirMotion Sciences Inc.

9 Green St., Holliston, MA 01746
(508) 429-4411 Fax: (508) 429-4401 or or
Pamela Caruso, Natl. Sales Consultant
AirMotion Big Smart Fans save energy/improve comfort. Variable pitch composite blades and MultiMode controls move air where, when, and how much you want.


AirPac Inc.
AirPac Technology Park, 888 Shenandoah Shores Rd., Front Royal, VA 22630-6415
(540) 635-5011 (Admin); (888) 324-7722 (Sales) Fax: (540) 622-2634
Arthur R. Behnke, Pres.
Whether you need temporary air conditioners or com- mercial electric heaters for a project, emergency air con- ditioning or heaters during a disaster, or backup cooling for your server room-call AirPac. We provide cooling and heating sales and rentals across the US, in all industries.

SEE OUR ADS ON PAGES 19, 208, 215

Airquest Heating & Cooling Products, International Comfort Products
650 Heil Quaker Ave., P.O. Box 128, Lewisburg, TN 37091 (931) 270-4222 Fax: (931) 270-4166

Central air-conditioning, furnaces (gas, oil, electric) and heat pumps.

AirTest Technologies Inc.

1520 Cliveden Ave., #9, Delta, BC V3M 6J8 CANADA (604) 517-3888 Fax: (604) 517-3900

G. Graham, Pres.; M. Schell, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; K. Judson, Tech. Sales; M. Graham, Oper. Mgr.; Milford Crocker, Bus. Devel. Manufacture and distribute gas detection equipment including CO2 monitors, CO, combustible and other toxic gas sensors, relative humidity and air velocity sensors.

Airxcel, Suburban Division

676 Broadway, Dayton, TN 37321
(423) 775-2131 Fax: (423) 775-7015
A. W. Klee, Pres.; Michael Leach, Dir.-Prod. Devel.; Dana Massengill, Mktg. Admin.

Recreational vehicle furnaces, water heaters and cooking appliances. Gas fired packaged terminal air conditioners and gas fired single vertical packaged air conditioners.

Airxchange Inc.
85 Longwater Dr., Rockland, MA 02370
(781) 871-4816 Fax: (781) 871-3029
D. F. Steele, Pres.; J. Connell, V.P.-Sales; J. L. Walter, V.P.- Matls.; R. Steele, V.P./Gen. Mgr.; D. H. Erbe, V.P.-Mkt. Devel.; D. Kirk, COO
Commercial and residential energy recovery ventilation systems, energy recovery components and technology for OEM applications.


Aitons’ Equipment Inc.

11 Nicholas Beaver Rd., R.R. #3, Guelph, ON N1H 6H9 CANADA (519) 824-2911; (888) 744-2911 Fax: (519) 824-1880; (888) 324-8667
Dave Wilson, V.P./Gen. Mgr.; Shannon Holmes, Sales Co-ord.; Marc Leclair, Techl. Advisor

Canadian Master Distributor of Air conditioning and heating products.

Ajax Boiler Inc.

2701 S. Harbor Blvd., Santa Ana, CA 92704 (714) 437-9050 x219 Fax: (714) 437-9060

ARRA compliant, women-owned and operated manufacturer of mechanical room equipment – condensing boilers and heat- ers, semi-instantaneous heaters, steel boilers, water heaters, heat exchangers, generators, hot water storage tanks.

AKH Inc.

120 Commerce Dr., Danville, IN 46122 (317) 243-5915 Fax: (317) 386-5077

D. Caulk, Sales Mgr.
Self-piercing, flush mounted fastening system that is an excel- lent replacement for spot welding and riveting, single-hit to fully automated systems.

Alan Manufacturing Inc.
3927 E. Lincoln Way, Wooster, OH 44691
(800) 435-2526; (440) 461-2684 Fax: (877) 333-2526; (440) 461-0890 or
Richard A. Bluestone, Pres.
Dampers; volume, zone control (new and retrofit/ remodeling), and duct supports.

SEE OUR ADS ON PAGES 274, 275, 286, 312

Alberta Custom Tee (2006) Ltd.

10037-96th Ave., Westlock, AB T7P 2P9 CANADA (780) 349-6511 Fax: (780) 349-4232

L. MacIntyre, Plant Mgr.
Manufacturer of copper manifolds and tee’s.

Alcoil Inc.
3627 Sandhurst, York, PA 17406
(717) 347-7500 Fax: (717) 347-7383
Steven Wand, Pres./CEO; Jim Bogart, V.P.-Engrg. Manufacturer and developer of brazed aluminum con- densers, heat exchangers and airside coils for HVAC/R and industrial process.



2720 E. Avalon Ave., Muscle Shoals, AL 35661 (800) 633-3120 Fax: (800) 750-9616 or

Stan Denton, Sales Mgr.
One of the largest manufacturers of flexible PVC doors, strips and partitions also offer impact doors and traffic doors.

Alfa Laval Inc., (Standard Refrigeration is now part of Alfa Laval)
5400 International Trade Dr., Richmond, VA 23231
(804) 222-5300 Fax: (804) 236-1303


Keith Funke, Mkt. Unit Mgr.-Refrigeration; Michael McLaughlin, Mkt. Unit Mgr.-Heating/Cooling
Manufacturer of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling equip- ment, including, brazed heat exchangers, AHRI-certified plate heat exchangers, water cooled condensers, chiller barrels, liquid receiv- ers, suction accumulators, subcoolers and accessories.

All American Air Filters Inc.

1871 S. Dixie Hwy., Pompano Beach, FL 33060-8948 (954) 785-1926 Fax: (954) 785-6832

V. Meredith, Pres.
Specializing in permanent, efficient, high arrestance filters. Custom engineering and OEM assistance available, quick turn, maximum air flow, minimum resistance, guaranteed.

All Supplies & Parts Inc., ASAP Compressors T/A 1411 Bush St., Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 752-1700; (800) ASAP-321 Fax: (410) 752-7960

A. D. Smith, Pres.; J. A. Smith, V.P.-Admin.; J. L. Prox, Secy. Remanufacture and exchange reciprocating compressors.


All-Lite Louvers

5101 Blue Mound Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76106 (817) 509-2300 Fax: (817) 831-3110

J. Scilley, CEO; P. Cockrum, Pres.; M. Almaguer, Corp. Sales Mgr.; M. Saunders, Western Reg. Mgr.; T. Ruggieri, Eastern Reg. Mgr.; Brad Bauer, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Louvers, penthouses, vision/sun screens, grilles.

Allegis Corporation

8001 Central Ave. N.E., Minneapolis, MN 55449 (866) 378-7550 Fax: (763) 780-5972 or

C. Craven, Mkt. Mgr.-HVAC; G. Mattson, V.P.-Sales/Mktg. HVAC hardware: latches, hinges, door-stays, seals, gaskets. Custom parts: damper hardware.

Alliance AC, A Div. of Tithe Corporation

1809 Bayard St, Baltimore, MD 21230 (410) 625-7545 Fax: (410) 625-6421 http://www.tithecorp.comalliance

Lisa H. Ambrose, Pres./CEO; Pete Zafonte, S.V.P./Dir.-Sales; Nina Olyshko, V.P./Dir.-Accting.; Meddaugh Ambrose, V.P.- Oper.; Jabinia Davender, Sales/Mktg. Coord.; L. Holsapple, Traffic/Parts Mgr.; V. Shapelyov, Techl. Support

A/C available only via Trane Commercial Sales Offices pack- aged or split air conditioning and heat pumps.

Allied Air Enterprises

215 Metropolitan Dr., West Columbia, SC 29170
(803) 738-4000 Fax: (972) 808-8404
See separate listings for our brands: AirEase, Allied Commercial, Armstrong Air, Concord, Ducane and Magic-Pak.

Allied Air Enterprises, Magic-Pak

215 Metropolitan Dr., West Columbia, SC 29170 (800) 448-5872
Mike Luke, Magic Pak Prod. Mgr.

Through the wall heating and air conditioning for the multi- family marketplace.

Allied Commercial

215 Metropolitan Dr., West Columbia, SC 29170 (800) 448-5872
Mike Luke, Comm. Prod. Mgr.

Commercial heating and cooling products, packaged units, split systems over 5 tons.

Alton, A Mestek Company

4830 Transport Dr., Dallas, TX 75247 (214) 638-6010 Fax: (214) 905-0806

D. Dillenburg, Prod. Mgr.; M. Kaler, Gen. Mgr.; J Jagers, Natl. Sales Mgr.-East; R Kirkland, Natl. Sales Mgr.-West
Heating equipment, evaporative cooling equipment, make-up equipment.

Amana Heating & Air Conditioning Systems, Amana/ Goodman Company LP
5151 San Felipe, Ste. 500, Houston, TX 77056
(713) 861-2500 Fax: (713) 861-0772

Central air conditioning and heating equipment. IAQ and PTAC products.


Amber/Booth, A VMC Group Company

11930 Brittmore Park Dr., Houston, TX 77041 (713) 466-0003 Fax: (713) 466-1355

Ambrose Precision Environments, A Div. of Tithe Corporation
1809 Bayard St., Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 625-7545 Fax: (410) 625-6421
Lisa H. Ambrose, Pres./CEO; Pete Zafonte, S.V.P./Dir.-Sales; Nina Olyshko, V.P./Dir.-Accting.; Meddaugh Ambrose, V.P.- Oper.; Jabinia Davender, Sales/Mktg. Coord.; L. Holsapple, Traffic/Parts Mgr.; V. Shapelyov, Techl. Support
WBE, HUD Zone, Enterprise Zone, Data Center & Critical Systems Environmental Control & Air Conditioning USA Custom and stock packaged or split air conditioning, heat pumps, precision environmental control and energy recovery systems from 1-30 tons.

Amcot Cooling Tower Corporation

350 N. Ponderosa Ave., Ontario, CA 91761
(800) 444-8693; (909) 390-2598 Fax: (909) 390-1098
K. Huang, Sales Mgr.-Natl.
Manufacturer of fiberglass counterflow/crossflow cooling tow- ers; supplier of centrifugal pumps, sump heaters, and misc. cooling tower accessories.

American Air & Water Inc.

12 Gibson Dr., Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
(843) 785-8699; (888) 378-4892 Fax: (843) 785-2064 or info@americanairandwater. com
W. Lynn, Pres.; I. Pashikov, Mktg. Mgr.
UV air cleaners, UV surface sterilizers, ultraviolet fixtures, UV lamps, mold disinfectant, mold cleaner.

American ALDES Ventilation Corp.

4521 19th Street Ct. E., Ste. 104, Bradenton, FL 34203-3791 (941) 351-3441 Fax: (941) 351-3442 or

Air-to-air heat recovery ventilators, multi-point central exhaust ventilators, ENERGY STAR fans, airflow regulating devices, and other IAQ ventilation products.

American Caddy Vac

P.O. Box 737, Lewiston, ID 83501
(800) 879-5382; (208) 746-1944 Fax: (208) 746-9858 or
Mac Mattoon; D. Mattoon
Buy direct from the manufacture American Caddy Vac! Quality custom built in the US, air duct cleaning trucks, and specialty tools.


American Coolair Corp., ILG Industries

P.O. Box 2300, Jacksonville, FL 32203 (904) 389-3646 Fax: (904) 387-3449

H. M. Graves Jr., Pres.; R. B. Graves, Exec. V.P.
Tube axial, propeller, power roof ventilators, centrifugal roof and wall ventilators, gravity vents, mixed flow, vane axial, inline, grease, high wind, and high temperature fans.

American DG Energy Inc.

45 First Ave., Waltham, MA 02451
(781) 522-6000; (877) 292-2343 Fax: (781) 522-6050
Provides low cost electricity, heat, hot water and cooling. Finances, installs, owns, operates and maintains complete cogeneration and natural gas chiller systems.

American HVAC Mfg. Inc.

16240 Gundry Ave., Paramount, CA 90723 (562) 602-0439 Fax: (562) 602-0712

Shawn Ghahremani, V.P.
Die-stamped Round Fittings, sheet metal working machinery, tool and die for HVAC industry.

American Moistening Company

10402 Rodney St., P.O. Box 1066, Pineville, NC 28134 (704) 889-7281 Fax: (704) 889-7270

Teresa Smith; Michael Fonzo
Humidification systems for rooms from 500 sq. ft. to 1,000,000 sq. ft. and above. Control panels.

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, Residential Solutions
6200 Troup Hwy., Tyler, TX 75707
(903) 581-3300 Fax: (903) 581-9070

Joyce Warrington, HVAC Brand Mktg. Dir.
Residential and light commercial equipment includ- ing packaged and split systems; air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, controls, air filtration systems and geothermal systems.


American Tubing Inc., of National Tube Holding Company
2191 Ford Ave., Springdale, AR 72764
(800) 447-0284 Fax: (479) 756-1346
T. Fox, CEO; C. Lewis, Pres.; K. Frische, Oper. Mgr.; Bryan Truitt, Financial Mgr; B. Greathouse, Quality Assurance Mgr.; J. Laughter, Engrg. Mgr.
Custom CNC bent aluminum and copper tubes, aluminum and copper tubing assemblies, aluminum and copper manifolds and headers, aluminum and copper return bends and other aluminum and copper components for air conditioning and refrigeration OEM’S.

American Ultraviolet Company

212 S. Mt. Zion Rd., Lebanon, IN 46052
(765) 483-9514; (800) 288-9288 Fax: (765) 483-9525 or
M. Stines; J. Stines; S. Whittle; S. Guzman
Germicidal ultraviolet systems for commercial and residental applications.

American Water Heaters

500 Princeton Rd., Johnson City, TN 37601 (800) 999-9515 Fax: (800) 999-5210
A leading manufacturer of high-quality water heater products, with a comprehensive line of residential and commercial water heaters.


815 Kimberly Dr., Carol Stream, IL 60188
(800) 624-8642 Fax: (866) 466-9335 or http://www.ampcostacks. com
C. Abramson, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Mark Walraven, V.P. Zero-clearance grease duct, positive pressure venting systems for exhaust gases and fumes from boilers, heaters, ovens, engines, turbines, and appliances.

Amphenol Industrial Operations

40-60 Delaware Ave., Sidney, NY 13838-1395 (607) 563-5378 Fax: (607) 563-5157

Chris Van Soest
Provides high reliablility connectors and interconnection systems.

Amprobe Test Tools

P.O. Box 9090, Everett, WA 98206-9090 (877) 267-7623 Fax: (425) 446-4657

Amprobe test tools are the preferred choice of profession- als for testing and measuring electrical properties in various field applications. Amprobe’s feature-rich products, including clamp-on meters, power quality analyzers, multimeters, are well known for high reliability at competitive prices.

Amtech, A Div. of Tithe Corporation

1809 Bayard St, Baltimore, MD 21230 (410) 625-7545 Fax: (410) 625-6421 http://www.tithecorp.comamtech

Lisa H. Ambrose, Pres./CEO; Pete Zafonte, S.V.P./Dir.-Sales; Nina Olyshko, V.P./Dir.-Accting.; Meddaugh Ambrose, V.P.- Oper.; Jabinia Davender, Sales/Mktg. Coord.; L. Holsapple, Traffic/Parts Mgr.; V. Shapelyov, Techl. Support

Stock packaged and split commercial AC, heat pumps, and MUA Units from 1-30 tons.

AMWEI Thermistor Co. Ltd., Sales Department

11-502, Songpingshan, Langshan Rd. , North Area, Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen, 518057 CHINA 86-755-26570111 Fax: 86-755-26571122
R. Yu, Techl. Sales
Manufacturer of PTC NTC thermistors and thermistor tem- perature sensor probe assembly. AMWEI manufacture NTC temperature sensor, inrush current limiter power thermistor, PTC thermistor for over-current, overload and short circuit protection, PTC air conditioner and refrigerator motor starter, self regulating PTC heater for HVAC.

Andek Corporation

850 Glen Ave., P.O. Box 392, Moorestown, NJ 08057-0392 (856) 786-6900; (800) 800-2844 Fax: (856) 786-0580

Harvey Liss, Pres.; Neil Shearer, Exec. V.P.; Andrew Liss, V.P.; Hans Braun, Financial Mgr.
High performance coatings and sealants for waterproofing, corrosion control, air barriers and vapor barriers.

Anderson Metals Corporation Inc.

P.O. Box 34200, 1701 Southern Rd., Kansas City, MO 64120 (800) 821-5672; (816) 471-2600 Fax: (816) 472-8700

Keith Anderson, Co-Pres.
Manufacturer of brass fittings, valves and pipe nipples.

Anderson-Snow Corp.

9225 Ivanhoe St., P.O. Box 2126, Schiller Park, IL 60176 (847) 678-3823 Fax: (847) 678-0413


T. Campbell, Pres.; D. Ruback, V.P./Sales Mgr.; I. Solis, Secy./ Treas.; Mark Beck, Sales Engr.
All fin type coils – replacement, custom and special; rebuild- ing and repairs.

ANDRE HVAC International Inc.

36-173 Advance Blvd., Brampton, ON L6T 4Z7 CANADA (905) 216-7807; (416) 857-4956 Fax: (905) 216-7806 or

Ajay, Pres.; Mirko Ricciardi, Pres.; Ekta, V.P.; Gaurav Srivastava, Mktg. Mgr.
Manufacturer of vibration and noise control products for HVAC and industrial applications, duct accessories, pipe hangers and supports, brass valve tags numbered, toilet foam gasket and all types of custom rubber products.

Anemostat/A Mestek Company

1220 Watson Center Rd., Carson, CA 90745 (310) 835-7500 Fax: (310) 835-0448

D. Chipman, V.P./Gen. Mgr.; C. Abbey, Dir.-Engrg.; D. P. McGlynn, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.; M. Cassidy, Dir.-Finance Manufacturer of grilles, registers, diffusers and terminal equip- ment.

Anvil International LP

110 Corporate Dr., Ste. 10, Portsmouth, NH 03801 (603) 422-8000 Fax: (603) 422-8033 or

Arlene Santa Fe, Mktg. Coord.
Anvil offers a complete line of grooved couplings, fittings and valves that deliver cost savings at installation and long-lasting performance. Anvil is also the market leader with a complete selection of pipe hangers, supports, and seamless pipe nipples, as well as malleable, cast iron and forged steel fittings.

Apex Engineering Products

1241 Shoreline Dr., Aurora, IL 60504
(630) 820-8888 Fax: (630) 820-8886 or
T. Fregeau, Sales Mgr.; M. Bickler, Pres.; M. Rudland, Sales Mgr. A specialty chemical manufacturer of biodegradable descalers and degreasers. RYDLYME is our biodegradable descaler and RYDALL is a line of biodegradable degreasers/cleaners.

Apex Tool Group

14600 York Rd., Suite A, Sparks, MD 21152
(800) 688-8949 Fax: (800) 234-0472
Apex Tool Group, based in Sparks, MD, is a worldwide producer of industrial hand and power tools, tool storage, drill chucks, chain, and electronic soldering products. Apex serves many global markets, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy, hardware, industrial, and consumer retail.

Apex Wine Cellars & Saunas

16782 Von Karmen Ave., Ste. 15, Irvine, CA 92606 (877) 663-0354; (310) 886-0354 Fax: (310) 639-3076 or Doug Smith, Natl. Sales Mgr.

Apex specializes in wine cellar cooling systems, as well as all aspects of wine cellar storage and design. Our wine cel- lar refrigeration systems are American-made and warranty/ support is available. CellarTec is the brand we manufacture; however, we also carry other popular brands such as Wine- Mate and WhisperKOOL. Contact us for all of your wine stor- age refrigeration needs!

API Heat Transfer Inc.

2777 Walden Ave., Buffalo, NY 14225 (716) 684-6700 Fax: (716) 684-2129

George Malina, Sales Mgr.-Shell/Tube; Jim Eiss, Sales Mgr.- Plate; Fred Roy, Sales Mgr.-Air-Cooled; Michael Sanders, V.P.- Bus. Devel./New Prod.
Packaged chillers up to 400 tons; shell and tube components; industrial process cooling equipment; evaporators and con- densers; brazed plate; welded plate and plate and frame heat exchangers.

Appion Inc.

2800 S. Tejon St., Englewood, CO 80110 (303) 937-1580 Fax: (303) 937-1599 or

G. Sundheim, Pres.; D. Boyd, V.P.-Sales; C. Pena, Opers. Mgr.; S. Hawks, Prod. Mgr.
Refrigerant recovery machines, vacuum pumps, vacuum pump oil, vacuum certified refrigerant hoses, HVAC/R service tools and equipment.

Applied Air – A Mestek Company

4830 Transport Dr., Dallas, TX 75247
(214) 638-6010 Fax: (214) 905-0806
Mike Kaler, Gen. Mgr.; Jim Jagers, Natl. Sales Mgr – East; Richard Kirkland, Natl. Sales Mgr.-West; Darrell Dillenburg, Prod. Mgr.

Heating equipment, evaporative cooling equipment, make up air equipment.

Applied Applications International LLC

500 Colorado St., Kelso, WA 98626 (866) 794-7900 Fax: (360) 577-0876

Applied Comfort Products Inc., Heating and Air Conditioning
1210 Balmoral Rd., Cambridge, ON N1T 1A5 CANADA
(877) 227-7822 Fax: (519) 740-1666
Packaged terminal air conditioners, packaged terminal heat pumps, through the wall room air conditioner.

AppliedSensor Inc.

53 Mountain Blvd., Warren, NJ 07059 (908) 222-1477 Fax: (908) 222-1478

Thomas Aiken, CEO
Provide gas sensing solutions for indoor air quality control and energy savings with easy integration into buliding auto- mation systems.


1015 E. Washington Ave., P.O. Box 1467, Madison, WI 53701 (800) 334-6011 Fax: (608) 257-4357
M. Fitpatrick, COB; C. Recknor, CFO; M. McGowan, Exec. V.P./ Secy./Treas.; L. Olsen, Pres./CEO; P. M. Graham, Sr. V.P.; E. Swanson, V.P.-Mfg.; S. Williams, V.P.-Engr.

Humidifiers, air cleaners, fresh air exchangers, zone control systems, electronic thermostats, air filters and related equip- ment, dehumidifiers, HVAC automation equipment including communicating thermostats, communication panels, software.

Aptora Corporation

8877 Bourgade St., Lenexa, KS 66219 (877) 232-7978 Fax: (866) 878-1483

An innovative management software and consulting company to the service industry, best known for two award-winning software programs, Flat Rate Plus and Total Office Manager.

Aqua Products Company Inc.

P.O. Box 39, Prosperity, SC 29127
(803) 321-0246; (800) 849-4264 Fax: (803) 321-1980

Chillers-air and water cooled 1.0 to 20 tons; aqua heat pump- comfort heating; cooling; industrial work station spot air con- ditioning, reverse cycle chillers, data center cooling and heat pump water heaters.

Aqua Systems Inc.
P.O. Box 181, Hampton Falls, NH 03844
(603) 778-8796 Fax: (603) 772-5992
E. M. Cherry Jr.; C. Cherry
Heat exchangers, refrigerant-to-water, condensers, evap- orators, and oil coolers; heat exchanger with built-in bi-directional receiver.



6142 Walnut Hill Ln., Dallas, TX 75230
(800) 955-4330; (214) 890-9888 Fax: (866) 403-7888
H. Gaffney, Pres.
Evaporative cooling, industrial humidification, indirect evapo- rative cooling, make-up air, direct evaporative cooling chilled water and DX conversion, stainless cabinets. Ammonia Scrubbers.

Architectural Louvers Co.

266 W. Mitchell Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45232 (888) 568-8371 Fax: (888) 568-8370

Wall louvers manufacturer specializing in architectural shape and decorative aluminum wall louvers, louvered sunshades, sun control devices, louvered roof top equipment screens, visual barriers and vents.

Arcoaire Air Conditioning & Heating Products, International Comfort Products LLC
P.O. Box 128, Lewisburg, TN 37091
(931) 270-4222 Fax: (931) 270-4166 or
Charlie Piranian, U.S. Sales Mgr.; Rob Angell, Bus. Devel. Mgr.; JT Holtschlag, Gen. Mgr.
Residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning products, condensing units, furnaces, heat pumps, accessories, 2-25 ton rooftop units.

Aries Electronics

2609 Bartram Rd., Bristol, PA 19007-6810 (215) 781-9956 Fax: (215) 781-9845

F. Folmsbee, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Manufactures custom and standard interconnection and pack- aging products for electronics.

Arizon Companies, Johnson MarCraft Divisions

11880 Dorsett Rd., Saint Louis, MO 63043
(314) 739-0037; (800) 325-1303 Fax: (314) 739-1556
D. Howery, MarCraft Div. Mgr.; B. Kallensee, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Amy Michels, Johnson Engrg. Mgr.
Commercial HVAC.

Arkema Inc.
900 First Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406
(610) 205-7000; (800) 245-5858 Fax: (610) 205-7369
Mike Brubaker, Dir.-Global Sales/Mktg/; Bob Bruder, Sales Mgr.-Indl. Accounts; Monique Rambo, Sales Operations Mgr.; Nancy Storoz, Global Bus. Mgr.-134a & FSA; Brett Fraser, Global Bus. Mgr.-Blends & HVAC-R; Glenn Haun, Sales Mgr.-Aftermarket
Arkema is a leading, worldwide fluorochemicals pro- ducer, offering a broad range of refrigerants and reclaim services under the trade name Forane. Arkema’s fluoro- chemicals business currently operates four industrial facilities on three continents: Calvert City in the United States, Pierre-Benite in France, Zaramillo in Spain, and Changshu in China. The products manufactured in these four plants are sold to the refrigeration and air- conditioning (construction and automobile), insulating foam, solvent, and aerosol industries.


Armacell LLC
7600 Oakwood St. Ext., Mebane, NC 27302
(800) 866-5638; (919) 304-3846 Fax: (800) 443-9386; (919) 304-3720
Flexible thermal insulation systems, mechanical systems and process piping.


Armstrong Air

215 Metropolitan Dr., West Columbia, SC 29170
(800) 448-5872
Residential central heating and air conditioning products, packaged units and split systems under 5 tons.

Armstrong Limited

93 East Ave., North Tonawanda, NY 14120-6594 (716) 693-8813 Fax: (416) 759-9101

Our products are internationally recognized for design efficien- cy, long service life and operating economy. Our applications include residential, commercial and industrial installations in some of the worlds premier facilities. Our goal is to provide leadership to the industry, practical solutions to customer problems, and superior alternatives to conventional thinking.

Arrow Tank Co. Inc.

16 Barnett St., Buffalo, NY 14215 (716) 893-7200

W. H. Wehr, Pres.; R. Willis, Shop Super. Wood tanks, wood pipe, plastic liners.

ARTECHE PQ Inc., Power Quality

16964 W. Victor Rd., New Berlin, WI 53151 (262) 754-3883 Fax: (262) 754-3993

Electrical power quality equipment including harmonic filters, power factor correction and sine wave dv/dt filters.


Aspen Pump Limited

Apex Way, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 3WA ENGLAND, U.K. 44-1323-848-842 Fax: 44-1323-848-846

A. Collins, Cust. Serv. Mgr.
Condensate pumps, pumps, tank pumps, mini pumps, pumps and accessories for air con industry.

AspenAir Inside

827 Arnold Dr., Ste. 160, Martinez, CA 94553-6599
(888) 326-0976; (925) 271-5520 Fax: (925) 957-9795 or joe.castner@aspenairin-
Mike Gunion, Pres./CEO; Joe Castner, V.P.-Mktg.; Kevin Goodnight, Natl. Bus. Devel. Dir.

AspenAir’s high-efficiency air filtration systems deliver clean healthy indoor air while lowering energy bills by up to 30%. They’re ideal for residential, commercial and school/institu- tional applications.

Assmann Corporation of America

300 N. Taylor Rd., Garrett, IN 46738 (888) 357-3181 Fax: (888) 826-5329

Dave Crager, Pres.
Polyethylene and plastic storage tanks and containers, includ- ing chemical feed stations, secondary containment basins and base containers for IBCs. Capacities from 40 to 12,000 gallons.

Associated Environmental Systems

31 Willow Rd., Ayer, MA 01432
(978) 772-0022 Fax: (978) 772-0088 J. O’Rourke, Mgr.
Environmental testing chambers.

Atco Rubber Products Inc.

7101 Atco Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76118 (800) 877-3828 Fax: (800) 366-3539

R. Bhatia, Pres.; C. Kirkland, V.P.-Sales; N. Lane, Mktg. Analyst Flexible duct systems and sheet metal pipe and fittings.

Atlantic Chemical & Equipment Co., (Ace Chemical)

3471 Atlanta Industrial Pkwy., Ste. 200, Atlanta, GA 30331 (404) 505-6626 Fax: (404) 505-9607
K. MacRae; D. Stimmel

The most complete line of air conditioning, refrigeration, and plumbing chemicals in the industry.

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corp.

375 Marcus Blvd., Hauppauge, NY 11788 (631) 273-0500 Fax: (631) 273-0771

H. C. Boehme, Pres.; T. Dituro, V.P.; A. Wysocki, Mktg. Mgr. Manufacturer of germicidal ultraviolet lamps, ultraviolet water purifiers and germicidal ultraviolet air disinfection equipment and deodorizers.

Atlas Sales & Rentals Inc., Locations Nationwide

P.O. Box 15100, Fremont, CA 94539
(800) 972-6600; (510) 713-3313 Fax: (510) 713-3311
Jose Mota, Territory Mgr.; Jim Morgan, Sales/Mktg.
Provider of Movincool portable air conditioners and spot cool- ers since 1979. Common applications: server rooms, offices, hi-rise buildings, hospitals and central system maintenance and emergency shut downs. Offices nationwide. On call 24/7.

Atmosphere Inc., Ventilation Product Manufacturing

2480 boul. des Entreprises, Terrebonne, QC J6X 4J8 CANADA (450) 477-1100; (800) 489-1301 Fax: (514) 313-5700

Melissa Lehmann, Sales Rep.
Inline duct fans/blowers, air filters.


10475 N.W. 28th St., Doral, FL 33172 (305) 500-9110 Fax: (305) 500-9120

A. Mor; C. Fundora; B. Delgado; J. Profet
Domestic and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning parts, supplies and tools.

Arzel Zoning Technology Inc.

4801 Commerce Pkwy., Cleveland, OH 44128 (800) 611-8312 Fax: (216) 831-6074

Colleen Weston, Mktg. Comm. Mgr.
Arzel Zoning technology is the industries innovation leader for HVAC zone control systems and split-system economizers designed for retrofit as well as new construction applications. Arzel’s solutions are available throughout North America via a growing network of contractors and wholesale distributors. The patented, award winning solutions offered by Arzel are distinguished by their superiority in installation flexibility, reli- ability and warranty.

ASCO Valve

50-60 Hanover Rd., Florham Park, NJ 07932 (800) 972-ASCO Fax: (973) 966-2448

ASCO Valve is the world’s leading manufacturer of solenoid valves and is the innovative, creative, and state-of-the-art leader for the control of fluids, combining over 100 years of experience with high technology. ASCO products are designed to control the flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam. The ASCO RedHat brand offers the world’s largest selection of 2, 3 and 4-way solenoid valves, designed to handle the most demand- ing fluid control applications.

Ashcroft Inc.

250 E. Main St., Stratford, CT 06614-5145 (203) 378-8281 Fax: (203) 385-0408

Mark Zabawa, Sr. Prod. Mgr.
Manufacturer of pressure gauges, low pressure D/P static and velocity transmitters, switches, handheld calibrators and temperature indicators.

ASI Controls

2202 Camino Ramon, San Ramon, CA 94583 (925) 866-8808 Fax: (925) 866-1369

Manufacturer of digital controls and software for HVAC, build- ing automation, energy management, and OPC light industrial applications.

Aspen Compressor LLC

24 St. Martin Dr., Marlborough, MA 01752 (508) 481-5058 Fax: (508) 480-0328

J. O’Bryan, Plant Mgr.; Charles Kienzle, Sales/Mktg. Manufactures a line of miniature refrigeration compressors for use in microclimate cooling systems.

Aspen Manufacturing

373 Atascocita Rd., Humble, TX 77396 (281) 441-6500 Fax: (281) 441-6510

Frank Clark, Natl. Sales Mgr.; David Piccione, Pres.; Chris Mullin, Dir.-Oper.; Katie Mullin, Mktg. Mgr.
Residential evaporator and heat pump coils, air handlers, mobile home coils and blowers, and line sets.


Atomizing Systems Inc.

One Hollywood Ave., Ho Ho Kus, NJ 07423 (201) 447-1222 Fax: (201) 447-6932

Patented, non-wearing ruby-orifice fog nozzles & high-quality, slow-speed, ‘soft-start’ Variable-Frequency-Drive fog pumps start- ing at 1/2 horsepower.

Attic Tent Inc.

164 Mill Pond Ln., Mooresville, NC 28115 (704) 892-2768 Fax: (704) 892-2768

Saves energy creating air-tight barrier, stopping air in/exfiltration; improves IAQ, HVAC efficiency and home comfort; simple instal- lation, profit making products.

Automated Logic Corporation

1150 Roberts Blvd., Kennesaw, GA 30144 (770) 429-3000 Fax: (770) 429-3001

J. Kaasa, V.P.-Distribution; B. Denney, Reg. Mgr.; C. Barnard, Reg. Mgr.; M. Clark, Reg. Mgr.; B. Lasseigne, Reg. Mgr.; L. Bacher, Reg. Mgr. Automated Logic provides customers with innovative building management solutions that maximize energy efficiency while ensuring occupant comfort.

Automation Components Inc.
2305 Pleasant View Rd., Middleton, WI 53562
(608) 831-2585 Fax: (608) 831-7407
T. Schwenn, Pres.; B. Statz, Sales Mgr.; C. Schwenn, Mtg. Mgr.; T. Neese, OEM Sales Mgr.; A. Miller, IT Mgr.; Bill Kubsh, Engrg. Mgr.
Temperature sensors and transmitters, humidity transmit- ters, pressure transmitters, air quality transmitters, AC/DC converters, thermowells, liquid crystal display, CO2 sen- sors, current sensors.


Automation Products Inc., Dynatrol Division

3030 Max Roy, Houston, TX 77008-6294 (713) 869-0361 Fax: (713) 869-7332

Techl. Appl. Dept., (713) 869-0361; Techl. Appl. Dept., (800) 231- 2062 USA & Canada
Manufacturing for over 50 years industrial process control instru- ments. Level detectors for liquids and bulk solids, also density, viscosity meters.

AWEB Supply, Slim Jim Geo Lake Plate

7350 Tom Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(888) 277-2932; (225) 928-2630 Fax: (225) 928-2087 or
Barbara Watts, Pres.
Wholesale Distributor dedicated to the geothermal industry. Responsible for the manufacture and distributorship of the Slim Jim Geo Lake Plate heat exchangers-”Pond Loop In A Package”.

Azimuth Machinery

6040 Rte. 132, Ville Sainte Catherine, QC J5C 1B6 CANADA (450) 632-8080 Fax: (450) 632-8081

Clinching machine.


Bacharach Inc.
621 Hunt Valley Cir., New Kensington, PA 15068-7074

(800) 736-4666 Fax: (724) 334-5001
S. Brovitz, Pres.; B. Robbins, CFO; K. Wasieleski, V.P.- Mktg./Cust. Serv.; J. Hamm, V.P.-Sales-N. Am.; J. Chavda, V.P.-Sales-Intl.

Bacharach designs, manufactures and services advanced test and measurement instrumentation products that detect, diagnose and monitor gases for residential, com- mercial and industrial applications.


Badger Meter

4545 W. Brown Deer Rd., P.O. Box 245036, Milwaukee, WI 53223 (877) 872-4466 Fax: (414) 371-5980

Kevin Symens, Sales Mgr.; Peter Vander Grinten, Mktg. Mgr.; Jim Peterson, Acct. Mgr.
Badger Meter is a leading manufacturer of flow measurement and control products serving utilities, municipalities and indus- trial customers worldwide.

Badger Meter/Data Industrial

4545 W. Brown Deer Rd., P.O. Box 245036, Milwaukee, WI 53224
(877) 872-4466
Jim Peterson, Acct. Mgr.; Kevin Symens, Sales Mgr.
Badger Meter is a leading manufacturer of flow measurement and control products serving utilities, municipalities and indus- trial customers worldwide.

Baldor Electric Canada Inc., Maska

180 Gagnon Bd., Sainte-Claire, QC G0R 2V0 CANADA (418) 883-3322; (800) 463-8928 Fax: (418) 883-2020 or

Jean Therrien, Techl. Support; Nicolas Hardy, Prod. Mgr. ISO-9001 North American based manufacturer of sheaves, bushings, belts, timing pulleys, HTD sprockets, elastomeric tire, gear and jaw type couplings.

Bally Refrigerated Boxes Inc.

135 Little Nine Dr., Morehead City, NC 28557
(252) 240-2829; (800) 24-BALLY Fax: (252) 240-0384
M. Coyle; B. Stompf
Walk-in coolers/freezers, modular structures, blast chillers and refrigerated warehouses.

Balmac Inc.

8205 Estates Pkwy., Ste. N, Plain City, OH 43064 (614) 873-8222 Fax: (614) 873-2519

S. Crawford, V.P.
Vibration meters, monitors, switches, transmitters and portable vibration analyzer/balancers.

7600 Dorsey Run Rd., Jessup, MD 20794 (410) 799-6200 Fax: (410) 799-6416

P. John Ostman, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; William Dietrich, V.P.- Engrg.; Rob Landstra, V.P.-Finance; Mike Swiderski, President; Hugh Reitmeyer, Dir.-Mktg.
BAC is a manufacturer and marketer of cooling towers, evaporative condensers, closed circuit cooling towers, ice thermal storage systems, and equipment controls.



1100 Seven Mile Rd. N.W., Comstock Park, MI 49321
(616) 726-8800; (800) 255-3416 Fax: (616) 726-8807 or or
Dave Reatini, Mkt. Devel. Mgr.-HVAC; Ken Brinks, Dir.-Sales Leading manufacturer of high quality gas fired heating and ventilating equipment for commercial, industiral and vehicle finishing industries. Industrial and commercial HVAC manufac- turer including make-up air, air turnover and custom rooftop units, unit and duct heaters, radiant infrared heaters.

Bard Manufacturing Co. Inc.
1914 Randolph Dr., Bryan, OH 43506
(419) 636-1194 Fax: (419) 636-2640
Bill Steel, Pres./CEO; Paul Quigley, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; B. Hood, COO
Oil furnaces, packaged air conditioners and heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, heat recovery, control systems, ven- tilation packages.

Barnes & Jones Inc.

91 Pacella Park Dr., Randolph, MA 02368 (781) 963-8000 Fax: (781) 963-3322
J. M. Reid, Pres.; W. A. Nesbitt, V.P.

Low pressure steam heating repair parts for two pipe steam heating; traps and repair parts for radiator traps and float and thermostatic traps.

Barr Refrigeration

1423 Planeview Dr., Oshkosh, WI 54904 (920) 231-1711 Fax: (920) 231-1701

M. Lapoint, Sales Exec.; E. Alatorre, Intl. Sales Exec.
The world’s largest inventory of new and used refrigeration equipment, walk-in coolers and freezers with warranty are available at Barr, Inc.

Basement Systems Inc.

60 Silvermine Rd., Seymour, CT 06483 (800) 768-6815 Fax: (203) 881-5089

Battic Door Energy Conservation Products, Attic Stair Covers R-50, Attic Access Doors, R-42
P.O. Box 15, Mansfield, MA 02048
(508) 320-9082
Mark D. Tyrol, Pres.
Attic access doors (R-42), Attic stair covers (R-50), fireplace draft stoppers, clothes dryer vent seals, energy conservation products, whole-house fan covers.

BBJ Environmental LLC, dba BBJ Environmental Solutions
6321 Pelican Creek Cir., Riverview, FL 33578

(813) 377-2439; (800) 887-2251 Fax: (813) 623-4032
Roxanne A. Phillip, Office Mgr./Acctg.; Judy M. Terhune, Cust. Serv. Spec.; Brian Handville, Laboratory Tech.; Robert G. Baker, Owner/CEO; Christopher P. Reiner, Production/ Shipping; Anthony Portz, Cust. Serv. Spec.

A technologically progressive, environmentally responsible company dedicated to enhancing public health and safety through the control of microbial contamination in indoor environments.

Beckett Air Inc.

37850 Beckett Pkwy., North Ridgeville, OH 44039
(440) 327-9999; (800) 831-7839 Fax: (440) 327-3569
C. Visocky, Pres.; J. Andulics, Dir.-Eng.; T. Antel, Sales/Mktg. Mgr.; K. Ziegman, Qual. Contr. Mgr.

Blower wheels, metal, housings, fan blades.

R.W. Beckett Corporation

38251 Center Ridge Rd., P.O. Box 1289, Elyria, OH 44036-1289 (440) 327-1060 Fax: (440) 327-1064
Residential and commercial oil burners, commercial gas burn- ers, and after market parts.

Beckett Gas Inc.

38000 Beckett Pkwy., North Ridgeville, OH 44039 (440) 327-3141; (440) 353-1265 Fax: (440) 327-6955

Philip Imperi, Acct. Mgr.; Joel Mohar, Dir.-Engrg.; David Palivec, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.
Manufacturer-gas burners, heat-exchangers, manifolds, gas combustion assemblies. Customers-residential and commercial warm-air furnaces, boilers, water heaters, dryers, fireplaces, ovens and fryers.

BEDA Enterprises LLC, Spra-Kleen Home Humidifiers

13130 Blackstone Rd. N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87111 (800) 649-3726 Fax: (505) 294-1375
Bob Acree, V.P.; Dee Acree, Pres.

All metal home humidifiers which are duct mounted or mounted in the plenum. Energy efficient, high quality humid- ity, made in USA.

BekZon Ltd.

?ljalt 4099, R÷ke, 28293 SWEDEN
01146 708 949350 or

Bipolar ionization, air purification systems.

Bel Thermal Units Inc.
4810 N.W. 35th Ave., Miami, FL 33142
(954) 566-0043 Fax: (954) 563-7941
Bill Brown, Pres.; Paul Brown, V.P.
Duct heating products for commercial and residential HVAC equipment that includes custom electric duct heat- ers, load banks, OEM, replacement elements, and parts.


Belimo Aircontrols (USA) Inc.

43 Old Ridgebury Rd., Danbury, CT 06810 (800) 543-9038 Fax: (800) 228-8283

Worldwide leader for actuator and valve technology in HVAC systems-offers a complete range of products from one source with a reputation for excellent value for money.


Bell & Gossett/ITT

8200 N. Austin Ave., Morton Grove, IL 60053 (847) 966-3700 Fax: (847) 965-8379

Manufacturer of pumps, circulators, valves, heat transfer, air management, hydronic specialties, controls, packaged pump- ing and heat transfer systems.

Bellman-Melcor LLC

7575 183rd St., Tinley Park, IL 60477
(708) 532-5000 Fax: (708) 532-2284 or S. Campbell, Pres.; R. Davis, V.P.-Sales

Brazing and soldering products – preforms, wire, rod, strip, braze paste – all alloys. Low melt aluminum alloys.

Belmont Metals Inc.

330 Belmont Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11207-4000 (718) 342-4900 Fax: (718) 342-0175

Zinc alloy rod for brazing aluminum, zinc-based ultrasonic solder, all types of solder for aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc.

Bennette Design Group Inc., Safety Tools

P.O. Box 326, Millis, MA 02054
(800) 746-1090 Fax: (508) 376-3735
Robert M. Bennette, Pres.
Safety tools for HVACR technicians include; kneeling pads, service mats, drop cloths, floor runners and related jobsite accessories.

Berg Chilling Systems Inc.

51 Nantucket Blvd., Toronto, ON M1P 2N5 CANADA (416) 755-2221 Fax: (416) 755-3874

Donald J. Berggren, Pres.
Custom design to suit each application, manufacturer, instal- lation and service of industrial process cooling equipment, hi and lo temp refrigeration, pumping equipment, cooling tow- ers, modular chillers, industrial ice making equipment.

Berko, Marley Engineered Products

470 Beauty Spot Rd. E., Bennettsville, SC 29512 (843) 479-4006 Fax: (843) 479-8912

Chris English, Mktg. Support Mgr.
When it comes to heating and ventilation systems, the Berko brand is a leading choice among contractors. Berko prod- ucts offer the ease of installation and technical support that contractors prefer and the dependability that their customers require. The Berko product line includes baseboard heaters, air curtains and a wide range of other heating and ventilation products for residential, commercial and industrial applica- tions. Berko products are manufactured in an ISO certified facility in Bennettsville, South Carolina, and are available through contractors and distributors.

Berner International Corp., Berner Air Curtain Systems 111 Progress Ave., New Castle, PA 16101
(724) 658-3551; (800) 245-4455 Fax: (724) 652-0682
Michael Coscarelli, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Berner International’s air curtains create an air seal across an open doorway that keeps cold air on one side and warm air on the other, saving energy and creating healthy, comfortable environments.

Berner International Corp., Berner Energy Recovery Systems
111 Progress Ave., New Castle, PA 16101
(724) 657-5301; (800) 479-0988 Fax: (724) 652-0682
Russell Smith, Sales Mgr.
Berner International’s energy recovery equipment incorporates passive energy wheel technology to increase fresh air ven- tilation amounts while minimizing energy consumption and reducing cooling and heating loads.

Berry Plastics Corporation, Tapes, Bags & Coatings Division
25 Forge Pkwy., Franklin, MA 02038
(800) 343-7875; (508) 918-1600 Fax: (800) 328-4822; (508) 918-1901 or adcustomerservice@berryplas-
Cust. Serv.
The First and Only Choice for generations of contractors and do-it-yourselfers, Berry Plastics has been the leader in manufacturing quality tape for over 70 years. Our two brands, Polyken and Nashua, are well respected by the HVAC professional and used in both residential and commercial construction applications. Our tapes are designed to meet the continually changing needs of the HVAC industry by combin- ing quality, value, and technology.

Bestobell Steam, Div. of Richards Industries

3170 Wasson Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45209
(513) 533-5600; (800) 543-7311 Fax: (513) 871-0105
K. McMurry, Mktg. Mgr.; Bruce Broxterman, Pres. Steam traps, steam valves and steam specialties.

Beta Industrial LLC

009714 7069704; 0097150 6317351 Fax: 009714 7069787
Hamdi El-Baz, Sales Mgr.
Manufacturers for air outlets (grilles, diffusers, louvers and nozzles), dampers (VCD and UL Classified fire dampers), access doors, VAV boxes and sound attenuators. Our customer base has been developed to include European, GCC, CIS, Asian and African markets.

Big Ass Fans

800 Winchester Rd., Lexington, KY 40505
(877) BIG FANS; (877) 244-3267 Fax: (859) 233-0139
Sales Mgr.
Big Ass Fan Co. is the preeminent designer and manufacturer of 6 ft. to 24’ diameter high volume/low speed (HVLS) ceil- ing and vertical fans developed to provide significant energy savings and improve occupant comfort year round in large commercial, industrial, agricultural and institutional buildings.

Biltwel Duct Cleaning Equipment Mfg. Inc.

4, 16327 – 130 Ave., Edmonton, AB T5V 1K5 CANADA (800) 547-5210; (780) 447-1510 Fax: (780) 447-2061 or

M. Vollweiter, Mktg. Mgr.
Manufacturing of duct cleaning equipment truck, mount units. 5 day free training with equipment purchase.

Bioclimatic Air Systems

600 Delran Pkwy., Delran, NJ 08075 (856) 764-4300 Fax: (856) 764-4301

Air purification systems, corrosion control systems, pollution control systems.

BioZone Scientific International Inc.

8815 Conroy Windermere Rd., Ste. 197, Orlando, FL 32835 (407) 876-2000 Fax: (407) 876-7630


Adam Anthony, Dir.-Bus. Devel.
BioZone’s advanced technology offers solutions to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold spores, algae, VOC, and odors in the air and on surfaces – even in the most demanding environ- ments. Solutions are designed and proven to solve such contamination problems in specific applications and uses, such as hygiene facilities, ventilation systems, commercial vehicles, and ice machines.

Bird-B-Gone Inc.

23918 Skyline, Mission Viejo, CA 92692
(949) 472-3122; (800) 392-6915 Fax: (949) 472-3116
Bird-B-Gone is the worlds largest manufacturer of professional grade bird deterrents designed to humanely prevent birds from landing in unwanted areas.

BITZER Canada Inc., Canada

930 Selkirk St., Pointe Claire, QC H9R 4T7 CANADA (514) 697-3363 Fax: (514) 697-9768

Bob Semchuk, Sales Mgr.-Western Canada Reg.; Stephane Moquette, Sales Mgr.-Quebec and Maritimes; Phil Boudreau, Sales Mgr.-Ontario Reg.; BITZER Canada Customer Service, All other regions of Canada

BITZER is a global leader in refrigeration compressor manu- facturing, with our industry leading screw compressors to 320 HP; ESH series scrolls from 7-1/2 to 16 HP, Orbit R410A scrolls from 15HP to 30HP, ECH scrolls for DC transport application, and Octagon, Ecoline and standard semi-hermetic recips rang- ing from 1/2 to 70 HP. BITZER is proud to be one of the few compressor manufacturers continuing to develop and innovate in the reciprocating compressor field.

BITZER Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V., Mexico

Av. Adolfo Lopez Mateos 221 Bodega 9, Col. Victoria, Guadalupe, NL, 67110 MEXICO
52-81-15224500 Fax: 52-81-15224505
Aydee Medellin, Mktg. Mgr.
BITZER is the global leader in Screw Compressors to 320 HP; BITZER’s Scrolls range from 7 1/2 to 40 HP and Semi-Hermetic Recips range from 1/2 to 70 HP.

4031 Chamblee Rd., Oakwood, GA 30566
(770) 503-9226 Fax: (770) 503-9440 or or
K. Bickler; D. Sylves; P. Narreau
BITZER U.S. provides OEM and aftermarket customers with Screw Compressors to 320 HP, Recips to 70 HP, Scrolls to 40 HP and ASME Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers.

BLC Industries Inc.

P.O. Box 14187, Louisville, KY 40214
(502) 366-6002 Fax: (502) 366-6255
Braxton Case, Pres.; R. W. Case, Sales; Jackie Watts, Engrg. Manufacturers of air filtration products: components; filters; filtration equipment (custom/standard frames and housings); automated filtration equipment. Equipment and filters for: purification/absorption; moisture separation; HEPA applica- tions along with HVAC accessories.

BLC-West, BLC Industries Inc.

P.O. Box 14187, Louisville, KY 40214 (480) 839-5333 Fax: (480) 839-1584
E. Case; Jackie Watts, Engrg.

Manufacturers of air filtration: components; filters; custom and standard filtration equipment (frames and housings); automatic filtration equipment; purification/absorption; moisture separa- tion; HEPA equipment and HVAC accessories.

Blender Products Inc.

5010 Cook St., Denver, CO 80216 (800) 523-5705 Fax: (303) 296-1520

R. Lindgren, Sales Engr.; S. Hill, Pres.; J. Templeton, Sales Engr. Manufactures air mixing equipment to mix outside air with return air.

Blissfield Manufacturing Company

626 Depot St., Blissfield, MI 49228
(517) 486-2121; (800) 427-0958 Fax: (517) 486-2129
Justin Gifford, Corp. Mktg. Mgr.; B. Porter, Corp. Dir.-Sales Semi-hermetic and open drive compressors and condensing units, transport and CO2 compressors. Blissfield Manufacturing produces UL and ASME certified pressure vessels.

Blocksom & Co., Filtration Products Division

450 St. John Rd., #710, P.O. Box 2007, Michigan City, IN 46360 (219) 874-3231 Fax: (219) 874-9785 or

G. Pickford, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; P. Gardner, Dir.-Mfg.; K. Rigdon, Purch. Mgr.; A. Brazys, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Air filter, evaporative cooler, attic ridge vent; cushioning pads and media; natural fiber media; Inlet filter storm water protec- tion device; roof drain filter.

Blue Ridge Technologies

1800 Sandy Plains Industrial Pkwy., Ste. 216, Marietta, GA 30066
(800) 241-9173 toll-free; (770) 790-4880 main line Fax: (770) 790-4883 main fax or or
A privately held company based in Georgia that closely partners with leading BAS companies and OEM’s to deliver preferred lighting control solutions.

Bluegrass Technology Inc.

1819 S. Broad St., 1st Fl., Philadelphia, PA 19148 (800) 784-9669; (267) 639-5469 Fax: (888) 390-7071

For over 25 years, we’ve provided enterprise-wide software applications for all types and sizes of contracting businesses looking for an integrated single-source solution for the opera- tional challenges of doing business in today’s environment.

Blygold Atlanta

2060 Airport Industrial Park Dr., Marietta, GA 30060 (800) 728-1004 Fax: (770) 952-4785

R. Griffin, Mktg. Mgr.; B. Harris, Gen. Mgr.
Protective coating services for HVAC/R coils and equipment.

Blygold Houston

5712 Yale St., Houston, TX 77076 (713) 666-8261 Fax: (713) 666-4915

T. Orlando; T. Rodwell; Julie Summers
Coil coating, severe duty cabinet coatings, corrosion-resistant upgrades, auto-microbial coil and cabinet coatings.

BMP International Inc.

P.O. Box 20707, Saint Petersburg, FL 33742 (813) 298-8101 Fax: (727) 527-6872

Air conditioning parts, wholesale.

Bohn by Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC

2175 W. Park Place Blvd., Stone Mountain, GA 30087 (800) 321-1881 Fax: (770) 465-5990

Unit coolers; air-cooled condensers; condensing units; low- temperature, hot gas and electric defrost equipment; refrigera- tion systems; heat transfer; custom refrigeration rack systems.

Bois D’Arc Intl. Inc.

P.O. Box 2147, Longview, TX 75606
(800) 752-7135; (903) 758-2647 Fax: (903) 758-1342
A. Snow III, Pres./CEO
Air conditioning and refrigeration evaporators and condens- ers water coils, steam coils and special coils; manifolds and headers.

BorgWarner BERU Systems GmbH

3800 Automation Ave., Ste. 100, Auburn Hills, MI 48326-1782 (248) 754-0112 Fax: (248) 754-9572

Mr. Owen Carter, Sales Mgr.
A worldwide leading supplier and manufacturer of diesel cold start technology and gasoline ignition technology.

Bosch Thermotechnology Corp., Buderus

50 Wentworth Ave., Londonderry, NH 03053
(603) 552-1100; (800) Buderus Fax: (603) 584-1681
Residential and commercial boilers, cast iron sectional boilers- hot water, condensing boilers, indirect fired domestic hot water tanks, panel radiators, outdoor reset controls, solar thermal heating systems.

Boss Products – Accumetric LLC

350 Ring Rd., Elizabethtown, KY 42701 (800) 928-BOSS Fax: (270) 765-2412

Greg Rokoff, V.P.-Domestic Sales; Craig Walkins, Sales Mgr.- Northeast; Kevin Scruggs, Sales Mgr.-Southeast (HVAC Spec); Bill Blonchek, Sales Mgr.-West Coast; Greg Howland, Sales Mgr.-Midwest; Keith Wooten, Sales Mgr.-Southwest

Firestop, silicone, latex, polyurethane, sealants and adhesives, specialty chemical products for the HVAC/R, plumbing and appliance industries.

BP Porter Inc. (Heat Pump Controls/Thermostats)

6200 N.E. 107th, Oklahoma City, OK 73151
(405) 771-3323 Fax: (405) 771-2292
Heat pump dual fuel control and outdoor thermostat.

Bradford-White Water Heaters

725 Talamore Dr., Ambler, PA 19002
(215) 641-9400 Fax: (215) 641-1612
Water heaters, combination heating, water heating systems, and storage tanks.

Bradleys’ Hermetics Inc.

6501 Robertson Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 78415 (361) 854-9833 Fax: (361) 854-1440

R. Alejandre, Pres.; M. Reeves, V.P.; V. Reeves, COO
Quality replacement parts for repair of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors.

Braeburn Systems LLC

2215 Cornell Ave., Montgomery, IL 60538 (866) 268-5599 Fax: (866) 268-3611

D. Poplawski
Braeburn is the value alternative for electronic non-program- mable and programmable thermostats, humidifiers, air filtra- tion and zoning products for residential and light commercial applications. Braeburn, The Brighter Choice.

Brainerd Compressor Inc.

3034 Sandbrook Dr., Memphis, TN 38116 (800) 228-4138 Fax: (901) 396-4131

H. Barton, Pres.; L. Barton, V.P.; B. Hodge, Sales Mgr. Remanufactured air conditioning and refrigeration compres- sors; refrigeration oil.

Bramec Corporation

P.O. Box 9, North Sioux City, SD 57049
(605) 232-4311; (800) 843-9974 Fax: (800) 329-3003; (605) 232-4590
J. Rigg, Pres.; K. Hinseth, V.P.; S. Brown, Sales; M. Casey, Sales; Alan Smith, Cust. Serv.
Condenser bases, heat pump stands, plastic tubing, plastic pipe and fittings, traps, gas line test gauges, sealing com- pounds, insulation materials, electrical items, brushes, anti- vibration pads, secondary condensate drain pans.

Brant Steel Products Limited

49 Craig St., Brantford, ON N3R 7H8 CANADA (519) 756-5700 Fax: (519) 756-1742

M. Offenhammer, Pres.; A. Dujlovic, Controller Hot water residential boilers.

BrassCraft Manufacturing Co.

39600 Orchard Hill Pl., Novi, MI 48375-5331
(248) 305-6000 Fax: (248) 305-6011
W. Henderson, Sr. V.P.; D. Woody, Pres.; J. Jollay, V.P.-Mktg./ Prod. Devel.

Water supply stops, risers, fittings, gas appliance connectors, excess flow valves, meter excess flow valves, water connec- tors, gas ball valves.

Brawo Brassworking SpA

Via XXV Aprile, 36, 25050 Pian Camuno, Brescia, ITALY 39-0364-591556 Fax: 39-0364-591407

Rafael Velazco, Sales Export Mgr.-USA
A manufacturer of hot forged and machined items in brass. Parts are produced in accordance of customer’s drawing. Brawo Brassworking SpA has manufacturing sites in Italy, US, Canada.

Bridgeport USA

5719 Rt. 6N, Edinboro, PA 16412
(814) 897-5993; +39–035-44-29-200 or
Leonardo Leo, Pres.; Peter Kraus, V.P.; Simona Rossetti, Mktg./ Comm. Mgr.

Bridgeport USA is the North American entity for Bridgeport srl, premier manufacturer of valves and related products for air and gas in the HVAC industry.

Bright Solutions

1738 Maplelawn Dr., Troy, MI 48084
(248) 614-9063 Fax: (248) 614-9066
A/C leak detection lamps, flurescent dyes, specialized A/C tools and equipment.

Brimar Industries Inc.

64 Outwater Ln., Garfield, NJ 07026 (800) 274-6271 Fax: (800) 279-6897

Brinmar HVAC Products
91A Carlauren Rd., Vaughan, ON L4L 8A8 CANADA (905) 265-0172; (888) 454-6627 Fax: (905) 265-0175
M. Hall; B. Jones


Largest manufacturer of condensing unit winter covers and sound blankets for compressor noise reduction. Same day shipping on most orders.

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Bristol Compressors International Inc.

15185 Industrial Park Rd., Bristol, VA 24202
(276) 466-4121 Fax: (276) 645-7500
Air conditioning heat pump and refrigeration compressors.


926 W. State St., Hartford, WI 53207 (800) 558-1711 Fax: (262) 673-8619

D. Pringle, Pres./CEO; G. P. Ebner, V.P.-Sales-Wholesale; K. D. Collins, Mktg. Comm. Mgr.
Exhaust fans, range hoods, heater/fan/light combination units, indoor air quality systems, built-in heaters, whole-house fans, attic ventilators and trash compactors.

Broan Heating and Cooling

8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 63368
(800) 422-4328; (636) 561-7300 Fax: (636) 561-7399
Dave Garvin, Brand Mgr.
Reliable heating and cooling products for residential and manufactured housing, including the 24.5 SEER iQ Drive air conditioner and heat pump.

Bronz-Glow Technologies Inc.
175 Bronz-Glow Way, Saint Augustine, FL 32095
(800) 555-6385; (904) 825-0175 Fax: (904) 825-0122 or latinamerica@bronz-
M. Bielamowicz, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; D. Jacobs, Pres.; L. Bielamowicz, V.P.-Prod.; D. Gill, HR
Protective coatings for HVAC/R coils and cabinets, dip coating facility, and bulk product sales; certified applica- tor programs and training.


Brothers Supply Corporation
34-48 31st St., Long Island City, NY 11106
(718) 361-8300 Fax: (718) 729-4710
J. Esposito, Pres.; M. Esposito, V.P.; T. Palaia, V.P.; Nathan Schreier, Dir.-Sales
HVAC Equipment, Water Source Heat Pumps, Package Terminal Air Conditioners, Fan Coils, Split Systems, Packaged Units, components and accessories.


Bry-Air Inc.

10793 St. Rt. 37 W., Sunbury, OH 43074
(740) 965-2974; (877) 427-9247 Fax: (740) 965-5470
M. Meyers, Pres./CEO; D. Kemmer, Purch. Agent; D. Riddle, V.P.-Finance; Rich Goodale, Exec. V.P.-Sales; Terry Lansing, V.P.-Oper.; Cindy Getter, Mgr.-Appl. Engrg.
Since 1964, Bry-Air’s dehumidification systems are engineered and manufactured to consistently provide reliable, complete solutions for moisture removal challenges.

Bryan Steam LLC
783 N. Chili Ave., Peru, IN 46970
(765) 473-6651 Fax: (765) 473-3074
T. May, Pres.; G. Minard, Engrg. Mgr.; E. Bender, Materials Mgr.; T. Freeman, Prod. Mgr.; R. Guth, Sales/Mktg. Mgr. Boilers from 6 to 500 hp for industrial, commercial and insti- tutional applications. Indirect water heaters, pool heaters and related equipment and accessories are also available.

Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems

7310 W. Morris St., Indianapolis, IN 46231 (800) 428-4326

Tom Archer, Brand Mgr.
Bryant offers residential and light commercial HVAC products, including communicating controls, split system air condi- tioners and heat pumps, gas and oil furnaces, geothermal systems, IAQ accessories, small packaged products and 2-25 ton rooftop units.

Buffalo Air Handling

467 Zane Snead Dr., Amherst, VA 24521-4383 (434) 946-7455 Fax: (434) 946-0226

T. Krueger, Exec. V.P.; T. Kent, V.P.-Engrg.; M. Wakefield, Des. Mgr.; R. Relleva, V.P.-Mfg.; Frank McDaniel, Purch. Mgr. Custom and standard air handling units for new and retrofit applications ranging up to 150,000 cfm.

Building Automation Products Inc. (BAPI)

750 N. Royal Ave., Gays Mills, WI 54631 (608) 735-4800 Fax: (608) 735-4804

R. Stevenson, Pres.; J. Hillebrand, Prod. Mgr.; T. Noble, Mktg. Dir. Manufacturing and private labeling of sensors and transmitters for HVAC – temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, wire- less and related accessories.

Building Cooling Systems Inc.
1951 Ocean Ave., Ste. 1, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 (631) 580-9775; (866) 668-2665 Fax: (631) 580-9790


Portable air conditioning, portable heaters, generators.


Building Health Check LLC

4911 Creekside Dr., Ste. C, Clearwater, FL 33760
(800) 422-7873 x404 Fax: (727) 572-5859 or or Cy Garner, Acct. Assoc.

Screen testing for common indoor allergens covering aerobiol- ogy and surface microscopy, temperature/relative humidity data logging, allergen screening for dust mite, cat and cockroach.

Building Performance Insitute Inc., (BPI)

107 Hermes Rd., Ste. 110, Malta, NY 12020 (518) 899-2727 Fax: (518) 899-1622

The nation’s premier home performance credentialing and quality assurance body, and an ANSI-accredited national stan- dards setting organization.

Burr Oak Tool Inc.

405 W. South St., Sturgis, MI 49091 (269) 651-9393 Fax: (269) 651-4324

David C. Clark, Sr. V.P.-Sales
Fin dies, complete fin lines, fin presses, return benders, hairpin benders, fin coil expanders, ring and size machines, special machines and tooling for condenser and evaporator production.

Butterfly Valves & Controls

671 Industrial Blvd., Grapevine, TX 76051 (817) 421-5343 Fax: (817) 416-6270 or

Tony Birchfield, V.P.-Sales
Supplies all types of butterfly valves and actuators to the HVAC, water, waste water and general industrial marketplace.

BVA Oils, Div. of B-V Associates P.O. Box 930301, Wixom, MI 48393 (800) 231-3376 Fax: (248) 348-2684
Refrigeration lubricants for all refrigerants, vacuum pump oils, all purpose compressor lubricants, Max XL, flushing lubricants, air filter oils.


P.O. Box 13250, Oklahoma City, OK 73113
(405) 843-5621; (800) 843-5621 Fax: (405) 840-0443; (800) 840-0443
L. Gill, Pres.; D. McDonald, Cust. Serv.; S. Gill, Acctg.; D. Murphy, Purch.; S. Perigo, Production Mgr.
Manufacture highest quality access valves, line tap and pierc- ing valves, related tools and accessories.

C&K Components

15 Riverdale Ave., Newton, MD 02458 (617) 969-3700

Allison Turner
A division of CoActive Technologies, a privately held company manufacturing electromechanical switches, interface controls, keypads, dome arrays and modules.

C & S Air Products

5101 Blue Mound Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76106 (817) 509-2300 Fax: (817) 831-3110

Pat Cockrum, Pres.; Brad Bauer, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; Robin Capps, Mktg. Mgr.; Mark Saunders, West Reg. Mgr.; Tom Ruggieri, East Reg. Mgr.; Mike Almaguer, Corp. Sales Mgr.
Smoke dampers, fire dampers, combo fire/smoke dampers, control dampers, louvers.

C & S Mfg. Corp.

1052 S. Neenah Ave., P.O. Box 736, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235 (920) 743-6941 Fax: (920) 743-7432

J. D. Collins, Pres./Treas.; J. Collins, V.P./Secy.; J. Hertel, Mktg.; S. Ash, Purch.
Duct and pipe supports.

C/F Data Systems LLC

220 Libbey Pkwy., Weymouth, MA 02189 (781) 337-9900 x1537 Fax: (781) 337-9991

Eric S. Drummond, Sr. Acct. Mgr.

CableCraft Motion Controls

2110 Summit St., New Haven, IN 46774
(260) 749-5105 Fax: (260) 749-5677
T. Shubat, Dir.-Mktg. Indl. Prod.
Damper hardware, linkages, ball joints, rod ends, mechani- cal cables.

Cain Manufacturing Co. Inc.

2956 Hwy. 11 S., P.O. Box 1000, Pelham, AL 35124-5000 (205) 663-2200 Fax: (205) 663-2298

Flexible duct connectors, damper hardware, sheet metal fasteners; insulation adhesives, hollow turning vane and rail, insulation fasteners.

Calcana USA Ltd.

30245 Ste. A, County Rd. 49, Loxley, AL 36551 (800) 778-6729 Fax: (251) 964-4404

J. Vancak, Pres.
Gas and propane fired, low intensity, infrared, heaters for buildings and outdoor patios.

Calectro AB

Box 4113, Svalortsgatan 16, Vastra Frolunda, 42604, 42604 SWEDEN
46-31-695300 Fax: 46-31-293291 or

Lars Petersson, Pres.; Benny Strand, Export Mgr.
Manufacturer of smoke detectors for ventilation ducts. We sup- ply many OEM custumers with a special made duct housing for their detectors.

Caleffi North America Inc.

3883 W. Milwaukee Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53208 (414) 238-2360 Fax: (414) 238-2366

W. Dickinson, Prod. Mgr.; M. Olson, Gen. Mgr.; R. Gillespie, Dir.-Mktg.
Separators, manifolds, mixing valves, motorized zone and ball valves, vents, collectors, tanks, controllers, pump stations for hydronic, geothermal and solar thermal systems.

C & D Valve LLC


California Finned Tube Co.
13488 Fifth St., Chino, CA 91710
(800) 356-1932 Fax: (909) 590-3446
B. York; M. Golondzinier; D. Spence; R. Cino Manufactures high performance tubing; have replace- ment tubes in stock or made to your specifications for Carrier, Trane, York, McQuay and Dunham Bush, cen- trifugal, absorption, and reciprocating chillers.


Callahan Roach Business Solutions

2706 W. Pioneer Pkwy., Arlington, TX 76013-5906 (817) 459-4500 Fax: (800) 276-5703


3-00 Banta Pl., Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 (201) 797-1511 Fax: (201) 797-1522

M. M. MacCracken, CEO; R. Mullins, Plant Mgr.; B. M. Silvetti, V.P.-Engr.; P. Valenta, North American Sales Mgr.
Thermal energy storage, liquid pressurization systems, plate heat exchangers, heat transfer fluids, ice rinks.

Cambridge Engineering Inc.

760 Long Rd. Crossing Dr., P.O. Box 1010, Chesterfield, MO 63005
(800) 899-1989 Fax: (636) 530-6133
John Kramer, Pres.; Ken Williams, Dir.-Mktg.
Manufacturer of energy efficent heating/ventilation systems; direct gas-fired space heaters and make-up air units.

Cambridge-Lee Industries LLC

86 Tube Dr., Reading, PA 19612-4023 (800) 926-5588 Fax: (800) 255-7317

E. Kerins, CEO; D. Zellers, Natl. Sales Mgr.-Plumbing Tube; J. Killilea, Natl. Sales Mgr.-Line Sets
Nitrogen charged ACR tubing, nitrogen charged insulated tube kits, refrigerant coils.

8 Frangras Dr., Salisbury, MA 01952
(978) 465-8481; (800) 648-2872 Fax: (978) 462-9189
J. Rummo, Sales/Mktg.
Curb adapters, isolation curbs, wind curbs, seismic curbs, coil guards, economizers.


Camus Hydronics Limited

6226 Netherhart Rd., Mississagua, ON L5T 1B7 CANADA (905) 696-7800 Fax: (905) 696-8801

M. Ruscio
Residential, commercial and industrial hydronic heating boilers and domestic hot water heaters. Available in non-condensing (85% Eff), near condensing (88% Eff) and condensing (up to 97% Eff). All units are extremely low NOx.

Canarm Inc.

608 Commerce Park Dr., Ogdensburg, NY 13669-2208 (800) 267-4427 Fax: (800) 263-4598
Jim Cooper, Pres.; Tim Sutton, Sales Mgr.; Bob Clarke, V.P.- Sales U.S.; Doug Matthews, V.P.-Sales Canada
Air moving equipment, exhaust fans, blowers, circulating fans, utility fans, restaurant exhaust.

Canatal International 2008 Inc.

14 Chelsea Ln., Brampton, ON L6T 3Y4 CANADA (905) 405-0800 Fax: (905) 405-0807

Gerry Ball, Sales Mgr.
Canatal International 2008 Inc. is focused on research, design and manufacture of precision air conditioning equipment pro- viding reliable mission critical climate control for datacenter applications.

Cannon Boiler Works Inc.

510 Constitution Blvd., New Kensington, PA 15068 (724) 335-8541 Fax: (724) 335-6511

Chris Giron, Sales Mgr.; Jamie Shayank, Prod. Spec. Heat exchangers, finned tubes, economizers.

Capable Controls Inc.

790 Maple Ln., Bensenville, IL 60106 (630) 860-6514 Fax: (630) 860-3672

Dan Huizinga, Sales Exec.


385 S. Oak St., Manheim, PA 17545 (717) 664-0500 Fax: (717) 664-0449

Controls, humidifiers, humidistats, humidity indicators, humidi- fying systems, thermostats, industrial humidifiers, commercial humidifiers.

Carlin Combustion Technology Inc.

70 Maple St., East Longmeadow, MA 01028 (413) 525-7700 Fax: (413) 525-8306

Larry Moon, Pres./CEO; Bill Kleftis, Gen. Mgr.
Residential and commercial oil burners, gas burners, oil burner primary controls and high voltage ignitors (transformers), Secure Heat Monitoring Systems.

Carling Technologies Inc.

60 Johnson Ave., Plainville, CT 06062 (860) 793-9281 Fax: (860) 793-9231

B. Powell, Dir.-Prod. Mktg.; Jerry Peplau, Prod. Mgr.; Don Pruitt, Dir.-Sales
Manufacturer of electrical and electronic switches, hydraulic/ magnetic and thermal circuit protectors, power distribution centers and electronic control solutions.

Carlyle Compressor Co.

Carrier Pkwy., TR-4, P.O. Box 4808, Syracuse, NY 13221 or Alla Taras, Mktg. Analyst

For over 75 years, Carlyle has been producing high efficiency compressors with low operating costs, optional capacity con- trol systems, and Carlyle’s world-famous reliability. Our current product lines include open drive and semi-hermetic reciprocat- ing and screw compressors.


Carnes Co.

P.O. Box 930040, Verona, WI 53593-0040 (608) 845-6411 Fax: (608) 845-6470

Carnes manufactures and distributes, commercial ventilation, grilles & diffusers, VAV boxes, fire/smoke dampers, louvers, energy recovery, steam humidifiers.

Carolina Products Inc.

1132 Pro Am Dr., Charlotte, NC 28211
(704) 364-9029 Fax: (704) 367-1215
T. Garver, Gen. Mgr.; William Blackmon, Pres.
High efficiency purge units for centrifugal machines, unitized switchgear, energy management.

Carrier Corp., A Unit of United Technologies Corp.

One Carrier Place, Farmington, CT 06034-4015
(800) 227-7437 or expertcentral@carrier.utc. com
David Meyers, V.P.-Sales (Residential Systems); Jim Bode, Natl. Builder Sales Mgr. (Residential Systems); Alex Legall, V.P.- Sales/Mktg. (Ductless Split Systems); Greg Alcorn, V.P.-Sales/ Mktg. (Light Commercial and Commercial Applied Systems) Carrier’s leading residential product innovations include advanced communicating controls, high-efficiency split system air conditioners and heat pumps, ductless split systems, gas and oil furnaces, boilers, fan and evaporator coils, geothermal systems, zoning systems, a complete line of indoor air quality products and small packaged products. Commercial products provide a broad range of solutions that condition interior envi- ronments of healthcare, airport, entertainment, office, lodging, school, manufacturing and other buildings. Products include 3-100 ton rooftop units with standard and high-efficiency mod- els available; dedicated outdoor air products; chiller products – air- and water-cooled; airside products including a full line of air handlers, fan coils, overhead and under floor air terminals; split systems and condensing units; water-source heat pumps; and energy recovery options. Commercial products are avail- able with a full range of Building Automation Systems to cover all levels of building needs.

Carrier Rental Systems

9655 Industrial Dr., Bridgeview, IL 60455 (800) 586-8336

Richard Gilliland, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Carrier Rental Systems offers HVAC rental equipment for heavy and light industrial manufacturing, commercial buildings, col- leges and universities, hospitals, healthcare and special events. Locations are throughout the U.S. to serve you.

Cary Products Company

101 Lancaster, Hutchins Rd., Dallas, TX 75141
(888) 420-8861; (972) 225-4271 Fax: (972) 225-5052
John Baker, Engrg.
Worldwide supplier of plastic injection molded air movement components.

CAS Data Loggers

12628 Chillicothe Rd., Unit J, Chesterland, OH 44026
(440) 729-2570; (800) 956-4437 Fax: (440) 729-2586 or www.

Terry Nagy, Engrg. Mgr.; Pete Martin, Sales Mgr.; Laszlo Zala, Managing Member
Wireless monitoring: temperature, humidity and other prop- erties.

Cases by Source Inc.

215 Island Rd., Mahwah, NJ 07430
(201) 831-0005; (888) 665-9768 Fax: (201) 831-0009
Matthew Adler, V.P.
Instrument and tool cases, shipping racks and covers, custom foam interiors, LED flashlights, portable light systems.

Caterpillar Inc., Cat Rental Power

P.O. Box 610 , N4 AC 6156, Mossville, IL 61552
(800) 321-7332
Caterpillar and the worldwide Cat Dealer Network are com- mitted to being the single-source provider for all your electric power needs, with integrated solutions that include rental equipment, generator sets, UPS Systems, switchgear, and auto- matic transfer switches.


One CB&I Plaza, 2103 Research Forest Dr., The Woodlands, TX 77380
(832) 513-1000 Fax: (832) 513-1005
D. Knight, Bus. Devel. Mgr. (Northeast USA); L. Henkel, Bus. Devel. Mgr. (Southeast USA); F. Bianchetta, Bus. Devel. Mgr. (Midwest USA); O. Earhart, Bus. Devel. Mgr. (South Central USA); J. Ford, Bus. Devel. Mgr. (Western USA)
Chilled water thermal energy storage for air conditioning load management (typically 1,000 to 100,000 ton-hours), with optional 30 F stratification fluid.

CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.

5918 Roper Rd., Edmonton, AB T6B 3E1 CANADA (780) 466-3178 Fax: (780) 468-5904

Lorne Weran, Sales Mgr.
Heat-exchanger unit heaters, explosion-proof electric air heat- ers, explosion-proof thermostats, and industrial electric air heaters and much more.

CDC Products Corp./Aceto Corp.

4 Tri-Harbor Ct., Port Washington, NY 11050
(516) 437-3570; (800) 636-7363 Fax: (516) 627-6093
Laura Hallquest, Sales Admin.
Eliminate slime, mold and bacteria and keep drain pans free flowing with Anti-Clog#1. Manufacturer/distributor of the Condensate Drain Pan biocide “Anti-Clog#1” for HVAC/R equipment: walk-ins, fan coil, RTU’s etc. Prevents costly pan overflows and additional service calls. EPA, NSF & PMRA Registered. Tamper-proof and chemical free handling. Lasts 3 months.


5931 Ford Ct., Brighton, MI 48116 (810) 229-7900 Fax: (810) 229-7908

Todd Bradley, Pres.
Supplier of gas, steam or electric reactivated desiccant dehu- midifiers for humidity control. Systems include outdoor air ventilation coupled with heating and cooling if required.

Centaurus Prime

4425 Cass St., Suites B-C, San Diego, CA 92109 (858) 270-4552 Fax: (858) 273-7769

B. Caldwell, Pres.; R. Caldwell, V.P.; R. Polok, Gen. Mgr. Gateways; Interfaces and Protocol Translators; consulting for real-time and process control systems. BACnet and Modbus specialists.

Central Boiler

20502 160th St., Greenbush, MN 56726
(218) 782-2575 Fax: (218) 782-2580
Manufacturer of outdoor wood, wood pellet and corn fur- naces.


Century Refrigeration, Div. of RAE Corporation

P.O. Box 1206, Pryor, OK 74362
(918) 825-7222 Fax: (918) 825-0723; (800) 264-5329
Refrigeration condensors, condensing units and unit coolers; chillers, compressor rack systems, coils.

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Century, Heat Controller Inc.

1900 Wellworth Ave., Jackson, MI 49203 (517) 787-2100 Fax: (517) 787-9341

D. Peck, Pres./CEO; L. Rasmussen, Exec. V.P.; J. Troke, V.P.- Mktg.; L. Perkins, Adv. Mgr.; J. Wilenius, Serv. Mgr.; R. Sycks, Sales Dir.-Cent./Comm.
Manufacturer of quality equipment for heating, cooling and dehumidification for residential and commercial applications, 1/2 to 25 tons.

Cerro Flow Products LLC

P.O. Box 66800, Saint Louis, MO 63166
(618) 337-6000; (888) 237-7611 Fax: (618) 874-8691
Gary Ewing, Pres.; Eric Pilas, V.P./Bus. Unit Mgr.-Plbg./HVAC; Bart Arndt, V.P./Bus. Unit Mgr.-Industrial; Phil Pope, V.P.-Sales- Industrial; Frances Senter, Mktg. Mgr.; Steve Baureis, Channel Mgr.-HVAC
A manufacturer of world-class grade copper tube for the plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, and industrial markets.

CertainTeed Corporation, Mechanical and Industrial Insulation Group
750 E. Swedesford Rd., Valley Forge, PA 19482
(800) 233-8990; (610) 341-7962 or kim.aldin@saint-gobain. com trial or

Fiber glass duct liner, duct board systems, duct wrap insula- tion.

Certified Refrigerant Services Inc.

5481 Williamsburg Dr., Punta Gorda, FL 33982
(941) 637-6300 Fax: (941) 637-6323 or rick@certifiedrefrigerant. com
Jeanne Roland, Pres.; Rick Roland, Sales/Serv.
CRS is a full service refrigerant management company servic- ing all segments of the refrigerant industry.

CES Group LLC, Governair, HUNTAIR, Mammoth, Temtrol, Ventrol, Venmar CES, Eaton-Williams Group 13200 Pioneer Trl., Ste. 150, Eden Prairie, MN 55347
(952) 358-6600 Fax: (952) 358-6700
Custom HVAC systems for industrial, commercial and institu- tional applications.

Cesaroni Technology Inc.

2561 Stouffville Rd., P.O. Box 246, Gomley, ON L0H 1G0 CANADA
(905) 887-2370 Fax: (905) 887-2375 Gordon Clarke, Dir.-Engrg. Polymer heat exchangers.

Chamberlin Rubber Co. Inc., Flexible HVAC Hose Connector Div.
P.O. Box 22700, Rochester, NY 14692
(585) 427-7780 Fax: (585) 427-2429
A. Truini, Mktg. Mgr.; A. Chase, Sales Mgr.; S. Harding, Sales; F. McKee, Sales
Fabrication of flexible stainless HVAC hose assemblies; die- cutting of rubber, sponge, foam, weather stripping and tape.

Champion Cooler Corp.

5800 Murray St., Little Rock, AR 72209 (501) 562-1094 Fax: (501) 562-9485

K. Stafford,, Pres.; M. Ulrey, V.P.-Sales; D. Maxwell, Controller; B. Aspell, V.P.-Mfg.; T. Kidwell, Chief Engr.
Commercial, industrial, and residential evaporative coolers.

Champion Valves Inc.

P.O. Box 12901, Wilmington, NC 28405 (910) 794-5547 Fax: (910) 794-5581

L. A. Spangler, Pres.; Jim Phillips, Sales Mgr. Wafer check valves.

Chandler by Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC

2175 W. Park Place Blvd., Stone Mountain, GA 30087 (800) 321-1881 Fax: (770) 465-5990

Unit coolers; air-cooled condensers; condensing units; low- temperature, hot gas and electric defrost equipment; refrigera- tion systems; heat transfer; custom refrigeration rack systems.

Change’Air Products

54117 Best Line, Aylmer, ON N5H 2R3 CANADA (519) 866-3930 Fax: (519) 866-3798

R. Klassen, V.P.-Sales; M. Hannah, U.S. Sales Mgr.
Custom Classroom Air Handlers. Options include: self con- tained and split systems, compressorized, water source, chilled water, energy recovery, gas, hot water, steam, electric, face & bypass etc.

Channel Products Inc.

7100 Wilson Mills Rd., Chesterland, OH 44026 (440) 423-0113 x114 Fax: (440) 423-0891

Steve Hussell, V.P.-Mktg./Sales
A full-line domestic and international manufacturer of inno- vative ignition components and systems, electronic safety controls, and wire harnesses.

Chatham Brass Co. Inc.

1253 New Market Ave., Unit D, South Plainfield, NJ 07080 (908) 668-0500; (800) 526-7553 Fax: (908) 668-0507


Gene Adamusik, Pres.
Cable, electrical heating, silicone sealants; thermostats and controls; guards, thermostat.

Chauvin Arnoux Inc. dba AEMC Instruments

15 Faraday Dr., Dover, NH 03820
(603) 749-6434; (800) 343-1391 Fax: (603) 742-2346; (508) 698-2118
W. Smith, Pres.; J. Olobri, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.; Ray Brady, Appl. Engr.
Manufacturer of electrical test and measurement instruments including megohmmeters, ground testers, power quality meters, current probes, clamp-on meters, and many more electrical test tools.

Check-It Electronics Corp.

560 Trumbull St., Elizabeth, NJ 07206 (908) 354-8236 Fax: (908) 354-9564

S. Labelle
Digital pyrometers, temperature and humidity indicators.

Chem-Aqua Inc.

P.O. Box 152170, Irving, TX 75015
(800) 527-9919 Fax: (972) 438-0801
D. Rose, Mgr.-Corp. Accts.; M. Sanders, Corp. Acct. Mgr.
Water treatment, waste water and HVAC specialty products for commercial, institutional and industrial applications.

CHEMTROL, of Santa Barbara Control Systems

5375 Overpass Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93111 (800) 621-2279 Fax: (805) 683-1893

Water treatment controllers with remote operation, features include conductivity/TDS, pH, ORP, temperature, level, and filter control.

Chester-Jensen Co. Inc.

P.O. Box 908, Chester, PA 19016-0908 (610) 876-6276 Fax: (610) 876-0485

R. D. Miller, Pres.; S. D. Miller, V.P.; B. Skoog, Dir.-Sales/Mktg. Refrigeration evaporators, water chillers, thermal storage equipment, ice builders.

Chicago Blower Corp.

1675 Glen Ellyn Rd., Glendale Heights, IL 60139 (630) 858-2600 Fax: (630) 858-7172

ISO 9000-2008 manufacturer of fans and blowers.

Chicago Clamp Company, Manufacturer

2350 S. 27th Ave., Broadview, IL 60155 (708) 343-8311 Fax: (708) 343-0215

K. Barry, Sales Mgr.
We provide a weld-free alternative for supporting rooftop loads and framing the roof openings and for equipment sus- pended from the joists of a building.

1920 E. Encanto Dr., Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 503-8040 Fax: (480) 503-8079
Chil-Pak by Air Matrix Sales – an integrated packaged central plants constructed into an energy and space efficient unit at the lowest possible cost to the building owner. Applications from 150-5000+ tons, consisting of 2” double wall construction, with single point electric and controls manufactured in a controlled environment. Offers design assistance and field support. Please call for more information, or visit our Web site. http://www.chil-pak. com. Tel: 480-503-8040.


Chiller Solutions LLC

101 Alexander Ave., Unit 3, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444 (973) 835-2800 Fax: (973) 835-3222

Packaged water or air cooled chillers, explosion proof compli- ance, ultra low temperature chillers to -100 F.

Chromalox Inc.

103 Gamma Dr. Ext., Pittsburgh, PA 15238 (800) 443-2640 Fax: (412) 967-5148

W. Kennedy, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; B. Lee, Mktg. Comm. Mgr. Electric heating products, controls, and systems including, heat trace, industrial blower, convection and radiant comfort heaters.

Cimetrics Inc.

141 Tremont St., Ste. 11, Boston, MA 02111 (617) 350-7550 Fax: (617) 350-7552

Bhaskar Koukuntla, Mgr.-Products Group
BACnet networking software, hardware, tools, routers and consulting services.

Circul-Aire Inc.

3999 Cote Vertu, Montreal, QC H4R 1R2 CANADA
(800) 800-1868; (514) 336-3330 Fax: (514) 337-3336 or; info@
N. Agopian, V.P.-Intl.; H. Topikian, V.P.-Bus. Devel.; L. Cherry, Sales
45-year custom manufacturer of gas-phase filtration & energy recovery systems for IAQ to reduce odor & corrosion potential of commercial, institutional, sewage treatment and industrial environments.


11555 S.W. Myslony St., Tualatin, OR 97062 (503) 557-4500 Fax: (503) 557-4501

Custom air handling, filtration and air conditioning systems for cleanroom and hi-tech environments.

Cleaver-Brooks Engineered Boiler Systems

6940 Cornhusker Hwy., Lincoln, NE 68507 (402) 434-2000 Fax: (402) 434-2064

Aaron Fink, Sales Mgr.-Engineered Prod.; Rocky Bahramzad, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Watertube steam generators, specializing in packaged D, A, and O type boilers. Shop assembled units with capacities up to 500,000+ pph, 1500 psig design.

Cleaver-Brooks Inc.

221 Law St., Thomasville, GA 31792
(800) 250-5883; (414) 359-0600 Fax: (414) 577-3159
W. Goggins, CEO; Earle Pfefferkorn, Pres.-C-B Package Boiler; Steve Connor, Dir.-Mktg. Serv.; Elizabeth Brown, MarCom Mgr.; Florian Wisinski, Prod. Mgr.; Paul Welch Goggins, Dir.- Mktg. Comm./Devel.
Committed to providing efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions for the industrial and commercial markets. We are known for our packaged boiler/burner systems, but also provide complete boiler room solutions-from boilers, burners and controls to heat recovery and boiler room sup- port accessories.

ClenAir Manufacturing

P.O. Box 346, Fort Washington, PA 19034 (888) 764-2110 Fax: (215) 542-6825

Ted Gilbert
ClenAir Mfg. supplies indoor air quality products, odor neutral- izers, in-duct odor neutralizers, carbon air cleaners, conden- sate drain pan treatment, hand cleaners, penetrating lubricants, humidifier panels, solenoids.



4081 W. 150 St., Cleveland, OH 44135 (216) 941-6505 Fax: (216) 941-8742

M. Sherwin, Pres.; G. Richards, HVAC Sales
Metal flexible ducting, insulated, non-insulated, acoustical.

Cleveland Controls, Division of UniControl Inc.

1111 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44109 (216) 398-0330 Fax: (216) 398-8558

D. Sung, CEO; S. J. Craig, Pres.; H. Herbst, Sales Mgr.; W. Shoup, Sales; K. Koehn, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; G. Pamer, Sales Combustion control components, systems, panel control cen- ters, indicating instruments, air pressure/flow sensing switches, and digital manometers.

ClimaCool Corp.
7300 S.W. 44th St., P.O. Box 2055, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 745-3185 Fax: (405) 745-2072
Ross Miglio, Pres.; Judy Linder, Dir.-Mktg./Prod. Planning; Tom McDermott, Regl. Sales Mgr.; Tiffany Bates, Regl. Sales Mgr. Modular chillers: water, air cooled, heat pump and heat recov- ery chiller systems with bank capacities from 20 to 1000 tons.

Climate Control by Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC

2175 W. Park Place Blvd., Stone Mountain, GA 30087 (800) 321-1881 Fax: (770) 465-5990

Unit coolers; air-cooled condensers; condensing units; low- temperature, hot gas and electric defrost equipment; refrigera- tion systems; heat transfer; custom refrigeration rack systems.

Climate Technology Corp./A Division of SUPCO

2230 Landmark Pl., Allenwood, NJ 08720
(732) 223-6644 Fax: (732) 223-1617
Electronic programmable thermostats for HVAC.

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ClimateMaster Inc.
7300 S.W. 44th, Oklahoma City, OK 73179
(405) 745-6000 Fax: (405) 745-6058
E. Sibert, Mktg./Comm.
Water-source heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps.


Cliplight Manufacturing Company, HVACR Division 961 Alness St., Toronto, ON M3J 2J1 CANADA
(866) 548-3644; (519) 969-9456 Fax: (519) 969-9457
L. Appler, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.; P. Appler, Dir.-Research/ Dev.; Jesse Homenuik, Techl. Support; Norma Neufeld, Inside Sales
Refrigerant leak sealant and drying agent, LED UV lights and dyes, work lamps, manifold gauge sets, deep vacuum micron gauges and Valve Core Remover.


CMC Howell Metal

P.O. Box 218, 574 New Market Depot Rd., New Market, VA 22844 (800) 247-2048; (540) 740-4700 Fax: (540) 740-4778 or

Bobby Huffman, Dir.-Pricing; Jim Forkovitch, Pres.-CMC Howell Metal; Dan Langlais, Regl. Sales Mgr.-Northeast; John Staten, Regl. Sales Mgr.-Southeast; Robert Villalobos, Regl. Sales Mgr.-Southwest/West; Brenden Updyke, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; Jonathan O’Leary, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; Mark Boliek, Regl. Sales Mgr.-Midwest

Copper tubing, line sets, steel pipe.

CMP Corp.

4101 S.E. 85th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73135 (405) 672-4544 Fax: (405) 672-4547

Sherri Reeves, Dir.-Mktg.
The largest independent manufacture of air conditioning and refrigeration quality replacement parts to fit reciprocating com- pressors manufacturing in the USA.

Coast Products Inc.

954 Elliott Ave. W., Seattle, WA 98119 (206) 285-5120 Fax: (206) 285-5123

P. O’Donnell, Pres.; M. Johanson, V.P.; P. Barstad, Office Mgr. Commercial, marine, and industrial fans and blowers. Louvers, dampers, fire dampers.

Coil Company

P.O. Box 956, Paoli, PA 19301
(610) 251-0257 Fax: (610) 251-0805
HVAC coils, space coolers, air handlers, tube bundles, fan coil units.

Coilco Tool & Die

2041 Hwy. 69 N., Jacksonville, TX 75766 (903) 586-3639 Fax: (903) 586-7613

Manifold production machinery, thinwall tube straightener and cut-to-length machines, tube hole punchers; tube end formers, tube end closers, manifold benders; 3 tube type hairpin benders.

Coilmaster Corporation

440 Industrial Dr., Moscow, TN 38057
(901) 877-3333 Fax: (901) 877-3335
P. Grider, CEO; J. German, COO; B. Holt, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.; A. Harrington, Pres.
Manufacturer of plate fin coils and related products.

Cold Air Products, Portable Cooling Systems 2500 Almeda Ave., #201, Norfolk, VA 23513 (800) 465-1776 Fax: (757) 853-7796

Portable cooling systems (manufacturing), sales, rentals. SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 214



Cold Point Corp.
7500 Cold Point Dr., Rome, NY 13440
(315) 339-2331 Fax: (315) 339-2358 or
G. Brockett; T. Crawford; S. Schreppel; S. Vivirito Replacement water source heat pumps and PTAC units, vertical PTAC’s, in-wall condensing units, packaged heat pumps, and horizontal condensing units.



8101 E. Kaiser Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92808 (714) 529-4461 Fax: (714) 529-8503

J. Fyne, Mgr.
Packaged refrigeration systems for food service applications.


625 E. Bunker Ct., Vernon Hills, IL 60061 (800) 323-4340 Fax: (847) 247-2929

Air/gas analysis, airflow measurement, electrical test and measurement, flowmeters, humidity, IAQ, inspection tools, temperature.

Coleman Cable Inc.

1530 Shields Dr., Waukegan, IL 60085 (847) 672-2300 Fax: (847) 689-9433

G. Yetman, CEO; Chuck Eddy, Dir.-HVAC/Irrigation/Pump; K. McAllister, E.V.P.
Manufacturers a complete line of products including: thermo- stat cables, fire alarm cables, control cables, building wire, air-conditioner whip fittings and conduit, and power supply cords.

Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning, Unitary Products – Johnson Controls
5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069
(414) 524-4338 Fax: (414) 524-5797

Residential heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces and light commercial equipment.

Collier Consulting Group

P.O. Box 1252, Dripping Springs, TX 78620 (800) 739-9025 Fax: (512) 858-9280

Dr. R. Collier, Pres.
Collier Consulting Group, a proven leader in business man- agement consulting, provides on-site evaluations, coaching services, and flat rate solutions.

Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc.

P.O. Box 571, Colville, WA 99114
(509) 684-2595; (800) 845-6778 Fax: (509) 684-8331
B. Nelson, Pres.; J. Fazzari, V.P.; G. Hentges, Purch. Agent; Jeremy Olberding, Sales Mgr.
Heating, cooling and refrigeration coils; unit coolers; air cooled condensers; blast freezers; hydrocoolers; fluid coolers and heat pipes.

Columbia Boiler Co.

Old Reading Pike, P.O. Box 1070, Pottstown, PA 19464 (610) 323-2700 Fax: (610) 323-7292

E. Passifione, Jr., Gen. Mgr.; T. Bainbridge, Sales

Residential, commercial and industrial water and steam boilers, blowdown separators, tankless indirect water heater, boiler feed systems, waste oil boilers.

Columbus Industries Inc.

2938 State Rte. 752, P.O. Box 257, Ashville, OH 43103 (740) 983-2552 Fax: (740) 983-4622

Wayne Vickers, Pres.-Dist. Prod. Div.; Jeff Pontious, CEO; Eric Pontious, V.P.-Sales
Aluminum filters, expanded metals, paper and polyester paint overspray collectors, carbon air filters, grease filters, humidifier panels/filters, nonwoven polyester panels, diffusion medias.


P.O. Box 207, White Marsh, MD 21162 (410) 933-8500 Fax: (410) 933-1600

Steve Lazinsky
Distributing metal fabricating machinery for over 75 years: GEKA ironworkers, PARMIGIANI angle and plate bending rolls, PRIMELINE press brakes and shears, SAFAN electric press brakes.

Comfort Products Inc.

3201 Windsor Wood Dr., Arlington, TX 76015
(817) 349-6966 Fax: (817) 465-1321 or Comfort Products specializes in residential and light com- mercial zoning. We offer ComfortPLENUM, a plenum with zoning dampers installed. We also calculate loads and offer dehumidifiers.

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Comfort-Aire, Heat Controller Inc.

1900 Wellworth Ave., Jackson, MI 49203 (517) 787-2100 Fax: (517) 787-9341

D. Peck, Pres./C.E.O.; L. Rasmussen, Exec. V.P.; J. Troke, V.P.- Mktg.; B. Sycks, Dir.-Sales-Res./Comm.; L. Perkins, Adv. Mgr.; M. Delwiche, Dir.-Sales-Room Air
Manufacturer of heating, air conditioning and dehumidifica- tion equipment for residential and commercial applications, 1/2 to 25 tons.

Comfortmaker Air Conditioning & Heating Products, International Comfort Products LLC
P.O. Box 128, Lewisburg, TN 37091


(931) 270-4222 Fax: (931) 270-4166 or
Rob Angell, Bus. Devel. Mgr.; JT Holtschlag, Gen. Mgr.; Charlie Piranian, U.S. Sales Mgr.
Residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning products, condensing units, furnaces, heat pumps, accessories, 2-25 ton rooftop units.

12860 N.W. 107th Ct., Miami, FL 33178
(866) 524-9898 Fax: (305) 500-9896
Maria Hernandes, Pres.; David Say, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Gregg Blankenship, Dir.-Mktg.
Mini-splits, portable air conditioners and air curtains, unitary systems.


12201 N.W. 107th Ave., Miami, FL 33178
(866) 594-9898 Fax: (305) 500-9896
Maria Hernandez, Pres.; David Say, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Gregg Blankenship, Dir.-Mktg.
Complete line of digital thermostats.


Comitale National Inc.
Bridgewater Industrial Park, 1683 B Winchester Rd., Bensalem, PA 19020
(215) 244-9650 Fax: (215) 244-9679
L. J. Comitale, Founder; D. J. Comitale, V.P./Gen. Mgr.; M. J. Comitale, V.P./Dir.-Mktg.; J. J. Comitale, V.P.-Sales; P. J. Dooley, V.P.-Purch.; R. M. Braunstein, V.P.-Engrg. Manufacturer: packaged terminal air conditioners; replacement air conditioning chassis, Nesbitt replace- ment TP condensing sections, Nesbitt replacement parts and others.

SEE OUR ADS ON PAGES 211, 213, 216

Command Commissioning LLC

8410 Sterling, Irving, TX 75063
(214) 441-0782 Fax: (972) 929-4691

Commercial Acoustics

5960 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85043 (602) 233-2322 Fax: (602) 233-2033

D. Langmade, Pres.; B. Bullock, V.P.
Acoustical panels and enclosures, round and rectangular sound attenuators, acoustical louvers, transfer silencers, indus- trial silencers and vane-axial fan silencers.

Commercial Aire Products

501 Terminal Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76106 (817) 624-0820 Fax: (817) 624-8581

Double wall belt drive air handlers, fancoil units, air and water cooled chillers, and heat pump chillers.

Commercial Coils Inc.

213 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd., Chesterfield, MO 63005 (800) 532-2645; (636) 532-1523 Fax: (636) 532-8259

R. Andersen; T. Vlodek; D. Hedtkamp; R. Keebler; B. Andersen; P. Jovanovic

Commercial Products Group

815 Kimberly Dr., Carol Stream, IL 60188
(800) 624-8642 Fax: (866) 466-9335
C. Abramson, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Mark Walraven, V.P.
Positive flue venting, duct connectors and hangers, dampers, turning vanes, heat and smoke vents, flashings, pipe and duct supports, custom rooftop curbs and equipment supports.

COMPLIFT, a Division of Jarvis Industries Inc. 23924 Lenze Rd., Spring, TX 77389
(800) 548-4239 Fax: (281) 251-5443
COMPLIFTS quickly and safely lift and lower compressor units in nearly inaccessible locations.


Component Hardware, Flame Gard, Keil Refrigeration Hardware
1890 Swarthmore Ave., P.O. Box 2020, Lakewood, NJ 08701 (800) 334-3072; (800) 526-3694 Fax: (732) 364-8110 or
Kevin Tumpey, Mktg. Prod. Mgr.; Dan Evanko, Bus. Devel. Mgr.
Manufacturer of specialty hardware and plumbing for food- service, institutional, healthcare and commercial applications, including reach-in and walk-in refrigeration and kitchen ventilation systems.

Compressor Parts & Repair Inc., CPR Industries 1501 N. Peck Rd., South El Monte, CA 91733
(800) 334-4452; (626) 444-4521

R. Harwood
Remanufacturers of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors and related parts.


Compressor Parts & Repair Inc.
1501 N. Peck Rd., South El Monte, CA 91733
(800) 334-4452
J. Phipps
Air conditioning and refrigeration compressors or remanufacturer.

Compressor Parts & Repair Inc., CPR Industries 3542 E. Broadway Rd., Ste. A, Phoenix, AZ 85040 (800) 453-3569 Fax: (602) 278-1916

R. G. Harwood
Air conditioning and refrigeration compressor remanu- facturer.


Compressors Unlimited Intl. LLC

2531 S. Beltline Rd., P.O. Box 361027, Dallas, TX 75336
(972) 286-2264 Fax: (972) 286-5545 or or
James McCollum, Mgr.; David Wilcox, Mgr.; Gwen McCollum, Mgr.; Brian Robertson, Production; Bob Browning, Sales HVACR remanufactured refrigeration and air conditioning com- pressors, chillers, parts and accessories used in commercial and industrial applications.

Compu-Aire Inc.
8167 Byron Rd., Whittier, CA 90606
(562) 945-8971 Fax: (562) 696-0724
Robert Narang, V.P.
Manufactures many models of specialty air conditioners for critical electronic systems including computer rooms and other sensitive applications.

Compusource Corporation

4405 International Blvd., Ste. B104, Norcross, GA 30093 (714) 522-8300 Fax: (714) 522-2505
Ralph NeSmith, Sr. V.P.

Ascente / Traverse is a fully integrated business management software systems designed specifically for construction service contractors with emphasis on increasing productivity and streamlining costs.

Computair Limited

Unit 2, Crowbush Farm, Luton Rd., Toddington, Bedfordshire, LU5 6HU ENGLAND, U.K.
+44 1525 874426 Fax: +44 1525 874400 N. Taffs, Managing Dir.

ComStar International Inc.

20-45 128th St., College Point, NY 11356
(800) 328-0142; (718) 445-7900 Fax: (718) 353-5998
S. P. Mella; J. Takiguchi; M. Ashraf
Refrigeration and air conditioning coil cleaners, conditioners and maintenance chemical products, heating and plumbing chemical products, water treatment and odor control.

Concept Technology Inc., Manufacturers

11548 Adie Rd., Maryland Heights, MO 63043 (314) 837-6002 Fax: (314) 837-6385

W. Barbier, Owner; R. Rozycki, Pres.
Electronic controls for vacuum, superheat, and subcooling measurement. Refrigerant and oil level sensing. Custom elec- tronic design and manufacturing.


215 Metropolitan Dr., West Columbia, SC 29170
(800) 448-5872
Residential heating and air conditioning products, packaged units and splits systems under 5 tons.

Condenser and Chiller Services
134 88 Fifth St., Chino, CA 91710
(877) 966-8823 Fax: (909) 590-3446
D. Spence, Pres.; R. Cino, V.P.; M. Golondzinier, Serv. Mgr. Offers in field eddy current inspection, remote video inspection, protective epoxy coatings and complete retubing service with tubes in stock.


Connect-Air International Inc.

4240 B Street N.W., Auburn, WA 98001 (253) 813-5599 Fax: (253) 813-5699

Consolidated Refrigerant Solutions Inc. P.O. Box 9, Marlboro, NY 12542
(877) 741-6565; (845) 741-6464

Complete cylinder management reclaim program delivers the industry’s most comprehensive and profitable reclaim services. Onsite exchanges, high quality standards for field use recov- ery cylinders, effortless compliance through state-of-the-art Reclaim Data Management.

Contempo Engineering-Computer Room A/C, Parts/Units by Layton Manufacturing Corp.
864 E. 52nd St., Brooklyn, NY 11203
(718) 498-6000; (800) 545-8002 Fax: (718) 498-6003

Continental Fan Canada Inc.

12-205 Matheson Blvd. E., Mississauga, ON L4Z 3E3 CANADA (905) 890-6192 Fax: (905) 890-6193

Continental Fan provides air moving solutions to a broad range of OEM companies, and ventilation products for use in many industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.

203 Eggert Rd., Buffalo, NY 14215
(716) 842-0670 Fax: (716) 842-0611
Continental Fan provides air moving solutions to a broad range of OEM companies, and ventilation products for use in many industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Continental Industries Inc., AirJet Incorporated

100 W. Windsor Ave., Elkhart, IN 46514 (800) 735-5272 Fax: (574) 262-2075

S. Couse; D. Gaugler
All fuel chimney pipe and systems, B-vent and systems, flex liners pipe and systems, L-Vent pipe and fittings.


Continental Industries

Continental Industries Inc.
100 W. Windsor Ave., Elkhart, IN 46514
(574) 262-4511 Fax: (574) 262-2075
Doug Gaugelr, V.P.-Sales; Rod Ketter, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Ray Posey, Regl. Sales Mgr.
Grilles, registers, diffusers, venting system components.

Control Company

4455 Rex Rd., Friendswood, TX 77546 (281) 482-1714 Fax: (281) 482-9448

Thermometers, hygrometers, anemometers, barometers, manometers, light meters, multimeters, and unique tools.

Control Pak International

11494 Delmar Dr., Ste. 100, Fenton, MI 48430 (810) 735-2800 Fax: (810) 735-2880

T. Glinke; C. Ptaszynski
Micro-processor based, commercial multi-zone/stage/schedule HVAC direct digital control and energy management system; networking, software for facilities management, color graphics, extensive reporting, engineering workstation, web interface.

Control Products Inc.

1724 Lake Dr. W., Chanhassen, MN 55317
(800) 852-8244; (952) 448-2217 Fax: (952) 361-9420 or P. Carlson, Pres.; G. Colvin, Natl. Sales Mgr.-OEM; M. Bjornstad, Mktg./Comm. Mgr.; C. Guerin, Natl. Sales Mgr.; B. Christenson, Trade Sales Mgr.
Complete custom design and manufacturing of electronic con- trols to meet your specifications, plus over 200 standard con- trols for temperature, humidity, alarm and timing applications.

Control Solutions Inc.

980 E. Berwood Ave., Ste. 100, Vadnais Heights, MN 55110-0789 (651) 426-4410; (800) 872-8613 Fax: (651) 426-4418

J. St. Germain, Sales; James G. Hogenson, Pres.; Mark Clark, V.P. A Minnesota based manufacturer of BACnet, Modbus, and LonWorks network gateways, programmable controllers and embedded web servers for facility management applications. Also a provider of cellular, satellite, and wired remote data and alarm monitoring systems and services with global coverage and web based access.

ControlTec Inc.

8 Four Coins Dr., Canonsburg, PA 15317 (724) 746-1901 Fax: (724) 746-2021

J. Dwight Kelly, Pres.
Temperature controls, refrigeration and freezer controls, elec- tronic thermostats, pressure and relative humidity controllers and instrumentation; electronic and mechanical, gauges; timers and digital PID controllers.

Convenience Products, Industrial Foam

866 Horan Dr., Fenton, MO 63026-2416
(636) 325-6180 Fax: (636) 349-5335
Michael Sites, Mktg. Mgr.-Indl. Foam
Foam insulation polyurethane, one and two component; spray adhesive.

Coolgas Inc.

30045 FM 2978, Magnolia, TX 77354
(281) 259-1502; (800) 366-1356 Fax: (281) 7661042
Full line of virgin and reclaimed refrigerant gases.

Cooline America Corporation

15841 Pines Blvd., #149, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027 (954) 885-5441 Fax: (954) 885-5641

Suppliers of domestic and commercial air conditioning products; manufacturers of a broad range of HVAC products. Manufacturers of a broad range of HVAC products with distri- bution world-wide.

COOLSPACE, Advanced Radiant Systems Inc.

12910 Ford Dr., Fishers, IN 46038-2895
(317) 577-0417; (800) 557-5716 Fax: (317) 842-3989
M. Hale, Pres.; J. Hammond, Sales Mgr.
Portable evaporative cooler, 2400 to 10,000 cfm, 12 inch, 16 inch, 36 inch and 48 inch fans.

Cooper-Atkins Corporation

33 Reeds Gap Rd., Middlefield, CT 06455 (800) 835-5011 Fax: (860) 347-5135

Scott D’Aniello, Natl. Sales Mgr.-HVAC/R; Cherylann Hunt, Dir.- Mktg. Serv.; Jillian Camarata, Mktg. Asst.
Leading manufacturer of quality temperature, time and humid- ity instruments as well as extensive wireless monitoring solu- tions. Measuring Success Since 1885.

CoorsTek Igniter Products, (formerly Saint-Gobain / Norton Igniter Products)
25 Meadowbrook Pk., Milford, NH 03055
(603) 249-7574 Fax: (603) 673-6734

CoorsTek Igniter Products (formerly Saint-Gobain / Norton Igniter Products) is the worldwide leader in Hot Surface Ignition (HSI) Systems. We have been used in a variety of gas applications for 30 years and have devel- oped the Crystar and Mini igniter families to meet the demanding needs of these markets. Today, CoorsTek is the leading worldwide supplier of hot surface igniters for 12, 24, 120, and 208-240 volt control systems for heating, range, dryer, commercial cooking, 12-volt equipment, and analytical applications.


Core Enterprises Inc.

3650 Coral Ridge Rd., Ste. 101, Coral Springs, FL 33065 (954) 227-0781 Fax: (954) 227-1094 or

Cornel Opris, Pres.; Adam Opris, Mktg. Mgr.; Tom Wolff, Sales Mgr.
Electronic gas leak detectors, refrigerant scales, and vacuum gauges.

Cotherm North America

205 Hallene Rd., Unit 317C, Warwick, RI 02886 (401) 732-2918 Fax: (401) 732-2964 or

P. McGovern, Sales Mgr.; J. Afonso, Sales Rep.
Temperature control thermostats, hi-limit temperature ther- mostats.

279 Humberline Dr., Etobicoke, ON M9W 5T6 CANADA (800) 837-8961 206; (416) 798-1340 Fax: (416) 798-1342

John Starr, V.P.
Offers its rfol reflective insulation materials for duct insulation, between joist, return air panning and radiant heat applications.


CPS Products Inc.
1010 E. 31st St., Hialeah, FL 33013
(305) 687-4121 Fax: (305) 687-3743
John Jeffers, V.P.; Troy Evans, Natl. Sales Mgr.
HVAC/R service tools and test instruments, leak detec- tors, scales, recovery machines, manifolds, hoses, tubing tools, vacuum gauges, thermometers, access fittings.

SEE OUR ADS ON PAGES 279, 340, 358, 364

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

Unit 145, 7391 Vantage Way, Delta, BC V4G 1M3 CANADA (877) 940-8741; (604) 940-8741 Fax: (604) 940-8745

Frank Britton, Gen. Mgr.; Ron Sweet, Eastern Regl. Sales Mgr.; Mirza Baig, Western Regl. Sales Mgr.
Leading global supplier of gas detection systems and IAQ portable instruments. Applications include commercial, insti- tutional, municipal, and light industrial markets worldwide.

Crow Marketing & Distribution Inc.

Box 1425, Mabank, TX 75147
(800) 966-1742 Fax: (214) 245-4274
Warren Crow, Pres.
Specialty and private label chemicals for the HVACR Industry.

Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd.

21 Kenton Lands Rd., Erlanger, KY 41018-1845
(800) 527-6926; (859) 957-1039 Fax: (859) 957-1044
Lisa French, N. A. Oper. Mgr.
Fixed and portable gas detection instruments sales and service.

Crown Boiler Co.

3633 I Street, Philadephia, PA 19134 (215) 535-8900 Fax: (215) 535-9736

Lee Ensminger, Sales Mgr.; Bill Genes, Regl. Sales; Jason Mangos, Mgr.-Techl. Support
Gas fired condensing and non-condensing boilers, oil boilers, indirect water heaters, hydronic air handlers and warm air furnaces.

Cryo-Chem International Inc.

P.O. Box 20268, Saint Simons Island, GA 31522 (800) 237-4001

M. T. Packo, Esq. Pres./CEO; P. Greene, Intl. Div.; R. Martin Headquartered in the USA, manufactures and distributes patented products to the HVACR industry. As the inventors of self-sealing refrigerants and dehydrants, our products Cryo- Silane self-sealing refrigerant and Dry-Pak dehydrant are used by the HVACR industry in a variety of refrigeration processes


P.O. Box 910525, San Diego, CA 92191 (858) 457-1837 Fax: (858) 457-3480

V. Ott, Pres.; victor ott

Thermal Energy Storage for air conditioning and process cool- ing – ice ball thermal energy storage.

CSA International

8501 E. Pleasant Valley Rd., Cleveland, OH 44131-5575 (866) 463-1785; (216) 328-8113

A global solutions provider of product testing and certification services for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas, medical and a variety of other products. Recognized in the U.S., Canada and around the world, CSA International certification marks appear on billions of qualified products worldwide.

Cummins Power Generation

1400 73rd Ave. N.E., Minneapolis, MN 55432
(763) 574-5000
The world leader in the design and manufacture of PowerCommand pre-integrated power generation equipment; generator sets, transfer switches, paralleling switchgear and digital controls. Provides total power solutions and 24/7 service/ support for standby, prime and peaking power applications.

Custom Coils Inc.

101 Anvil St., Jacksonville, TX 75766 (903) 586-3668 Fax: (903) 586-1644

C. Wilson, Pres.; M. Hollis, V.P.-Mktg.; T. Kubiak, Natl. Sales Mgr. Air conditioning evaporator and condenser coils, tube and fin heat exchangers used for air conditioning and refrigeration evaporators and condensers.

Custom Controls Co.

5712 Yale St., Houston, TX 77076 (713) 666-3258 Fax: (713) 666-2486

T. Rodwell; T. Orlando
Explosion proof and hazardous location air conditioning, heat- ing, pressurization, chillers, control panels.

Custom Gaskets and Hardware

2123 S. Priest Dr., #216, Tempe, AZ 85282 (480) 894-2222 Fax: (480) 894-2233
Laura Hart, Sales

Magnetic/compression door gaskets, door hardware, door heaters and accessories, retrofit replacement cooler and freezer doors.


Daikin AC (Americas) Inc.
1645 Wallace Dr., Ste. 110, Carrollton, TX 75006
(972) 245-1510 Fax: (972) 245-1038
Marc Bellanger; Chris Richardson; Chris Bellshaw; Lee Smith
Air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

SEE OUR ADS ON PAGES 3, 206, 318, 322


Dais Analytic Corporation

11552 Prosperous Dr., Odessa, FL 33556
(727) 375-8484 Fax: (727) 375-8485 or tntangredi@daisanalytic. com or
Mark Carr, Mktg./Sales Engr.; Craig Ducharme, Gen. Mgr.- Oper.; Tim Tangredi, Pres.; David Longacre, V.P.-Sales/Mktg. We manufacture ConsERV energy recovery ventilators, using nanotechnology to provide AHRI certified performance of both sensible and latent heat transfer in a fixed plate design.

Dall’Era Valerio srl

Via dei Montini, 24, Sabbio Chiese 25070, Brescia, ITALY 39-0365-895867 Fax: 39-0365-895863

Dall’Era Pierdomenico, Gen. Mgr.; Bollani Piergiorgio, Sales Mgr. Forged brass nuts and fittings

Dallas Hermetic Company Inc.

8305 Sovereign Row, Dallas, TX 75247 (800) 647-2665 Fax: (214) 634-8227

R. F. Powell; T. Dillard
Completely remanufactured A/C and refrigeration compres- sors, factory direct, worldwide,also-compressor reference software.

Danfoss, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Division

11655 Crossroads Cir., Baltimore, MD 21220 (410) 931-8250 Fax: (410) 931-8256

L. Moroz, V.P.-Sales/Heating; J. Galyen, Pres.-Danfoss North America; D. Bishop, Chief Mktg./Sales Officer-Danfoss Turbocor; R. Hatcher, V.P.-HVAC Sales
A leading manufacturer of high efficiency controls, compres- sors, variable frequency drives for the HVACR industry.

Danfoss Turbocor Compressors Inc.

1769 E. Paul Dirac Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32310
(850) 504-4800 Fax: (850) 575-2126 or

Daniel Mason, Dir.-Sales-North America; Ricardo Schneider, Pres.; David Williamson, Key Account Manager – Europe; Jason Wu, Key Acct. Mgr.-China; Doug Bishop, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; Scott Moorhouse, Key Acct. Mgr.-Australia/India

Danfoss Turbocor Compressors is the pioneer and world leader of magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors for the HVAC industry. We provide sustainable, energy efficient cooling technology that is oil-free, variable speed, compact, lightweight and quiet.

Danfoss VLT Drives

8800 W. Bradley Rd., P.O. Box 245041, Milwaukee, WI 53224- 9541
(414) 355-8800; (800) 621-8806 Fax: (414) 355-6117 or
Richard Hatcher, V.P.-Sales
Variable frequency drives, soft starters and panel solutions for HVAC applications.

Dapco Industries

2500 Bishop Cir. E., Dexter, MI 48130 (734) 426-8900 Fax: (734) 426-2622

Ron Tupper, Pres.; Kevin Pequet, Bus. Devel. Mgr.; Scott Adle, Production Mgr.; Randy Arnett, Engrg. Mgr.
Refrigeration and air conditioning shut off valve manufacturer. Products: swivel nut, pad, bracket, base, receiver, angle valves. Straight, brass, angle, oil separator adapters and sight glasses.

Data Aire Inc.

230 W. BlueRidge Ave., Orange, CA 92865
(714) 921-6000; (800) 347-2473 Fax: (714) 921-6010
D. Moffat, Pres.; T. Marwitz, Dir.-Engrg.; J. Trower, Gen. Sales Mgr.; E. Chavez, Dir.-Techl. Serv.; J. W. Martin, Mktg. Mgr.; G. Cox, Oper. Mgr.

Manufacturer of process and precision air conditioning equip- ment for computer rooms, technology centers, or wherever temperature and humidity control is critical.

Data-Basics Inc., Service Management/Construction Software Division
9450 Midwest Ave., Cleveland, OH 44125
(800) 837-7574 Fax: (216) 663-5454
A. Divell, CEO; D. Jack, Pres.; C. Armstrong, Mktg. Mgr. SAM Pro Enterprise provides an integrated service man- agement, wireless workforce and job cost accounting software for service, construction and national accounts.

SEE OUR ADS ON PAGES 378, 379, 590

Davidon Industries

205 Hallene Rd., Unit 317C, Warwick, RI 02886 (401) 737-8380 Fax: (401) 737-8395 or

D. Di Nuccico; G. Stafford, Techl. Dir.
A well-established agency representing leading manufacturers of internationally recognized and approved electromechanical and electronic controls and related materials. Our focus is in servicing and supporting the OEM appliance, food service equipment, HVAC, and manufacturing tech industries through- out the North American market. Technologies we represent include: a wide range of heating element types, electronic and mechanical sensors and controls, gas burners, ignitors, electrodes and valves, a wide range of motors and blowers. Website:

Davis Instruments, Fleet Management

3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 (800) 678-3669 Fax: (510) 670-0589

C. Burkhart, Sales Mgr.; M. Copeland, Sales Spec.
CarChip Fleet Pro wirelessly monitors both drivers and vehicle performance. Easy to use, easy to afford, easy to install.

Day & Night Air Conditioning & Heating Products, International Comfort Products LLC
P.O. Box 128, Lewisburg, TN 37091
(931) 270-4222 Fax: (931) 270-4166 or JT Holtschlag, Gen. Mgr.; Rob Angell, Bus. Devel. Mgr.; Charlie Piranian, U.S. Sales Mgr.

Residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning products, condensing units, furnaces, heat pumps, accessories and 2-25 ton roof units.

Dayus Register & Grille Inc.

5290 Pulleyblank St., RR#1, Windsor, ON N9A 6J3 CANADA (519) 737-1199 Fax: (519) 737-1831

Brian Dayus, Pres.; Pat Hayes, Office Mgr.; Alex Tivrica, Sales; Carmen Tivrica, Plant Mgr.; George Tivrica, Plant Engr.; Dayna Dayus, Sales; Tyler Ondejko, Sales
Manufactures of quality aluminum registers, grilles and louvers with a 3 DAY SHIP guaranteed service, available on any size, or model. Faster if required…just call!


DDI System LLC

75 Glen Rd., Ste. 204, Sandy Hook, CT 06482 (203) 364-1200 Fax: (203) 364-1400 or Sales

DDI’s Inform Software creates a strategic advantage by increas- ing overall efficiency and maximizing customer and sales com- munication in one integrated system. See a live demo!

Dectron Inc.

10898 Crabapple Rd., #103, Atlanta, GA 30075
(888) 332-8766; (800) 800-1868 Fax: (514) 337-3336
R. Lakdawala, V.P.-Mktg.; H. Topikian, V.P.-Bus. Devel.
Energy recycling dehumidification systems for industrial, com- mercial and residential applications-indoor pools, waterparks, sports facilities, supermarkets, ice rinks, warehouses, schools and wherever humidity control is critical; 100% make-up air dehumidifiers; precision environmental control systems.

Dectron Inc.

4300 Poirier Blvd., Montreal, QC H4R 2C5 CANADA
(888) 332-8766; (514) 336-3330; (800) 667-6338; (514) 334-9609 Fax: (514) 334-9184 or
H. Topikian, V.P.-Bus. Devel.; R. Lakdawala, V.P.-Mktg. Pioneer of DRY-O-TRON energy recycling dehumidifier. Dehumidification systems for industrial, commercial & resi- dential applications-indoor pools, sports facilities, ice rinks, and wherever humidity control is critical; 100% make-up air dehumidifiers; precision environmental controls systems.

Deeter Electronics Inc.

466 Commerce St., Tallmadge, OH 44278 (330) 630-3510 Fax: (330) 630-3512

C. Harnish
A manufacurer of sensors, software, instrumentation and con- trol circuitry for HVAC and other industries.

DeFNiC Software

324 Chestnut, Abilene, TX 79602 (325) 793-1134 Fax: (325) 793-1136 Shane DeFoore

Dispatched-service management and work order software.

Degree Controls Inc., Cambridge Accusense

18 Meadowbrook Dr., Milford, NH 03055
(603) 672-8900 Fax: (603) 672-9565 or
Rick Melloy, Sensor Sales Mgr.; Bill Har, Thermal Products Sales Mgr.; Mark Meyer, AdaptivCool Sales Dir.

Airflow and temperature instrumentation; airflow, temperature, and switches and sensors; cooling and thermal management products and services.

Dehumidifier Corp. of America Inc. (DCA)
N53W550 Highland Dr., P.O. Box 917, Cedarburg, WI 53012 (262) 377-7501 Fax: (262) 377-7502
J. Metzger, V.P.-Sales; G. Gelhaar, Pres.; G. Metzger, V.P.; A. Giuffre, Dir.-Engrg.
Dehumidification systems used for commercial, industri- al and residential applications for indoor pools and spas; dehumidification systems used in fresh water and waste water treatment facilities, 100% outdoor or makeup air, and anywhere humidity control is critical.



5725 Delphi Dr., Troy, MI 48098-2815
(248) 813-2000 Fax: (248) 813-2673
Delphi, Global Sales Mgr.-Residential/Commericial Heat Exchangers

Delphi’s innovative design can save consumers energy, space and costs, while lessening the impact on the environment through its complete portfolio of condensers and evaporators.

Delta Controls Inc.

17850 56th Ave., Surrey, BC V3S 1C7 CANADA (604) 574-9444 Fax: (604) 574-7793
Melinda Nelson, Mktg. Mgr

For over 25 years, Delta Controls has created innovative build- ing controls solutions. From the world’s first fully integrated native BACnet system for HVAC, lighting and access— to today’s LEED initiatives, Delta Controls does it right.

Delta Cooling Towers Inc.

41 Pine St., P.O. Box 315, Rockaway, NJ 07866-0315
(973) 586-2201; (800) BUY-DELTA Fax: (973) 586-2243; (973) 586-9156 or
Since 1971, Delta Cooling Towers has been the leading manu- facturer of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) cooling towers, air strippers, and water storage tanks. They are seamless, they do not leak or rust, and are impervious to any water treat- ment solution.

Delta Products Corporation

P.O. Box 12173, 5101 Davis Dr., Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 (919) 767-3813 Fax: (919) 767-3969

M. Carson, V.P.-Eastern Reg.; D. Morse, Regl. Sales Mgr.; K. Wong, Regl. Sales Mgr.; P. Chai-Seong, Regl. Sales Mgr.; S. Lord, Regl. Sales Mgr.; I. Bencorro, Regl. Sales Mgr.-Latin America Offers a wide variety of industrial automation products ranging from VFD’s (micro to 800 hp), HMI’s, temperature controllers, Servo Systems PLC’s, encoders and HVAC bypass.

DeltaTRAK Inc.

P.O. Box 398, Pleasanton, CA 94566 (925) 249-2250 Fax: (925) 249-2251

F. Wu, Pres.; P. Campbell, Sales Devel. Mgr.
Portable environmental test and measurement systems, includ- ing thermometers-digital and infra-red, temperature/humidity monitoring and recording devices and wireless system.

Dematic Corp.

507 Plymouth Ave. N.E, Grand Rapids, MI 49505-6029 (616) 913-7700; (877) 725-7500 Fax: (616) 913-7701

Dematic designs, manufactures, implements, and supports automated material handling systems that reduce operational costs and optimize supply chain performance. Prior to adopt- ing the global Dematic name, the company was known as Rapistan.

DENT Instruments

925 S.W. Emkay Dr., Bend, OR 97702
(541) 388-4774; (800) 388-0770 Fax: (541) 385-9333
N. Henningsen, Mktg./Sales Coord.; Tim Van Slambrouck, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.


Manufactures portable energy and power measurement instru- ments and data loggers.

dESCO LLC, Electronic Service Control 44 Barkley Cir., Fort Myers, FL 33912
(800) 226-7529
Dawn Forbes, Sales Admin.; Jonathan Frei, Mktg. Dir.
dESCO is the maker of Electronic Service Control (ESC) soft- ware, a complete service management solution that lets service companies manage customers, work, and finances in an intui- tive, easy-to-use environment. It has all the tools and features growing service companies need. dESCO has been making service software for 30 years for more than 50 industries.

Desert Aire Corp.

N120 W18485 Freistadt Rd., Germantown, WI 53022 (262) 946-7400

Paul Stewart, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.
Refrigeration-based dehumidifiers, 1 h.p. and over for indoor pools, industrial, 100% outdoor air, ice rinks and water treat- ment plants.

Desert Spring Products Ltd.

7490 Pacific Cir., Unit 1, Missisauga, ON L5T 2A3 CANADA (905) 629-2010 Fax: (905) 629-2810

P. Vanderplaat, CEO
Manufacturers of water-efficient, patented rotary disc and pulsed flow-through furnace-mount by-pass humidifiers.

Desiccant Rotors International Inc., (US Office)

5764 Fieldview Dr., Roanoke, VA 24019
(540) 266-7643 Fax: (540) 266-7920 or
Mr. Deepak Pahwa, Chmn./MD; Mr. M.G. Clark, Pres.-DRI US; Mr. Charles Waddell, Gen. Mgr. _ DRI US; Mr. Arun Kumar, Deputy Mgr.-Exports; Mr. Milind Mate, Manager Exports – DRI Enthalpy rotors and cassettes for energy recovery, desiccant rotors for dehumidifiers.

Design Architectural Heating Inc.

141 Howe St., Lewiston, ME 04240 (207) 784-0309 Fax: (207) 784-0527

Todd Hartford, Pres.
Architectural baseboard heaters, all aluminum construction, available with standard painted and custom color selection. Anodized also available. Custom lengths to 15 ft. Available with electric or hot water installations.

Design Polymerics

11609 Martins River Cir., Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (714) 432-0600 Fax: (714) 432-0660
L. Davis, Pres.; Rick Serrano, Oper. Mgr. Manufacturer of water-based sealants and adhesives.

Detroit Radiant Products Co.

21400 Hoover Rd., Warren, MI 48089
(586) 756-0950; (800) 222-1100 Fax: (586) 756-2626
Michelle Kostusyk, Inside Sales Consultant; Kevin Blissett, Techl. Engr.
Infra-red gas heaters, direct and indirect fired, portable heaters.

Dexen Industries Inc.

9220 Norwalk Blvd., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 (562) 699-8490 Fax: (562) 699-8471

P. Cook
Gas control system for the HVAC industry.

DF Fan Services Inc.

495 Wegner Dr., West Chicago, IL 60185 (630) 876-1495 Fax: (630) 876-1497

Douglas Gifford, Jr., V.P./Gen. Mgr.
Industrial fans and blowers – forward curve – DWDI and SWSI, fume hood fans.

Dial Manufacturing Inc.

25 S. 51st Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85043 (602) 278-1100 Fax: (602) 278-1991

D. Johnston, Pres.; M. Watson, Oper.; S. Knight, Mktg.; J. Hanneken, Engrg.; Tom Maloney, Fulfillment; Tim Maloney, Mfr.
Evaporative air cooler parts and accessories for residential and industrial coolers; parts manufacturer; pump manufacturer.

Dimplex North America Ltd.

1367 Industrial Rd., Cambridge, ON N1R 7G8 CANADA (519) 650-3630 Fax: (519) 650-3651
Cindy Collins, Brand Mgr.

The world leader in electric fireplaces and manufactures the most extensive line of indoor and outdoor electric fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts, with designs to suit every style and decor. Our commitment to research and development has produced the incredibly lifelike, patented flame effect that continues to lead the industry. With the best warranties in the business and the most comprehensive dealer and consumer support and service, Dimplex is dedicated to complete cus- tomer satisfaction.

Diversified Heat Transfer Inc.

1710 Flushing Ave., Ridgewood, NY 11385
(718) 386-6666 Fax: (718) 386-7809
N. Goldberg, V.P.; K. Kaplan, Pres.; J. Colwell, Sales Mgr.- Central Water Heater/Techtanium/E-ZEE; T. Francullo, V.P.- Heat Exchangers; J. Goldburg, Sales Mgr.-HVAC Coils Manufacturer of heat transfer products, including HVAC coils, shell and tube heat exchangers and indirect and tankless water heaters.

DiversiTech Corporation

6650 Sugarloaf Pkwy., Ste. 100, Duluth, GA 30097
(800) 995-2222; (678) 542-3600 Fax: (678) 542-3700; (678) 542-3705 or or
J. Kirby, Sr. V.P.-Sales; B. Jackson, V.P.-Oper.; B. Creager, Dir.- Mktg.; Bud Sjogren, V.P.-Bus. Dev.
Manufacturer/distributor for lightweight AC mounting pads, drain pans, pumps, motors, filters, anti-vibration pads, glycols, chemicals, whips, disconnects.

Dolphin WaterCare, Clearwater Systems Corporation

145 Dennison Rd., P.O. Box 463, Essex, CT 06426
(860) 767-0850 Fax: (860) 767-8972 or Jerry Ackerman, Dir.-Mktg./Comm.

Dolphin WaterCare, Division of Clearwater Systems, is the most performance-effective, efficient, and environmentally responsible way to treat heating, ventilating, cooling, and refrigeration (HVACR) process waters in buildings.



Don Park

842 York Mills Rd., North York, ON M3B 3A8 CANADA (416) 449-7275; (800) 561-3842 Fax: (416) 449-2614

P. Olierook
Manufacturers of air distribution and venting products.

Dormont Manufacturing Co.

6015 Enterprise Dr., Export, PA 15632
(724) 733-4800; (800) 367-6668 Fax: (724) 733-4808
Judi D’Amico, Sr. Mktg. Mgr.
Flexible gas connectors, gas ball valves, high BTU gas connec- tors, appliance connector kits and gas fittings, moveable food service gas connectors.

Dornback Furnace Division

9545 Granger Rd., Garfield Heights, OH 44125 (216) 662-1600 Fax: (216) 587-6807

M. Schonberger Sr., CEO; M. Schonberger, Jr., V.P.; J. Dubasak, Sales Mgr.
Residential and light commercial gas, and oil-fired warm air furnaces, barometric draft controls, electronic air cleaners, humidifiers, unit heaters, infra-red heaters and gas and oil burners.

Doucette Industries Inc.
20 Leigh Dr., York, PA 17406
(800) 682-6159; (717) 845-8746 Fax: (717) 845-2864
J. Lebo, Pres.; R. Roeske, Natl. Sales Admin.
Suction line heat exchangers, heat recovery desuperheat- ers, coaxial coils, tube-in-tube condensers, vented double wall heat exchangers, vibration absorbers, pool water heat exchangers.



6479 Bagley Rd., Millwood, GA 31552 (912) 287-1110


1000 New Durham Rd., Edison, NJ 08818
(800) 372-6832; (800) 372-6832 Fax: (732) 248-1834; (732) 248-1834 or
Ross Ignall, Dir.-Prod. Management
Dranetz, the leading provider of intelligent monitoring solu- tions for electrical demand, energy and power quality, pio- neered the power-quality monitoring industry in 1962.

DRI-STEEM Corporation

14949 Technology Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344 (800) 328-4447; (952) 949-2415 Fax: (952) 229-3200
B. Nelson, Dir.-Sales; E. Kruckas, Mktg. Coord.

Designs and manufactures humidification systems to meet the unique requirements of commercial, residential, health care, industrial, and process-critical applications worldwide. Reputation as the humidification industry leader is the result of over 45 years of product excellence, innovation, and respon- sive customer service.

DRS Marlo Coil

6060 Hwy. PP, High Ridge, MO 63049 (636) 677-7731 x128 Fax: (636) 677-1203

Tom Schmitz, Dir.-Defense/Federal Prod.; Brad Duggan, Dir.- Indl./Comml. Bus. Dev.
Marlo Metrics(TM) – custom HVAC equipment selection and design software, includes coil performance, coil drawings, fan selections, weight and sound calculations, equipment pricing and submittal data.

DryAire Systems Corp.
W. 185 N. 11497 Whitney Dr., Germantown, WI 53022 (262) 250-8500 Fax: (262) 250-0886
Dave Sukovich, V.P.; Angie, Cust. Serv.
Dehumidifiers – industrial, commercial and residential applications – indoor swimming pools, ice rinks, process water treatment plant, 100% make-up air dehumidifiers.


Dryer-Ell by In-O-Vate

810 Saturn St., Ste. 21, Jupiter, FL 33477 (561) 743-8696 Fax: (561) 745-9723

R. Harpenau, Owner/Pres.; J. Ortiz, Distribution Dir.
Ten-inch radius, smooth interior dryer venting elbows that are 500% more efficient than sectioned elbows and reclaim duct length under 2006/2009 IRC and 2009 IMC.

Dryerbox by In-O-Vate

810 Saturn St., Ste. 21, Juptier, FL 33477
(888) 443-7937; (561) 743-8696 Fax: (800) 308-9345; (561) 745-9723
R. Harpeneau, Owner/Pres.; J. Ortiz, Distribution Dir.
UL classified metal receptacle that collects exhaust hose safely and neatly in the wall behind the dryer.

DS Fibertech Corporation

11015 Mission Park Ct., Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-7001 Fax: (619) 562-0074

Manufacturers of electric Heating elements and advanced ceramics for semiconductor, fuel cell and general industries.

DU-CO Ceramics Company

155 S. Rebecca St., Saxonburg, PA 16056 (724) 352-1511 Fax: (724) 352-1266

T. Arbanas
Technical ceramics manufacturer using steatite, cordierite, magnesium oxide, alumina and forsterite. Ceramic com- ponants are produced by dry pressing and extrusion methods. Engineering staff available to assist in custom designs.

Ducane Air Conditioning and Heating

215 Metropolitan Dr., West Columbia, SC 29170
(800) 448-5872
Residential heating and cooling products, packaged units, and split systems under 5-tons.


Ductcap Products Inc.

2763 Fairway Dr. N.E., Willmar, MN 56201 (320) 212-3226 Fax: (320) 231-9389

Steve Vossen
Temporary reusable duct end covers to help keep duct work clean during shipping, staging and during construction. Made of poly with an elastic closure to fit any shape.


3991 Green Park Rd., Saint Louis, MO 63125 (314) 894-3903 Fax: (314) 631-3003 or

Manufactures sheet metal and duct fabrication machinery including rollformers for duct flanges, slip and drive cleats, Pittsburgh, and snaplock seams. All made in the USA.

Ductmate Industries Inc.

210 Fifth St., Charleroi, PA 15022 (800) 245-3188 Fax: (724) 258-5494

E. Rafalski, Sales/Mktg. Dir.; R. Yeager, Pres.; M. Smith, Bus. Devel. Mgr.-Mktg.; T. N. Omstead, Exec. Dir.; B. Arnoldt, Exec. Dir.
Air distribution/metal duct connection systems, sealants, access doors, hangers, reinforcements, damper hardware, and fittings.

DuctSox Corporation

9866 Kapp Ct., Peosta, IA 52068
(563) 588-5300; (563) 588-5300 Fax: (563) 588-5330
Cary Pinkalla, Pres.; John Coakley, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Brenda Ritt, Mktg. Mgr.; Nick Kaufmann, Sales/Prod. Engrg. Mgr.; Sandy Larue, Oper. Mgr.
Fabric air dispersion products for open/finished ceilings, under floor systems, and labs. Green, cost effective, aesthetically attractive alternative to metal ductwork. And, we now have recycled fabric options!

DuPont Refrigerants
Chestnut Run Plz., Centre Blvd., Bldg. 702, Wilmington, DE 19880-0702
(800) 235-SUVA Fax: (302) 996-7151 or
J. E. Bachman, Natl. Sales Mgr.-Refrigerants; D. Johnston, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.-Refrigerants; J. Wallace, North American Mktg. Mgr.; D. Picho, Global Business Mgr.-Refrigerants; T. Snyder, Mkt. Devel. Mgr.-Refrigerants
Offers the broadest range of refrigerant solutions for new and existing equipment.


Durable Machinery Company LLC

63 Flushing Ave., Unit 236 Bldg. 5-206, Brooklyn, NY 11205 (718) 643-5151 Fax: (718) 643-9601

Manny Barreto, PR/Mktg.; Edward Roston, Mgr.
Standardized harsh-duty, rugged industrial air conditioners with stainless steel cabinets, bottled-water coolers, and self- cleaning air filters for hazardous/explosive, corrosive, hot (131 F/55 C), low-ambient, and dusty environments.

Duraflex Inc.

765 Industrial Dr., Cary, IL 60013
(877) 462-1007; (847) 462-1007 Fax: (847) 462-1450
Dean DellaCecca
Duraflex, Inc. is a custom and standard manufacturer provid-

ing high tech services for pipe, tubing, hose, assemblies and flexible connectors for engineered piping systems.

DuraLast Products

580 Tillman St., Ste. 5, Memphis, TN 38112-2968 (901) 323-8448 Fax: (901) 323-8442 or

N. Feibelman; L. Feibelman
Air filters; air filter material; duct boosters.

DuraTite Systems

P.O. Box 942, Erie, PA 16512
(814) 464-0235; (866) 217-3872 Fax: (814) 464-0236
Plastic trunk line take off approved by UL provides air-tight connections, eliminates personal injury and installs in half the time.

DuraVent, Member of M&G Group
902 Aldridge Rd., Vacaville, CA 95688
(800) 835-4429 California Fax: (707) 446-4740 California; (518) 463-5271 New York
B. Sherman, CEO/Pres.; T. Lampey, Natl. Sales Mgr. Manufacturer of PolyPro, all-fuel stainless steel flex- ible and rigid chimney lining systems, and direct vent systems for category II, III, and IV heating equipment. Metal chimney vent for gas, wood, oil, and pellet fueled appliances.


Durex Industries

190 Detroit St., Cary, IL 60013
(847) 639-5600; (800) 762-3468 Fax: (847) 639-2199
Terry Smith, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Eric Block, Territory Sales Mgr. An ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of custom electric heaters, temperature sensors, controls, and process systems for all thermal process applications.

Duro Dyne Canada Inc.

5030 Francois-Cusson, Lachine, QC H8T 1B3 CANADA (514) 422-9760 Fax: (514) 636-0328

Franz Korzer, Pres.
HVAC hardware, hand tools, screws, sealer adhesive, zoning systems, hanging systems.

Duro Dyne Corp.
P.O. Box 9117, Bay Shore, NY 11706
(631) 249-9000 Fax: (631) 249-8346
R. Hinden, Pres.; B. Watman, Gen. Mgr.; P. Rossetto, V.P.- Sales; L. White, Controller; P. Thompson, Natl. Sales Mgr. Sheet metal accessories for heating and air conditioning industry, zone control equipment, insulation fasteners and equipment, sheet metal tools.



Duro Zone, A Division of Duro Dyne Corp. 81 Spence St., Bay Shore, NY 11706
(631) 249-9000 Fax: (631) 249-8346

P. Rossetto, V.P.-Sales
HVAC comfort and zoning equipment and supplies.


Dust Free LP

P.O. Box 519, Royse City, TX 75189 (972) 635-9565 Fax: (972) 635-2713

Ultra-violet (UVC) residential and commercial fixtures. Electrostatic air filters, room air purifiers, ceiling mounted air purification systems, industrial fan powered air cleaners, ultra- violet light fixtures.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.

P.O. Box 373, Michigan City, IN 46361
(219) 879-8000; (800) 872-9141 Fax: (219) 872-9057
C. Martin, Prod. Mgr.; M. Chhutani, Prod. Mgr.; R. Thompson, Prod. Mgr.; Josh Waters, Prod. Mgr.
Controls and gauges for pressure, flow, level and temperature.

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

P.O. Box 1258, Princeton, NJ 08542 (800) 578-7873 Fax: (609) 924-8524

M. Cummins, COO; D. Wiser, Pres.; D. Molloy, Controller; R. Goodfellow, V.P.-Mktg.; C. Mitchell, Exec V.P.-Sales; S. Mores, V.P.-Residential Sales
Residential and commercial high-efficiency polarized-media electron- ic air cleaners, UV-C germicidal systems, indoor air quality solutions.

Dynamic Systems Inc.

15331 N.E. 90th St., Redmond, WA 98052
(800) 342-3999 Fax: (425) 861-3976 or
Rob Freeman, V.P.-Bus. Devl.; Lee Falco, Sales Mgr.; Leif Anderson, Software/Oper. Mgr.

We have over 100 years total experience with barcoding solu- tions, and provide a full staff of programmers and support personnel. You will find that all of our Checkmate Software solutions are affordable, very easy to use and highly configu- rable. And, all solutions are customizable to suit your specific requirements and integrated.


5101 Blue Mound Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76106 (817) 509-2300 Fax: (817) 831-3110

Pat Cockrum, Pres.; Brad Bauer, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; Robin Capps, Mktg. Mgr.; Mark Saunders, West Reg. Mgr.; Tom Ruggieri, East Reg. Mgr.; Mike Almaguer, Corp. Sales Mgr.
Acoustical louvers, sound attenuators, silencers, traps, vents, sound rooms and panels.

Dynasonics, a division of Racine Federated Inc.

8635 Washington Ave., Racine, WI 53406 (800) 535-3569 Fax: (800) 732-8354

Tracy Lagona, North American Sales Mgr.; John Erskine III, V.P. A leading manufacturer of reliable non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement instrumentation. Dynasonics products offer high accuracy and repeatability on nearly all liquid applications with pipe sizes from 1/2” to 100”.

Dynatemp International Inc.

42 West North St., P.O. Box 740, Carlisle, PA 17013 (800) 791-9232 Fax: (717) 249-9043

B. Goodwin, Pres.; H. B. Kivlan, III
A nationwide recycler and distributor of refrigerants to HVAC/R wholesale distributors.


E Instruments International

172 Middletown Blvd., Ste. B201, Langhorne, PA 19047 (215) 750-1212 Fax: (215) 750-1399 or

R. Biarnes, Pres.; J. Esteves, HVAC Prod. Mgr.
HVAC testing instruments, combustion analyzers, IAQ moni- tors, CO2 detectors, CO detectors, gas and emissions analyz- ers, leak detectors, infrared thermometers, calibrators/service.

E+E Elektronik Corp.
354 Turnpike St., Ste. 101, Canton, MA 02021
(781) 828-6200 Fax: (781) 828-6206
Mr. Gregg Leighton
E+E Elektronik produces humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, flow sensors, transmitters, hand-held meters, dataloggers and calibra- tors for the measurement of relative humidity, moisture in oil, dewpoint, air velocity, flow, CO2 and temperature. E+E also operates a nationally accredited calibration lab and is appointed to maintain the “National Standard for Humidity in Austria”.


850 Town Center Dr., Langhorne, PA 19047
(215) 752-0601; (800) 334-3666 Fax: (215) 752-3094
D. Millstein, Pres./CEO; H. Cottrell, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; D. Bovankovich, V.P.-Engrg.; S. Abbott, Mktg. Mgr.
Electric submetering and automatic meter reading (AMR) hard- ware and software products and services for enterprise-wide energy monitoring and management applications.

E.K. Campbell Co., HVAC Division of Thomas & Betts

8155 T&B Blvd., Memphis, TN 38125
(800) 695-1901 Products; (901) 252-8221 Corp. HQ Fax: (901) 252-1305
D. Street, V.P.; T. Clark, Mktg. Mgr.; T. Roberts, V.P.-Engrg.; Dan Otten, V.P.-Sales
Industrial heating, ventilating, make-up air, air conditioning, direct and indirect fired heaters, destratification, and air turn- over equipment.

E.S.P. Co.

P.O. Box 391, Vandalia, OH 45377
(937) 898-0391 Fax: (937) 890-6664 or Gregg Finnegan, Pres.; Bill O’Brien, Sales Mgr.

Silicone, expanding foam, power sprayers, fire seal, PVC adhesives, butyl sealants, thread sealing compounds, service tools, water valves, aluminum couplings, fuses, compression


sprayers, breakers; refrigeration hardware, refrigeration and A/C brushes, liquidtite, safety glasses, paint, condensate blow out valves, LI’L Poppers, thermostats, replacement sensors, power cords, work lights, fluorescent and incandescent lights, glycol, refractometers.

E.Z. Barrier

20777 Kensington Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55044 (952) 985-8851 Fax: (952) 469-6565

Earthlinked Technologies Inc.

4151 S. Pipkin Rd., Lakeland, FL 33811
(863) 701-0096 Fax: (863) 701-7796 or
J. L. Parsons Jr., V.P.; R. Bath, Mgr.-Tech. Support; Ricardo Cruz, Research Technician
Direct exchange (DX) geothermal heat pumps with integrated water heating capability; refrigerant flow controls, commercial water heating.

EastCoast CAD/CAM

256 Great Rd., Ste. 1, Littleton, MA 01460
(800) 334-2977; (978) 952-2838 Fax: (978) 952-0032
David Quigley, Dir.-Prod./Bus. Devel.
EastCoast CAD/CAM builds MEP-based HVAC, sheet metal, piping and plumbing solutions for engineers and contractors throughout North America and Europe. With a full suite of software and hardware products to support every phase of the project from the earliest design stages through fabrication and on-site installation, EastCoast’s motto has been ‘Design to Fabrication’ from the day the company was founded over 25 years ago. As Autodesk’s Preferred Industry Partner for AutoCAD MEP and Revit MEP, EastCoast is able to deliver top quality MEP engineering solutions with seamless integration, open standards and real manufacturer content.

Eaton Corporation, Electrical Group

1000 Cherrington Pkwy., Moon Township, PA 15108
(877) ETNCARE (386-2273) Fax: (414) 449-7319
Eaton is a global technology leader in electrical components and systems for power quality, distribution and control; hydraulics components, systems and services for industrial and mobile equipment; aerospace fuel, hydraulics and pneumatic systems for commercial and military use; and truck and auto- motive drivetrain and powertrain systems for performance, fuel economy and safety.

Eaton-Williams Group Ltd.

Station Rd., Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6EG ENGLAND, U.K. 44-0-1732-866055 Fax: 44-0-1732-869626
G. Stapley; J. Wieckowski

Offerings include precision air control, DX and chilled-water air handlers, data center cooling, process cooling, humidica- tion, grills and registers, and FANWALL TECHNOLOGY.

EBAC Industrial Products Inc.
700 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Ste. 109, Newport News, VA 23606-2528
(757) 873-6800; (855) 873-6800 Fax: (757) 873-3632
R. Smith, Sales; J. Forest, Serv. Mgr.
Industrial dehumidifiers and building dryers, and venti- lation/circulation fans.


Ebara Fluid Handling

1651 Cedar Line Dr., Rock Hill, SC 29730 (803) 327-5005 Fax: (803) 327-5097

Eberhard Mfg. Co., Division of The Eastern Company

P.O. Box 368012, 21944 Drake Rd., Cleveland, OH 44149-9712 (440) 238-9720; (800) 334-6706 Fax: (440) 572-2732 or

P. O’Reilly
Manufacture of industrial, vehicular, and specialty hardware. Parts that are available are: locks, latches, hinges, handles, gas springs, draw latches, dead bolts, rotary latches, key cylinders, and composite materials.

ebm-papst Inc.

100 Hyde Rd., Farmington, CT 06034 (860) 674-1515 Fax: (860) 674-8536

Tubeaxial/axial fans, centrifugal/tangential/gas/radial blowers, motorized impellers, EC motors.

ECO Manufacturing Corporation LLC

409 Indianapolis Ave., P.O. Box 146, Lebanon, IN 46052 (765) 482-6800 Fax: (765) 482-6805
Thermostats, controls.

Ecoflex North America Inc., SEE GEA PHE Systems

EcoHeat Solutions LLC

153 Washington St, East Walpole, MA 02032 (877) 317-0700

EcoBoiler wood pellet boilers. ASME certified.

Econofrost/Promolux, MGV Inc

P.O. Box 40, Shawnigan Lake, BC V0R 2W0 CANADA (800) 519-1222; (250) 743-1222 Fax: (250) 743-1221 or

Jamie Orr, Key Acct. Mgr.; Trevor Brien, OEM Acct. Mgr.; Antonio Oquendo, South American Sales Mgr.; Scott Werhun, Sales Mgr.-Eastern USA; Carlos Paniagua, Intl. Sales Mgr. Reflective aluminum night covers for refrigerated display cases for use in supermarkets. Promolux lighting for supermarket display cases for true color rendering.

Ecosaire Inc.

3999 Cote Vertu, Montreal, QC H4R 1R2 CANADA (800) 387-1930 Fax: (905) 828-5018

S. Haque, Eng./App. Sales Mgr.; H. Topikian, V.P.-Bus. Devel. Precision air conditioning (commercial and industrial).

EcosAire Inc., of Dectron Inc.

2180 Dunwin Dr., Unit 7, Mississauga, ON L5L 1C7 CANADA (800) 387-1930; (905) 828-5530 Fax: (905) 828-5018 or;

Harry Topikian, P.Eng., V.P.-Bus. Devel.

Precision air conditioning, air purification control and heat recovery systems for commercial and industrial applications. Energy recycling dehumidification systems for industrial, com- mercial and residential applications.

ECR International

2201 Dwyer Ave., Utica, NY 13501 (315) 797-1310 Fax: (315) 797-3762

Sales Requests/Info – (716) 366-5500
With a product line that spans Micro CHP to nearly all con- ventional HVAC needs, ECR is leading the market to a better future.

EDC International Inc.
315 Riggs St., Unit 1A, Oxford, CT 06478
(203) 881-5544 Fax: (203) 881-2644
R. Magnusson, Pres.; J. Staber, Sales Mgr.
Condensate removal pumps, water sensor switches, low ambient temperature controls, temperature alarms, water spillage alarms.



EDI Inc.

2121 Downer St., Baldwinsville, NY 13027-9702 (315) 638-9598 Fax: (315) 638-2379

C. Nilsen, Cust. Serv.; W. Corcoran, Pres./Gen. Mgr.; T. Cortese, Sales
Electronic and digital controllers and indicators for tem- perature, relative humidity, pressure, defrost, time and motor speed; temperature and relative humidity sensors, humidifiers.

EDPAC – Units/Parts, by Layton Manufacturing Corp.

864 E. 52nd St., Brooklyn, NY 11203
(718) 498-6000; (800) 545-8002 Fax: (718) 498-6003
Computer room A/C units, school room ClassAIRE units (VUV’s) environmental controls, humidification, industrial and commercial products, HVAC/R.

Edward Segal Inc.

360 Reynolds Bridge Rd., Thomaston, CT 06787
(860) 283-5821 Fax: (860) 283-0871 or sales@edwardsegalinc. com or
Fred Nadeau, Sales Mgr.
Manufacturer of rivet machines for impact and metal piercing applications. Both new and used machinery available.

Edwards Coils Corp.
101 Alexander Ave., Unit 6, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444 (973) 835-2800 Fax: (973) 835-2805
M. Morabito, Prod. Mgr.
Condensors, heat exchangers, tube-in-tube, single and vented double wall, finned, in copper, cupronickel, tita- nium and steel tubing.


Efficient Building Automation Corporation

401- 8342 130th St., Surrey, BC V3W 8J9 CANADA (604) 248-4404 Fax: (604) 248-4405

Efficient Building Automation Corporation provides products, systems, services and support that enable our partners to deliver open and integrated LonWorks building automation solutions of unequalled quality, reliability and performance.

EHG Duct

2600 Airline Blvd., Portsmouth, VA 23701
(757) 488-1144; (877) 482-2344 Fax: (757) 488-5672
Sales Support
EHG is a leading spiral duct and fitting manufacturer with representatives across the country. In addition to our superior G-3 gasketed system, EHG offers project management, special packaging, racking, online submittals and much more.

EIC Industry Group Corp.

53 Green Pond Rd., Unit 3, Rockaway, NJ 07866 (973) 983-1988 Fax: (973) 983-2688

T. Marrie
Quality, competitively priced metal and plastic components manufactured to your specifications.

Elbi of America Inc.

525 McCarty St., Houston, TX 77029 (713) 674-2900 Fax: (713) 674-2982
R. Johnson; T. Le

Electro Plastics Inc., STEP Warmfloor

11147 Dorsett Rd., Maryland Heights, MO 63043 (314) 426-3555 Fax: (314) 426-3556

M. Irgens, Pres.
Step Warmfloor is a thin, flexible, low-voltage (24 volts) mat made of self-regulating PTC semi-conductive polymer. It is very energy efficient and cannot overheat. Easy to install. Cut to size on jobsite. Ideal for total heating and/or floor warming under most floorcovering.


180 King Ave., Weymouth, MA 02188
(781) 335-5200; (800) 366-2459 Fax: (781) 335-4253
David Donovan, V.P.-Mktg./Sales
Designs and manufactures robust, high-quality switches, relays (remote and manual) and other related electrical products for utility, industrial, and military applications.

Elite Software Development Inc.

2700 Arrington Rd., College Station, TX 77845
(800) 648-9523; (979) 690-9420 Fax: (979) 690-9425
B. Smith; B. Flores-Meath
ACCA Approved Manual J Load Calculation and Manual D Duct design software plus over 20 other HVAC design software applications.

Eliwell, Proudly offered by Invensys Controls

191 E. North Ave., Carol Stream, IL 60188-2064
(630) 260-3400 Fax: (630) 260-7290
F. Stokes, Strategic Mgr.; J. Pastore, Natl. Sales Mgr.; M. Leonard, Prod. Mgr.-Comml. Refrigeration

Eliwell electronic controllers and high quality systems for refrigeration units are used in the conservation, transportation and distribution of chilled and frozen foods and beverages.

Elliott Company

901 N. Fourth St., Jeannette, PA 15644-1473 (724) 527-2811 Fax: (724) 600-8442

Air and gas compressors, steam turbines, turbochargers, and turbo machinery service.

Elliott Tool Technologies Ltd.

1760 Tuttle Ave., Dayton, OH 45403 (937) 253-6133 Fax: (937) 253-9189

Quality tube tools for an, “I need it yesterday” world.

Embraco Europe S.r.l.

Zona Industriale D1-Via Fratelli Gambino 7, 10023-Chieri (Torino), ITALY
39-011-9405611 Fax: 39-011-9405656
World leader in the hermetic compressor market, Embraco is recognized worldwide for the leading-edge technology of its products and for offering innovative cooling solutions.

Embraco North America Inc.

2800 Vista Ridge Dr. N.E., Ste. 100, Suwanee, GA 30024-3610 (800) 548-9498; (678) 804-1337 Fax: (800) 462-1038; (678) 804-1388

Hermetic compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning, refrigeration condensing units.

EMCO Sales & Distributors Inc., Parts Sales-Nationally

10200 Page Industrial Blvd., Saint Louis, MO 63132-1314 (800) 972-7670 Fax: (314) 427-8190

E. Muich, Sr. V.P.; W. Eilermann, Oper. Mgr.; J. Eilermann, Parts V.P.
HVAC-R, ice machines, commercial refrigeration cabinets; sys- tems and parts for all makes.

Emerson Climate Technologies
1675 W. Campbell Rd., Sidney, OH 45365
(937) 498-3011
T. Flinn, V.P.-Mktg.; C. Raney, Dir.-Mktg.; C. Billing, Comm. Mgr.; K. Leskovsky, Social Mktg. Mgr.
Compressors, thermostats, valves, controls, bearings, and residential and industrial ceiling fans for the global HVACR marketplace.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Clive Samuels and Associates
One Independence Way, Ste. 300, Princeton, NJ 08540
(609) 520-1600 Fax: (609) 520-0974 climate/csa/
A. Abramson, PE Pres./Principal in Charge; J. Lipton, Sr. Mgr. Bus. Devel.; W. Howell, PE/CEM Princ. Design Engrg. Studio; D. Halko, Dir./Chief Refrigeration Design
Clive Samuels and Associates, Inc. is a division of Emerson Climate Technologies. We are Professional Consulting Engineers in the following disciplines; mechanical (HVAC), electrical, plumbing, fire protection and refridgeration. Our staff is fully licensed and registered in all 50 states. We offer our clients a dedicated team of engineers delivering energy efficient, cost effective, and intelligent buildings that function from first day operation throughout the building’s life cycle.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Control Techniques

12005 Technology Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344 (952) 995-8000 Fax: (952) 995-8099

J. Chmielewski, HVAC Sales Mgr.; M. Keithly, V.P.-Americas Worldwide supplier of AC Drives for building automation with a wide range of standard communications including BACnet, Modbus RTU and more.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Design Services Network

1351 N. Vandemark Rd., Sidney, OH 45365
(937) 493-2747 Fax: (937) 493-2146
S. Shivashankar, Mgr.-Bus. Devel.
Comprehensive heating, cooling and refrigeration engineering design and testing services for HVAC/R, industrial and scien- tific equipment manufacturers.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Distribution Services

1675 W. Campbell Rd., Sidney, OH 45365 (937) 498-3011 Fax: (937) 498-3906

M. Gibson, V.P./Gen. Mgr.-Dist. Svcs.; B. Taylor, V.P.-Sales/ Educ. Svcs.; B. Labbett, V.P.-Mktg, Dist. Svcs.; T. Uderman, Contractor Support Mgr.; J. Walters, Mgr. Mktg. Comm.; T. Gasper, Prod. Mgr.

Centralized aftermarket support for wholesalers, contrac- tors and end-users, covering Emerson’s complete line of motors, valves, controls and system protectors, Copeland and Browning brand products.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Educational Services

1351 N. Vandemark Rd., Sidney, OH 45365 (937) 498-3696 Fax: (937) 498-3729

L. Banas, Dir.- Education Serv.
Integrated HVACR technical instructor-led seminars, CDs, and web-based training and products for contractors and end-users.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.- Air Conditioning
1675 W. Campbell Rd., Sidney, OH 45365-0669
(937) 498-3011 Fax: (937) 498-3334
T. Fletcher, Dir.-A/C Aftermarket; K. Zellmer, V.P.-Sales-A/C; G. Ulrich, V.P.-Mktg. Commerical; J. Schneider, V.P.-Variable Speed; F. Landwehr, V.P.-Mktg. A/C; B. Powell, V.P.-Mktg. Residential
Industry-leading air conditioning compressors, including scroll, reciprocating and screw compressor designs, and condensing units for residential, industrial and commercial applications.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.- Refrigeration
1675 W. Campbell Rd., Sidney, OH 45365-0669
(937) 498-3011 Fax: (937) 498-3334
D. Baker, Mktg. Mgr.; J. Mozer, V.P./Gen. Mgr.-Mktg./Int. Prod. Div.; R. Southwood, Dir.-OEM Sales; M. Knapke, Mktg. Mgr.; K. Browning, V.P./Gen. Mgr.-N.A. Sales-Ref.; J. Prenger, Mktg. Mgr.
Industry-leading refrigeration compressors, including scroll, reciprocating and screw compressor designs, and condensing units for residential, industrial and commercial.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Emerson Power Transmission, Browning
1248 E. Second St., Maysville, KY 41056
(606) 564-2011 Fax: (606) 564-2022
D. Sullivan, Sr. Prod. Mgr.; C. Weakland, Industry Spec. – Global HVAC; J. Catalano, Mktg. Comm. Mgr.
World leader in quality bearing, V-belt drive and power trans- mission drive products.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Flow Controls

P.O. Box 411400, Saint Louis, MO 63141
(314) 569-4500 Fax: (314) 569-4593
C. Schroeder, Dir.-Mktg.; E. Blittschau, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; F. Bader, Mktg. Mgr.

Manufacturer of valves, controls and system protectors com- monly applied in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Emerson Climate Technologies, HVACR Motors

8100 W. Florissant, Saint Louis, MO 63136-0546 (314) 553-2000 Fax: (314) 553-3828
S. Ambort; J. Filla; R. Wade

Leading producer of air moving motors and variable speed controls for the HVACR industry.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Retail Solutions

3240 Town Point Dr., Kennesaw, GA 30144 (770) 425-2724 Fax: (770) 425-9319

A. Chintapalli, V.P.-Mktg./Bus. Dev./ProAct Serv.; S. Crider, Mktg. Analyst; D. Torpey, V.P.-Global Sales; K. Hrynyk, Mktg. Analyst; R. O’Donoghue, Dir.-Mktg.
Specializes in the design and manufacture of refrigeration, lighting and HVAC controls; energy management systems, monitoring and other remote services.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Therm-O-Disc

1320 S. Main St., Mansfield, OH 44907
(419) 525-8500 Fax: (419) 525-8365
C. Doty, Sr. Prod. Mgr.; L. Russell, Sr. Mkt. Mgr.; M. Leslie, V.P.-Mktg.

Proven reliable temperature controls, sensors, probes, switches and motor protectors for heating and air conditioning applications.


Emerson Climate Technologies, White-Rodgers
8100 W. Florissant Ave., P.O. Box 36922, Saint Louis, MO 63136
(314) 553-3600 Fax: (314) 553-3650
C. Johnson; Ken Perkins; R. Miles; S. Carey; A. Calleros; D. Shingleton; Alex Piec; G. Godwin
Thermostats, gas valves, ignition systems and ignitiors; controls and IAQ products for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.


Emerson Network Power, Liebert

1050 Dearborn Dr., Columbus, OH 43085 (800) 877-9222 Fax: (614) 841-6022 or

F. Stack, V.P.-Air Mktg.; S. Madara, V.P./Gen. Mgr.; Ron Spangler, Sr. Prod. Mgr.-Precision Cooling
Liebert, a technology brand of Emerson Network Power, designs, manufactures and distributes cooling, power and monitoring solutions to protect critical IT systems. From base cooling to supplemental high heat densities applications, professionals can rely on us to deliver Efficiency Without Compromise to reduce costs and increase capacity, availability and flexibility of any IT infrastructure.

Empire Comfort Systems Inc.

918 Freeburg Ave., Belleville, IL 62222
(618) 233-7420 Fax: (618) 233-7097 or J. Brueggemann, V.P.-Sales Mgmt.

Space heaters, fireplace products, log sets, mantels, premium gas grills.

Empire Machinery & Tools Ltd.

390 Eagle Dr., Winnipeg, MB R3C 2E6 CANADA (800) 665-8089 Fax: (204) 779-7796

R. McLean, Sales Mgr.; L. Johnson, Gen. Mgr.; S. Mashinter, Sales
Distribution of new and used metal fabricating equipment.

Empyre – Pro-Fab Industries Inc.

P.O. Box 112, Arborg, MB R0C 0A0 CANADA
(888) 933-4440; (204) 364-2211 Fax: (204) 364-2472 or Grant Carins, V.P./Gen. Mgr.-Pro-Fab Group
Empyre EPA Phase II qualified high efficiency indoor and outdoor wood boilers and furnaces are leading the way in alternative energy biomass heating.


2060 Corporate Way, P.O. Box 1717, Sumter, SC 29151-1717 (803) 481-6171 Fax: (803) 481-6121

Enerac Inc.

67 Bond St., Westbury, NY 11590 (516) 997-2100 Fax: (516) 997-2129

Manufacturer of portable emissions analyzers for stack testing for (O2, CO, NOx, So2, HC, Efficiency).

The Energy Conservatory

2801 21st Ave. S., Ste. 160, Minneapolis, MN 55407 (612) 827-1117 Fax: (612) 827-1051

Frank Spevak, Mktg./Sales Mgr.
Design, manufacture and sell the Minneapolis Duct Blaster and Blower Door, digital pressure and flow gauge, TrueFlow Meter, distributor for Flir IR cameras.

Energy Jet U.S.

29757 Anthony Dr., Wixom, MI 48393 (248) 624-8051 Fax: (248) 624-8567
T. D. Kuehnl, Natl. Sales Mgr.; D. P. Kuehnl, Pres.; W. C. Tressler, Reg. Sales Mgr.
Unheated air make-up systems, heated make-up air, infrared heaters, lighting High Bay, air cleaners, dust/fume collection systems, evaporative cooling, industrial supply-exhaust fans, spray/paint booths, solar walls.

Energy Saver

5960 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85043 (602) 233-1211 Fax: (602) 233-2033

D. Langmade, Pres.; B. Bullock, V.P.
Evaporative coolers, pre-coolers, air washers, replacement media and electronic controls.

Energy Saving Products Ltd.

12615-124 St., Edmonton, AB T5L 0N8 CANADA (780) 453-2093 Fax: (780) 453-1932

Manufactured by Energy Saving Products Ltd., the Hi-Velocity System is a complete home comfort system, utilizing flexible mini duct for unmatched versatility and air delivery.

Enertech Global LLC

2506 S. Elm St., Greenville, IL 62246 (618) 664-9010 Fax: (618) 664-4597

Steve Smith, CEO; Shawn Melton, V.P.-Sales; Jeff Hammond, V.P.-Mktg./Prod. Devel.; Tim Wright, Distribution Sales Mgr. Manufacturer and distributor of residential geothermal heat- ing and cooling products throughout North America. The product lines consist of GeoComfort, Hydron Module, and TETCO brands.


1200 Northmeadow Pkwy., Ste. 180, Roswell, GA 30076 (800) 255-2923; (770) 587-3238 Fax: (770) 587-4731

ENERVEX is one of the leading suppliers of economical and environmentally-sustainable exhaust systems.

EnerWorks Solar Water Heating

969 Juliana Dr., Woodstock, ON N4V 1C1 CANADA (519) 268-6500 Fax: (519) 268-6292

Dr. Phil Whiting, Pres./CEO; Michael Noble, V.P.-Bus. Devel. Solar water-heating appliances for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Engineered Acoustics

4714 Winfield Rd., Houston, TX 77039
(281) 590-1172 Fax: (281) 590-3086
S. Nailor, COO; L. Nailor, Exec. V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; J. Rochester, V.P.-Mktg.; G. Faris, V.P.-Engrg.; C. Piserelle, Dir.-Sales Silencers.

Engineered Comfort

4714 Winfield Rd., Houston, TX 77039
(281) 590-1172 Fax: (281) 590-3086
S. Nailor, COO; L. Nailor, Exec. V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; J. Rochester, V.P.-Mktg.; G. Faris, V.P.-Engrg.; C. Piserelle, Dir.-Sales

Fan coil units.

Engineered Commercial Concepts

6142 Walnut Hill Ln., P.O. Box 670849, Dallas, TX 75230 (800) 955-4330; (214) 890-9888 Fax: (866) 403-7888

Harry Gaffney
Evaporative cooling, industrial humidification, indirect evapo- rative cooling, make-up air, direct evaporative cooling, chilled water and DX conversion, stainless cabinets.

Engineered Cooling Services
2801 N. Davis Hwy., Pensacola, FL 32503 (850) 432-7656 Fax: (850) 432-7657


Enmet Corp.

P.O. Box 979, Ann Arbor, MI 48106 (734) 761-1270 Fax: (734) 761-3220

R. Kelley, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Manufacturer of gas detection equipment, including single and multi-function, portable and fixed systems, for indoor air quality.

EnolgasUSA, USA

6555 N. Powerline Rd., Ste. 302, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 (954) 938-4171 Fax: (954) 533-2987 or

Christopher McIntosh, Techl. Sales Mgr.
Enolgas USA is a manufacturer of quality valves since 1960. In recent years, the Systems Divisione product line has been added –

Enterprise Fawcett

73 Lorne St., Sackville, NB E4L 4A2 CANADA (506) 536-1160 Fax: (506) 536-1820

Darren Wheaton, Pres.; Beth Hopkins, V.P.-Oper.; John Napper, Sales; Nancy Estabrooks, Cust. Serv.; Natasha Patterson, Cust. Serv. Mgr.
Manufacturer of handcrafted wood cookstoves, heaters and furnaces since 1852.

Envira-North Systems Ltd.

P.O. Box 668, 92 Railway St., Seaforth, ON N0K 1W0 CANADA (519) 527-2198; (866) 771-7766 Fax: (519) 527-2560 or

Joan Wood
HVLS ceiling fans, industrial curtains, hurricane turbines, absolute air fans.

ENVIRO-TECH, Div. of Tjernlund Products Inc.

1601 Ninth St., White Bear Lake, MN 55110
(651) 426-2993; (800) 255-4208 Fax: (651) 426-9547
Duct fans, draft inducers, power venters for horizontal vents, vent hoods, fresh and combustion air intakes, room-to-room transfer fans, exhaust and radon fans.

Environmental Growth Chambers

P.O. Box 390, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022-0390 (800) 321-6854 Fax: (440) 247-8710

A. O. Rule III, Pres.; S. Griggs, V.P.-Corp. Devel.; A. Rule IV, V.P.-Oper.; T. Mc Grath, Chf. Engr.
Controlled environmental rooms and plant growth chambers.

Environmental Pool Systems Inc.
195 Cypress Way E., Unit #4, Naples, FL 34110
(800) 514-7051 Fax: (248) 778-1702 or
Chris Leonetti; Robert Posch
Dehumidification systems indoor pools, dehumidification for home and commercial buildings – Veri-Dry applications.

Environmental Process Systems Ltd.

Unit 32 Mere View Industrial Estate, Yaxley, Peterborough, Cambs, PE7 3HS ENGLAND, U.K.
44-1733-243400 Fax: 44-1733-243344
Mr. Zafer Ure, Managing Dir.
Refrigeration, secondary refrigerations, valves.

Equipment Innovators

800 Industrial Park Dr., Marietta, GA 30062-2431
(770) 427-9467 Local; (800) 733-3434 Toll Free Fax: (770) 425-2350 or dcargill@equipmentin- or Customized service and maintenance truck bodies; commercial pick-up toppers; transport and storage coolers, refrigera- tors, freezers, and combination units. Endless possibilities in customization.

ERDCO Engineering Corp.

721 Custer Ave., P.O. Box 6318, Evanston, IL 60204-6318 (847) 328-0550 Fax: (847) 328-3535

Technical Sales
Manufacturer of flowmeters, flow indicating switches, flow switches, chilled water flowmeters and transmitters.


34600 Solon Rd., Solon, OH 44139 (800) 333-0852 Fax: (800) 677-5403

ERICO is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of the widest range of innovative, time-saving fixings, fasteners and supports for use in HVAC applications.


1620 W. Fountainhead Pkwy., Ste. 100, Tempe, AZ 85282 (480) 346-5500; (800) 289-6116 Fax: (480) 346-5599

D. Kehr, Comm. Coord.
ESS is the leading provider of software platforms for Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S), Crisis Management for enterprise sustainability.

Essick Air Products

5800 Murray St., Little Rock, AR 72209 (800) 643-8341 Fax: (501) 562-9485

K. Stafford, Pres.; D. Maxwell, Controller; M. Ulrey, V.P.-Sales/ Mktg.; B. Aspell, V.P.-Mfg.
Commercial, industrial, and residential evaporative coolers.


evandtec Inc.

355 Adelaide St. W., Suite 500, Toronto, ON M5V 1S2 CANADA (416) 977-1105 Fax: (416) 913-2176

Provides a comprehensive and financially rewarding approach for companies to switch to clean cooling tower water treat- ment without added risk.

Evapco Inc.

P.O. Box 1300, Westminster, MD 21158
(410) 756-2600 Fax: (410) 756-6450
W. G. Bartley, Pres./CEO; Chris O’Boyle, V.P.-HVAC/Indl. Sales/Mktg.; Dan Kelly, Dir.-North America Sales; Greg Kahlert, V.P.-Replacement Mkt.

Specialists in heat transfer products and services. Evaporative cooling equipment: evaporative condensers, closed circuit coolers, cooling towers, and ammonia evaporators.

Everhard Products Inc., Klenk Tools

1016 9th St. S.W., Canton, OH 44707
(800) 327-5619; (330) 453-7857 Fax: (800) 225-0984; (330) 453-7449
S. Anderson, V.P.-Klenk; Matt Mitchell, Sales Mgr.
A manufacturer and supplier of premium hand tools for HVACR, plumbing, metal roofing, siding, sheet metal and industrial markets since 1934.

EWC Controls Inc.

385 Hwy. 33, Englishtown, NJ 07726
(732) 446-3110; (800) 446-3110 Fax: (732) 446-5362
M. Reilly; J. Brown; W. Koehler; J. Zeckman
Motorized zone dampers, registers, diffusers, and control pan- els for use in residential and commercial HVAC systems, zone control systems, whole house humidifiers for all applications.

Expanded Technologies Inc.

1177 Hayes Industrial Dr., Marietta, GA 30062 (770) 792-0888 Fax: (770) 792-0882

J. Liverato, Pres.; G. Guy, V.P.
Expanded metals for pleated filters and other filtration products.

Extech Instruments

285 Bear Hill Rd., Waltham, MA 02451 (781) 890-7440 Fax: (781) 890-7864

Portable temperature, pH, Rh, conductivity, and air temperature meters for field use and panel meters for measuring and control- ling temperature, pressure and pH with digital LCD readouts.


1127 Riverwood Dr., Burnsville, MN 55337
(952) 278-QSOX (7769); (866) 400-QSOX (7769) Fax: (952) 252-7900
B. Warner
Engineers and manufactures Q-Sox brand fabric duct for HVAC/R air distribution. Q-Sox is a proven solution for better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and air circulation in pools, gymnasi- ums, museums, warehouses, schools, churches, supermarkets, restaurants, auditoriums, and production environments. Q-SOX: QUICK installation; QUIET operation; QUALITY air distribution.

Fabricating Services Inc.

4141 Getwell Rd., Memphis, TN 38118 (866) 366-7500 Fax: (901) 366-7563

We are a distributor and fabricator of insulating materials for the HVAC and appliance industries. We supply thermal and acoustical products that provide insulating solutions for your specific needs.


649 N. Ralstin St., Meridian, ID 83642 (800) 234-1903 Fax: (208) 884-8943

M. A. Artis, Pres.; J. Matanzas, Oper. Mgr.; Mark Kaiser, HVAC Sales Mgr.
Ventilation products for roof, walls, basement, crawl spaces, chimney caps, motorized dampers; light gauge sheet metal and plastic. Solar powered attic fans.

FanAm Inc.

2235 6th St., Sarasota, FL 34237
(941) 955-9788 Fax: (941) 955-9733
D. Selberg, Gen. Mgr.; E. Blomster, Sales Mgr.
Utility blowers, compact utility blowers, inline duct fans, cor- rosive air blowers, ceiling exhausters.

1712 Northgate Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34234
(941) 309-6000; (800) 747-1762 Fax: (941) 309-6099; (800) 487-9915
100% speed controllable, residential and commercial, centrifugal and axial, ventilation products, plus a full line of heat recovery, energy recovery, and HEPA filtra- tion models.



10048 Industrial Blvd., Lenexa, KS 66215 (913) 752-6000 Fax: (913) 752-6478

Energy efficient commercial and residential ventilation prod- ucts for better indoor air quality. Product selection includes power roof ventilators, wall fans, inline duct fans, air curtains, heat or energy recovery units, premium bath fans, dryer booster fans and more.


6560 Weatherfield Ct., Maumee, OH 43537
(800) 231-2501; (419) 868-8197 Fax: (888) 316-2695; (419) 868-8360
Self-sealing quick-release couplings for all types of air condi- tioning, refrigeration, cryogenic applications including elec- tronic coolant and helium applications.

FastEST Inc.
400 N. Woodlawn, Ste. 101, Wichita, KS 67208
(316) 618-1066; (316) 619-7267; (800) 828-7108 Fax: (316) 618-1064
Mechanical estimating software development and support.

Fenner Drives

311 W. Stiegel St., Manheim, PA 17545
(800) 243-3374; (717) 665-2421 Fax: (717) 665-2649
P. Williams, Natl. Sales Mgr.; J. Mutchler, Sales Serv. Mgr. Upgrade from rubber to PowerTwist Plus V-Belts from Fenner Drives for easy installation and longer belt life, instant avail- ability and lower spare belt inventory.

Fabric Duct Systems Inc.


Fenwal Controls, Kidde-Fenwal Inc. 400 Main St., Ashland, MA 01721 (508) 881-2000 Fax: (508) 881-7619

G. Swanson, Gen. Mgr.; B. Sager, Sales Mgr.-West U.S./E.U.; M. Tully, Sales Mgr.-East U.S.; G. Harting, Sales/Mktg. Dir.; M. Kosciak, Inside Sales Mgr.
Gas ignition controls, temperature controls, thermostats.


FHP – Bosch Group

601 N.W. 65th Ct., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
(954) 776-5471 Fax: (800) 776-5529 or
M. Kueper, Pres.; D. Grunseth, Sales Dir.-Commercial; J. French, Sales Dir.-Residential; J. Smith, V.P.-Mfg.; A. Sterne, V.P.-Eng.

Commercial, residential, industrial and institutional water source and geo-thermal package, split, console, roof tops and water to water heat pumps.

Fiber Bond Corp.

110 Menke Rd., Michigan City, IN 46360
(219) 879-4541; (502) 228-6351 Fax: (219) 874-7502; (502) 228-8112
George Kopta, Filter Prod.-Devel. Mgr.; Julie Engelstad, Mkt. Devel. Dir.
Fabricated filters and bulk filter media; high efficiency filters; panel type filters. Geotextile-Air and water permeable.

Field Controls LLC

2630 Airport Rd., Kinston, NC 28504 (252) 522-3031 Fax: (252) 522-0214

M. White, Inside Sales; P. Holleran, Pres.; B. Nelson, V.P.- Sales/Mktg.
Indoor air quality products, UV, media filters, fresh air systems, barometric draft controls, draft inducers, power venters and air boosters, condensate pumps and water conditioner.

Fieldpiece Instruments Inc.
1900 E. Wright Cir., Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 634-1844 Fax: (714) 634-1848
Digital multimeters, accessory head instruments, data logger, system analyzers and handles to convert or con- nect heads, standalone test instruments, leak detectors, digital manifolds and scales specifically designed for HVAC/R field technicians.


FieldServer Technologies

1991 Tarob Ct., Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 262-2299 Fax: (408) 262-9042

Manufacturer of communication protocol gateways with largest driver library in the industry.

Fil-Tec Inc.

P.O. Box B, Hagerstown, MD 21741 (301) 824-6166 Fax: (301) 824-6938

C. Rockwell, V.P.-Sales
Fiberglass ropes and tapes for high temperature gasketing.

Filtration Group

912 E. Washington St., Joliet, IL 60433
(815) 726-4600; (877) FGI-TEAM (344-8326) Fax: (815) 726-8912
Filters-HVAC, gas phase, cleanrooms, UV lights, paint and filter media.

Filtration Manufacturing Inc.

47 J Faris Dr., Andalusia, AL 36421
(800) 239-9495 Fax: (800) 239-9798
A. Knowles; G. Savell; P. Lambert
Manufacturer/supplier of residential, commercial and industrial air, hydraulic and liquid filtration and air purification products.

Filtrine Manufacturing Co.

15 Kit St., Keene, NH 03431
(603) 352-5500 Fax: (603) 352-0330
P. D. Hansel, Pres.; T. Hansel, Process Sales Mgr.; D. Hansel, Drinking Sales Mgr.
Process liquid chillers, drinking water chillers, drinking foun- tains, filters, UV sterilizers.

Firespray International

12524 Renoir Ln., Dallas, TX 75230
(972) 365-5302; (540) 292-9521 or
Joe Vincent, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; Ken Baker, Pres.
Firespray International is recognized worldwide in the design and manufacture of specialized fire ducting systems including fire-rated ductwork and commercial kitchen grease ductwork.

Fireye Inc., UTC Fire & Secuirty

3 Manchester Rd., Derry, NH 03038
(603) 432-4100 Fax: (603) 432-1570
J. Devine, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; S. Pelt, Natl. Sales Mgr.; J. Holewinski, Appl. Engrg. Mgr.; M. McCarron, Single Burner Prod. Mgr.

Flame safeguard and combustion efficiency controls for com- mercial and industrial burners and boilers, and associated flame scanners and detectors.

Five Seasons Comfort Limited

351 N. Rivermede Rd., Concord, ON L4K 3N2 CANADA (416) 213-5636; (800) 267-8305 Fax: (416) 213-5593 or

C. David, Mktg./Sales Mgr.; B. Crowe, Prod. Mgr.; Mary-Louise Donadio, Mktg. Support; Beverly David, Pres.
High efficiency electronic, media and HEPA air cleaners for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Five Two One Inc.
1010 E. 31st St., Hialeah, FL 33013
(305) 691-7768 Fax: (305) 687-3743
Carl Pollex, Pres.; Marjorie McAllistor, Gen. Mgr. Hardstart devices for A/C, heat pump, twin-single, and refrigeration compressors, single phase 208-230 volts, 1 thru 5 HP.



The Flagler Corp.

56513 Precision Dr., Chesterfield, MI 48051 (586) 749-6300 Fax: (586) 749-6363

H. J. Flagler, Sr. Pres.; H. J. Flagler Jr., V.P.; K. Gasko, Prod. Mgr. Manufacturer of roll forming machines to make locks on sheet metal to produce duct, pipe and fittings for the HVAC trade.

Flanders Containment Products

531 Flanders Filters Rd., Washington, NC 27889 (252) 946-8081 Fax: (252) 946-3425

D. Skinner; M. Smith, Sales Engr.; R. Warner, Sales Engr.; B. Houghton, Sales Engr.
Flanders designs and manufactures air filtration products. Products consist of residential HVAC, commercial, industrial, carbon, HEPA filters, isolators, custom air handlers, and con- tainment filter housings.

FlatPlate® Inc., SEE GEA PHE Systems

FleetBoss GPS

241 O’Brien Rd., Fern Park, FL 32730 (407) 265-9559 Fax: (407) 265-0365


1510 Armstrong Rd., P.O. Box 4275, Warsaw, IN 46581-4275 (574) 267-7909; (800) 343-0428 Fax: (800) 382-8464; (574) 269-7491
M. O’Brien, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; S. Vandenberg, Mktg. Mgr.; S. France, Mktg. Coord.; T. Ryan, Inside Sales Mgr.
Flexible hose and duct: wire reinforced coated fabric and plastic hose, hand bendable metal duct, and all plastic vacuum hose.

Flexible Duct, Eric Johnson & Co.

P.O. Box 981041, Houston, TX 77098 (713) 961-5594

E. Johnson, Flexible Duct Machinery Supplier
Mfg. and supplier of Flexible Duct Machinery for the manufac- ture of Polyester and Aluminum flexible ducting components, core and vapor barrier jacket.

FloAire Inc.

1730 Walton Rd., Ste. 203, Blue Bell, PA 19422
(800) 726-5623; (610) 239-8405 Fax: (610) 239-8941
D. Kearney, Sales; J. Engstrom
Exhaust fans, roof ventilators, supply fans, ceiling fans, tem- pered make up air, kitchen hoods.

FloodMaster LLC

27 Business Park Dr., Branford, CT 06405
(888) 771-4929; (203) 488-4477 Fax: (203) 481-5036
Kathy Anthony
Leak detection and feed water shutoff alarm family of products for water main, water heaters, dish-washers and HVAC units.

Flow Control Industries Inc.

P.O. Box 848, Woodinville, WA 98072
(425) 483-1297; (866) 454-1288 Fax: (425) 486-5672 or
Paul Skoglund, Owner; Tami Hansen, Pres.
DeltaPValves continue to revolutionize heating and chilled water system design, operation and energy efficiency by opti- mizing HVAC hydronic systems through high-performance, pressure independent control.

Fluid Power Energy

W229 N591 Foster Ct., Waukesha, WI 53186 (262) 548-6220 Fax: (262) 548-6239

J. Davies, Dir.-Sales; D. Bayerlein, Pres.; John Church, Field Sales; T. Hunkins; E. Batura, Engr.; J. Lindemann; R. Kruziki,

Field Sales; A. Aldrich
Manufacturer of thermostatic control valves to control the return water temperature to boilers and any other applications requiring control of the temperature of fluids.

Fluke Corporation

P.O. Box 9090, Everett, WA 98206-9090 (800) 443-5853 Fax: (425) 446-5116

From industrial electronic installation, maintenance and ser- vice, to precision measurement and quality control, Fluke tools help keep businesses around the globe up and running. Technicians and engineers use Fluke tools to help extend their personal power and abilities.

The Fogmaster Corporation

1051 S.W. 30th Ave., Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 (954) 481-9975 Fax: (954) 480-8563

T. Latta, Pres.; S. Hawkins, V.P./Gen. Mgr.
Electric foggers for humidification, duct cleaning, coil cleaning and odor removal.

Forbest Products Co

315 Harbor Way, #B, South San Francisco, CA 94080 (650) 757-4786 or

Fei Dai
A leading manufactuer of pipe / wall inspection cameras and HAVC test and measurement equipment. By offering quality products and service under a really affordable cost to every contractor, “Forbest” is now a well-known brand in the world.

Forsta Filters Inc.

P.O. Box 341830, Los Angeles, CA 90034 (310) 837-7177 Fax: (310) 837-6477

A premier manufacturer of self-cleaning irrigation and indus- trial water filters. Compared to other filter technologies self-cleaning water filters are more cost-effective, automatic, produce less wastewater, and will not interrupt main system flow during the automatic cleaning cycle. Industrial water fil- tration systems are available in a variety of materials including stainless steel, duplex stainless, and carbon steel with epoxy coating. Internal stainless steel screen elements are available in three-layered sintered mesh, wedge wire, or perforated plate models. Forsta’s line of automatic filters are designed to be durable, long-lasting, and minimize the amount of water used during the backwash cycle.

Foxx Equipment Co.
421 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 421-3600 Fax: (800) 972-0282; (816) 421-5671
K. Steuber, Branch Mgr.; B. Schmitz, Branch Mgr.
Beer and soft drink dispensing equipment and parts, cus- tom beer drains and towers, complete remote (Glyrol) draft beer systems.


Franklin Electric / Little Giant

400 E. Spring St., Bluffton, IN 46714 (800) 809-1393 Fax: (800) 678-7867

Cyndi Kulscar, Mktg. Spec.
Little Giant products from Franklin Electric have become the standard for quality and reliability in wastewater and hvac applications.


Fraser-Johnston – Unitary Products Group, Johnson Controls
5005 Interstate Dr. N., Norman, OK 73069
(405) 364-4040 Fax: (405) 419-6545
B. Keith, Mktg. Mgr.
Residential and commercial air conditioning, residential and commercial heat pumps and furnaces.

Freeaire Refrigeration

151-8 Mad River Canoe Rd., Waitsfield, VT 05673 (802) 496-5205; (877) 305-3733 Fax: (802) 329-2235

Richard Travers, Pres.; Brad Long, Techl. Sales; Camilla Behn, Oper.
Well established and proven manufacturer of refrigeration con- trols including outside air economizers. Distribution through- out North America including the Arctic Circle.

Frick by Johnson Controls, Refrigeration Systems 100 CV Ave., Waynesboro, PA 17268
(717) 762-2121 Fax: (717) 762-1305

(973) 575-0380 Fax: (973) 836-0449
T. Rozylowicz, Pres./COO; R. Kuczera, Sr. V.P.-HVAC Sales; E. Mezle, Mktg. Dir.; A. Gennaro, Mktg. Admin.

Ductless mini-split air conditioning and heat pump systems.

Fulton Companies, The

972 Centerville Rd., Pulaski, NY 13142 (315) 298-5121 Fax: (315) 298-6390

Erin Sperry, Comml. Heating Prod. Mgr.; Mark Yonnick, Sales Mgr.; Melissa Wadkinson, PE, Chief Engr.; Mike Roberts, Steam/Thermal Prod. Mgr.
Fulton specializes in custom engineered industrial and com- mercial heating systems featuring steam boilers, hot water and hydronic boilers, thermal fluid heaters, temperature control units and a full range of ancillary equipment.

Fusite, Emerson Climate Technologies

6000 Fernview Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45212 (513) 731-2020 Fax: (513) 631-6456

Industrial refrigeration equipment for most applica-
tions. Rotary screw compressor packages and packaged
chillers with VSD, condensers, evaporators, air handlers, G plate heat exchangers, vessels, controls, parts.


Friedrich Air Conditioning Co.

10001 Reunion Pl., Ste. 500, San Antonio, TX 78216 (877) 599-5665

B. Komorek, Dir.-HVAC Sales; Chuck Campbell, V.P.-Mktg.; George Van Hoomisen, CEO
Commercial grade room air conditioners and heat pumps, thru-the-wall, ductless split, PTAC, single package vertical air conditioners, portable air conditioners, hazardous location air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

Frigidaire Heating and Cooling Products

8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 63366
(636) 561-7300; (800) 422-4328 Fax: (636) 561-7397
Matt Lattanzi, Brand Mgr.
Heating and cooling products for residential and light com- mercial industries. Offers award-winning 24.5 SEER iQ Drive air conditioner and heat pump.

Fujikoki America Inc.

4040 Bronze Way, Dallas, TX 75237
(214) 333-4266 Fax: (214) 330-1015
C. Polk, Sales/Mktg./Dir.; M. Ozawa, Exec. V.P.; D. Anderson, V.P.-Personnel/Admin.; A. Aguilera, Sales Rep.

Thermostatic expansion valves and other electro-mechanical refrigerant flow control devices.

Fujitsu General America Inc. 353 Rte. 46 W., Fairfield, NJ 07004

Galileo TP Inc., a Division of Galileo TP Process Equipment Group
31 Boland Ct., Greenville, SC 29615-5730
(864) 288-1025 Fax: (864) 335-4078
Craig Roy, Sales Mgr.; Alden Berti, Sales Mgr.
Manufacturing vacuum pumps, leak detection, distribution/ recovery systems, evaluation, and charging machines (HCF, HCFC, CO2, HC), software for process monitoring.

Garman Co. Inc., VAPCO Products Div.

401 Marshall Rd., Valley Park, MO 63088
(636) 923-2121 Fax: (636) 923-2144
Manufacturer of coil cleaner chemicals, ice machine cleaners, sealants, adhesives, degreasers, lubricants, leak detectors and refrigeration oils.

Gary Machinery LLC

1931 E. Main St., Griffith, IN 46319
(219) 980-5700 Fax: (219) 980-0405 or htm

Lee Donahoe, Sales; Dave Gauler, Engng.; Mike Golec, Gen. Mgr.
Dedicated to helping our customers with their equipment needs. From contractors to manufacturers, our sales and engineering staff will work with you to understand what it is you need to accomplish, and then find a solution. Whether it is a standard off-the shelf machine or a custom machine, our craftsmen will provide their expertise and experience to provide you with a quality machine that will meet your needs.

The Gasflux Company

32 Hawthorne St., P.O. Box 1170, Elyria, OH 44036 (440) 365-1941 Fax: (440) 365-3495

Manufacturer of specialized in-line fluxing process for brazing of coil and compressor lines; process is designed to work with copper to copper, copper to brass, copper to steel; also


manufactures a full line of brazing paste fluxes for silver and bronze filler metals.

Gasmaster Industries Inc.

7480 MacDonald Rd., Delta, BC V2G 1N2 CANADA (604) 952-5195 Fax: (604) 952-0881

Hussain Mantri, Mktg./Sales Mgr.
High efficiency, condensing boilers, 200,000 BTU – 8 MIL BTU.

Titeflex Corporation, Gastite Division

603 Hendee St., P.O. Box 90054, Springfield, MA 01139 (413) 739-5631; (800) 662-0208 Fax: (413) 739-7325

Stainless steel flexible gas piping for natural gas and liquid propane gas applications.

GEA 2H Water Technologies GmbH

Dieselweg 5, Wettringen, 48493 GERMANY 49-2557 9390 0 Fax: 49-2557 9390 49

Ernst-Josef Mayer
GEA 2H Water Technologies designs and manufactures PP and PVC fills/packings and drift eliminators for cooling towers.


3475 Board Rd., York, PA 17406
(800) 888-4337 ext. 301; (717) 767-6411 ext. 301 Fax: (717) 764-3627
A worldwide leader, has been manufacturing Flake-ice makers for over 50 years. Has the most comprehensive range, with capacities ranging from 0.5 to 55 tons/24h. Also offers compre- hensive solutions for storage, automatic delivery, conveying.

GEA PHE Systems, GEA Heat Exchangers 100 GEA Dr., York, PA 17406
(717) 268-6200 Fax: (717) 268-6162

Brazed, gasketed, semi-welded plate heat exchangers, including the genuine FlatPlate® brand. Process heat- ing/cooling up to 20,000 gpm / 1,645 tons, AHRI400 certified.

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GEA Refrigeration North America Inc. 3475 Board Rd., York, PA 17406
(717) 767-6411 Fax: (717) 764-3627

J. Ansbro; D. Halsey; G. Schrift; J. Waplinger; J. Cook Chillers, compressors, condensers, microprocessor con- trols, evaporators, heat exchangers, packaged refrigera- tion systems, and compressor repair/rebuild.


GEFIT Livernois Engineering

12163 Globe St., Livonia, MI 48150
(734) 464-7000 Fax: (734) 464-3211 or or
Providing manufacturing equipment and processes for the HVAC and heat exchange industry for 60 years. We are experts in Micro-channel technology and have helped many manufac- tures to convert from mechanical expanded to brazed micro- channel cores. We also provide prototype support.

Gems Sensors & Controls

1 Cowles Rd., Plainville, CT 06062-1198
(860) 747-3000; (800) 378-1600 Fax: (860) 747-4244
Liquid level, flow, and pressure sensors and miniature sole- noid valves for OEMS across the HVAC/R industry.

Generac Power Systems Inc., Guardian

P.O. Box 8, Waukesha, WI 53187
(888) GENERAC Fax: (262) 968-3791
A leading manufacturer of automatic standby power systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

General Electronic Engineering Inc.

132 W. Main St., Rahway, NJ 07065 (732) 381-1144 Fax: (732) 388-9614

W. Piegari, Pres.; R. Marshall, Prod. Engrg.; A. Giglio, Admin. Mgr. Electric and hydronic perimeter heat modulating control sys- tems; modular SCR power controllers.

General Filters Inc.
43800 Grand River Ave., Novi, MI 48375-1115
(866) 476-5101 Fax: (248) 349-2366
IAQ manufacturer of residential bypass, power, drum, and steam humidifiers. HEPA, electronic, and media air cleaners. UV air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and recovery ventilators. Fuel oil filters.


General Plastics

3500 N. Harrison, Shawnee, OK 74804 (405) 275-3171 Fax: (405) 275-8114

Plastic duct work for underslab-heat-and air.

General Sealants Inc.

300 S. Turnbull Canyon, P.O. Box 3855, City of Industry, CA 91745
(626) 961-0211; (800) 762-1144 Fax: (626) 968-5140
Patrick Boyle, Sales Mgr./CFO
General Sealants is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of high temperature extruded butyl and silicone base sealants. General Sealants also manufacturers Teflon thread sealant products.


General Tools & Instruments
80 White St., New York, NY 10013
(212) 431-6100; (800) 697-8665 Fax: (212) 431-6499
E. Mann, V.P.-Instruments/Ind. Div.; L. Porto, Regl. Sales Mgr.; Roger Mavrides, V.P.-Engr.; K. Schwartz, V.P.-Sales; P. Harper, V.P.-Mktg.; C. Pagano, Cust. Serv. Mgr. Precision specialty tools and electronic instruments.


Genesis International Inc.
1040 Fox Chase Ind. Dr., Arnold, MO 63010
(636) 282-0011 Fax: (636) 282-2722
C. Mak, V.P.-Mktg.; K. Sampson, Sales Engr.; M. Pearson, Cust. Serv.
Refrigeration and HVAC controls; refrigerant monitors to meet ANSI/ASHRAE 15 compliance in refrigeration machinery rooms.


1946 W. Cook Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46818
(260) 416-5400 or Paul Selking, HVAC Ind. Leader; Charlotte Gabet, Brand Mgr.; Deep Dey, HVAC Prod. Mgr.
The residential and commercial HVAC industry leader in ECM technology. Genteq creates innovative, premium comfort and electrical components. Our 100-year his- tory, proven reputation for high quality, highly reliable products and strong customer relationships make us the preferred brand throughout the industry.


GeoSystems LLC
7550 Meridian Cir., Ste. 120, Maple Grove, MN 55369 (763) 582-1400; (800) 432-6627
Heat pump models, including water-to-air heating and cooling, water-to-water heating and cooling, split sys- tems, dual fuel, integrated on-demand domestic water heating options and COP’s of 4.9+ and EER’s of 25+.

GF Piping Systems

2882 Dow Ave., Tustin, CA 92780
(800) 854-4090; (714) 731-8800 Fax: (714) 731-6201
Plastic pipe and fittings, valves, actuators, rotameters, fabrica- tions, fusion joining machines, heat exchangers, secondary containment, flow monitoring, process control instrumenta- tion.

GfG Instrumentation

1194 Oak Valley Dr., Ste. 20, Ann Arbor, MI 46108 (800) 959-0329; (734) 769-0573 Fax: (734) 769-1888

Bob Henderson, Pres.
A world leader for gas detection; offering an assortment of por- table monitors, fixed systems and respiratory airline monitors.

GI Industries Inc.

525 Fan Hill Rd., Monroe, CT 06468
(203) 452-1944; (800) 724-1944 Fax: (203) 452-1943
M. Good, Pres.
Commercial tube cleaning machines for boilers, chillers, etc.; duct cleaning equipment, high pressure washers and industrial vacuums, and tube plugs, flexible shafts.


8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 63368
(800) 4AC-HEAT (422-4328); (636) 561-7300 Fax: (636) 561- 7397
Heating and cooling products for residential and light com- mercial industries.

Gibson Heating and Cooling Products

8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 66368 (636) 561-7300 Fax: (636) 561-7397

Heating and cooling products for residential and light com- mercial industries.

Gilsulate International Inc.

P.O. Box 802650, Santa Clarita, CA 91380
(661) 799-3881; (678) 468-1921 Fax: (661) 799-3882
Manufacturer of underground insulation and corrosion protec- tion system, controlled density fill, for piping system and tanks for 35 to 800 degrees F.

Glasfloss Industries Inc., Dallas

400 S. Hall St., Dallas, TX 75226
(214) 741-7056 Fax: (800) 435-8377
Fiberglass and synthetic panel filters; fiberglass and synthetic bulk media and pre-cut pads; pleated filters; carbon filters; bag filters; HEPA filters; auto rolls.

Glass Master Corp.

2420 McIver Ln., #101, Carrollton, TX 75006
(800) 874-9135; (972) 484-5555 Fax: (972) 247-0477
M. Courtney
Fiberglass duct fabrication equipment.

Global Division of Vladmir Ltd.
1608 Universal City Blvd., Universal City, TX 78148 (800) 531-5967 Fax: (800) 336-6890



D. Sirotiak; Alison Lebleu, Sales Mgr.
Replacement components and service accessories for HVACR equipment.

Glocon Inc.

600 Parsippany Rd., Parsippany, NJ 07054 (973) 463-7300 Fax: (973) 463-1670

A. Agarwal, V.P.-Mktg.
Swifter(R) Industrial Fans: 1) Solar Series- hybrid solar- powered HVLS industrial ceiling fan, 2) CTX Series- industrial cooling tower, 3) SW Series- corrosion-resistant HVAC/agricul- ture impeller fans.

Golden Refrigerant

12901 Newburgh Rd., Livonia, MI 48150
(800) 292-6911; (734) 793-1400 Fax: (734) 793-1401
C. Grolle, Pres.; J. Noss, Sales/Mktg.
Full service refrigerant reclamation, recycling, and packaging; VHP, high and low pressure recoveries. Wholesaler refrigerant cylinder exchange programs. refrigerant recovery and eddy current testing services.

Goodman Manufacturing Company LP
5151 San Felipe, Ste. 500, Houston, TX 77056
(713) 861-2500 Fax: (713) 861-0772
Central air conditioning and heating equipment, resi- dential air conditioning and heating systems, indoor air quality products, packaged air conditioning and heating units.


Goodway Technologies Corp.

420 West Ave., Stamford, CT 06902
(203) 359-4708; (800) 333-7467 Fax: (203) 359-9601; (800) 359-9625
T. Kane, Pres.; P. Bozek, V.P.-Engrg./Prod.; Frank Intrieri, V.P.-Sales
Boiler/chiller/condenser tube cleaners, duct cleaners, wet-dry vacuums, drain cleaners, hi-pressure washers, testing instru- ments, cooling tower cleaners and coil cleaners.

Goss Inc.
1511 Rte. 8, Glenshaw, PA 15116
(800) 367-4677 Fax: (412) 486-6844
A manufacturer of soldering brazing, heating, cutting and welding torch equipment and accessories.


Governair LLC

4841 N. Sewell, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 (405) 525-6546 Fax: (405) 528-4724

Governair manufacturers highly customizable direct expansion

air conditioning equipment and industrial air handlers, factory installed unit piping, control and electrical panels.


100 Grainger Pkwy., Lake Forest, IL 60045
(800) 323-0620
W.W. Grainger, Inc. is a leading broad line supplier of facilities maintenance products serving businesses and institutions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, China and Panama. Through a highly integrated network including more than 600 branches, 18 distribution centers and multiple Web sites, Grainger’s employees help customers get the job done.

7777 Winn Rd., Spring Grove, IL 60081
(815) 675-7040
Kristin Grons, Creative Serv. Mgr.; Peter Greisinger, Natl. Sales Mgr.-HVACR; Deb Peterson, V.P.-Mktg.; Laura Glowacki, OEM Sales Mgr.; Gary Koetters, V.P.-Sales; Tony DeCicco, Natl. Sales Mgr.-Electrical/HVACR Canada Grasslin by Intermatic and Intermatic manufacture time based energy controls for the HVACR industry. Products include mechanical, digital and defrost timers, surge protection, hour-meters and vapor tight refrigeration lighting fixtures.


Gray Metal South Inc.

P.O. Box 1126, Dunn, NC 28335 (910) 892-2119 Fax: (910) 892-7053
Tony Evans
Pre-fabricated air duct and fittings.

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions LLC

6 Research Dr., Shelton, CT 06484 (203) 402-0477 Fax: (203) 402-0478

Laura Greene, Territory Sales Mgr.-Export Sales; Kevin Sullo, Territory Sales Mgr.; Randy Nunley, Territory Sales Mgr. GrayWolf manufactures indoor air quality measurement instru- mentation that helps optimize the balance between building energy savings and occupant performance, comfort and health. GrayWolf is dedicated to providing reliable, high qual- ity products backed by top level service and customer support. While devloping innovative environmental instrumentation to meet emerging market needs may be the driver for our sales growth; satisfied customers are the foundation of our sustain- ability and profitability.

Great American Coil

1704 Cherokee Trace, P.O. Box 127, White Oak, TX 75693- 0127
(903) 297-4700 Fax: (903) 297-6800
T. Barber, Purch. Mgr.; B. Ault, Natl. Sales Mgr.; D. Faucheux, Pres.
Heating, cooling and air conditioning coils for the O.E.M. and replacement markets.

Great Lakes Copper Inc.
1010 Clarke Rd., London, ON N5Y 5S6 CANADA
(800) 561-7119 Fax: (519) 455-0128
John Deromdy, Kamco/HVAC Sales Mgr.
A completely integrated facility in that we start with refined copper and convert it into copper tube in a wide range of types and sizes. The products are used in the refrigeration and air conditioning applications, plumb- ing, medical and for a wide number of general industrial uses. Wealso manufacture Coated Copper Tube Products and Line Sets.


MANUFACTURERS ALPHABETIC LISTINGS 85 UL181A and the new UL-181B-FX tapes geared to the HVAC

400 Ross Ave., P.O. Box 410, Schofield, WI 54476
(715) 359-6171 Fax: (715) 355-2399
P. Cotter, Pres.-Global Sales
Fans and ventilators, centrifugal and vane axial fans, dampers, louvers, kitchen ventilation systems, ener- gy recovery ventilators, make-up air, lab exhaust and indoor air handlers.


Greenwood Clean Energy

13429 S.E. 30th St., Ste. A, Bellevue, WA 98005 (425) 522-3326

German Burtscher, CEO/Sales; Michael Kuehner, Pres./Mktg.; Bryan Louviere, Channel Management/Support
A clean-burning, renewable heating solutions manufacturer of high efficiency wood and biomass hydronic heaters for residential and commercial applications.

Gripnail Fastening Systems

97 Dexter Rd., East Providence, RI 02914 (401) 431-1791 Fax: (401) 438-8520

D. Ashton, Pres.; J. Ciambrone, HVAC Sales Mgr.; R. Snyder, Natl. Serv. Mgr.; H. Avila, Sales Admin.
Mechanical and welded duct liner fasteners for 1/2” through 2” insulation, manual and automatic duct liner fastener applica- tion equipment.

Gripple Inc.

1611 Emily Ln., Aurora, IL 60502
(866) 474-7753; (630) 406-0600 Fax: (800) 654-0689; (630) 406-0664
Mike Crowder, V.P.
Gripple cable hanger solutions provide fast, safe, and secure suspension or seismic/sway bracing for all types of services. Ready-to-use kits and multiple end fixings. SMACNA verified.

Griswold Controls

2803 Barranca Pkwy., Irvine, CA 92606 (949) 559-6000 Fax: (949) 559-6088

Automatic flow control valves, manual balancing valves, actuated control valves, pressure independent control valves, actuators, diaphragm valves, and coil piping packages.

Grundfos Pumps Corporation

17100 W. 118th Terr., Olathe, KS 66061 (913) 227-3400 Fax: (913) 227-3506

GTA-NHT Inc., Venture Tape

30 Commerce Rd., P.O. Box 384, Rockland, MA 02370 (781) 331-5900; (800) 343-1076 Fax: (781) 871-0065

C. Bronner, Natl. Sales Mgr.; B. Hommel, HVAC Sales/Prod. Mgr.; E. Sore, Insulation Prod. Sales Mgr.
Complete line of aluminum foil, FSK jacketing systems and

market and jacketing products.

Guntner U.S. LLC

1870 N. Roselle Rd., Ste. 105, Schaumburg, IL 60195 (847) 781-0900 Fax: (847) 781-0901

Ian Runsey, V.P.; J. Miranda, Pres.; Gordon Struder, Natl. Sales Mgr.
A member of Guntner Group, recognized worldwide for qual- ity, advanced innovative designs and precisely engineered heat exchange solutions. We have engineering and manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia and the Americas to serve indus- trial refrigeration, process cooling, and certain commercial refrigeration applications. Visit to view our condensers, fluid coolers, evaporators and other heat exchange products.

Gustafson, Wholesale Division of Lindab Inc.

2600 Airline Blvd., Portsmouth, VA 23701
(757) 488-1144; (866) 757-9414 Fax: (757) 488-4502 or marketing@gustafsonduct. com
Gustafson is a leading spiral duct and fitting manufacturer. Our product line includes conventional air duct systems, as well as self-sealing and high velocity product lines. Gustafson offers a more complete HVAC package by offering registers, access doors, and duct hangers.


H&H Sales Co. Inc.

16339 Lima Rd., P.O. Box 686, Huntertown, IN 46748-0686 (260) 637-3177 Fax: (260) 637-6880 or

John Hawkins, CEO; Phil Randell, Pres.; Rex Yant, Oper. Mgr.; Tom Hiser, Eng.
Service van interiors and custom truck bodies and equipment.

Handy & Harman, Lucas-Milhaupt Inc.

5656 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Cudahy, WI 53110
(800) 521-5490; (414) 769-8824 Fax: (414) 769-8668 or or
R. Herrmann, Cust. Spec.; J. Rosenthal, Dir.-North American Distribution Sales; D. Lohr, Cust. Spec.
Complete line of brazing and soldering alloys and fluxes for HVAC/R manufacturers and contractors.

Hansen Company

922 N.W. Leary Way, Seattle, WA 98107 (800) 782-1235 Fax: (206) 789-6636

G. Hansen; B. Wardell
Signs, tapes, labels and label making equipment.

Harris Products Group

4501 Quality Pl., Mason, OH 45040
(800) 733-4533 Fax: (513) 754-8778
Dave Nangle, Pres.; Ira Bennett, Dir.-Mktg.; Charles Ellis, Dir.- Wholsale Distribution; Greg Langston, V.P.-Sales

Silver brazing alloys and fluxes, soldering alloys and fluxes, welding wire and rod, return bends and preform brazing rings, brazing torches, gas regulation equipment.

Harsco Industrial, Patterson-Kelley

100 Burson St., East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
(877) 728-5351; (570) 421-7500 Fax: (570) 476-7247
Ramez Naguib, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; Stephanie Murphy, Mktg. Mgr.; Ruth Ann Rocchio, Mktg. Coord.; Al Lyon, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Modulating and condensing boilers (natural gas/propane), semi-instantaneous water heaters for commercial and institu- tional markets.


Hart & Cooley Inc.

5030 Corporate Exchange Blvd. S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49512 (800) 433-6341; (616) 676-8318 Fax: (800) 223-8461; (616) 656-6397
Mike Winn, Pres.; Sean Steimle, Sr. V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Registers, grilles, diffusers, chimney, gas vent, special gas vent, chimney liner, flexible duct, duct system components, electronic air cleaners, energy recovery ventilators and zoning.

Hartell Pumps / Milton Roy

201 Ivyland Rd., Ivyland, PA 18974 (215) 322-0730 Fax: (800) 322-5519

L. Haines, Natl. Mgr.; K. Swanson, Cust. Serv.; Coogan Cameron, Prod. Mgr.
Condensate removal pumps, ice machine pumps, sink-drain/ laundry tray pumps.

Hartzell Fan Inc.

910 S. Downing St., P.O. Box 919, Piqua, OH 45356 (937) 773-7411; (800) 336-3267 Fax: (937) 773-8994 or

T. Gustafson, V.P.-Engrg.; T. Moncrief, Materials Mgr.; J. Griec, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.; Patty Eilerman, Mktg. Comm. Mgr.
Industrial fans and blowers, including roof fans, exhaust fans, wall fans, heating equipment, marine duty fans, corrosive duty fans, and OEM fans.

Haydon Corporation

415 Hamburg Tnpk., Wayne, NJ 07470 (973) 904-0800 Fax: (973) 904-0016

Demetrius Pellicier, V.P.-Sales; Steve Goldstein, Sales Mgr.- West; Jim McMahon, Sales Mgr/Prod. Mgr
Manufacturer of domestic hydronic baseboard products. Manufacturer of strut, strut hardware and fasteners associated hardware systems including hangers, straps, insulated clamps, roof top support systems.

Hays Cleveland, Division of UniControl Inc.

1111 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44109 (216) 398-4414 Fax: (216) 398-8558

D. Sung, CEO; H. Herbst, Sales Mgr.-HVAC Mkts.; S. J. Craig, Pres.; K. Koehn, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; C. Rowan, V.P.-Sales- Combustion Mkts.
Combustion control components, systems, panel control cen- ters, indicating instruments, air pressure/flow sensing switches, conversion controllers, paperless recorders, multi-loop control- lers, and digital manometers.

Hays Fluid Controls

114 Eason Rd., P.O. Box 580, Dallas, NC 28034 (704) 922-9565; (800) 354-4297 Fax: (704) 922-9595

HBD/Thermoid Inc., Subsidiary of HBD Industries Inc.

1301 W. Sandusky Ave., Bellefontaine, OH 43311-1082
(800) 543-8070 Fax: (800) 423-4354 or
David Schempp, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.; Ed Bookwalter, Gen. Sales Mgr.; Jim Culp, Aftermarket/Export Sales Mgr.; Fran Corda, Mktg. Mgr.-V-Belts/Timing Belt; David Gossett, Aviation Hose/ Ducting Sales Mgr.; Valarie Smyre, Rubber Band Sales Spec. Manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom-designed conveyor belting, ducting, hose (automotive, aviation, chemi- cal, industrial, marine and petroleum), power transmission belts, rubber bands and rubber roll products.

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Heat Controller Inc.

1900 Wellworth Ave., P.O. Box 1089, Jackson, MI 49204 (517) 787-2100 Fax: (517) 787-9341

D. Peck, Pres./CEO; L. Rasmussen, Exec. V.P.; J. Troke, V.P.- Mktg.; L. Perkins, Adv. Mgr.; M. Delwiche, Sales Dir.-RAC; R. Sycks, Sales Dir.-Cent./Comm.
Heating, air conditioning and dehumidification equipment for residential and commercial applications, 1/2 to 25 tons.

Heat Pipe Technology Inc.

4340 N.E. 49th Ave., Gainesville, FL 32609 (352) 367-0999 Fax: (352) 367-1688

T. Brooke, Pres.; M. Awad, V.P.-Sales; K. Jurgensmeyer, Oper. Dehumidifier heat pipes and heat recovery systems.

Heat Transfer Products Group LLC, Sales Office

2961 Green Fairway Cv., N, Collierville, TN 38017 (901) 861-0080 Fax: (901) 861-0070

Michael Pitoniak, Dir.-Mktg./Sales; Dean Peterson, Advanced Engr. Mgr.; Kyle Wessells, Dir.-Mktg.; Tommy Gaubatz, Exec. V.P.
Unit Coolers- air, electric and hot gas defrost; air cooled condensers, air handlers, condensing units to 100 HPn; rip- ening room units, surface coils-hot water, steam, DX, chill water, refrigeration racks, fluid coolers, specialty heat transfer products.

Heat Transfer Products Group LLC, Plant-Manufacturing

201 Thomas French Dr., Scottsboro, AL 35769
(256) 259-7400 Fax: (256) 259-7474
Dean Peterson, Advanced Engr. Mgr.; Tom Zabel, Purch. Mgr.; Rick Olander, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; Tommy Gaubatz, Exec. V.P. Unit coolers-air, electric, hot gas, air cooled condensers, fluid coolers, condensing units-to 100 HP, air handlers, ripening room units, surface coils-hot water, steam, DX, chill water, refrigeration racks, specialty heat transfer products.

Heat-Timer Corporation

20 New Dutch Ln., Fairfield, NJ 07004
(973) 575-4004 Fax: (973) 575-4052 or
M. T. Pitonyak, Pres.; V. S. Clerico, V.P.-Sales Weather-actuated hot water, reset and steam cycling controls, radiant controls, boiler sequencing controls, DHW temper- ing valves.

Heatco Inc.

50 Heatco Ct., Cartersville, GA 30120
(770) 529-2000 x106; (800) 554-1007 x106 Fax: (770) 529-2005
Gas-fired stainless steel duct heaters.


Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC

2175 W. Park Place Blvd., Stone Mountain, GA 30087 (800) 321-1881 Fax: (770) 465-5990

Unit coolers; air-cooled condensers; condensing units; low- temperature, hot gas and electric defrost equipment; refrigera- tion systems; heat transfer; custom refrigeration rack systems.

Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions, Manufacturer of Heatcraft Coils
P.O. Box 948, Grenada, MS 38902
(662) 229-2000 OEM Products; (800) 225-4328 Commerical Products Fax: (662) 229-2002 OEM; (662) 229-4212 Commercial
Custom design and manufactured plate fin and tube heat exchangers, micro-channel, all aluminum coils, and tubular heat exchangers.

Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions, Commercial Products, Manufacturer of Heatcraft Coils
P.O. Box 1457, Grenada, MS 38902
(800) 225-4328 Fax: (662) 229-4212
Commercial and industrial coils for applications includ- ing fluid heating and cooling, steam, glycol, refrigerant, ammonia, hot oils, brines and tube bundles.

Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions, OEM Products, Manufacturer of Heatcraft Coils
P.O. Box 948, Grenada, MS 38902
(662) 229-2000 Fax: (662) 229-2002
Plate fin and tube heat exchangers, micro-channel, all aluminum coils, and tubular heat exchangers.

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Heatex America

P.O. Box 254, 70 Douglas Way, Natural Bridge Station, VA 24579
(540) 291-4001 Fax: (540) 291-4002
Connie Loughhead, Pres.; Ulf Ambjornson, Sales/Mktg. Mgr.; Austin Smith, Engr.; Marc Gray, Appl. Engr.; Matt Tiller, Appl. Engr.
A world leader when it comes to air-to-air heat exchangers (both plates and wheels) with manufacturing in Sweden, China and USA (Virginia).

Heating & Cooling Products Mfg. Co.

325 Commerce Dr., Mount Vernon, OH 43050
(800) 253-8236 Fax: (740) 392-5352
D. Edwards, Natl. Sales Dir.; D. Smith, Gen. Mgr.
HVAC manufacturer of prefabricated pipe duct and fittings.

Heating Alternatives Inc.

P.O. Box 694, Syossett, NY 11791
(800) 553-9343; (516) 677-0875 Fax: (516) 677-0879
D. Singer, V.P.-Mktg.; R. Gertler, Gen. Mgr.
Reznor waste oil heaters and boilers include our patented flow control pump and on board air compressors.

HeatLink Group Inc.

4603E – 13th St. N.E., Calgary, AB T2E 6M3 CANADA
(800) 661-5332; (403) 250-3432 Fax: (800) 869-6098; (403) 250-1155
Dale Harrison, Canada Natl. Sales Mgr.; Ed VanPutten, NE USA Regl. Sales Mgr.; Wade Peterson, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; Bob Davis, S USA Regl. Sales Mgr.; Warren Brown, NW USA Regl. Sales Mgr.; Jeff Grassy, SW / MW USA Regl. Sales Mgr.
Radiant floor heating, radiant cooling and snow melting. PEX based potable water system.


4714 Winfield Rd., Houston, TX 77039
(281) 590-1172 Fax: (281) 590-3086
S. Nailor, COO; D. Soden, Prod. Mgr.; L. Nailor, Exec. V.P.- Sales/Mktg.; J. Rochester, V.P.-Mktg.; G. Faris, V.P.-Engrg.; C. Piserelle, Dir.-Sales

Heil Heating & Cooling Products, International Comfort Products LLC
650 Heil Quaker Ave., P.O. Box 128, Lewisburg, TN 37091 (931) 270-4222 Fax: (931) 270-4166 or
Charlie Piranian, U.S. Sales Mgr.; Rob Angell, Bus. Devel. Mgr.; JT Holtschlag, Gen. Mgr.
Residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning products, condensing units, furnaces, heat pumps, accessories, 2-25 ton rooftop units.


7930 N. Faulkner Rd., P.O. Box 245017, Milwaukee, WI 53224-9517
(800) 537-1512; (800) 661-2461
T. Tuttle, Dir.-Corp. Mktg.; J. Campion, Pres.; D. Martin, V.P.- Sales; E. Dyer, Dir.-Engrg.
A global manufacturer and supplier of solutions which help connect, manage and identify cable and wire components.

Hendrick Manufacturing Company

1 Seventh Ave., Carbondale, PA 18407 (800) 225-7373 Fax: (570) 282-1506

J. Holeva, Regl. Sales Mgr.; E. Latranyi, Natl. Sales Mgr. Perforated metal for HVAC, acoustical and architectural fab- ricators.

Henry Technologies

655 3rd St., Ste. 100, Beloit, WI 53511
(608) 361-4400 Fax: (608) 361-0263 or
I. Martin, Sales/Mktg.; H. Elmore, Prod. Mgr.
Refrigeration and air conditioning system components and compressor motor protection systems for HVACR.

Henry Technologies Inc.

701 S. Main St., Chatham, IL 62629 (217) 483-2406 Fax: (217) 483-2408

Jim Funk, Natl. Wholesale Sales Mgr.; Scott Rahmel, V.P.-Sales/ Mktg.-Americas; Nate Beckman, Dir.-Sales

HEPA Corporation

3071 E. Coronado St., Anaheim, CA 92806 (714) 630-5700 Fax: (714) 630-2894 or

R. Braman, Pres.; M. Braman, CFO; C. Block, Sales Mgr.; J. Tanaka, Dir.-Mktg.
HEPA and ULPA filters, fan filter units, cleanroom filter ceil- ing systems.



Hercules Chemical Co. Inc.

111 South St., Passaic, NJ 07055-9100 (800) 221-9330 Fax: (800) 333-3456

D. Siegal, Pres.; M. Molina, Mktg./Comm. Coord. Furnace/stove cement, cutting oils, bowl setting gaskets and bolts, solders and fluxes, thread sealants, gaskets and packing; drain and waste system cleaners, putty; epoxy, plastic pipe cements; boiler cleaners and stop leaks, antifreeze, waterless hand cleaners, access doors.

Heresite Protective Coatings LLC

822 S. 14th St., P.O. Box 250, Manitowoc, WI 54220 (920) 684-6646 Fax: (920) 684-0110

Peter Hellman, CEO; Greg Brey, Inside Sales Mgr.; Doug Schmidt, Natl. Sales Mgr.
High bake and air-dry phenolics coatings, air-dry epoxies coatings, urethanes, saekaphen coatings for shell and tube heat exchangers.

Hermetics Inc.
6122 N. 21st St., Philadelphia, PA 19138
(215) 848-9522; (800) 854-6814 Fax: (215) 848-9524
G. Yarrow, Gen. Mgr.; J. Romano, Prod. Mgr.
Air conditioning and refrigeration compressor remanu- facturing, open and semi-hermetic only, from 5 hp.



101 McNeill Rd., Sanford, NC 27330
(919) 775-2201 Fax: (919) 777-6399
Complete line of residential, commercial, and industrial humidification solutions.

Hewlett Packard – Rack and Power Infrastructure Group

11445 Compaq Center Dr. W., MS M0702-703, Houston, TX 77070 (888) 747-7225; (281) 370-0670

Supporting optimal deployment of servers and storage and enabling smarter control over data center power, cooling and access.

Hex Valve, Div. of Richards Industries

3170 Wasson Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45209
(800) 543-7311; (513) 533-5600 Fax: (513) 871-0105
Kyndle McMurry, Mktg. Mgr.; Wade Brandon, Prod. Mgr. Instrumentation and gauge valves, manifold valves.

HI TecMetal Group

1101 E. 55th St., Cleveland, OH 44103 (216) 881-8100 Fax: (216) 426-6690

Designers and manufacturers of brazed metal assemblies. Pioneers and specialists in the field of metal joining.

Hi-Mill Mfg. Co.

1704 E. Highland Rd., Highland, MI 48356
(248) 887-4191 Fax: (248) 887-4308
Refrigeration driers, accumulators and strainers, and all types of tubular fabrication (bend, bifurcate, braze, cut, pierce).

Hi-Tech Blowers Inc.

525 Northern Blvd., Great Neck, NY 11021 (516) 829-6633 Fax: (516) 829-0144
A. Sheffy; A. O’Neil
Leading global manufacturer of strip, tablock and crossflow blower wheels and housings; fan blades.

Highside Chemicals Inc.

11114 Reichhold Rd., Gulfport, MS 39503
(228) 896-9220; (800) 359-5599 Fax: (228) 896-9544; (800) 647-8844
S. E. Post, V.P.; W. Dyle, Mktg.
Manufacturer of chemical products for the maintenance installation and repair of refrigeration, air-conditioning and plumbing systems.

Hioki USA Corporation

6 Corporate Dr., Canbury, NJ 08512 (609) 409-9109 Fax: (609) 409-9108

Manny Fernandes
Products include recorders, voctape, current and insulation measurement electrical testers. Dataloggers, PQA and meters are also available.

HK Metalcraft Manufacturing Corporation

35 Industrial Rd., Lodi, NJ 07644
(201) 471-7770 Fax: (201) 471-9666
R. Hopp, Pres.; Brian Bishop, Dir.-Sales/Mktg. Fasteners, washers, gaskets, stampings.

HMA Consulting Inc.

5177 Richmond Ave., Ste. 640, Houston, TX 77056 (832) 242-1600 Fax: (832) 242-1604

Hoffman Controls Corp.

2463 Merrell Rd., Dallas, TX 75229
(972) 243-7425 Fax: (972) 247-8674
Ron Townsend, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Howard Byrnes, Pres./CEO Industrial, commercial, residential, HVACR general and special purpose electronic controls, variable speed drives, motor protection, sequencers, step controllers, SCR’s, VAV systems.

Hole Pro – Blue Boar
7474 Leafwood Dr., Prunedale, CA 93907
(831) 663-1100 Fax: (831) 621-0520
B. Stenman
High performance hole cutters (1/2” to 17” diameters), dust shields and vacuum adapters. Cut stainless, plaster, sheetrock, brick, concrete, plywood, cement board, FRP/ fiberglass, MDF, OSB, hardwoods.


Honeywell Environmental and Combustion Controls

1985 Douglas Dr., Golden Valley, MN 55422 (763) 954-4917 Fax: (763) 954-4421

Honeywell, Genesis Series Cable

7701 95th St., Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158 (800) 222-0060 Fax: (262) 947-0724

Offers a full range of thermostat and electronic low voltage wire available for general purpose or plenum applications.


Honeywell, Genetron Refrigerants
101 Columbia Rd., Morristown, NJ 07962
(800) 631-8138 Fax: (973) 455-6395 or Developer and manufacturer of HFC and HCFC refriger- ants, R-22 alternative Genetron Performax LT, reclaim services, OEM R-410A conversion services, supermarket conversion support.


Hoshizaki America Inc.

618 Hwy. 74 S., Peachtree City, GA 30269 (800) 438-6087 Fax: (800) 345-1325

C. Davis, Exec. V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; D. Moore, Dir.-Tech. Support Commercial ice makers including flakers, cubers, hotel/motel dispensers, counter top dispensers, ice storage bins, beverage dispensers, reach-in refrigerators, reach-in freezers.

Hotwatt Inc.

128 Maple St., Danvers, MA 01923 (978) 777-0070 Fax: (978) 774-2409

W. C. Lee, Pres.; S. S. Sayward, V.P.
Crankcase, cartridge, air process, immersion, strip and finned strip, tubular and finned tubular, band, foil, flexible glasrope and ceramic heaters for a wide variety of OEM and industrial applications.

Howden Compressors Inc.

1850 N. Gravers Rd., Ste. 200, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 (610) 313-9800 Fax: (610) 313-9215 or service@howdencompres- or
Lee Evans, Field Serv. Mgr.; Doug Szandrocha, Appl./Proposal Mgr.; Tom Hoopes, Dir.-Sales; Kurt Wismer, Inside Sales-Parts; Chuck Bauer, Appl. Engr.; Tom Widener, Aftermarket Mgr. Most comprehensive range of screw compressors available for virtually any refrigeration or gas compression requirement, and maintains a large inventory of compressors and parts.

Howe Corp.

1650 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60642 (773) 235-0200 Fax: (773) 235-1530

M. Howe; J. Mackowiak; Andrew Ortman, V.P.-Sales/Mktg. Compressors, condensers, coils, heat exchangers, ice flakers, pressure vessels.

Howe Precision Industrial Inc.

238 Oakwood Rd., Lake Zurich, IL 60047 (847) 550-6008 Fax: (847) 550-6030

We are the manufacturer of mechanical and digital ther- mometers, pressure gauges and accessories, and temperature controllers. Our products are broadly applied in HVAC and foodservice industry. Howe Precision Industrial Inc. is located in Chicago area, lllinois USA. With the rich experience in gauge and thermometer industry, we are committed to deliver the best performance and affordable excellence.

HP Products Corporation
5 Ardis Ln., Plainview, NY 11803
(516) 605-1111 Fax: (516) 605-1112
H. Pearlman, Pres.; L. Masiakos, V.P.-Admin.; J. Marder, V.P.-Sales

Air conditioners, boilers, capacitors, chillers, com- pressors, condensers, coolers, fans, furnaces, heaters, pumps, recorders, refrigerant equipment, refrigerators, thermometers.


HPE Extrusions Solutions

20 N. Front St., Ste. 1, Bally, PA 19503 (610) 845-9111 Fax: (610) 845-9113

Tony Madison, Pres.
Manufacturer of plastic extrusions and co-extrusions, utilizing both traditional and advanced resins; products include pipe, tubing and complex profiles.

HTP Inc.

120 Braley Rd., East Freetown, MA 02717-0429 (508) 763-8071 Fax: (508) 763-3769

Todd Romig, Sales/Mktg. V.P.; J. Sawyer, Techl. Training Mgr.; D. Martin, Pres.

Hubbell Electric Heater Co.

45 Seymour St., P.O. Box 288, Stratford, CT 06615 (203) 378-2659 Fax: (203) 378-3593 or S. B. Clarke, Natl. Sales Mgr.

Hubbell has been manufacturing water heating equipment since 1920 and is involved solely in heated water applications, with all production based in the Stratford, CT USA plant.

Hudson Technologies, Corporate Offices

One Blue Hill Plz., 14th Flr., Pearl River, NY 10965 (800) 953-2244 Fax: (845) 512-6070

Account Managers by State, See Web Site
Hudson provides Refrigerants and Refrigerant-Side services that improve the performance of large comfort cooling and process refrigeration systems, saving energy, restoring lost capacity, and extending equipment life. The recover and reclaim services can be On Site or Off Site reclamation. National network of warehouses for Refrigerants, Recovery/ Storage Cylinder distrubuition. Reclaimation & Disposal for a varity of Refrigerants, Used Refrigerant purchase program, Analytical Services. For Regional Account Managers please reference

Humid-Aire Div., Adams Manufacturing

9790 Midwest Ave., Cleveland, OH 44125
(216) 587-6801 Fax: (216) 587-6807
M. Schonberger, Pres.; J. Dubasak, Sales Mgr.
Humidification products for commercial and industrial and residential applications.

Humidity Source LLC

90 Dayton Ave., Bldg. 1-D, Ste. 58, Passaic, NJ 07055 (973) 916-1001 Fax: (973) 916-0770

H. Gartland; B. Munson
Atomizers, steam generators, ultrasonic compressed air noz- zles, test lab, computer room and printing humidifiers, high pressure misters, reverse osmosis demineralizers.

Huntsman Corporation

10003 Woodloch Forest Dr., The Woodlands, TX 77380 (281) 719-4303 Fax: (281) 719-4953

J. Eyeington, Bus. Mgr.; E. Oldham, Supv. S&OP
Glycol based heat transfer fluids. Inhibitied ethylene and propylene glycol.


Hurst Boiler & Welding Co. Inc.
P.O. Drawer 530, 100 Boilermaker Ln., Coolidge, GA 31738-0530
(229) 346-3545 Fax: (229) 346-3874
R. Peirce, Natl. Sales Mgr.; J. Hurst, Dir.-Mktg.
Hurst Boiler and Welding Company is a 42-year leader in the packaged steam and hot water boiler industry. Family founded, owned and operated with innovation as the driving force, this commitment has positioned Hurst as the “More Models, More Choices, More Solutions” source for complete boiler service and sales. Fuel models range for: gas, oil, syn-gas, bio-diesel, coal, and biomass, along with a diverse selection of alternative fuels.


Hussmann Corp.

12999 St. Charles Rock, Bridgeton, MO 63044 (314) 291-2000 Fax: (314) 298-4756

S. Hagler
Hussmann manufactures and sells refrigerated display cases, refrigeration systems, self-contained display cases, specialty display cases and aftermarket parts. It also provides installa- tion and service.


8701 Cutlass Dr., Hudson, FL 34667
(727) 862-7309; (877) HVA-COVR (482-2687) Fax: (727) 862-7750
Manufacture of Custom made air conditioner covers, custom made pool heater covers for the non-season winter use, any make, any model number. Choice of custom colors.

HVAC Machine

607 S. Wabash Rd., North Manchester, IN 46962
(260) 497-0908; (260) 414-1799 Fax: (260) 459-7438 or
Special machinery for condenser and evaporator coil produc- tion and re-building machinery.

HVAC System Care
12915 Telegraph Rd., Unit C, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 (562) 916-5501 Fax: (562) 944-4979
M. Williams, Appl. Engr.; A. Sanchez, Cust. Serv.
Coil coatings and coil maintenance products.

Hydra-Zorb Co.
2450 Commercial Dr., Auburn Hills, MI 48326 (248) 373-5151; (888) 456-0672 Fax: (248) 373-0711
R. Dodge; B. Krause
Pipe and tube cushion clamps. Tube and pipe fittings.

SEE OUR ADS ON PAGES 239, 338, 393

Hydro Aluminum Precision Tubing

100 Gus Hipp Blvd., Rockledge, FL 32955
(321) 638-1166 Fax: (321) 632-1486
John MacDonald, Sales Mgr.; Jeff Insalaco, Prod. Devel. Engr.; Richard Jorgensen, Appl./Devel. Mgr.

Hydro aluminum precision tubing is a global supplier of alu- minum heat exchanger and fluid line tubing.

Hydro-Balance Corp.

P.O. Box 1318, Lewisville, TX 75067
(800) 527-5166; (972) 394-9422 Fax: (972) 394-6755
Robert Clarke
Coil cleaners lubricants coatings I.A.Q.

Hydro-Temp Corporation

P.O. Box 566, Pocahontas, AR 72455
(501) 892-8343 Fax: (501) 892-8323
M. Jones, Pres.; S. Hudson, V.P.; H. Gross, Dir.-Engrg.; Ron Johnson, Purch.

Earth coupled heat pumps, water-to-water heat pumps, dehu- midifiers. Make up air vents 100% O/A units.

Hydronic Components Inc. (HCi), Jomar Group, Evo Solar, Jomar Automation
7243 Miller Dr., Ste. 200, Warren, MI 48092
(800) 313-4822 Fax: (866) 340-0991 or or
Mike Buysse, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Mark Waligora, Oper. Mgr.-Sales Hydronic accessories including isolation valves, strainers, hose kits, manual and automatic circuit balancing valves, pressure independent control valves, unions and pressure/temperature readout posts.

Hydrotherm, A Mestek Co.

260 N. Elm St., Westfield, MA 01085
(413) 564-5515 Fax: (413) 568-9613
George Carney, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Commerical and residential condensing cast iron boilers.

Hypervac Technologies

Box 1952, Lethbridge, AB T1J4K5 CANADA (403) 315-5777 or Jim Thomson, Pres.

Duct cleaning equipment manufacturer, shipping through out North America.



4755 E. Philadelphia St., Ontario, CA 91761
(909) 472-4100; (800) 854-2766 Fax: (909) 472-4246
Charles Gross, Dir.-Global Sales; Tony Zhou, Mgr.-Electrical Lab; Donna Estrada, Dir.-Client Serv./Admin.; Karen Snowden, Global Sales/Cust. Serv. Admin.; Hugo Aguilar, Mechanical Code Devel. Admin.; Dwight Perkins, Sr. Dir.-Field Operations Publishers of IAPMO/ANSI UMC-1 2009 Uniform Mechanical Code, 2009 UMC Illustrated Training Manual, 2009 Uniform Solar Energy Code. Test and third party certification of mechanical products.

Ice Air LLC

80 Hartford Ave., Mount Vernon, NY 10553
(914) 668-4700; (877) 423-2411 Fax: (914) 668-5643
Ann Trotta, Sales Exec.; Tom Glass, Sr. Sales Exec.
Leading manufacturer of packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps, water source heat pumps, fan coil units.


MANUFACTURERS ALPHABETIC LISTINGS 91 then leverage that information to promote operational excel-

11100 E. 45th Ave., Denver, CO 80239
(303) 371-3737 Fax: (303) 371-6296 or tech.service@iceomatic. com
Keith Kelly, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Commercial ice cube makers, flake ice machines, combination ice makers/drink dispensers, ice maker/ice dispenser, ice stor- age bins, and water filtration systems.

ICM Controls

7313 William Barry Blvd., North Syracuse, NY 13212 (315) 233-5266 Fax: (315) 233-5276

Kevin Jobsky, Dir.-Mktg.; John Poulos, West Regl. Sales Mgr.; Pete Lingurovski, Dir.-OEM Sales; Buddy LeBlanc, Southeast Regl. Sales Mgr.; Pete Pierret, East Regl. Sales Mgr.; Keith Clark, Central Regl. Sales Mgr.

Solid state controls, time delays, anti-short cycle timers, head pressure controls, motor-speed controls, phase monitors, single and 3-phase voltage monitors, furnace controls and igni- tion controls, electric heat boards, fan blower controls, lead-lag controls, thermostats.

ICOR International Inc.

P.O. Box 36626, 10640 E. 59th St., Indianapolis, IN 46236 (800) 497-6805; (317) 826-3200; (866) 433-TECH (TECH 2 TECH) Fax: (317) 826-3214
G. L. McKinney; S. Williams
Refrigerant replacement of R-12, R-502, R-22(LT), R-507A, R-404A, R-402A, R-402B, R-408A, R-134a, R-500; EPA approved R-407C, R-410A, ACR chemicals.

Ideal (VS) Ltd.

Ste. 151, 100 Ryders Ln., Mill Town, NJ 08850
(732) 246-0337 Fax: (732) 246-0523
Aluminum and grey duct tapes, adhesives, gaskets, flexible ducts, fiberglass/rubber insulation.

Ideal Tape Co. Inc.

1400 Middlesex St., Lowell, MA 01851
(800) 229-9148 Fax: (800) 897-8273
A leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive tapes for HVAC and thermal insulation systems.

Idemitsu Lubricants America Corporation
2000 Town Ctr., Ste. 1450, Southfield, MI 48075
(248) 455-1456; (248) 455-1467 Fax: (248) 355-9337 or
Eric Schweim, Mgr.-Refrigeration Products; Tony Kosicki, Sales/Mktg. Spec.
Established in 1911, Idemitsu is a global producer and distributor of a wide range of lubricants, including PVE refrigeration oil.


Igniter Systems Inc.

P.O. Box 390, 12600 Clarence Center Rd., Akron, NY 14001 (716) 542-5511 Fax: (716) 542-2100

J. Davis, Pres.; M. Cataffo, Gen. Mgr.
Silicon carbide hot surface igniters (120 and 230 volt AGA list- ed) for gas ignition dryers, furnaces, range ovens, and heaters.

IHS, EHS & Sustainability

15 Inverness Way E., Englewood, CO 80012
(800) 289-6116; (503) 303-6544 Fax: (503) 635-3824 aspx?ocid=ehss-directories:environment:website:0001
Trish Jones, Sales
IHS has been helping organizations achieve their ESM goals for decades with the most deployed EHS and Sustainability solu- tions on the market. Our ability to provide the information you need to comply with regulations, standards and policies and

lence helps transform business risk into opportunity.

Ikeuchi USA Inc.

8110 Beckett Center Dr., West Chester, OH 45069 (513) 942-3060 Fax: (513) 942-3064

D. Ishii, Mgr.
We are industrial humidification system manufacturer. Our AKIMist “E” can create very small droplet called DRYDOG with large volume for print, electronics, automotive, textile or other industries.


30333 Emerald Valley Pkwy., Glenwillow, OH 44139 (888) 467-8665 Fax: (800) 527-6383

Bob Trainor, Sales Dir.-Eastern US/Canada; Trent Rhoads, Sales Dir.-Western US/Canada, Intl.
Professional tube working tools for cutting, bending, and flaring metal and non-metal tubing; refrigeration and air- conditioning service tools.


1135 W. 6th St., Ste. 140, Austin, TX 78703 (512) 327-2020 Fax: (512) 401-3394 or

Jeff Smith, Dir.-Mktg.; Jeff Otto, Dir.-Sales Solutions
Advanced wireless, affordable energy management HVAC retrofit solutions for commercial buildings offer complete monitoring, command and control, 15-30% energy reductions.


425 Hanley Industrial Ct., Saint Louis, MO 63144 (314) 644-4300 Fax: (314) 644-5332

S. Lincks, Mgr.-Prod. Devel.; J. Eulich, Pres.; K. Healy, Dir.- Sales/Mktg.; G. Pallme, Western Sales Mgr.; R. Holmes, Eastern Sales Mgr.; J. Harrington, Purch. Mgr.; R. Maibes, Central Sales Mgr.

Electric heating elements, equipment and electronic controls for the industrial, commercial, space and marine heating mar- kets in the U.S. and abroad.

INDEECO Controls, Division of INDEECO

425 Hanley Industrial Ct., Saint Louis, MO 63144 (314) 644-4300 Fax: (314) 644-5332

Controls for electric heaters and boilers, SCR power controls, step controls, custom electronic controls.

Independent Controls Specialists Inc., (ICS)

123 Wootten Way N., Markham, ON L3P 4C5 CANADA (905) 472-9203 Fax: (905) 472-6424 or

A. P. DeWachter; M. P. DeWachter
Installed-cost estimating, design/submittal preparation and material ordering software for building automation and controls industry contractors. Annual service agreement cost estimating for controls, mechanical, security, life safety con- tractors.

Indoor Environment Communications

12339 Carroll Ave., Rockville, MD 20852 (301) 230-9606 Fax: (301) 230-9631

Indoor Environmental Solutions Inc.

1511 Upland Dr., Ste. 103, Houston, TX 77043 (713) 266-1129 Fax: (713) 266-1586

Air duct cleaning equipment, including collectors, auger units, manual brushes, compressors with accessories, video inspec- tion and robotic equipment.

Indoor Environmental Systems Inc.

924 W. Chatham St., Cary, NC 27511


(919) 234-9802 Fax: (919) 462-0624 or or Steve McLeod, Pres.
Indoor air quality products and services.

Indus International

B-53, Indus House, 6th flr., opp Monginis, New Link Rd., Andheri (W), Mumbai, 400053 INDIA
+91-22-4031-1000; +91-22-4031-1001 Fax: +91-22-2673-6760 or

Nihar Ruia, Dir.; Pranali Mhatre, Mgr.Cust. Relations; Tushar Ruia, Managing Dir.
Manufacturers of coils, evaporators, condensers, combi coils, hot and chilled water coils, heaters, dry coolers, air cooled condensers, condensing units, copper connecting lines and manifolds, sheet metal components, air purification systems using chemical media, auto/mobile HVAC systems and com- ponents. Factories in Dubai and India and Warehouses in USA, Italy, France, Germany, UK etc.

Industrial Chimney Co.

400 J.F. Kennedy, Saint Jerome, QC J7Y 4B7 CANADA (514) 565-6336 Fax: (514) 565-6519 or

R. Bonar, V.P.; Daniel Bonar, Sales Rep.
Chimneys, pipe and fittings, gas vents, pressure stacks, high efficiency fireplaces.

Industrial Combustion LLC

351 21st St., Monroe, WI 53566
(608) 329-3141 Fax: (608) 325-4379
Mark Decker, Global Sales Mgr.; Dan Benway, Sales Rep.
A leading manufacturer of burners designed for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Our burners are developed to deliver an impressive return on investment.

Industrial Maid

351 S. 12th Rd., Cortland, NE 68331
(402) 798-7116; (877) 624-3247 Fax: (402) 798-7117
Premier manufacturer of air purification systems to fit virtually any industrial application or budget. With more than 40 years of experience in industrial air filtration, our experts have the knowledge and expertise you rely on to do the job right.

Innovair Corporation

11490 N.W. 39th St., Ste. 102, Miami, FL 33178 (305) 463-9998 Fax: (305) 463-9161

J. Gomez, Pres.; M. Gomez, Controller; E. Garcia, Purch. Mgr. Air conditioning units and accessories.

Innovative Energy Inc.

10653 W. 181st Ave., Lowell, IN 46356 (219) 696-3639 Fax: (219) 696-5220

Joe Dewes, Exec. Dir.-Comml. Div.
For more than three decades, Innovative Energy (I.E.) has been a leader in delivering high-performance reflective insu- lation products to a growing market of energy-conserving industries.

Innovative Moving Systems/LECTRO-TRUCK, IMS Inc.

310 S. 10th St., P.O. Box 700169, Oostburg, WI 53070-0169 (920) 564-6272; (800) 564-6272 Fax: (920) 564-2322 or or

Kevin Peters, Pres.
American made battery powered stair climbing hand truck. Users prefer the LTA6512E model – 1500 lb lift capacity – maxi- mum lift height – 41 inches.

Innovative Sensor Technology, USA

4055 S. Spencer, #100, Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 894-9891

Matt Lucchetti, Sales Engr.
An international manufacturer of thin-film sensing devices; RTD temperature sensors, capacitive relative humidity sensors, and thermal mass flow sensors. Established in 1991, IST is an ISO 9001 certified company and is headquartered in Wattwil, Switzerland, with an office in the USA.

Innovative Solutions LLC

60 Great Hill Rd., Naugatuck, CT 06770 (203) 729-6434 Fax: (203) 729-6696

Pat Semplice, Sales Supv.
Innovative Solutions is a leading manufacturer of liquid level sensors. Specializing in electronic and buoyancy based prod- ucts for the HVAC industry.

Inova Products Inc.

P.O. Box 3506, Tualatin, OR 97062 (503) 885-1015 Fax: (503) 885-1015

D. Lacy, Gen. Mgr.
Manufacture of Wireless Zoning – The Activent.

Instant Pierce Inc.

P.O. Box 871, Lakeville, MN 55044
(651) 454-9215; (800) 358-6563 Fax: (651) 454-8345
T. Zeien; R. Rahn
Tool designed to tap into 3/16” to 1” refrigerant lines for recovery of CFC’s.

Insulation Solutions Inc.

401 Truck Haven Rd., East Peoria, IL 61611
(309) 698-0062 Fax: (309) 698-0065
Manufacturers of cutting-edge insulation and building products for the HVAC industry.


Two Technology Pl., East (315) 434-1100 Fax: (315)

Syracuse, NY 13057-9714 437-3803

Becky Firman, Prod. Mgr.
Service tools for the HVAC&R service person, including refrig- erant and combustible gas leak detectors, refrigerant charg- ing scale, refrigerant recovery machine, vacuum pump, and manifold gauge sets.

Infitec Inc.

P.O. Box 2956, Syracuse, NY 13220 (800) 334-0837 Fax: (315) 433-1521

D. Lawrie, V.P.-Sales; G. Ehegartner, Sr. Secy./Treas./Pres; J. Charles, C.P.A.; G. Ehegartner Jr., Res./Devel.
Solid state industrial controls, all types of timing controls, speed controls, current sensors, custom controls and wiring harnesses.

Innotech Control Systems

6 McKechnie Dr., Eight Miles Plains, Brisbane, QLD, 4112, 4113 AUSTRALIA
61-7-3841-1388 Fax: 61-7-3841-1644
Paul A O’Connor, Intl. Sales Mgr.
Specializes in the design and manufacture of environmental control systems. Innotech’s range of products is available world-wide.


Insulation Specialties of America Inc.

P.O. Box 10, Wanatah, IN 46390
(219) 733-2502 Fax: (219) 733-2300
R. C. Searle; M. Misch
Vacuum formed ceramic fiber boards and shapes.

Intac International

P.O. Box 446, Burlington, MA 01803-0746 (800) 724-7899 Fax: (781) 272-7030

Intac International Inc. is the publisher of Wintac, the all-in- one business management software for HVAC contractors.

INTEC Controls, A Wilson Mohr Company
9730 Distribution Ave., San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 578-7887 Fax: (858) 578-4633 or

Mike Adleman, Gen. Mgr.; C. A. Gulotta, V.P.
Gas sensors and detection systems, valves, damper actua- tors, sensors (IAQ, temperature, humidity, pressure, current), stats and interface devices for HVAC controls.

SEE OUR ADS ON PAGES 271, 274, 279, 330, 363, 373, 403

InteliCAD Software

1801 Arctic Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716 (631) 563-7234 Fax: (631) 563-7239

HVAC drafting software.

Intellidyne LLC

303 Sunnyside Blvd., Ste. 75, Plainview, NY 11803-1597 (866) 216-0777; (516) 676-0777 Fax: (516) 676-2640

M. Ruff, COO/S.V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; J. Hammer, CEO/CTO; Liza Ruff, Mktg. Mgr.
Energy economizers/indoor reset controls for heating, air con- ditioning and refrigeration systems.

Interlink by Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC

2175 W. Park Place Blvd., Stone Mountain, GA 30087 (800) 321-1881 Fax: (770) 465-5990

Commercial refrigeration parts.

International Comfort Products LLC

650 Heil Quaker Ave., P.O. Box 128, Lewisburg, TN 37091 (931) 270-4222 Fax: (931) 270-4166
Charlie Piranian, U.S. Sales Mgr.; Rob Angell, Bus. Devel. Mgr.; JT Holtschlag, Gen. Mgr.

Manufacturer of residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning products, condensing units, furnaces, heat pumps accessories, 2-25 tons rooftop units.

International Compressor Remanufacturers Association

6501 Robertson Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 78415 (361) 851-9900 Fax: (361) 851-9908
The ICRA is an association dedicated to promoting good stan- dards of quality remanufacturing, ethical business practice and in providing education and training to its members for their benefit and to the air-conditioning and refrigeration service industry at large.

International Environmental Corporation (IEC), LSB Industries Inc.
P.O. Box 2598, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-2598
(405) 605-5000 Fax: (405) 605-5001
Hydronic system fan coils, air comfort systems, and DX systems.

Intertek ETL

3933 U.S. Rte. 11, Cortland, NY 13045
(607) 758-6431; (800) 345-3851 Fax: (607) 330-8009
Teresa Peck, Sales Lead; T. Corcoran, Dir.; R. Hill, Sales Engr. Air conditioner, heat pump, chiller, coil, air-to-air, boiler, furnace performance, acoustical and safety testing services to AHRI, ASHRAE, ISO, DOE, UL, ANSI, CSA and other national/ international standards and regulations. Nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) providing access to product safety certification services around the world.

Intertherm Manufactured Home Products

8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 66368 (636) 561-7300 Fax: (636) 561-7397

Heating, cooling and ventilating products designed for the manufactured housing industry.

Iowa Precision Industries, Of Mestek Inc.

5480 Sixth St. S.W., Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 (319) 364-9181 Fax: (319) 364-3436

Richard Burkart, V.P.-Sales/Admin. Metal processing systems.

Iron Fireman

551 S. County Line Rd., Franklin Park, IL 60131 (630) 694-5500 Fax: (630) 694-2230
M. Dupuis, Sales Mgr.; M. Comer, Prod. Mgr. Power burners, commercial and industrial.


22 Research Way, East Setauket, NY 11733
(800) 866-2759; (631) 471-2900 Fax: (631) 471-2913 or
Manufacturer of through-the-wall replacement air conditioners and heat pumps, including PTACs, water source heat pumps and gas units.

Iso Panel

8080 W. 26th Ct., Hialeah, FL 33016
(800) 447-2072; (305) 828-4147 Fax: (305) 828-0977 or
J. Grave de Peralta, Credit; D. Mijares, V.P.; L. Martinez, Sales; M. Mijares, Pres.
Walk-in coolers and freezers constructed of solid core insula- tion, with metal skin, tongue and groove assembly. We meet all new federal regulations!

Isotherm Inc.

7401 Commercial Blvd. E., Arlington, TX 76001 (817) 472-9922 Fax: (817) 472-5878

Z. Ayub, Pres.; A. Faisal, Plant Mgr.; Waheed RAZA, Sales/ Mktg. Engr.
Manufacturer of heat exchangers, chillers, and pressure vessels per ASME, PED, DNV, API, CRN Code. Pioneers in enhanced heat transfer for natural refrigerants



Europark Oost 24, Sint-Niklaas, B-9100 BELGIUM 32-3-766-0202 Fax: 32-3-766-1067

Dirk Maes, Techl. Dir.
Refrigeration tools and accessories, recovery and charging equip- ment, testing equipment, valves, fittings, system components.

ITW Devcon

30 Endicott St., Danvers, MA 01923
(800) 933-8266; (978) 777-1100 Fax: (978) 774-0516 or
Jessica Desrochers, Indl. Mktg. Mgr.
Adhesives and sealants for OEM assembly and machinery repair. Products include high-strength epoxies, methacrylates, anaerobics, and coatings that protect against abrasion, corro- sion, and chemical attack.

IVR Valvole a Stera Spa

Via Brughiera III, No. 1, Loc Piano Rosa, 28010 Boca (NO), ITALY
39-0322-888810 Fax: 39-0322-888892
Gianmarco Micheloni, Export Area Mgr.; Cinzia Boarin, Cust. Serv. We develop and manufacture complete hydronic solutions, heating and cooling radian panels and a wide range of valves for water and gas.


Jackson Systems LLC
5418 Elmwood Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46203
(888) 652-9663 (toll-free) Fax: (317) 227-1034
R. E. Jackson, Pres.; T. W. Jackson, CEO; J. A. Jackson, V.P.- Comm. Systems; K. M. Wessling, Dir.-Sales
Zone control systems for residential and commercial applications, motorized dampers, thermostats, and com- merical controls.


Jacobi Carbons Inc.

432 McCormick Blvd., Columbus, OH 43213
(614) 864-8100; (215) 546-3900 Fax: (614) 864-9914; (614) 864-9512 or or
Isaac Post, Eastern Regl. Mgr.; Alicia Bordes, Southern Regl. Mgr.; Matt Potok, Central Regl. Mgr.; Mike Smith, Municipality/ Proj. Mgr.; Curt Larson, Sales Acct. Mgr.-Latin America; Woody Reinhart, Sales Acct. Mgr.; Rae Marie Harber, Sales Acct. Mgr.; Becky Sexton, Sales Acct. Mgr.; Joe Leslie, Sales Acct. Mgr. Activated carbon products tailored to suit customer’s specifica- tions, packaging and delivery needs. Coconut, wood, and coal based carbons for air and water filtration and purification.

Jamison Door Co.

P.O. Box 70, Hagerstown, MD 21741
(800) 532-3667; (301) 733-3100 Fax: (240) 329-5155
J. T. Williams; T. E. Johnson; C. L. Berry; D. A. Clark; G. R. Lloyd Cold storage doors.

Jason Industrial Inc.

P.O. Box 87288, Carol Stream, IL 60188 (630) 752-0600 Fax: (630) 752-0680

C. Roozen, Dir.-HVAC Dir. V-belting, sheaves and pulleys.

JAVAC Pty Ltd.

54 Rushdale St., Knoxfield Victoria, 3180 AUSTRALIA (613) 9763-7633 Fax: (613) 9763-2756 or

A. F. Davies, Managing Dir.; Rita Hughes, Mktg. Comm.
High vacuum pumps, single stage and double stage 40-330 l/ min., refrigerant recovery, recycle and charging machines for domestic, commercial and automotive applications, production line refrigerant filling machines.

JB Industries Inc.

601 N. Farnsworth Ave., P.O. Box 1180, Aurora, IL 60507 (630) 851-9444 Fax: (630) 851-9448 or

J. Cherif, Pres.; O. Lopez, Sales Mgr.; R. Hill Jr., V.P.; S. Roti, Sales Mgr.; D. Madden, Dir.-Engrg.; J. Rosser, Mktg. Dir. Vacuum pumps, manifolds, digital tools, refrigerant scales, charging hoses, access valves, leak detectors, refrigeration valves, capillary tube, brass fittings, and service tools.

Jenny Products Inc.

850 N. Pleasant Ave., Somerset, PA 15501
(814) 445-3400 Fax: (814) 445-2280 or
D. Leiss, V.P.; H. Brougher, Office Mgr.; R. Layton, Prod. Mgr. Steam cleaners, pressure washers, cleaning compounds, ventilation equipment, and piston and rotary air compressors.

JerryRig LLC

1311 Armory Rd., Salina, KS 67401 (785) 826-6991 Fax: (785) 825-5271

Jerry Callabresi
Temporary handles for moving objects up and down stairs.

JMF Company, Headquarters

2735-62nd St. Ct., P.O. Box 868, Bettendorf, IA 52722 (563) 332-9200 Fax: (563) 332-2214

M. F. Hansen, Pres./CEO; Gary Ohstrom, JMF Sales Mgr.- HVAC Line sets, copper tube, fittings (copper, brass, malleable, nipples, etc.), valves (gas, ball, plumbing), gas/water connec- tors, and major appliance installation kits.

John M. Winslow Co.

27496 Whitcomb, Livonia, MI 48154
(734) 525-1470 Fax: (734) 525-2267
J. M. Winslow, Pres.; H. Winslow, Sales Mgr.
Canvas tool carrying roll, electronic leak detector, plastic elec- trical tape, oilers, tool boxes, gasket material, wiretruck stock baskets, hand tools.

Johns Manville Corporation

717 17th St., Denver, CO 80202 (800) 654-3103

Tanya Bradby, Portfolio Leader Air Handling; Eric Adamczyk, Prod. Devel. Mgr.-Air Handling
JM supports Architects, Engineers and Contractors with pro- ductivity and performance-enhancing mechanical fiber glass products, including duct, pipe, and building insulations.

Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.

5520 McDermott Dr., Berkeley, IL 60163-1203 (708) 449-7050 Fax: (708) 449-0042

D. Ebbinghaus, Sales; J. Cichowski, Sales
Rolled formed metal products: filter frames, rings, clamps, channels, panels, reflectors, mouldings. Tubing: open seam, split seam, finned and flanged seam, lock seam. Prefinished.

Johnson Controls Inc., Building Efficiency

P.O. Box 423, Milwaukee, WI 53201 (414) 524-4000 Fax: (414) 347-0221

HVAC controls and equipment, energy management systems,


building automation, fire management, chillers, refrigeration controls, access controls, dampers, valves and actuators.

Johnson Mfg. Co.

114 Lost Grove Rd., P.O. Box 96, Princeton, IA 52768 (563) 289-5123; (800) 747-0030 Fax: (563) 289-3825

A. Gickler; F. Leprevost; D. Thompson; D. Brown; J. Rutledge Lead-free solders for automotive, commercial, industrial, sheet metal and maintenance applications, soldering fluxes, tinning compounds, paste solders, liquid, paste, powdered fluxes, babbits, brazing fluxes for aluminum, brass, copper, stainless.

Jomar Group

7243 Miller Dr., Ste. 100, Warren, MI 48092
(800) 325-5690 Fax: (800) 628-4194 or or

B. Graves; D. Blake; P. Craig
A leading supplier of innovative valve and component solu- tions to industries around the world. Jomar’s diverse products support a wide variety of industrial, plumbing, utility, HVAC, renewable energy and process control applications.

Jonas Construction Software Ltd., Construction
45 Vogell Rd., Ste. 500, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P6 CANADA (888) 789-9073 Fax: (905) 886-8511 or or
K. Sharma, Mktg. Mgr.
Jonas Construction Software is a fully integrated account- ing, construction and service management solution used by over 1,200 HVACR and Mechanical Contractors across North America to drive revenue, improve efficiency and help make better business decisions.


100 Nomaco Dr., Youngsville, NC 27596 (800) 765-6475

Jocelyn Robarge, Territory Sales Rep.-North East; Geoff Sarno, Sales Mgr.-HVAC/R North America; Faith Spivey, Territory Sales Rep.-Carolinas/Georgia; Vanessa Longoria, Territory Sales Rep.-Texas; Shawna Gazaway, Territory Sales Rep.-Florida K-FLEX USA is a leading manufacturer of elastomeric, closed cell foam insulation, serving the Plumbing, HVAC/R, Commercial/ Industrial, Marine, Oil & Gas, Solar and OEM Markets.

Kalglo Electronics Co. Inc.

5911 Colony Dr., Bethlehem, PA 18017-9348 (610) 837-0700 Fax: (610) 837-7978

R. Bruce MacDougall, Gen. Mgr.
Electric radiant heaters (metal sheath), solid state voltage modulating heat controls, transient voltage surge protectors.

Kamal International LLC

537 E. 10th Ave., Ste. 2A, Bowling Green, KY 42101 (847) 594-0250 Fax: (847) 594-0250
Kevin Thomas

A full service design and manufacturing firm that offers UL recognized Thermostats, including moisture proof units as well as Thermostat Guards. Private Label available.

Kaori Heat Treatment Co. Ltd., Kaori Thermal Products

136 E. Santa Clara St., Ste. 9, Arcadia, CA 91006-3223 (626) 698-0872 Fax: (626) 698-0007 or Allan Han, Sales Dir.
Manufacturer of high quality and durable gasket and brazed type plate heat exchangers for heating/ cooling applications. Low pressure drop, energy saving refrigerated air dryer manufacturer.

Karcher Commercial

4275 N.W. Pacific Rim Blvd., Camas, WA 98607 (888) 805-9852 Fax: (800) 248-8409
Steve Bowie, Dir.-Sales

Kathabar Dehumidification Systems Inc., A Niagara Blower Company
673 Ontario St., Buffalo, NY 14207
(888) 9KATHABAR; (716) 875-2000
Mike Harvey; N. Honko
Engineers and manufactures reliable, highly efficient dehu- midification equipment delivering precise humidity control while improving sanitation and energy efficiency.


14501 Princeton Ave., Moorpark, CA 93021 (805) 523-2000 Fax: (805) 523-7125

Pressure sensors for HVAC applications including VAV, duct air flow, refrigerant recovery and compressors, differential and gage pressure units from 1` H20 to 8,000 psi.

KE Fibertec NA Inc.

1908 Harford Rd., Fallston, MD 21047 (443) 299-6435 Fax: (443) 299-6439
G. Jensen, Gen. Mgr.

Fabric ducts will enhance the indoor climate through superior distribution of air. KE Fibertec has built up vast experience with fabric ducts through 35+ years.

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KE2 Therm Solutions Inc.

209 Lange Dr., Washington, MO 63090
(636) 266-0140; (888) 337-3358 Fax: (888) 366-6769
Patrick Holdmeyer, Pres.; Ryan Kliethermes, Prod. Mgr.; John Whitworth, Regl. Sales Mgr.; Serge Tremblay, Regl. Sales Mgr.; Jeff Kavanagh, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Developer of energy efficient electronic controllers for refrig- eration and air conditioning. Controllers that are complex, without being complicated, and unique for their defrost algorithm control and networked communication capability.

KeepFlo Inc.

1549 Fencorp Dr., Saint Louis, MO 63026 (636) 349-2626 Fax: (636) 349-0666

K-Flex USA

R. K. Malhotra, Pres.; S. Malhotra, Sales/Serv.; S. Benns, Sales Venturi-flo refrigerant distributors, nozzle type refrigerant distributors.

Kees Inc.

400 S. Industrial Dr., P.O. Box L, Elkhart Lake, WI 53020 (920) 876-3391 Fax: (920) 876-3065

Wide variety of standard and custom sheet metal HVAC products.

Kele Inc.

3300 Brother Blvd., Bartlett, TN 38133 (888) 397-5353 Fax: (800) 284-5353

Tom Benson, V.P.-Sales; Dean Mueller, V.P.-Mktg.
Kele Inc. is the leading international supplier of HVAC and building automation interface products.

Keltech Inc.

729 S. Grove St., Delton, MI 49046 (269) 623-6395 Fax: (616) 623-6398

M. Lutz, V.P.-Sales
Commercial, industrial, and residential on-demand water heat- ers and heating systems engineered to your specifications.

Kelvinator Heating and Cooling Products

8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 63368
(636) 561-7300; (800) 422-4328 Fax: (636) 561-7397
Heating and cooling products for residential and light com- mercial industries.

Kennard Industries Inc.

623 Hanley Ind. Ct., Saint Louis, MO 63144 (877) 645-2900 Fax: (877) 645-6700

Flexible vinyl sealing grommets.

Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters

21 Creek Cir., Boothwyn, PA 19061 (610) 447-1555; (800) 784-4221

Meg Keating, Brand/Mktg. Mgr.; Liz Spina, Sales Mgr.
Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters instantly measure all environ- mental conditions. Get automatic CFM! With Bluetooth. 5-year warranty. Made in US.

Kett Tool Co.

5055 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227 (513) 271-0333 Fax: (513) 271-5318

K. Conlon, Pres.; R. Fowkes, V.P.; J. Wittekind, Dir.-Sales; Beth Hoffman, CEO
Portable power saws, shears and nibblers.

Kimberly-Clark Corp., Filtration Products

1400 Holcomb Bridge Rd., Roswell, GA 30076 (770) 587-8000 Fax: (770) 587-7241 or

Jay Baxter, Mkt. Mgr.
Particulate and gas-phase filtration media for use in HVAC filters for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Kinetics Noise Control
6300 Irelan Pl., P.O. Box 655, Dublin, OH 43017

(800) 959-1229 Fax: (614) 889-0540
Manufacture of a complete line of floor mounted and suspended vibration isolators, bases, roof curbs, noise control and seismic bracing products.


King Electrical Manufacturing Co.

9131 10th Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 762-0400 Fax: (206) 763-7738; (206) 957-0541 Quotes
Bob Wilson, Pres.; Brad Wilson, V.P.; R. J. Wilson, Sales/Prod. Electric and hydronic air heating appliances for residential and commercial buildings, including thermostat and controls.

Klein Tools Inc.

450 Bond St., Lincolnshire, IL 60069
(847) 821-5500; (800) 553-4676 Fax: (800) 553-4876
Pliers, wire strippers/cutters, screwdrivers, tapping tools, nut drivers, tube cutters, tube flaring/swaging tools, tube benders, seaming/folding tools, crimping tools, cutting/notching tools, duct stretching/slitting tools, hammers and sheet metal acces- sories and fasteners.

Klimaire Products Inc.

2190 N.W. 89th Pl., Doral, FL 33172
(305) 593-8358 Fax: (305) 593-8212
Ductless/ducted, minisplit, multi-split, inverter air conditioning / heat pump systems; package units; hydronic fan coils, RAC; OEM supplier.

Klingenburg USA LLC, Manufacturer

503 Old Thomasville Rd., High Point, NC 27260 (336) 884-5050 Fax: (336) 884-5058

Len Kobylus, Gen. Mgr.; Melissa Eickemeier, North American Sales; Samantha East, Admin. Asst.
Energy conservation rotors, desiccant rotors, high temperature rotors, paint booth rotors, cross flow plate heat exchangers, counter flow plate heat exchangers, high performance humidifier.

Klo-Shure Inc.
2450 Commercial Dr., Auburn Hills, MI 48326 (248) 373-6250; (800) 839-0891 Fax: (248) 373-6431
R. Dodge, Pres.; B. Krause, Sales Mgr.
Pipe and tube insulation coupling.


KMC Controls Inc.

19476 New Paris Ind. Dr., New Paris, IN 46553 (877) 444-5622 Fax: (574) 831-5252

Ben H. Dorsey III, V.P.-Mktg./Comm.; Cody R. Silva, Mktg. Spc Commercial and industrial controls.


Knauf Insulation

One Knauf Dr., Shelbyville, IN 46176 (800) 825-4434 Fax: (317) 398-3675

Thermal and acoustical fiber glass insulation, air duct board, duct liners, duct wrap.

Knight Educational Products

10557 Metric Dr., Dallas, TX 75243
(214) 340-0265; (800) 323-2439 Fax: (214) 340-5870
David Luna
A division of Knight Electronics, Knight Educational Products provides a wide-range of quality, cost-effective electronic components and tools for students and professionals in skilled trades.

Knipex Tools LP

2035 South Arlington Heights Rd., Ste. 110, Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(847) 398-8520 Fax: (847) 398-8526 or

Alan W. Sipe, Pres./Gen. Mgr.; Todd Shumate, Sales Mgr.; Greg Marone, Sales Mgr.; Randy Booth, Sales Mgr.; Julie Jozwik, Mktg. Mgr.
KNIPEX is the largest manufacturer of professional quality pli- ers on earth. KNIPEX Quality – Made in Germany.

Koch Filter Corporation
625 W. Hill St., Louisville, KY 40208
(502) 634-4796; (800) 757-5624 Fax: (502) 637-2280
Mark Mattingly, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Koch Filter Corporation is a world class manufacturer of air filtration products for commercial, industrial, hos- pital, gas turbine and paint filtration applications. Koch Filter is recognized globally for its premier brand of high efficiency air filtration products and the industry’s broadest range of air filters for any application.


Koger Air Corp.

P.O. Box 2098, 2581 Greenboro Rd., Martinsville, VA 24113 (276) 638-8821; (800) 368-2096 Fax: (276) 638-4305; (800) 554-4040
J. A. Koger Jr., Chmn.; Joe Koger, Pres.; D. S. Koger, Exec. V.P. Dust collection and control systems, air system component parts.

Kolbi Pipe Marker Co.

416 W. Campus Dr.., Arlington Heights, IL 60004 (800) 499-8450; (847) 506-1440 Fax: (800) 596-3057

R. Seitz, Pres.
Pipe markers, valve tags, engraved signs.

Kold Pack Inc.

5014 Page Ave., Jackson, MI 49201 (517) 764-1550 Fax: (517) 764-1195

G. E. Stuard, Pres.; K. Laserra, Sales
Packaged refrigeration systems, pre-charged, self-contained and remote.

Kool Kap LLC

259 Hamburg Tpke., P.O. Box 10, Riverdale, NJ 07457 (800) 878-6614 Fax: (973) 492-2782
M. Baum
Automatic, protective, year-round condenser cover.

Kool Star, Division of Standex Foodservice

21720 S. Wilmington Ave., Unit 309, Long Beach, CA 90810 (310) 952-8000 Fax: (310) 952-8156

Paula Donohoo
Manufacturers of prefabricated, modular and custom walk-in coolers and freezers and related refrigeration equipment.

Krack Corporation
1300 Arlington Heights Rd., Ste. 130, Itasca, IL 60143 (630) 629-7500 Fax: (630) 250-3537
Commercial and industrial refrigeration systems and components; unit coolers, condensers, fluid coolers and condensing units.


Kraissl Company Inc.

299 Williams Ave., Hackensack, NJ 07601 (201) 342-0008 Fax: (201) 342-0025 or

R. C. Michel, P.E./Pres.; W. D. Henderson, Tech. Sales; A. Dipalma, Asst. Controller
Simplex, Duplex-U.L. listed. Pipeline/process/marine. Valves, pipelines. Iron bronze, aluminum, steel, stainless. Valves, duplex pipeline equipment. Strainers, filters, 6-port transfer valves, oil pumps.


1440 Rock Mountain Blvd., Stone Mountain, GA 30083
(770) 788-5800 Fax: (770) 788-5820
Refrigeration systems and equipment, Hot Gas defrost; DX evaporators, air and watercooled condensing units, air cooled condensers, fluid coolers.

KRIWAN Americas Inc.

440 Windsor Park Dr., Dayton, OH 45459
(770) 500-2646 Atlanta Office; (937) 432-9249 Dayton Office Fax: (866) 525-2197 or doug.conley@kriwanusa. com
Doug Conley, V.P.-Bus. Devel.; Quintin Crowe, Bus. Devel. KRIWAN is the global leader in electronic sensor technol- ogy for compressor temperature and winding protection, and industrial weather measurement. KRIWAN’s advanced sensor technology for controlling, monitoring, and protection, optimizes trouble-free reliable operation of compressorized systems. KRIWAN Americas provides products and support to compressor and motor manufacturers, system builders, and end-users.


1401 N. Plano Rd., Richardson, TX 75081 (972) 680-9136 Fax: (972) 497-0450

G. Jones, Pres.; P. Christiansen, V.P.; J. Wasilewski, Regl. Mgr.; C. McClinton, Regl. Mgr.; C. Hoffmann, Prod. Mktg. Mgr.; J. Anderson, Prod. Mgr.
Grilles, registers, terminal units, diffusers, under floor products, critical room air distribution, fan filter units, displacement products, and chilled beams.

Kulthorn Group of Companies

237 Larnluang Rd., Pomprab, Bangkok 10100, THAILAND 662-282-2151-3 Fax: (662) 280-1444


Ms. Supanee Chantasasawat, Sales/Mktg. Dir.; Mr. Sutas Simakulthorn, Asst. Managing Dir.
Leading manufacture hermetic, rotary compressors, electric motors.

KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems

701 Holmes Rd., Houston, TX 77045 (800) 594-5665 Fax: (713) 660-6601

M. Volle; M. Renier
Portable air conditioners 1 to 12-ton air cooled, 1 to 10-ton water-cooled, 1 to 5-ton split-systems; 1 to 5-ton ceiling mounted, 53 models sales and leasing.


5201 Transport Blvd., Columbus, GA 31907
(706) 568-1514; (800) 866-5596 Fax: (706) 568-8990
George Parsons, Dir.-Engrg./Prod. Devel.; Mechell Clark, Mktg. Mgr.; Jim Laycock, Bus. Devel.; Jim Knudsen, V.P.-Sales Quality, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient refriger- ated merchandise display cases and refrigerated systems for the supermarket industry.


770 County Rd. A, Ashland, NE 68003
(800) 288-1112; (402) 944-2767 Fax: (402) 944-2402
Jim Fedde, Sales Mgr.; Scott Morgan, Gen. Mgr.; Barry Kitrell, Mktg. Mgr.
KZValve makes waterproof, motorized electric valves. Actuators are rated NEMA 6P (waterproof), NEMA 7D (ignition safe) and exceed the USCG electrical system standards. Custom engineering available.


L.R.C. Coil Co.

12915 Telegraph, Unit C, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
(562) 944-1969 Fax: (562) 944-4979
M. Williams, Appl. Engr.; A. Sanchez, Cust. Serv.
Condensing units and specialty systems; surface coils for refrig- eration, chilled water, hot water, steam, glycol; unit coolers, air-cooled condensers and evaporator units.

La Brea Air Inc.
5601 W. Slawson Air, Ste. 262, Culver City, CA 90230 (800) 452-2732 Fax: (310) 258-9110
Charles Rex, Genl. Mgr.; Rick Kriwanek, Engr. Mgr. Rental of temporary air conditioning equipment and systems since 1951.

SEE OUR ADS ON PAGES 206, 211, 213, 214

LA-CO Industries Inc

1201 Pratt Blvd., Elk Grove, IL 60007
(847) 956-7600 Fax: (847) 956-9885 or
Robert K. Benacka, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Jack Ogden, Prod. Mktg. Mgr. LA-CO Industries is a leading manufacturer of thread seal- ants, soldering fluxes, heat protection products, epoxy repair compounds, leak detectors, hand cleaners, and hand-held marking tools.

LAARS Heating Systems Company, A Subsidiary of Bradford White Corp.
20 Industrial Way, Rochester, NH 03867
(800) 900-9276; (905) 238-0100 Fax: (800) 559-1583; (905) 366-0130
Residential and commercial boilers and volume water heaters and commercial pool heaters from 50,000 to 5,000,000 BTU’s.

Ladder Port LLC

7081 Dan McGuire Dr., Brighton, MI 48116
(248) 437-7100; (800) 770-8851 Fax: (248) 486-2600
A. Gaines, Pres.; E. Oras, Dir.-Mktg.; M. Oras, Opers. Mgr. Safety equipment, ladder safety, roof access, ladder stabilizer, winch, lift, roof hatch safety.

LAKOS Separators and Filtration Solutions

1365 N. Clovis Ave., Fresno, CA 93727 (559) 255-1601 Fax: (559) 255-8093

Salvador (Shava) Uribe, V.P.-Heat Transfer; Andy Valenzuela, Sr. Sales Rep/Lead HT Mkt.; Wes Arnold, RSM: Sr. Accts. Mgr.- HT; Jim Kibby, RSM: HT Eastern USA/Canada; Hector Vigil, RSM: HT Western USA

LAKOS Separators and Filtration systems can be used in a wide variety of applications, helping to separate settleable solids from liquid. No moving parts to wear out or replace. Minimal liquid loss. No backwashing or other routine maintenance or downtime requirements. Low and steady pressure loss. Easily automated.


250 W. Laurel St., Colton, CA 92324
(909) 825-0993 Fax: (909) 370-0581
Tami Williams, V.P.-Mktg./Techl. Serv.; Ruth Ann Davis, V.P.- Sales

Manufacturer of hydronic fan coils/air handlers and total space dehumidifiers.

Larkin by Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC

2175 W. Park Place Blvd., Stone Mountain, GA 30087 (800) 321-1881 Fax: (770) 465-5990

Unit coolers; air-cooled condensers; condensing units; low- temperature, hot gas and electric defrost equipment; refrigera- tion systems; heat transfer; custom refrigeration rack systems.

Lattner Boiler Manufacturing Co.

1411 9th St. S.W., Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 (319) 366-0778 Fax: (319) 366-0770

Lattner Mfg. Co. Inc.

1411 9th St. S.W., P.O. Box 1527, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406 (319) 366-0778 Fax: (319) 366-0770

High pressure boilers, electric, gas, oil; separators, condensa- tion return systems.

4509 Springfield St., Dayton, OH 45431
(937) 476-6500 Fax: (937) 254-9519
Greg Mattox, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Anna Schlotterbeck, Sales/ Mktg. Mgr.-Lau Parts; Dr. Michael Brendel, V.P.-Mktg./ Engrg.; Tom Edwards, Pres.
The world’s largest supplier of air moving products including commercial and residential propellers, blow- ers, plenum fans and other HVACR air moving products.


Lau, Parts Division
4509 Springfield St., Dayton, OH 45431
(937) 253-2000 Fax: (937) 252-9169
A. Schlotterbeck
The premier manufacturer of replacement propellers, wheels, blowers, blower parts, service tools, fire, smoke, control, balance, backdraft and ceiling radiation damp- ers and louvers.



Launstein Radiant Hardwood Floors

384 S. Every Rd., Mason, MI 48854 (517) 676-1133 Fax: (517) 676-6379

Layton Manufacturing Corp.

864 E. 52nd St., Brooklyn, NY 11203
(718) 498-6000; (800) 545-8002 Fax: (718) 498-6003
Computer room A/C units, school room ClassAIRE units (VUV’s) environmental controls, humidification, industrial and commercial products, HVAC/R.

LCR Electronics

9 S. Forest Ave., Norristown, PA 19401 (610) 278-0840 Fax: (610) 278-0935

D. Heckman, Prod. Mgr.
Manufactures EMI filters, motor controls, electronic controls, and other EMC solutions and integrated appliance controls.

Lean Engineering Inc.

124 Bay St., Daytona Beach, FL 32114
(386) 255-0935 Fax: (386) 257-6527 or or
Tony Graziano, Sales Mgr.; Randy Brisell, Pres.
We build the most technologically advanced brazing and automation systems available. We offer completely automatic systems, single-purpose semi-automatic machines, component systems such as combustion systems, wirefeeders, flux sys- tems, and we can integrate bowl and tube feeders, drilling, bending and pressing operations on the equipment.

Leeson Electric Corporation

2100 Washington St., Grafton, WI 53024 (262) 377-8810 Fax: (262) 377-9025

M. Catania, Dir.-Sales; P. deGail, Dir.-Mktg.; Keith Tipper, V.P./ Bus. Leader
A.C. and D.C. electric motors, horsepower range 1/150 thru 700 HP, gearmotors and drives.

Lennox Industries, Commercial

2100 Lake Park Blvd., Richardson, TX 75080
(877) 726-0024 Fax: (972) 497-5254
Lennox Commercial is a leading provider of high-efficiency packaged rooftop units, split systems, HVAC controls, fur- naces and IAQ products for the light commercial industry. We deliver effective HVAC solutions that improve comfort and protect profits.

Lennox International Inc.
P.O. Box 799900, Dallas, TX 75379-9900
(972) 497-5000
A worldwide leader in residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems, Lennox Industries Inc. is based near Dallas, Texas. Committed to helping consum- ers and businesses reduce energy needs and lessen their environmental impact, the company offers a wide range of resources for improving home comfort and energy effi- ciency, including award-winning ENERGY STAR qualified products. To learn more, visit


Lennox Residential
2100 Lake Park Blvd., Richardson, TX 75080 (972) 497-5000 Fax: (972) 497-5254

A worldwide leader in residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems, Lennox Industries Inc. is based near Dallas, Texas. Committed to helping consum- ers and businesses reduce energy needs and lessen their environmental impact, the company offers a wide range of resources for improving home comfort and energy effi- ciency, including award-winning ENERGY STAR qualified products. To learn more, visit


LENOX, Newell-Rubbermaid

301 Chestnut St., East Longmeadow, MA 01028-0504 (800) 628-8810 Fax: (800) 223-7906

Myra Lee, Dir.-Mktg. Comm.
Hand tools and power tool accessories.

Lenze Americas

630 Douglas St., Uxbridge, MA 01569
(508) 278-9100; (800) 217-9100 Fax: (508) 278-7873
Deb Kling, Mktg. Mgr.
Variable frequency drives from 1/4 through 250 HP.

Lexton Industries Inc.

321 W. 135th St., Los Angeles, CA 90061
(323) 284-2188 Fax: (866) 281-8608 or
Camille Kramer, Sales Mgr.-West Coast; Paul Pastuszczak, Pres. Premium and Deluxe Bathroom fans and fan/lights, dryer booster fans and controls, inline ventilators, air movement accessories.

LG Electronics USA Inc., Commercial Air Conditioning

11405 Old Roswell Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30009 or
Steve Schmitt, Dir.-Sales; Mel Harris, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Don Wojcik, DFS Sales Mgr.; Lorie Quillin-Bell, Dir.-Go-To-Market; Ed Guthrie, Sr. Mgr.-Applied Prod. Sales; Kevin McNamara, V.P. Manufacturer of ductless air conditioners and heat pumps (single and multi zone), VRF, PTACs, windows, dehumidifiers, geothermal water source heat pumps, and thru-the-walls.

Lifetime Industries

2130 Memphis Depot Pkwy., Memphis, TN 38114 (901) 362-5690 Fax: (901) 362-5873

W. E. Cayce, Jr., Pres.
Air, charcoal and grease filters, mist eliminators; fiber, metallic and foam air filter media; electrostatic air filters, pleated type filters, private label filters, dust collection bags, liquid filtration bags.

Lightstat Inc.

22 W. West Hill Rd., Pleasant Valley, CT 06063
(860) 738-4111; (800) 292-2444 Fax: (860) 738-4123
R. H. Eigenbrod, Sales Mgr.; R. E. Bottino, Jr., Purch. Mgr.; B. Renouf, Natl. Accts.; D. Sonnenberg, Mktg. Mgr.; C. Bernier, I.T. Mgr.; E. Dew, Tech Support Mgr.
Automatic setback thermostats for light commercial heating/ cooling, including heat pumps, with Internet based remote communication via private or public Ethernet.

The Lincoln Electric Co.

22801 St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH 44117 (216) 481-8100 Fax: (216) 486-1751

M. Mintun, Mgr.-U.S. Sales
Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Lincoln Electric Co. is the


world leader in the design, development and manufacture of arc welding products, robotic, arc welding systems, fume extraction equipment, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment and has a leading global position in the brazing and soldering alloys market.

Lindab Inc.

2600 Airline Blvd., Portsmouth, VA 23701
(757) 488-1144; (800) 797-7476 Fax: (757) 488-5672
David Shaeffer, V.P.-Sales
Lindab is a leading manufacturer of spiral duct and fittings. Our mission is to provide top-of-the-line product with unsur- passed service everyday.

Linesets Inc.

4480 N. 43rd Ave., #A3, Phoenix, AZ 85031 (623) 215-9000 Fax: (623) 215-9003

Linesets Unlimited

501 Terminal Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76106 (817) 624-0820 Fax: (817) 624-8581

T. J. Small, CEO; A. Garcia, V.P./Gen. Mgr.; R. Posey, Dir.-Sales

Lintern Corporation Worldwide

8685 Station St., P.O. Box 90, Mentor, OH 44061
(440) 255-9333; (800) 321-3638 Fax: (440) 255-6427
R. K. Lintern, CEO; B. Zhang, V.P.-Eng.; Joe Hager, V.P.-Sales/ Oper.
Industrial air-conditioning equipment for severe environments, operation in ambiants to 190 F (88 C), 6 FPI-cond. coil, cor- rosive protection.

Liskeyaire – Units/Parts Available, From Layton Manufacturing Corp.
864 E. 52nd St., Brooklyn, NY 11203
(800) 545-8002; (718) 498-6000 Fax: (718) 498-6003
Computer room A/C units, environmental controls, humidifica- tion, industrial and commercial products, HVAC/R.

Little Giant Ladder Systems

1198 N. Spring Creek Pl., Springville, UT 84663
(801) 489-3684; (800) 453-1192 Fax: (801) 489-3985 or or http://www.littlegiantladdersystems. com
Klint Clausen; Mark Girot
Manufactures and markets innovative, high-quality ladder and climbing products for professional and home consumers and is based in Springville, Utah.

LL Building Products Inc.

295 McKoy Rd., Burgaw, NC 28425
(910) 815-2600 Fax: (910) 259-7428
T. Christiansen, Dir.-Mktg.
Manufacturer of residential duct, pipe and fittings, vent prod- ucts and flexible duct. Sold under the brand Master Flow.

Lloyds Systems LLC

2911 W. Omaha St., Ste. B, Rapid City, SD 57702 (605) 343-8832 Fax: (605) 343-9485

B.A., E.V.P.
The global market leader in HVAC robotics. Our robots visu- ally inspect, clean, disinfect, sanitize, coat and seal any type of duct.

LM Air Technology Inc., Cleanroom & Lab Equipment

1467 Pinewood St., Rahway, NJ 07065 (732) 381-8200 Fax: (732) 381-4091

P. Daniele, Pres.
Designs and manufactures fumehoods, laminar flow worksta-

tions, air showers, casework, hardwall/softwall cleanrooms, wet process stations and fan filter modules.

Lochinvar Corp.

300 Maddox Simpson Pkwy., Lebanon, TN 37090 (615) 889-8900 Fax: (615) 882-2964

B. Vallett, Jr., Pres.; J. Vallett, Exec. V.P.-Sales/Mkt.; T. Vallett, Exec. V.P.-Oper.; S. Boston, Dir.-Mktg.; T. Slusser, Export Mgr.; M. Lahti, V.P.-Sales
High efficiency residential, commercial and industrial water heaters, boilers, storage tanks, swimming pool/spa heaters and commercial solar thermal systems.

Long Mass Building Materials Limited

Dongping Industrial Area, Qishi Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, 523519, CHINA
86-769-86782886 Fax: 86-769-86783478
C. K. Liu
AmCoolong foam rubber insulation sheet, foam rubber insulation pipe; Amtor insulated pipe support; Amtape self- adhesive tape and gasket tape; LONGMASS PVC decorative duct; Amhesive adhesive for foam rubber; Anti-UV paint for foam rubber.

Longevity Coatings

6047 Adams Ln., Allentown, PA 18109
(610) 871-1427 Fax: (610) 871-1217 or or Thermal spray application of carbide, ceramic and metal protective coatings to wear and machine parts for industry.

LonMark International

550 Meridian Ave., San Jose, CA 95126 (408) 938-5266 Fax: (408) 790-3838 or

Barry Haaser, Exec. Dir.; Heather Deal, Acct. Mgr.-NA/ROW; Shannon Mayette, Mktg. Dir.; Jeremy Roberts, Techl. Dir. LonMark International’s mission is to create, support, and pro- mote the standards for open, interoperable LonWorks technol- ogy-based products, systems, and professionals. Membership to LonMark International is open to any manufacturer, distribu- tor, engineer, system integrator, or end user committed to the development, specification, and use of open, interoperable products utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1 and related standards.

Loren Cook Co.

2015 E. Dale St., Springfield, MO 65808 (417) 869-6474 Fax: (417) 862-3820

Ventilators, propeller fans and blowers.

LTG Aktiengesellschaft

Grenzstrasse 7, Stuttgart, D-70435, 70435 GERMANY +49 711 8201-0 Fax: +49 711 8201-720

Christine Lehrer (Room Air Technology); Ralf Widmann (Process Air Technology), Dipl.-Ing. (BA); Steffen Borbely (Italy), Dipl.-Ing. (FH); Gerhard Seyffer (USA); Ralf Wagner (Engineering Services), Dipl.-Ing.

Air diffusers for ceilings, walls, floor-fan, induction units, air flow control units, axial-flow fans, radial flow fans, tangen- tial-flow fans, filtration/separation/compacting/humidification components, fan coil units.

Lucas-Milhaupt Inc., A Handy & Harman Co.

5656 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Cudahy, WI 53110
(800) 521-5490; (414) 769-8824 Fax: (414) 769-8668 or or
R. Herrmann, Cust. Spec.; J. Rosenthal, Dir.-North American Distribution Sales; D. Lohr, Cust. Spec.
Brazing and soldering alloys and fluxes.


1425 N.W. 88th Ave., Doral, FL 33172 (305) 591-8935 Fax: (305) 591-1537

Nils Heilemann, Sales
Maintenance solutions including laser shaft alignment, pre-cut shims, belt alignment, vibration analysis and balancing equip- ment as well as rentals, software, services and training.

Ludlow Composites Corp., Industrial Foam Div.

2100 Commerce Dr., Fremont, OH 43420 (419) 332-5531 Fax: (419) 332-7776

M. R. Stierhoff, C.S.M.; J. H. Seitz, Jr., Natl. Sales Mgr. Worldwide manufacturer of PVC foam used for gaskets, seals, weather-stirpping, vibration dampening and attenuation.

Lujan USA

P.O. Box 411, 101 Bennett Rd., Camillus, NY 13031 (315) 468-4140 Fax: (315) 488-4521

Bill Schmutzler, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Provides LED lighting solutions for HVAC repair technicians. All PODLights are cordless, rechargeable, and multi-purpose. They are durable, long lasting lights designed for technicians. Each is hands free and can be charged in both a 12v car power point or a 110v wall outlet. Call today for more information on how the PODLight can work for you!

Lukjan Metal Products Inc.

645 Industry Rd., P.O. Box 357, Conneaut, OH 44030 (440) 599-8127 Fax: (440) 593-6237

G. M. Ring; L. Dangelico
Manufacturer of high quality sheet metal pipe, duct and fittings for the HVAC industry since 1964 with locations in Ohio and NC serving over 20 states.

Lumalier UV Surface and Air Disinfection

743 S. Dudley St., Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 774-5771; (800) 774-5799 Fax: (901) 946-2478 or
Bob Taylor, Sales Dir.-Eastern Region; David Skelton, Mktg. Dir.; Chuck Dunn, Pres./CEO
Full-service manufacturer of advanced UV germicidal technol- ogy for thorough disinfection of surfaces and air; improved IAQ and energy efficiency. For in-duct, upper air, and portable applications.

Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions,
Manufacturer of coils, fluid & unit coolers, coatings, and air cooled condensers
P.O. Box 948, Grenada, MS 38902
(662) 229-2000 OEM Products; (800) 225-4328 Commerical Products Fax: (800) 993-2579 Commercial Refrigeration Products or
Custom design and manufactured plate fin and tube heat exchangers, micro-channel, all aluminum coils, tubular heat exchangers, fluid and unit coolers, and air cooled condensers.

Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions, Commercial Products, Manufacturer of Heatcraft Coils
P.O. Box 1457, Grenada, MS 38902
(800) 225-4328 Fax: (662) 229-4212
Commercial and industrial coils for applications includ- ing fluid heating and cooling, steam, glycol, refrigerant, ammonia, hot oils, brines and tube bundles.

Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions, Commercial Refrigeration Products
P.O. Box 948, Grenada, MS 38902
(800) 993-2579 Fax: (662) 229-2002
Unit coolers, air cooled condensers, fluid coolers.

Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions, OEM Products, Manufacturer of Heatcraft Coils
P.O. Box 948, Grenada, MS 38902
(662) 229-2000 Fax: (662) 229-2002
Plate fin and tube heat exchangers, micro-channel, all aluminum coils, and tubular heat exchangers.

SEE OUR ADS ON PAGES 241, 243, 254

Luvata ElectroFin Inc.
1423 W. Ormsby Ave., Louisville, KY 40210
(502) 634-9458 Fax: (502) 634-1130
Providing factory-applied ElectroFin E-coat and field spray-applied Luvata Insitu coil and cabinet coatings for protection and life cycle extension of HVAC/R equipment in corrosive environments.


Lux Products Corporation

6000 Commerce Pkwy., Ste. I, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 (856) 234-7905 Fax: (856) 234-7825

M. DeLuca, Chmn.; P. Balon, Pres./CEO; G. Bosma, V.P.-Sales; S. Millheiser, V.P.-Mktg./Prod. Devel.; D. Savidge, Northeastern Sales Mgr.; T. McAuley, Western Sales Mgr.
Programmable and non-programmable digital thermostats; mechanical thermostats; fan coil and line voltage thermostats; locking thermostat covers.

Luxaire Heating & Air Conditioning, Unitary Products – Johnson Controls
5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069
(414) 524-4338 Fax: (414) 524-5797
Residential and light commercial air conditioning, heat pumps and furnaces.

Lynxspring Inc.
1210 N.E. Windsor Dr., Lee’s Summit, MO 64086
(816) 347-3500 Fax: (816) 347-0780
T. Swope, Pres./CEO; B. Mealey, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; R. Hirsch, Sr. V.P./COO; P. Hirsch, Dir.-Partner/Sales; B. Stimpson, V.P./CIO; G. Hawkinson, Dir.-Professional Serv.
Provides total Niagara based control strategies and solu- tions to OEMs, complete control line for integrators and energy management solutions.






M&M Manufacturing Company, Headquarters

P.O. Box 163409, Fort Worth, TX 76161-3409
(817) 336-2311 Fax: (817) 870-2934 or or Chris Van Rite, V.P. Sales; Dick Hervey, Commercial Sales; Rob Shane, Residential Sales-South Texas; Richey Christian, Residential Sales-North Texas; Larry Cook, Commerical Sales; Mike Smith, Commercial Sales

A sheet metal fabricator of round, rectangular, spiral and oval HVAC duct pipe and fittings for residential and commercial applications and offers general sheet metal products for roof- ing, ventilating, and architectural applications.

M&M Systems Inc.

4 W. Tower Cir., Ormond Beach, FL 32174
(386) 676-7335; (866) 846-7488 Fax: (386) 676-7720
Designs and manufactures automated control systems. We provide solutions from simple commercially sold HVACR units to complex industrial refrigeration systems.

M & S Valves & Fittings

490 W. Lake St., Ste. 109, Roselle, IL 60172 (630) 924-0609 Fax: (630) 924-0612

Pipe freezing tools, pipe repair kits, water purification systems, pipe benders, pipe threaders, electric solderers, pipe/tube cut- ters, tee making tools.

M.H. Rhodes Cramer Company

105 Nutmeg Rd. South, South Windsor, CT 06074 (877) 684-6464; (860) 291-8402 Fax: (860) 610-0897

Brian Ward, Sales Mgr.; Mary Jane Neary, Cust. Serv.; Karen Wessner, Inside Sales; Helen Mendes, Inside Sales
Providers of timers, switches, mechanical/motorized cycle tim- ers, AC, DC, and hysteresis fractional motors for commercial and residential HVAC applications.

M.K. PLastics Corp.

P.O. Box 385, Troy, OH 45373
(937) 440-6405 Fax: (937) 440-6406
K. T. Lins
Fiberglass fans, high plume dilution fans, venturi fans for perchloric acid exhaust.

Ma-Line Div. of Monti & Associates Inc.
P.O. Box 866, Arlington Heights, IL 60006-0866
(800) 956-8220 Fax: (800) 336-8291
G. Monti, Pres.; G. Carlstrand, V.P.; K. Smith, Inside Sales

Madison Company

27 Business Park Dr., Branford, CT 06405-2925
(800) 466-5383; (203) 488-4477 Fax: (203) 481-5036
Unique switches and sensors for HVACR applications. Level measurement: float, conductivity, optical, hydrostatic pressure, ultrasonic, radar. Temperature measurement: thermocouples, RTDs, bimetal. Combination level-temperature sensors available.

Magic Aire

501 Galveston St., Wichita Falls, TX 76301 (940) 397-2100
J. Rutz
Air handling units, fan coils, blower coils, belt and direct drive, Dx and hydronic coils, cooling and heating.

Magic Cool

2545 Windemere Rd., Birmingham, MI 48009 (248) 649-2105 Fax: (248) 952-9101

R. Crandell, Sales Mgr.
Portable, evaporative cooling systems.


3217 N. Pulaski Rd., Chicago, IL 60641 (773) 685-7300 Fax: (773) 685-7332

J. N. Nielsen, Pres.; W. Alm, Plant Mgr.
Humidifiers, saddle and needle valves, automatic air vents for solar, hot water heating, air conditioning systems and steam heating.

Mainstream Air Handlers and Coils

230 Cristiani St., Cranford, NJ 07016
(908) 931-1010 Fax: (908) 931-0099
R. Markham, Mktg. Mgr.
Manufacturer of custom air handlers, modular air handlers, heating/cooling coils.

Majestic Steel USA

31099 Chagrin Blvd., Ste. 150, Cleveland, OH 44124 (800) 321-5590; (440) 786-2666 Fax: (440) 786-0576

National distributor of prime coated flat-rolled steel.

Malco Products Inc.

14080 State Hwy. 55 N.W., P.O. Box 400, Annandale, MN 55302 (320) 274-8246 Fax: (320) 274-2269

Kirk Langbehn, Sales Mgr.
Manufacturer of specialty hand tools, fasteners, accessories.

Mammoth, Light Commercial Products

8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 63368
(636) 561-7300 Fax: (636) 561-7397; (636) 885-5641
Dave Garvin, Brand Mgr.
Heating and cooling products for the light commercial industry.

Mammoth Inc.

13200 Pioneer Trl., Ste. 150, Eden Prairie, MN 55347 (952) 358-6600 Fax: (952) 358-6700

Custom air conditioning: rooftop, penthouse, chillers, pack- aged self-contained, WSHP, coils and parts.

Manchester Tank & Equipment

1000 Corporate Centre Dr., Ste. 300, Franklin, TN 37067
(615) 370-6300; (800) 640-6327 Fax: (615) 370-6150; (888) 876-6449
R. Kinnaman, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Refillable refrigerant cylinders DOTSpec 4BA/4BW to 500psi – 15# to 1000# ASME/NB tanks 1 gallon to 5,000 gallons and larger.

Manitowoc Ice Inc.
2110 S. 26th St., Manitowoc, WI 54220
(920) 682-0161; (800) 545-5720 Fax: (920) 683-7589; (800) 235-9703

Ice cube dispensers, cube or flake ice makers, under- counter, ice bins.


Manufactured Air Products

98 Toryork Dr., Toronto, ON M9L 1X6 CANADA (416) 744-3300 Fax: (416) 744-3360
S. Guyett, Sales Mgr.

Grilles/registers, diffusers, dampers, louvers.

MAPA Products
P.O. Box 129, 103 W. C.J. Wise Pkwy., Naples, TX 75568 (877) 897-2371 Fax: (903) 897-2781
P. A. Parker, Pres.; R. Holbrook, Sales/Mktg. Dir.; Penny Fagan, Sr. Sales Assoc.
Adjustable rooftop pipe and equipment support systems, exclusive seismic and wind resistant supports, unique rooftop pedestal hydrants and electrical disconnects.

Marathon Special Products

13300 Van Camp Rd., P.O. Box 468, Bowling Green, OH 43402 (419) 352-8441 Fax: (800) 515-7151

Joe Campisi, Mktg. Mgr.
Terminal blocks, fuse holders, power blocks, sectional termi- nal blocks, din rail terminal blocks and custom designs.

Mario Dorin S.p.A.

626 Depot St., Blissfield, MI 49228 (517) 486-2121 Fax: (517) 486-2129

Justin Gifford, Corp. Mktg. Mgr.; Brian Porter, Corp. Dir.-Sales Open belt drive compressors, semi hermetic, condensing units, transport and CO2 compressors. Commercial refrigeration pressure vessels/receiver tanks.

Markel Products, Division of TPI Corporation

114 Roscoe Fitz Rd., Gray, TN 37615 (423) 477-4131 Fax: (423) 477-8201

D. Berry, Exec. V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; M. Curey, Natl. Sales Mgr.; J. Clagg, Regl. Sales Mgr.
Commercial, industrial, residential electric heating equipment, industrial ventilation, controls, industrial lighting, portable air conditioning, portable evaporative cooling.

Marley Engineered Products

470 Beauty Spot Rd. E., Bennettsville, SC 29512 (843) 479-4006 Fax: (843) 479-8912

Chris English, Mktg. Support Mgr.

The leading manufacture of electric heating and ventilation prducts in North America.

Marlo, DRS Marlo Coil Inc., DRS Technologies

6060 Highway PP, High Ridge, MO 63049-2909 (636) 677-6600 Fax: (636) 677-1203

N. Angelini, V.P./Gen. Mgr.; B. Duggan, Indl./Comm. BD Sales Mgr.; T. Schmitz, DoD BD Dir.
Heating and cooling coils, custom fabricated coils, coolers and condensers for industrial, commercial, navy and maritime HVAC systems.

Marmon/Keystone LLC, A Marmon Distribution Services/ Berkshire Hathaway Company
225 E. Cunningham St., P.O. Box 992, Butler, PA 16001
(724) 283-3000 Fax: (724) 283-0558
N. E. Gottschalk Jr., Pres.; A. Wilkinson, Regl. V.P.; T. Spatafore, Exec. V.P.-Branch Oper.; A. Seka, Exec. V.P./Controller; K. Sichelski, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Carbon, alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel alloy pipe and tubing, and chrome bar, stainless bar.

Mars Air Systems LLC, Mars Air Systems
14716 S. Broadway St., Gardena, CA 90248
(310) 532-1555; (800) 421-1266 Fax: (310) 324-3030
S. Rosol, Pres.; J. Konowitz, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; F. Cuaderno, V.P.-Engrg.; J. Gill, Dir.-Bus. Devel.
Leading manufacturer of energy savings air curtains- unheated, electric, steam, hot water, and indirect gas fired-for temperature and environmental separation.


Martin Walshin Inc.

70 Saw Mill River Rd., P.O. Box 9, Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706-0009
(800) 431-1521; (914) 478-4300 Fax: (914) 478-1901
Bill Nowak, Pres.; Mark Finkelstein, V.P.
Controls, valves, actuators, thermostats, sensors, regulators, switches.


P.O. Box 400, Cordele, GA 31010 (229) 273-3636 Fax: (229) 273-5154

P. Mechler, Pres.; B. Wilson, V.P.-Sales; S. Denham, Purch.; D. Shuford, V.P.-Mktg.; T. Matambo, Dir.-Engr.
Vertical, packaged heat pumps and air conditioners; heat recovery ventilators; marine air conditioners and chillers.

Mason Industries Inc.
350 Rabro Dr., Hauppauge, NY 11788
(631) 348-0227 Fax: (631) 348-0279
N. Mason, Pres.; B. Zappolo, Natl. Sales Mgr.; K. Mularkey, Regl. Sales Mgr.; P. Porzio, Regl. Sales Mgr./Cust. Serv.; M. Schurott, Regl. Sales Mgr.
Manufactures a complete line of vibration control prod- ucts, including pads, mountings, hangers, rubber and stainless steel expansion joints for piping, seismic and shock control products.



Master Electronic Controls

P.O. Box 25905, Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 452-8532 Fax: (310) 829-3017
V. Gonzales, Mktg. V.P.; I. Nizam, Pres.; B. Valle, Sales Mgr. Relays, timers, flashers, liquid level controls, counters and sockets.

Master-Bilt Products, Div. of Standex Intl. Corp.

908 Hwy. 15 N., New Albany, MS 38652
(800) 647-1284; (662) 534-9061 Fax: (800) 232-3966; (662) 534-6049
B. Huffman, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; B. Olson, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; M. Rushing, Tech. Serv. Mgr.
Commercial refrigerated cabinets, storage and merchandising, urethane insulated panels, condensing units.

Mastercool Inc.

1 Aspen Dr., Randolph, NJ 07869 (973) 252-9119 Fax: (973) 252-2455

Maxi-Vac Inc., HVAC/R, Beer Line Cleaning, Pressure Washers
P.O. Box 1276, Addison, IL 60101
(630) 620-6669 Fax: (630) 620-6683
J. R. Nolan, Pres.; Alex, Sales Mgr.
Pressure washers, tube cleaners, steam cleaners. Industrial quality cleaning equipment for the HVAC/R industry, Draught beer line cleaning equipment, Private Label Opportunities with pumps and motors! Call or email us for a free catalog! (630) 620 6669 Mon-Fri (Central Time) 8a.m.-5p.m.

Maxitrol Company

23555 Telegraph Rd., P.O. Box 2230, Southfield, MI 48037 (248) 356-1400 Fax: (248) 356-0829

B. K. Koskela, CEO/Pres.; L. Koskela, Exec. V.P./COO; J. Schlachter, V.P.-R&D; R. Bargert, V.P.-Mkt.; D. Holcomb, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Gas pressure regulators; electronic gas flame modulation systems, shut-off valves, manual gas ball valves and gas com- bination controls.

Maxon-A Honeywell Company

201 E. 18th St., P.O. Box 2068, Muncie, IN 47307 (765) 284-3304 Fax: (765) 286-8394

Derek Khaw, Asia Pacific Sales; Richard Reyes, Latin America Sales; Suhas Nimkar, India Sales; Glen Gray, Canada Sales; Patrick Laenen, Europe, Middle East, Africa Sales; Tim Lee, Sales Dir. (North America)

Integrated burner solutions and combustion systems for industrial process heating, serving a diverse worldwide cus- tomer base.

Maxwell Systems

1000 First Ave., Ste. 200, King of Prussia, PA 19406 (800) 688-8226 Fax: (610) 277-2081

Jim Flynn, Pres./CEO; Dan Lehman, V.P.-Prod. Management; Karl Rajotte, Dir.-Prod. Management-MEP
Maxwell Systems’ complete construction business manage- ment software helps HVAC contractors streamline takeoff and estimating, job cost accounting, and project management for improved profitability.

Mayekawa USA (Mycom)
Industrial Refrigeration Division
19475 Gramercy Place, Torrance, CA 90501
(800) 80-MYCOM
Mayekawa (Mycom) is the industry leader in manufactur- ing industrial refrigeration compressors and specialty equipment offering unprecedented levels of energy effi- cient savings solutions.


Maytag Heating and Cooling Products

8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 63368 (636) 561-7300 Fax: (636) 561-7397

Matt Lattanzi, Brand Mgr.
Heating and cooling products for residential and light commer- cial industries, including the 24.5 SEER iQ Drive air conditioner and heat pump.

McCormack Coil Co. Inc.

6333 S.W. Lakeview Blvd., P.O. Box 1727, Lake Oswego, OR 97035
(503) 639-2137 Fax: (503) 639-1800
G. Montgomery, Pres./Gen. Mgr.; T. Ressler, Appl. Engr. Manufacturer of ammonia and freon fin tube evaporators.

McGill AirClean LLC

1777 Refugee Rd., Columbus, OH 43207 (614) 829-1200 Fax: (614) 445-8759

James D. McGill, Pres.; Jerry Childress, Natl. Sales Mgr. Manufacturer of electrostatic precipitators, fabric filters, and other air pollution control equipment that solve air pollution problems in a wide variety of industrial applications.

McGill AirFlow LLC

One Mission Pk., Groveport, OH 43125 (614) 829-1200 Fax: (614) 829-1291

James D. McGill, Pres.; Rick Hilton, Gen. Mgr.-Southeast Oper.; John Montell, Gen. Mgr.-Midwest/West Oper.; Brad McGill, Gen. Mgr.-Central Oper.
Manufacturer of round, flat oval, and rectangular HVAC duc- twork and related products for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications.

McGill AirPressure LLC

1777 Refugee Rd., Columbus, OH 43207 (614) 829-1200 Fax: (614) 445-8759

Gabe Doman, Sales Mgr.; James D. McGill, Pres.
Engineers and builds pressure processing equipment, such as autoclaves and vacuum dryers, for various industries.

McGill AirSeal LLC

2400 Fairwood Ave., Columbus, OH 43207-2700 (614) 829-1200 Fax: (614) 829-1488

James D. McGill, Pres.; Brad McGill, Gen. Mgr.
Water-based and solvent-based duct sealants for metal, flexible and fiberglass duct; water-based duct liner adhesives; aerosol duct liner adhesive; insulation adhesives.

McGill AirSilence LLC

2400 Fairwood Ave., Columbus, OH 43207


(614) 829-1200 Fax: (614) 829-1488
Brad McGill, Gen. Mgr.; James D. McGill, Pres.
Manufacturer of engineered acoustical systems and noise con- trol products for HVAC and industrial applications.

McQuay International

13600 Industrial Pk. Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55441 (763) 553-5330; (800) 432-1342 Fax: (763) 553-5177

D. Reynolds, Corp. Comm. Mgr.
A wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd., delivers engineered flexible solutions for commerical, industrial and institutional HVAC requirements with knowledgeable applica- tion expertise.

Meaptron Corporation

3532-A East TC Jester Blvd., Houston, TX 77018 (713) 263-8686 Fax: (713) 263-1133

Central station and unitary air conditioning equipment: chilled water and DX systems, air curtains.

Mechanical Ingenuity Corp.

61 Riordan Pl., Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 (732) 842-8889 Fax: (732) 842-9454

P. Manning
Micro-processor alarm and refrigerant pressure controllers for idle R11/R123 chillers that maintain them at zero PSIG and provides on-demand pressurization for leak testing. Electronic liquid level controls and alarms for pumps; single phase motor variable speed control.

Mechanovent Corp.

171 Factory St., La Porte, IN 46350 (219) 326-1767 Fax: (219) 325-6805

G. Benson, Pres.; D. Wade,, Natl. Sales Mgr. Centrifugal fans and fan components.

Melink Corp.

5140 River Valley Rd., Milford, OH 45150-9108 (513) 965-7300 Fax: (513) 965-7350

Steve Melink, Pres.; Richard Bailey, V.P.-Bus. Devel. Variable speed controls for commercial kitchen hoods.

MEPCO, Marshall Engineered Products Co.

3695 44th St. S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49512
(616) 246-1431; (616) 971-3420 Fax: (616) 246-1445 or
Carla Lindsey, Inside Sales Mgr.
Marshall Engineered Products Company (MEPCO) produces steam heat specialties, hydronics and pumps used for HVAC and industrial process applications.

Mercoid Div., Dwyer Instruments Inc.

P.O. Box 258, Michigan City, IN 46361
(800) 872-9141; (219) 879-8000 Fax: (219) 872-9057 or
R. Thompson, Mercoid Prod. Mgr.
Pressure, temperature, liquid-level mercury switches.

Mercury Manufacturing Company

121 Grove St., Wyandotte, MI 48192
(734) 285-5150 Fax: (734) 285-8264
Pressure relief valves and precision machined components.

Mestek Machinery

5480 Sixth St. S.W., Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 (319) 364-9181 Fax: (319) 364-3436

Richard Burkart, V.P.-Sales; Mike Bailey

HVAC roll-forming machinery and systems; CNC plasma cut- ting systems, metal forming and fabricating equipment.

Met One Instruments Inc.

1600 Washington Blvd., Grants Pass, OR 97526 (541) 471-7111 Fax: (541) 471-7116

M. Johnson, Sales Handheld Particle Counters; P. Pomponi, V.P.-Sales; J. Pottberg, Intl. Sales
Strives for excellence in the air quality field; use of their par- ticle counters helps analyze and monitor the air you breathe.


P.O. Box 2287, 1231 Wilson Dr., West Chester, PA 19380 (800) 638-2264 Fax: (800) 638-2261

T. Tverk, Prod. Mgr.; Andrea Brogan, Dir.
A designer and manufacturer of professional grade power tools, including saws, grinders, screwdrivers, hammers and others.

Metal Form Mfg. Co.

5960 W. Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85043 (602) 233-1211 Fax: (602) 233-2033

D. Langmade, Pres.; B. Bullock, V.P.
Louvers, dampers, gravity vents, security grilles, acoustical louvers, roof curbs, air washer, pre-coolers and evaporative coolers.

Metal Industries Inc.

1985 Carroll St., Clearwater, FL 33765 (727) 441-2651 Fax: (727) 431-0099 or

Grant Tyson, V.P.-Sales

Metal-Fab Inc.

3025 May Ave., P.O. Box 1138, Wichita, KS 67201 (316) 943-2351 Fax: (316) 943-2717

D. Hamer, Central Reg. Mgr.; C. Kremer, Eastern Reg. Mgr.; S. Schmelzer, Dir.-Res. Sales; J. Coffey, Dir.-Comm. Venting Prod.; S. Hughbanks, Pres.; T. Marr, Western Reg. Mgr.
Type B gas vents, industrial and commercial chimneys, 2100 degree chimneys, pellet chimney, chimney liner, flexible connector, flexible gas piping system, grease duct, flexible gas piping, fire dampers, corrosive resistant venting, grilles, registers and diffusers.

METALAIRE, Metal Industries Inc.

1985 Carroll St., Clearwater, FL 33765
(727) 441-2651 or
David John, Chief Engr.; Grant Tyson, V.P.-Sales; Fred Book, Dir-Mktg.

The METALAIRE product offering includes grilles, registers, diffusers, and air terminals units. METALAIRE has a broad net- work of representatives knowledgeable in all phases of HVAC design and selection. Our products are sold around the world.


Metraflex Co.

2323 W. Hubbard St., Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 738-3800; (800) 621-4347 Fax: (312) 738-0415
Zeke Bochenek, Sales Mgr.
Manufacturers of the innovative Metraloop expansion joint for thermal and seismic movement, the Cablesphere, the CRV Flex and VaneFlex flow conditioning connectors, Metraflex makes a variety of engineered piping products including expansion joints, compensators, wall penetration seals, pipe guides, pump connectors, strainers, valves and more.

Metrex Valve Corp.

505 S. Vermont, Glendora, CA 91741
(800) 266-4027; (626) 335-4027 Fax: (626) 335-1514 or
Manufacturer of standard and custom self-contained self- operated valves for water-cooled HVAC. Commercial, indus- trial, marine, military shipboard and nuclear service. 3/8” thru 8” line.

Mexichem Fluor Inc.

4990 B ICI Rd., P.O. Box 30, Saint Gabriel, LA 70776
(800) 275-5532; (800) 424-5532 Cust. Svc. Fax: (225) 642-8629; (225) 642-6330
Peter Geosits, Americas Comml. Dir.; Sean Cunningham, Technical Mgr.; Sue Wharton, Acct. Mgr.; Scott Koerper, Natl. Accts. Mgr.
Refrigerants and alternative refrigerants manufacturer.

Wm. W. Meyer & Sons Inc.
1700 Franklin Blvd., Libertyville, IL 60048
(800) 963-4458; (847) 918-0111 Fax: (847) 918-8183
Dales Stephens, Sales Mgr.
Commercial and industrial vacuums for cleaning ducts, boilers, furnaces and chimneys in residential, commer- cial, institutional and industrial applications.


Meyer Machine & Equipment Inc.

351 Main St., Antioch, IL 60002
(800) 728-3828; (847) 395-2970 Fax: (847) 395-2972
Jimmy Meyer, Sales Mgr.
Manufacturer of electric and gasoline powered vacuums for air duct and dryer vent cleaning, material handling, and insulation removal as well as a complete line of supplies.

MFM Building Products Corp.

525 Orange St., P.O. Box 340, Coshocton, OH 43812 (740) 622-2645 Fax: (740) 622-6161 or

Tony Reis, Sales/Mktg. Dir.; Becky Terrell, Sales Serv. Mgr.; David Delcoma, Prod. Mktg. Mgr.; Paul Bratton, Fulfillment Supv./Techl. Support
Self-adhering jacketing systems for waterproofing ductwork and pipes.

MGR Equipment Corp.

22 Gates Ave., Inwood, NY 11096 (516) 239-3030 Fax: (516) 239-3602

R. Ross, Sales Mgr.
Storage bins, ice dispensers, ice baggers, dry ice storage bins, custom refrigeration, marine refrigeration.

Micro Control Systems Inc.

5877 Enterprise Pkwy., Fort Myers, FL 33905 (239) 694-0089 Fax: (239) 694-0031

Micro Plastics Inc.

P.O. Box 149, Flippin, AR 72634
(870) 453-2261 Fax: (870) 453-8676
James Underwood, Sales Rep.; Bruce Sanders, Sales Mgr. Injection molder of standard and custom plastic fasteners and hardware. In-house tooling. ISO Certified.

Mid Rivers Machinery Inc.

P.O. Box 186, Saint Peters, MO 63376 Fax: (636) 723-0648
Al Morgan, Pres.
Air-cam clinching machines, powered rotary machines.

Mid-West Materials Inc.

3687 Shepard Rd., P.O. Box 345, Perry, OH 44081 (800) 321-4143; (440) 259-5200 Fax: (440) 259-5204

B. Robbins, CEO; N. Goldstein, Pres.; Scott Reichert, Sales Mgr.; Mark Chabot, Oper. Mgr.
Galvanized, galvannealed, aluminized, galvalume, hot rolled, HRP+O, and cold rolled steel in low, medium and high car- bons, alloys and high strength in coil, sheet and plate.

Midco International Inc.

4140 W. Victoria St., Chicago, IL 60646 (773) 604-8700 Fax: (773) 604-4070

C. V. Aiello, Sales Mgr.-Burner Div.; J. Kelderhouse, Mktg. Gas burners residential, commercial and industrial burners.

Middletown Tube Works Inc.

2201 Trine St., Middletown, OH 45044
(513) 727-0080 Fax: (513) 727-1879 or cbarker@middletowntube. com
We offer tubing in the size and shape you need, provided in mill lengths or cut and end finished to your exact specifica- tions. We offer metallurgical assistance to provide for your unique products with cost effective, consistent production in mind.

Midwest Compressor

12901 Elmwood Ave., Cleveland, OH 44111
(800) 622-4460 Fax: (216) 941-8801
Remanufacture compressors for the air conditioning, heating, aircraft and transportation industry.

Midwest Ducts

780 River Ave., Prairie Farm, WI 54762 (715) 455-1969 Fax: (715) 455-1110

Herb Gibson, Gen. Mgr.
Midwest Ducts is a full line manufacturer of residential and commercial sheet metal products serving customers in 14 Midwestern states and Canada.

Midwest Tool And Cutlery Co.- Midwest Snips

1210 Progress St., P.O. Box 160, Sturgis, MI 49091 (269) 651-7964; (800) 782-4659 Fax: (269) 651-4412

S. Deter, Pres./CEO; R. Besser, Sales Mgr.; R. Carter, Sales Mgr. Tinner snips, aviation snips, utility snips, industrial snips, duct tools including hand seamers, folding tools, hand crimpers, hand notchers.

Milcor, Commercial Products Group

815 Kimberly Dr., Carol Stream, IL 60188
(800) 624-8642 Fax: (866) 466-9335 or C. Abramson; Mark Walraven, V.P.
Wall, ceiling, and floor access doors; roof access hatched; rooftop heat and smoke vents; skylights.

Miljoco Corp.

200 Elizabeth St., Mount Clemens, MI 48043
(888) 888-1498; (586) 777-4280 Fax: (586) 777-7891 or
H. O. Trerice, V.P./Gen. Mgr.; T. Adams, Sales; K. Rock, Sales; H. Trerice, Sales; M. Mroz, Sales Mgr.
Manufacturers of thermometers and pressure gauges for com- mercial HVAC, refrigeration and industry.

Miller Manufactured Home Products

8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 66368 (636) 561-7300 Fax: (636) 561-7397

Heating, cooling and ventilating products designed for the manufactured housing industry.

Miller-Leaman Inc.

800 Orange Ave., Daytona Beach, FL 32114
(386) 248-0500; (800) 881-0320 Fax: (386) 248-3033
Chris Shuster, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; David Romeo, Sales Engr. Manufacturer of simplex and fully automatic water filtration equipment for cooling tower water, chilled water, and process water applications.

Milwaukee Valve Co.

16550 W. Stratton Dr., New Berlin, WI 53151 (262) 432-2700 Fax: (262) 432-2701


Minerallac Company

100 Gast Rd., Hampshire, IL 60140
(847) 792-6100 Fax: (847) 683-9245 or
Barb Halvorsen, Bus. Devel. Admin.; Steve Yoder, Natl. Bus. Devel. Mgr.

Widest selection of fasteners, conduit straps/hangers, tapes, tool bags, fasteners, tools, paints, chaulks, sealants, safety glasses, work gloves and hardware accessories.

Miro Industries Inc.

2700 S. 900 W., Salt Lake City, UT 84119
(800) 768-6978; (801) 975-9993 Fax: (800) 440-7958
N. Sargent, Pres.
Pipe supports, duct supports, support pads, roof top pipe, conduit, duct and mechanical supports.

MISTOP, Division of Acme Manufacturing Corp.

6532 Tower Ln., Claremore, OK 74019 (800) 647-8671 Fax: (918) 266-3091 or

Hal Lewis
Stainless steel moisture eliminator for HVAC system cooling coils, heated snow eliminator filter for HVAC intake systems.

Mitco Manufacturing

137 Puncheon Creek Dr., Andrews, SC 29510 (800) 338-8908 Fax: (800) 727-4009

K. Otto, Quality Control-Mitco
Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration products.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating
3400 Lawrenceville Suwanee Rd., Suwanee, GA 30024 (678) 376-2900; (800) 687-1966 Fax: (678) 376-2890; (800) 658-1458 or
B. Renaud
Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating was the first manu- facturer to introduce split-ductless heat pumps and VRF technology to North America. The company also manu- facturers dedicated outdoor systems, HRVs, hydronic heat exchangers, and smartphone applications.


MJC America Ltd.

20035 E. Walnut Dr. N., City of Industry, CA 91789 (909) 718-0478 118 Fax: (909) 718-0464

Leading manufacturer for window AC, portable AC, mini splits, PTACs, TTW and rotary compressors.

MKS Instruments Inc.

2 Tech Dr., Ste. 201, Andover, MA 01810 (978) 645-5500 Fax: (978) 557-5100

Applications Engrg.
Controls, flowmeters, gauges, manometers, vacuum leak detecting systems, pressure transducers, valves, ozone gen- erators.

Mobile Air Inc.

800 E. Mandoline, Madison Heights, MI 48071 (800) 596-0800 Fax: (248) 307-1939

Portable temporary emergency solutions for heating/cooling/ dehumidification. Commercial, healthcare, industrial and spe- cial events. Rental and sales, direct ship any where.

Modine Manufacturing Company, Commercial Products Group
1500 DeKoven Ave., Racine, WI 53403-2552
(800) 828-4328 (HEAT) Fax: (262) 636-1665

B. C. Gover; R. D. Boothman; R. S. Schaffart; A. S. Kramer Hydronic, cabinet, fin-tube radiation, oil/electric, infrared and gas heaters, duct furnaces, indoor/outdoor direct/indirect fired make-up air, evaporative cooling, residential garage unit heat- ers, packaged rooftop ventilation.

Modularm Corporation

61 Mall Dr., Commack, NY 11725 (631) 864-3860 Fax: (631) 864-3863

D. Olsen, Pres.; A. Flores, Prod. Mgr.; M. Norwood, Oper. Mgr. Temperature monitoring, alarm and control systems, digital thermometers, walk-in door ajar monitors and automatic walk- in light controls, data logging systems.

Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

22 Corporate Woods Blvd., Albany, NY 12211
(607) 786-8131; (800) 295-2392 Fax: (607) 786-8309
Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is a global leader in silicones and advanced materials, with a 70-year heritage of being first to market with performance applications for major industries that support and improve everyday life. The company delivers science-based solutions by linking custom technology platforms to opportunities for customers.


Momentive Specialty Chemicals

180 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43125 (888) 443-9466

Mon-Eco Industries Inc.

5 Joanna Ct., East Brunswick, NJ 08816
(800) 899-6326; (732) 257-7942 Fax: (732) 257-6525
T. J. Coscia, V.P.-Sales; P. Buzzerio, Pres.
Duct liner adhesives, mastics and coatings, duct sealants.

Morrison Products Inc.

16900 S. Waterloo Rd., Cleveland, OH 44110 (216) 486-4000 Fax: (216) 486-0631

Harry Holmes, CEO/Pres.; Kevin Lyons, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; Bradford Dill, V.P.-Sales; Greg Wagner, V.P.-Engrg.
Air moving equipment including forward-curved wheels, blowers and propellers.

Mortex Manufactured Housing Products

501 Terminal Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76106 (817) 624-0820 Fax: (817) 624-8581

Motivair Corporation

85 Woodridge Dr., Amherst, NY 14228 (716) 691-9222 Fax: (716) 691-9229

Rich Whitemore; Christine Walter
Water chillers, closed circuit evaporative coolers, compressed air dryers, heat exchangers.

Motors & Armatures Inc.

250 Rabro Dr. E., Hauppauge, NY 11788
(631) 348-0200 Fax: (631) 348-7160
E. Chernoff, Pres.; F. Mehler, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; J. Ridolf, Mktg. Mgr.-Brand Recognition/Merchandising; R. Mohr, V.P.-Oper.; C. Klose, Prod. Mgr.; J. Wilson, Dir.-Sales

Components, motors and service equipment for air condition- ing, refrigeration, heating and appliances.

Motors And Blowers LLC

8845 Sheridan Rd., Kenosha, WI 53143 (262) 925-8454 Fax: (262) 925-8456

E. A. Pillar, V.P.; R. Sauceda, Plant Mgr.
Mfg. fans, blowers, wheels, housings for OEM Market.

Moty-Ko Professional Power Tools

1445 Brookville Way, Ste. J, Indianapolis, IN 46239 (317) 322-5265 Doug Stemmler Fax: (317) 322-5205

Cordless power tools, sheet metal screws, safety glasses, hand protection/gloves.

MovinCool/Denso Sales California Inc.

3900 Via Oro Ave., Long Beach, CA 90810 (800) 264-9573 Fax: (310) 835-8724

MovinCool offers a wide range of portable and ceiling mount air conditioning systems for many different applications, such as emergency, backup and supplemental cooling, as well as moisture removal.

MP Global Products

P.O. Box 2283, 2500 Old Hadar Rd., Norfolk, NE 68702 (402) 379-9695 Fax: (402) 379-9737

J. Boesch, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.; A. Collison, Pres.; B. Pratt, Techl. Dir. Electric radiant heat mats.

Mr. Pex Systems

2613 87th Ct. W., Northfield, MN 55097
(952) 652-2472; (612) 850-9382 Fax: (952) 652-2378 or
T. Lenman, Pres.; J. Halter, Sales Mgr.; J. Andersson, Gen. Mgr. Radiant floor heating, pex-al-pex plumbing, snowmelt systems manufacture.


1000 Cranberry Woods Dr., Cranberry Township, PA 16066 (800) MSA-4678; (800) MSA-2222 Fax: (800) 967-0398 or

Cust. Serv. Ctr.
Monitors, gas detection for HVAC industry, continuous refriger- ant monitors, CO, CO2 and oxygen.

MSP Technology, Walter Stark

223 Wall St., Unit 140, Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 424-7542; (631) 440-4084 Fax: (631) 980-7607 or or
W. Stark, Pres.; J. Connor
Dehumidifiers for moisture control in outdoor air and recircu- lated air applications for supermarkets, ice rinks, health care, housing, hospitality and many industrial process.

MTH Pumps

401 W. Main St., Plano, IL 60545 (630) 552-4115 Fax: (630) 552-3688

B. King; B. Weller; C. Wehrly; B. Sharony; J. Bonardi; D. Riddle Regenerative turbine and centrifugal pumps in BF, AB, AI, SS construction, horizontal or vertical, sealless and sealed.

Mueller Industries Inc., Standard Products Division 8285 Tournament Dr., Memphis, TN 38125
(901) 753-3200 Fax: (901) 751-7725

M. Watson, V.P.-Copper Tube Mktg.; B. Barksdale, Natl. Sales Mgr.; E. Burkart, OEM Sales Mgr.; D. Radiloff, V.P.- Sales; G. Christopher, CEO
Dehydrated and nitrogen-charge ACR copper tube, wrot copper fittings, PVC and ABS DWV fittings, schedule 40 fittings, bronze valves and line sets, refrigeration ball valves, driers.

Mueller Refrigeration LLC, Div. of Mueller Industries Inc. 121 Rogers St., Hartsville, TN 37074
(800) 251-8983 Fax: (800) 529-0884

D. Murdock, Pres.-Engineered Prod. Div.; M. E. Bornand, V.P.-Sales/Engrg.; C. Butler, Dir.-Oper.
Manufacturer of products for refrigeration systems, including compressor valves, electronic valves, ball valves, check valves, pressure relief valves, filter driers and flare fittings.


Multi-Wing America, Crowley Company

P.O. Box 425, Burton, OH 44021 (440) 834-9400 Fax: (440) 834-0449

Steve Druhot, Sales Engr.
Multi-Wing is North America’s leading supplier of high-perfor- mance axial flow fan blades, specializing in providing custom solutions for virtually any air-moving application.

MultiCam Inc.

1025 W. Royal Ln., P.O. Box 612048, DFW Airport, TX 75261 (972) 929-4070 Fax: (972) 929-4071

John Harris, Natl. Sales Mgr.; J. Alejandro, South American


Sales Mgr.; Jim Kurowski, Intl. Sales Mgr.; Scott Mullis, North American Sales Mgr.
CNC routers, lasers, plasma, knife, waterjet, and digital finishing.

Multicyl Inc.

640 Hardwick Rd., Unit #1, Bolton, ON L7E 5R1 CANADA (905) 951-0670 Fax: (905) 951-0672

T. Bryson, Design Engr.; G. Saldarriaga, Sales/Techl. Support Manufacturer of air-oil cylinders, punch press equipment up to 100 tons of force from regular shop air.

MultiTherm LLC

P.O. Box 579, Devault, PA 19432
(610) 408-8361; (800) 225-7440 Fax: (610) 408-8365 or
M. Smith, Gen. Mgr.; R. Ullman, HVAC Sales Mgr.; Marianne Landi, Cust. Serv.
Commericial, Industrial and HVAC coils, self-contained AC units, fluid coolers, tube bundle and heat exchangers, special- ize in replacement coils with quickship option. Heat transfer fluids, (non-hazardous, non-fouling).

Munters Corp., Systems Division

210 Sixth St. S.E., Fort Myers, FL 33907 (239) 936-1555 Fax: (239) 936-2657

Munters HumiCool Division offers evaporative cooling solu- tions, cooling pads, and portable heaters designed for trouble- free operation and minimal maintenance.

Munters Corporation, Spot Climate Control Division

210 Sixth St., Fort Myers, FL 33907
(239) 936-1555; (800) 446-6868 Fax: (239) 936-2657 or
E. Grant, Gen. Mgr.-Mist Elimination; P. Thomas Graef, Dir.- R&D; M. Meyers, Nat. Sales Mgr.- Spot Climate Control; D. Delman, Sales Mgr-Gas Turbine
Munters Spot Climate Control Division offers evaporative cool- ing solutions, cooling pads and portable heaters designed for trouble free operation and minimal maintenance.

Munters Corporation

16900 Jordan Rd., Selma, TX 78154 (800) 843-5360 Fax: (866) 726-5029

Jacqueline McIlrath, Mktg. Mgr.
Munters manufactures products that economically control humidity and temperature, provide energy recovery, and/ or utilize direct or indirect evaporative cooling for comfort, process and environmental protection.

Myron L Company
2450 Impala Dr., Carlsbad, CA 92010
(760) 438-2021 Fax: (760) 931-9189
K. Robinson, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.
Conductivity and pH instruments and controls for water treatment applications, cooling tower controllers, chem- ical treatment controllers, boiler water treatment con- trollers.



430 Franklin Blvd., Cambridge, ON N1R 8G6 CANADA (519) 621-6210 Fax: (519) 621-2841
N. R. Murphy, Pres.; R. Johnston, Gen. Mgr.; C. Moffatt, Sales/ Mktg. Mgr.; T. Decaro, Prod. Mgr.
Manufacturer of dust collection systems and components. All types and sizes custom manufactured to fit your particular application.

Nailor Industries Inc.

98 Toryork Dr., Toronto, ON M9L 1X6 CANADA (416) 744-3300 Fax: (416) 744-3360

K. Bradley, O.E.M. Sales Mgr.; J. Medeiros, Contract Sales Mgr.; L Bruce, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; D. Mortella, Gen. Mgr.
Grilles, registers, diffusers, fire/smoke dampers, air control damp- ers, VAV boxes, fan powered terminal units, access doors, floor diffusers, fan coil units, underfloor air distribution products.

Nailor Industries Inc.

4714 Winfield Rd., Houston, TX 77039 (281) 590-1172 Fax: (281) 590-3086

M. Nailor, CEO; S. Nailor, COO; C. Piserelle, Dir.-Sales; J. Rochester, V.P.-Mktg.; L. Nailor, Exec. V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; G. Faris, V.P.-Engrg.
Air distribution and air control products; grilles, registers, dif- fusers, fire/smoke dampers, air control dampers, VAV boxes, fan powered terminal units, access doors, floor diffusers, fan coil units, filter products, silencers, air handlers, electric duct heaters, industrial dampers, underfloor air distribution.


P.O. Box 474, South Haven, MI 49090 (269) 639-1469 Fax: (269) 639-1555

S. Keathley, Pres.
Electric heating elements and accessory products

Napoleon Fireplaces (Wolf Steel Ltd.)
24 Napoleon Rd., RR #1, Barrie, ON L4M 0G8 CANADA (705) 721-1212; (800) 461-5581 Fax: (705) 722-6031
R. Gripton, V.P.-Sales; Greg Thomas, Dir.-Sales; Bob Emmell, North American Sales Mgr.-HVAC; Terry Hicks, Natl. Sales Mgr.-Canada
Wood, gas, electric and pellet stoves, fireplaces, fireplace inserts, ductless split and residential air conditioning systems, gas and multi-fuel furnaces, zone heating hearth products, gas, wood and pellet furnaces.


NAPPS Technology Corporation

P.O. Box 3066, Longview, TX 75606-3066 (903) 758-2900 Fax: (903) 758-1118

E. G. Napps, Pres.; P. Krug, Natl. Sales Mgr.
10 to 70 ton scroll water cooled chillers, compressor chillers, compressor units and scroll water cooled condensing units.

NATE (North American Technician Excellence)

2111 Wilson Blvd., Ste. 510, Arlington, VA 22201
(877) 420-6283; (703) 276-7247 Fax: (703) 527-2316 or
Patrick Murphy, V.P.-Certifications; Kathy Corr, Dir.-Strategic Relationships; Liz Dominguez, Exec. Asst.; Tony Spagnoli, Cust. Serv. Spec.; Peter W. Schwartz, Pres./CEO

The leading non-profit certification program for technicians in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry and the only test supported by the entire industry.

N. R. Murphy Ltd.


National Coil Company

1998 FM 2011, Longview, TX 75603
(903) 643-2261 Fax: (903) 643-2222 or jgawrys@nationalcoilcom-
John Gawrys, Controller; Frank Xu, Gen. Mgr.
Manufacturing refrigeration unit coolers, refrigeration con- densing units, wallmount packaged air conditioning and heat pump units; residential A-coils; slab coils; and other heat transfer products.

National Comfort Products

539 Dunksferry Rd., Bensalem, PA 19020
(215) 244-1400 Fax: (215) 639-1674 or
B. P. Kelly, Pres.; E. Carruthers, Prod. Mgr.; V. Mucciola, Sales Mgr.; Ken Ford, Inside Sales; Brian Carlin, Inside Sales Thru-the-wall heating and air conditioning equipment for the multi-family marketplace, split systems and packaged units 1 1/2 thru 2 1/2 tons.

National Compressor Exchange Inc.
75 Onderdonk Ave., Ridgewood, NY 11385
(718) 417-9100; (800) 225-7381 Tollfree outside NY Fax: (718) 821-7032
R. L. Staiano, Pres.
Remanufacturer of reciprocating compressors, screw compressors, compressor parts, full hermetic compres- sors.


National Craft Industries Inc.

7F-2 No. 18, Lane 260, Wen Hua 2 Rd., Sec. 1, Lin Ko, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., 244 TAIWAN, R.O.C.
866-2-26096891 Fax: 866-2-26097767 or
Mr. Emil Chu
PPSU pex fittings and OEM / ODM forge / casting brass / bronze parts.

National Energy Control Corporation

312 Darby Rd., Havertown, PA 19083
(800) 227-9800; (610) 449-9800 Fax: (610) 789-7300; (610) 853-4774 or or
Rick Freed, Automation Systems Engr.; Chris Zee, Contractor sales; Frank Miraglia, Dir.-Training/Engr.; Bill Davis, Sales Mgr.; Rich Slawter, Natl. Accts. Mgr.
Building automation systems, electric, electronic, pneumatic temperature controls; boiler controls, gauges, thermometers, fluid handling pumps, steam traps, valves, compressors, accessories.

National Foundry Products

111 W. Mt. Airy Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19119 (215) 753-2627 Fax: (215) 753-2671

S. Weinberg, Pres.; B. Furbacher, V.P.
For over 40 years we have helped manufacturers using cast- ings and forgings to find suppliers who don’t just quote com- petitively but who can be trusted to get the job done right. We are the North American sales and service arm for a select number of world-class custom forging houses and foundries. Our focus is brass forgings, steel castings, investment castings, die castings, as well as precision machining and assembly, in both ferrous and non-ferrous.

National Refrigerants Inc.

11401 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19154
(215) 698-6620; (800) 262-0012 Fax: (215) 698-7466
Refrigerant recovery, reclamation, recovery equipment, refrig- erant and oil analysis, packaged and bulk refrigerant and alternatives, refrigerant banking, cylinder refurbishment/recer- tification.

National Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Canada Corp. 159 Roy Blvd., P.O. Box 2020, Brantford, ON N3R 7K1 CANADA
(519) 751-0444; (800) 463-9517 Fax: (519) 753-1140 or
David Teeter
Commercial refrigeration products, applied air condi- tioning products.


National Refrigeration Products
985 Wheeler Way, Langhorne, PA 19047-1705
(215) 638-8909; (800) 352-6951 Fax: (215) 638-9270
Refrigerant recovery and recycling equipment, HVAC and refrigeration service products, motors, refrigerant hoses, insulation tapes, leak detectors, solderless ter- minals, fasteners, electrical accessories and hand tools.


Nautica Air Systems LLC

223 Wall St., Unit 140, Huntington, NY 11743 (631) 440-4084

Walter Stark, Managing Member
Nautica Air Systems (NAS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of MSP Technology and manufacturers unique dehumidification products using MSP Technology’s patented products. These are primarily used on labortories, hotels-motels housing, schools, offices, restaurants, theaters, Retail and factories where dehumidification of outdoor air or indoor air saves thousands of both dollars and kilowatt hours/ccf of gas or fuel oil. The technology is unique and patented as well as sustainable.

NDL Industries Inc.
266 S.W. Marine Dr., Vancouver, BC V5X 2R5 CANADA (604) 736-7470 Fax: (604) 736-0164
T. Gutbir, V.P.-Sales; J. McBean, Sales Mgr.


Specializes in high quality technical products at competi- tive pricing. Copper fitting, controls, valves, contactors, transformers, hardware, ball valves and receivers.



171 Mattatuck Hgts., Waterbury, CT 06705 (203) 756-8891 Fax: (203) 754-5868

Marie Helene Pernin, Mktg. Mgr.
Manufacturer of faucet aerators, check valve cartridges, insert flow regulators, faucet attachments, laminar devices, sprays and adapters.

Network Thermostat

P.O. Box 3161, Grapevine, TX 76099
(866) 563-0711 Fax: (214) 279-4748 or jdrew@networkthermostat. com
J. Drew
Network Thermostat systems, wired and wireless communica- tions. Sensors, software, actuators.

Networkfleet Inc.

6363 Greenwich Dr., Ste. 200, San Diego, CA 92122 (866) 869-1353 Fax: (858) 450-3246

Manufacturer and provider of GPS fleet tracking services that improve operations and reduce fuel use, maintenance expenses, and vehicle emissions.

Neutronics Inc.

456 Creamery Way, Exton, PA 19341
(610) 524-8800 Fax: (610) 524-8807 or
P. Coll, Prod. Line Mgr.; S. Morgan, Tech. Mgr.; J. Sosnowski, CEO; B. Whitehead, CFO; D. Halpern, COO; G. Halpern, Pres. Refrigerant identifier instruments, AC diagnostic tools.

The New York Blower Co.

7660 Quincy St., Willowbrook, IL 60527
(630) 794-5700; (800) 208-7918 Fax: (630) 794-5776
Tim O’Hare, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; Will Kelly, Intl. Sales Mgr. Centrifugal fans, propeller fans, unit heaters, FRP fans, axial fans, finned coils-steam, roof ventilators.

Newmac Mfg. Inc.

P.O. Box 9 Stn. Main, Debert, NS B0M1G0 CANADA
(519) 539-6147; (902) 662-3840 Fax: (902) 662-2581 or
K. Johnson, Pres.; T. Comeau, Sales/Mktg.
Electric and solid fuel electric, wood add-on and combination wood, coal/oil, gas furnaces, boilers, oil furnaces.

Newport Electronics Inc.

2229 S. Yale St., Santa Ana, CA 92704 (714) 540-4914 Fax: (203) 968-7311

Manufactures controllers, signal conditioners, transmitters and meters for industrial process control, test and measurement.


1200 Lake Hearn Dr., Ste. 500, Atlanta, GA 30319 (678) 762-6800 Fax: (678) 762-6805

Ashley Jones, Mktg. Mgr.
NexTraq (formally Discrete Wireless) is in the GPS-based fleet management business. We provide a cloud-based solution to provide the right data to optimize fleets, small and large.


1516 Middlebury St., Elkhart, IN 46516-4740 (800) 234-0227 Fax: (574) 295-3307
William Geers, Dir.-Mktg.; Jim Hilfinger, V.P.-Wholesale Sales; Mark Hamilton, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Specializes in plastic and metal fittings, valves, actuators, and plastic pipe.

Niles Steel Tank

725 Talamore Dr., Ambler, PA 19002 (215) 641-2114 Fax: (215) 646-7984

Mark Bettterly
Steel tank and ASME code pressure vessel fabricator.

Ningbo Gogo Co. Ltd.

B809, Dashidai Bldg., No. 105, Remin Rd., Ningbo, 315021 CHINA
86-574-87385128; 86-574-87385278 Fax: 86-574-87385208 or

Yingming Lu, Mgr.
We are profession agency for different component of air con- ditioner and HVAC product.

NMB Technologies Corporation

9730 Independence Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311 (818) 341-3355 Fax: (818) 341-8207

Manufacturer of miniature ball bearings, AC/DC axial cooling fans, including IP54 fans and motorized impellers, as well as blowers, small step, hybrid, permanent magnet, brush and brushless motors.

Noble Company

P.O. Box 350, Grand Haven, MI 49417-0350 (800) 878-5788 Fax: (231) 799-8850

Produces a variety of pre-mixed and concentrate antifreeze products, and as well as fluid accessories and testing equipment.

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NOFP Inc., High Performance Reflective Foil Insulation

725 Enterprise Ave., Wauseon, OH 43567
(800) 339-4850; (419) 335-4850 Fax: (419) 335-2380 or
W. Radjenovic, Pres.
Manufacturer of roll-out radiant floor underconcrete insulation: the Barrier, BarrierXT and Barrier X5 and reflective foil staple up insulation.

Nomaco Insulation

3006 Anaconda Rd., Tarboro, NC 27886 (866) 876-2684 Fax: (866) 876-2688

Teresa Stephans, Mktg.; S. Edwards; Richard Berry, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Tubing, sheet and roll insulations, insulation tape, adhesives.

Nor-Lake Inc.

727 Second St., P.O. Box 248, Hudson, WI 54016 (800) 955-5253; (715) 386-2323 Fax: (715) 386-6149

C. Dullea, Pres.; R. Clay, Dir.-Oper.; B. A. Belongia, Sales Mgr.; T. E. Clay, Purch.


Commercial refrigeration equipment, refrigerated walk-ins, reach-ins, and specialty cabinets, refrigeration systems.

Nordic Air Incorporated

5455 Rt. 307 W., Geneva, OH 44041
(440) 466-6640; (800) 533-5484 Fax: (440) 466-2012
Industrial HVAC equipment.

Nordic Electronics Ltd.

9-3151 Lakeshore Rd., Unit 340, Kelowna, BC V1W 3S9 CANADA
(800) 775-4750 Fax: (250) 764-6100
FAST-STAT HVAC control wiring extenders.

Norlok Technology Inc.

26 Adams Blvd., Brantford, ON N3S 7V2 CANADA (519) 759-5896 Fax: (519) 759-2948

Q. Smith, Pres.; J. Boatright, V.P.; R. Boatright, Mktg. Mgr. Clean alternative to spot welding and riveting; our versatility gives you endless possibilities, low cost standard modifica- tions, portable and floor models available.

826 Proctor Ave., Ogdensburg, NY 13669
(866) NORTEC1 Fax: (613) 822-7964
Nortec humidifiers allow you to select a system operating with electrode steam, subsonic air nozzles, high pressure nozzles, steam injection, steam exchange, evaporative or gas-fired technology.


North Lakes Distributing Inc.
P.O. Box 563, Plymouth, WI 53073
(920) 207-0900 Fax: (920) 528-7272
Refrigerant, used refrigerant purchased, refrigerant recovery, refrigerant identifiers.


North Star Ice Equipment Corp.

8151 Occidental Ave. S., P.O. Box 80227, Seattle, WA 98108 (206) 763-7300 Fax: (206) 763-7323

T. Crawford, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; C. Pfeiffer, Sales Mgr.-North America; Jeff Wittenberger, Sales Mgr.-Asia; Cecil Ugarte, Sales Mgr.-Latin America
Industrial flake ice makers; automatic ice storage and delivery systems, complete automatic ice plants.

Northwest Envirofan, Div. of Northwest Environmental Systems Inc.
P.O. Box 2944, 3420 Marvel Dr., Oshkosh, WI 54903
(800) 236-7080 Fax: (920) 235-3049
J. F. Dahl, Pres.; R. K. Dahl, Natl. Indl. Sales Mgr.
Industrial, commercial and agricultural ceiling fans, ceiling fan guards, ceiling fan controls.

The Novaflex Group, Novaflex Hose

449 Trollingwood Rd., Haw River, NC 27258 (800) 334-4270 Fax: (336) 578-5854

Noveo Technologies Group Inc., Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation
9655 A Ignace St., Brossard, QC J4Y 2P3 CANADA
(450) 444-2044; (877) 314-2044 Fax: (450) 444-2088 or
Keith Eaman, P.Eng., CFO/V.P..-Finance; Jim Judge, Ontario Techl. Sales Rep.; Dave Gavura, BSc.Eng., CEO/Pres.; Naomi Harrison, Office Admin.
A Canadian company which has developed “ventllation-on- demand” technologies that automatically control exhaust and air make-up systems for industrial and commercial kitchen applications, with energy savings of 30-80%.

NSA Products Inc.

755 E. Main St., Greenwood, IN 46143 (317) 865-4140 Fax: (317) 865-4145
M. Key, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Furnace mounting blocks.

NTI (NY Thermal Inc.)

30 Stonegate Dr., Saint John, NB E2H 0A4 CANADA (506) 657-6000 Fax: (506) 432-1135

Acknowledged as a leader in research and product develop- ment, NTI is a pioneer in developing the most advanced and efficient home heating equipment. NTI boilers are developed using state-of-the-art computer assisted design techniques and in accordance with the guidelines of the Canadian Standards Association and A.S.M.E. industry codes. Our on-site laboratory and training facilities at our head office in Saint John, New Brunswick ensure that we maintain our commitment to ongoing quality control, product development and contractor support.

Nu-Air Ventilation Systems Inc, Manufacturing

16 Nelson St., P.O. Box 2758, Windsor, NS B0N 2T0 CANADA (902) 798-2261; (800) 565-2261 Fax: (902) 798-2557

Eion O’Connor, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Nu-Air designs and manufactures high quality heat recovery ventilators (HRV’s), energy recovery ventilators (ERV’s), air handlers and vertical fan coils with integrated H/ERVs. Primary markets are commercial, residential, multi-unit residential and institutional. H/ERV models range in size from 50 cfm (24 l/s) to 4500 cfm (2124 l/s). EC motors are standard in all air handlers and fan coils. distribution is through wholesalers and Plan & Spec Distributors in Canada and the USA.

2008 Altom Ct., Saint Louis, MO 63146
(800) 554-5499 Fax: (314) 469-1218
J. Eager, V.P.-Finance; J. E. Lawler, V.P.-Mktg.; R. Pierce, Exec. V.P.
Water treatment, sealants, specialty and service chemi- cals, coil cleaners, system flush solvents, refrigeration oil, vacuum pump oil, ice machine treatment, hydronic system treatment.


NUCON International Inc.

P.O. Box 29151, Columbus, OH 43229 (614) 846-5710 x125 Fax: (614) 431-0858

Robert R. Sommer, Sales/Mktg.
Adsorbents, activated carbon, carbon adsorbers.


926 W. State St., Hartford, WI 53027 (888) 336-3948 Fax: (888) 336-6148


D. Pringle, Pres./CEO; G. P. Ebner, V.P.-Wholesale; K. D. Collins, Mktg. Comm. Mgr.
Exhaust fans, ceiling fans, intercoms, central vacuum systems, door chimes, home theater speakers, medicine cabinets, and ironing centers.

NuTone Heating and Cooling Products

8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 63368
(636) 561-7300; (800) 422-4328 Fax: (636) 561-7397
Matt Lattanzi, Brand Mgr.
Heating and cooling products for residential and light com- mercial, including the award-winning 24.5 SEER iQ Drive air conditioner and heat pump.

Nyle Systems LLC

12 Stevens Rd., Brewer, ME 04412
(207) 989-4335; (800) 777-6953 Fax: (207) 989-1101 or;
Donald Lewis, CTO; Antonius Mathissen, Pres.; Gerry Houston, Sales; Hank Emerson, Sales
Manufactures the GEYSER Heat Pump Water Heater, a revolu- tionary energy and cost saving method to heat domestic water, saving up to $1,000.00 or more annually while being kind to the environment. Dehumidification drying systems, dehumidi- fiers, liquid chillers, custom refrigeration systems, heat pump hot water heaters.

O’Brien Global Products IOnc.
P.O. Box 310021, New Braunfels, TX 78131
(830) 620-7709 Fax: (830) 608-1270
R. O’Brien, Pres.
“Productivity software for the HVAC Professional”, “Quickloads Pro” load calc. software, “COOLCOST”, and “SERVICE CENTER”, software plus the “Refrigerant Management Book”.

Oak International Inc.

3000 Disney St., Cincinnati, OH 45209 (513) 458-8117

Dan Dwyer, Adv. Mgr.

Oceanaire Inc., Portable Air Conditioning

6228 Oakton St., Morton Grove, IL 60053 (847) 583-0311 Fax: (847) 583-0312

T. Schaul, V.P.-Mfg.; M. Schopf, V.P.-Engrg.
Portable air conditioners and heat pumps. 1-5 ton air-cooled and water-cooled models. Special purpose air conditioners.

O E M Corp.

3660 Benner Rd., Miamisburg, OH 45342 (937) 859-7492 Fax: (937) 859-7594

R. Shupert, Gen. Mgr.; T. Boggs, Prod. Supv. Shafts for belt drive blowers.

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum USA Inc.

5700 Mellon Rd., Export, PA 15632
(724) 327-5700; (800) 764-5369 Fax: (724) 325-3577
M. Vitale, Mkt. Segment Mgr.; Technical Support Group Vacuum pumps, systems, components, and technical product selection support for evacuation, dehydration, and charging of refrigeration and air conditioning products.

Omaha Hydro Winpump, dba Hydro Pump

3616 S-138th St., Omaha, NE 68144 (402) 333-2039 Fax: (402) 333-2652

Gary Jacobs, Pres.; Andy Kettelhut, Sales Mgr. Heat pumps, water well supplies.

Omega Engineering Inc.

One Omega Dr., P.O. Box 4047, Stamford, CT 06907 (203) 359-1660 Fax: (203) 359-7700

Process measuring and control instrumentation for tempera- ture, humidity, pressure, flow, dew point and level, associated computer hardware and software.

Omega Flex Inc.

451 Creamery Way, Exton, PA 19341
(610) 524-7272; (800) 671-8622 Fax: (610) 524-7282 or
K. Hoben, CEO; M. Albino Sr., COO; S. Treichel, V.P.-Engr./ Mfg.; Bob Torbin, Dir.-Codes; E. Moran, Natl. Sales Mgr.; S. Hockenberry, Comm. Sales; DON EFFGEN-MARKETING Flexible metal hose products, vibration absorbers, flexible gas piping, (CSST-Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing for residential, commercial, and industrial applications); flexible piping – ARC RESISTANT CSST corrugated stainless steel tubing for residen- tial, commercial and industrial applications.

ONICON Incorporated
1500 N. Belcher Rd., Clearwater, FL 33765
(727) 447-6140 Fax: (727) 442-5699
B. Ierna, V.P.; R. Neumann, Sales Mgr.
Hydronic insertion turbine flow meters, hydronic inline turbine flow meters, BTU meters, flow computers, vortex flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters.


Onset Computer

470 MacArthur Blvd., Bourne, MA 02532
(508) 759-9500; (800) 564-4377 (800-LOGGERS) Fax: (508) 759-9100
Onset Computer’s battery-powered “HOBO” data logger prod- ucts measure and record temperature, humidity, light, energy, and a variety of other parameters.

Optibelt Corp.

1120 W. National Ave., Addison, IL 60101
(630) 628-8400; (800) 292-6081 Fax: (630) 628-6175; (800) 542-9510
Eric Steele, Technical
V-belts, timing belts, sheaves, pulleys and bushings for belt driven HVAC applications.

Optimum Energy LLC

411 First Ave. S., Ste. 620, Seattle, WA 98104
(888) 211-0918 Fax: (888) 221-0568
Optimum Energy’s OptimumHVAC software solutions reduces consumption in commercial building heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems by up to 60%.

Oreck Commercial

100 Armstrong Rd., Ste. 101, Plymouth, MA 02360 (800) 242-1378 Fax: (877) 672-4546


Orion Fans

10557 Metric Dr., Dallas, TX 75243
(214) 340-0265; (800) 323-2439 Fax: (214) 340-5870
John Knight; David Luna
A division of Knight Electronics, Inc. is an ISO9001/2000 global manufacturer of standard and custom AC and DC fans, fan accessories, fan trays, and blowers.

Orival Water Filters

213 S. Van Brunt St., Englewood, NJ 07631
(800) 567-9767; (201) 568-3311 Fax: (201) 568-1916
Orival automatic self-cleaning filters are proven effective in filtration or recirculating and once through cooling water and chilled water in HVAC systems.


100 Endicott St., Danvers, MA 10923
(978) 777-1900; (800) 544-4828 Fax: (978) 750-2152
Lighting, lamps and duct liners.

Ostberg Americas Inc.

55 Raglin Pl., #3, Cambridge, ON N1R 7J2 CANADA (519) 623-6363 Fax: (519) 623-8543

Barry Desormeau
Inline duct fans, side wall fans, roof fans, low profile fans, energy saving devices, ducting, filters, ventilation controls and accessories.

Oventrop Corporation

P.O. Box 789, East Granby, CT 06026 (860) 413-9173 Fax: (860) 413-9436

One of the leading European manufacturers of valves and con- trols for the Building Services Industry. Also offers a complete line of solar thermal solutions.

Overly Hautz Motor Base Co.

215 S. West St., Lebanon, OH 45036 (513) 932-0025 Fax: (513) 932-1688

Adjustable motor bases, conversion bases, pivoting and auto- matic motor bases. Custom mounts.

Owens Corning

One Owens Corning Pkwy., Toledo, OH 43659 (800) GET-PINK (435-7465) Fax: (419) 325-4194


Packard Inc.

1925 Shiloh Rd., Bldg. 2, Kennesaw, GA 30144
(770) 427-5765 Fax: (770) 427-5140 or customerservice@packardon-
T. Campbell; S. Kirkland, Pres.; C. Swett; D. Lauterhahn, V.P.-Sales
Heating, air conditioning, refrigeration replacement parts.

Packless Industries
P.O. Box 20668, Waco, TX 76702-0668
(800) 347-4859 Fax: (254) 666-7893
L. R. Zifferer, Pres.; P. J. Desai, Dir.-Mktg./Prod. Engr. Metal hose assemblies; vibration absorbers; refriger- ant heat exchangers; co-axial condensers, evaporators (chillers) and heat pump coils; desuperheaters/heat reclaimers.


Pacor Inc., New Jersey Fabricating Division

333 Rising Sun Rd., Bordentown, NJ 08505 (609) 324-1100 Fax: (609) 324-1106

Stan Zimorowicz, OEM Sales Mgr.; Jack Wheatley, Exec. V.P.; Bud Poole, Outside Sales Rep; Lee Gunton, Dir.-Mktg.; Walter Mameniskis, Dir.-Sales
Fabricated and roll goods insulation: fiberglass, aerogels, foam, ceramics and gasketing for OEM manufacturers and other industral applications.


7307 82nd St. Ct. S.W., Lakewood, WA 98498 (800) 258-8458 Fax: (253) 589-1091

M. Blanchard, Pres.; A. Billingsley, CEO; E. Billingsley, Gen. Mgr.

Tool carriers and organizers, Toolpack Brand.

Palm Beach R & D Inc.

1000 10th Ave. S., Lake Worth, FL 33460 (561) 586-7772 Fax: (561) 533-9812

T. Jokinen, Pres.; M. Heikkila, V.P.
Air conditioning thermostat with temperature and humidity control system.

Palmer Wahl Temperature Instruments

234 Old Weaverville Rd., Asheville, NC 28804-1228 (828) 658-3131; (800) 421-2853 Fax: (828) 658-0728 or

Aaron Watkins, Cust. Serv.
Manufacturers of industrial temperature, pressure, test and calibration instrumentation, including thermal imagers; infra- red and process thermometers; calibrators; recording labels.

Paloma Industries

2151 Eastman Ave., Oxnard, CA 93030 (805) 278-5499 Fax: (805) 278-5468

P.E. Valve Company Inc.

100 Airport Rd., Arden, NC 28704 (828) 274-1286 Fax: (828) 274-0027

P. M. Hall, Owner; B. Clegg, Gen. Mgr.; Richard Stokes, COO; Mark McMeans, Plant Supv.
Refrigeration valves, heating and air conditioning valves. 3 way and 4 way valves. Compressor unloader valves.

Tankless gas water heaters.

Pan Globe Enterprise Co. Ltd.

115 Yun Hsiang Rd. Shen Keng, Taipei 222, 222 TAIWAN, R.O.C.
Manufacturer of transformer, fan center as well as C-frame motor.

Panasonic Air Conditioning Group

1690 Roberts Blvd. N.W., Ste. 110, Kennesaw, GA 30144 (678) 355-6635 Fax: (678) 355-6684

Gary Nettinger, V.P.-Applied Prod./Serv./Support; Mike McMurrough, Dir.-Split Prod. Sales
Panasonic Air Conditioning Group, formerly Sanyo Commercial Solutions, is a leading manufacturer of ductless split and VRF systems globally. Panasonic will continue to provide the same high quality and service that has been a Sanyo trademark for over 50 years.

Panasonic Home & Environment Company, Ventilation One Panasonic Way, 1H-3, Secaucus, NJ 07094
(866) 292-7292 Fax: (201) 392-6613

Bret Gundersen, North East Sales Mgr.; Ronald Salmon, South Central Sales Mgr.; Ken Nelson, North West Sales Mgr.; Angeline Steiner, Natl. Accts. Mgr.; Jim Shelton, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Brian Kincaid, South West Sales Mgr. Offers a full line of advanced ventilation fans for every type of home building need. Our Whisper line combines energy efficiency and quiet operation to deliver unparal- leled performance.

Panasonic Home & Environment Company
One Panasonic Way, 1H-3, Secaucus, NJ 07094
(866) 292-7292 Fax: (201) 392-6613
Angeline Steiner, Natl. Accts. Mgr.; Bret Gundersen, Northeast Sales Mgr.; Ken Nelson, Northwest Sales Mgr.; Ronald Salmon, South Central Sales Mgr.; Brian Kincaid, Southwest Sales Mgr.; Jim Shelton, Natl. Sales Mgr. Ventilation fans, inline fans, energy recovery ventilator (ERV).


Panelbloc Inc.

8665 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 974-8877 Fax: (440) 974-8899

R. J. Gotliebowski Sr., CEO; R. A. Gotliebowski Jr., V.P.; C. Vance, Sales Admin.
Manufacturer of commercial/industrial low intensity infrared building heaters.

Paragon, Proudly offered by Invensys Controls

191 E. North Ave., Carol Stream, IL 60188-2064

(630) 260-3400 Fax: (630) 260-7290
F. Stokes, Strategic Mgr.; J. Pastore, Natl. Sales Mgr.; M. Leonard, Prod. Mgr.-Comml. Refrigeration
Paragon defrost controls are an industry standard that is used in refrigeration and food service markets.

Parker Boiler Co.

5930 Bandini Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90040 (323) 727-9800 Fax: (323) 722-2848

M. J. Leeming, Natl. Sales Mgr.; G. E. Danenhauer, V.P.-Engr./ Sales
Manufacturer of Industrial steam boilers, hot water boilers, high-temperature liquid heaters, tanks and heat exchangers.

Parker domnick hunter

4087 Walden Ave., Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 686-6400; (888) 587-9733 Fax: (877) 857-3800
Jane Sexton, Mktg. Serv. Mgr.

Parker Fluid Control Division

95 Edgewood Ave., New Britain, CT 06051 (860) 827-2300 Fax: (860) 827-2384

Customer Service
Parker Fluid Control Division, a division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, is a global leader in the production of solenoid and process control valves, including: Skinner, Gold Ring, R Series, Sinclair Collins, and Angle Body.

Parker Hannifin, Refrigerating Specialties

2445 S. 25th Ave., Broadview, IL 60155-3858 (708) 681-6300 Fax: (708) 681-6306
Virgil Gulley, Mktg. Mgr.

The premier supplier to the food and beverage industry for refrigeration control valves and accessories.

Parker Hannifin Corp.
6035 Parkland Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44124
(636) 239-1111; (708) 681-6300
J. Shish, Domestic Sales Mgr. (Indl. Refrigeration); Dave Thomas, Natl. Sales Mgr.
System protectors, valves and controls for industrial, supermarket, appliance, commercial, residential and mobile air conditioning and refrigeration applications. Signature brands include Sporlan, R/S, HERL, Virginia, Micro Thermo Technologies.

Parker Hannifin Corp., Aftermarket and Virginia 2445 S. 25th Ave., Broadview, IL 60155
(800) 742-2681 Fax: (800) 239-9130

Frank Wilson, Bus. Unit Mgr.; Brian Dillon, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Warren Fixmer, Mktg. Mgr.
Flushing fluids, thermostatic expansion valves, liquid and suction line filter-driers, pressure regulating valves, solenoid valves, AC & R compressor lubricants and coil cleaners.



Parker Hannifin Corp., Sporlan Division 206 Lange Dr., Washington, MO 63090 (636) 239-1111 Fax: (636) 239-9130

Pat Donovan, Gen. Mgr.; Tim Schamel, Div. Mktg. Mgr.; Dave Thomas, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Electronic valves and controls, thermostatic expansion valves, distributors, solenoid valves, liquid line and suc- tion line filter-driers, acid test kits, strainers, liquid level controls, moisture and liquid indicators, suction filters, pressure regulating valves.


Parker Hannifin Corp.-Finite Filter Operation

500 S. Glaspie St., Oxford, MI 48371
(248) 628-6400 Fax: (248) 628-1850
Michelle Moloney, Mktg. Support; Randy Szymaniak, Appl. Engr.; Tom Drewes, Sales/Mktg.; Debbie Root, Techl. Support The Finite Filter Operation of Parker Hannifin Corporation, delivers a complete line of compressed air and gas filter solu- tion vital to precise, efficient motion and control.

Partners Choice, Div. of NORDYNE

8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 63368
(636) 561-7300; (800) 422-4328 Fax: (800) 672-6187
Rob Hawk, Brand Mgr.
Partners Choice, the aftermarket parts division of NORDYNE, provides broad universal replacement product solutions.

The Pate Company

245 Eisenhower Ln. S., Lombard, IL 60148-5407
(800) 243-3018; (630) 705-1920 Fax: (630) 705-1930
Lee Richlak, Dir.-Sales; Craig Veselitz, Mgr.-Sales; Joe Kucera, Sales; John Franck, Sales
Prefabricated roof products: roof curbs, metal-building curbs, isolation bases, equipment supports, pipe roller supports and pipe curb assemblies.

Patterson Pump Company

2129 Ayersville Rd., P.O. Box 790, Toccoa, GA 30577 (706) 297-2852 Fax: (706) 886-0023 or Brian Henry, Adv. Mgr.

Fire, plumbing, HVAC pumps and systems.

Paul Mueller Company

1600 W. Phelps St., Springfield, MO 65802
(417) 575-9000; (800) 683-5537 Fax: (417) 575-9669
Russ Williams, Regl. Sales Mgr.; Jordan Blunt, Appl. Engr. Falling film chillers, air conditioning/water heater systems, refrigeration, heat recovery systems, chillers, plate/frame heat exchangers, custom manufactured equipment, heat transfer, heat reclaim.

Payne Heating & Cooling Systems

7310 W. Morris St., Indianapolis, IN 46231 (888) 417-2963
Ryan Mayes, Brand Mgr.

Payne offers residential HVAC products available over the counter at Totaline Sales Centers nationwide. Products include split system air conditioners and heat pumps, gas furnaces, evaporator and fan coils, ductless split systems and packaged products.

PB Heat, LLC/Peerless Boilers

131 S. Church St., P.O. Box 280, Bally, PA 19503 (610) 845-6130 Fax: (610) 845-6121

Oil, gas, combination gas/oil boilers for both residential and commercial applications. Large selection of high-efficiency boilers available.

PBM Inc. Valve Solutions

1070 Sandy Hill Rd., Irwin, PA 15642 (724) 863-0550 Fax: (724) 864-9255

J. Brennan, Owner; S. Zarembo, Pres.; N. Mayer, Controller; J. Giffen, Inside Sales/Mktg. Mgr.; G. Friedline, Mgr.-New Prod. Devel.; J. Kerr, Mgr.-Engrg.
Ball valves.

PCI Industries Inc.

5101 Blue Mound Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76106 (817) 509-2300 Fax: (817) 831-3110

Air control and architectural products for the HVAC industry.

PECO Automation and Controls

P.O. Box 82189, Portland, OR 97282-0189 (503) 233-6401 Fax: (503) 233-6407

Residential and commercial-grade thermostats, occupancy sen- sors, component controls and NEMA 4x controls.

Peerless Blowers, Subsidiary of HBD Industries

One Madison Ave., Hot Springs, NC 28743-0187
(800) 613-4766 Fax: (828) 622-3309 or
H. Cox, Sales/Mktg. Mgr.; M. Ford, Engrg. Mgr.; K. Simmons, Gen. Mgr.

Produces a wide variety of ventilation/air moving equipment that offers solid performance, smooth operation and excel- lent value.

Peerless of America Inc.

1201 W. Wabash Ave., Effingham, IL 62401-1967 (217) 342-0400 Fax: (217) 342-0412

J. Clark, Sales Mgr.; M. Warkins, Pres.; T. Probst, Sales Mgr. Finned evaporators and condensers for refrigeration and air conditioning, unit coolers, blower units for reach-in refrigera- tors, low and medium temperature, gravity coils, refrigeration quality aluminum tubing.

Pelonis Technologies Inc., Fans-Tech

444 Creamery Way, #500, Exton, PA 19341
(888) 546-0524; (610) 594-6000 Fax: (610) 594-5005 or
V. Gatti; S. Pelonis
AC and DC axial fans, motors, PTC heaters, motorized impel- lers, centrifugal fans, EC fans, blowers, fan accessories, fan trays, Piezo fans, automotive fans.

Penn Aluminum International LLC

P.O. Box 490, 1117 N. 2nd St., Murphysboro, IL 62966 (618) 684-2146

Jason Licka, Sales Mgr.; Matthew Snyder, Sales
A specialist in drawn aluminum tubing and custom profiles for the HVAC/R and automotive markets.

Penn Separator Corp.

P.O. Box 340, Brookville, PA 15825
(814) 849-7328; (888) 736-6737 Fax: (814) 849-4510
Bill Hefner, Sales
Boiler room accessories and pressure vessels to ASME Code.


Pennant International, Steam related products

10 Parsonage Rd., Ste. 312, Edison, NJ 08837 (610) 613-4752 Fax: (866) 682-1244

Michael McCauley, V.P.
Company is a twenty-five year old leading manufacturer of steam traps, pressure reducing valves and related products.


605 Shiloh Rd., Plano, TX 75074
(972) 212-4700 Fax: (972) 212-4702
G. Jones, Pres.; J. Abney, V.P.; B. Morgan, Bus. Unit Mgr. Centrifugal and axial flow exhausters, round and rectangular gravity roof ventilators, roof curbs and accessory products, make-up air units, air control dampers and louvers.

PEP Filters

322 Rolling Hills Rd., Mooresville, NC 28117 (704) 662-3133 Fax: (704) 662-3155

Automatic, self-cleaning filtration systems for cooling tower water, closed loop chilled/hot water, tertiary filtration and pre- membrane filtration.

Perfect Cycle

100 Bowie Dr., Red Oak, TX 75154 (972) 576-2200 Fax: (972) 576-2209

D. Andrew, V.P.
Refrigerants sold and processed, CFC processing equipment.

Perma-Pipe Inc., Subsidiary of MFRI Inc. 7720 Lehigh Ave., Niles, IL 60714
(847) 966-2235 Fax: (847) 470-1204

F. Elgendy, Pres.; B. Covici, Mktg. Coord.
Pre-insulated piping systems, pre-fabricated piping sys- tems, insulated piping systems, and leak detectors/ location systems.


Permatron Corp.

2020 Touhy Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(847) 434-1421; (800) 882-8012 Fax: (847) 434-1429
L. Sandberg, Pres.
Filters air, electrostatic washable hi-efficiency, activated carbon odor/fume/gas removal, metal mesh and air intake equipment protection air filters.

Petra Engineering Industries Co. Ltd.

Hatimiyyah St., Muwaqqar, P.O. Box 141351, Amman, 11814 JORDAN
962/6-5531508; 962/6-4051426 Fax: 888 522 6610; 877 472 3010 or

O. Ali, Corp. Affairs; F. Abu-Wishah, Sales Exec.; R. Al Soleiman, Americas Sales Mgr.
Chillers, air handlers, condensing units, fan coils, split units, close-control units, rooftop packages, coils plus direct replace- ment and semi-custom and custom designs.

PHCC Educational Foundation

180 S. Washington St., Falls Church, VA 22046 (703) 237-8100 Fax: (703) 237-7442

Merry Beth Hall, Dir.-Apprentice/Journeyman Training; Cindy Sheridan, COO; John Zink, Dir.-Education/Prog.
Engages in workforce development, management education and technical training activities for the growth and career suc- cess of those employed in the plumbing and HVACR industry.

Philco Heating and Cooling Products

8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 63368
(636) 561-7300; (800) 422-4328 Fax: (636) 561-7397
Heating and cooling products for residential and light com- mercial industries.

H. A. Phillips & Co.

1612 Louise Dr., South Elgin, IL 60177-2242 (630) 377-0050 Fax: (630) 377-2706

Mike Ryan, CEO; Michael Golden, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; Steve L. Yagla, PE, V.P.-Engrg.
Ammonia refrigeration valves, control systems, custom ASME pressure vessels, packaged refrigeration controls, regulating and solenoid valves, Level Eye sightglasses, refrigeration flanges.

Phillips & Johnston Inc.

21W179 Hill Ave., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 (630) 469-8150 Fax: (630) 469-8048

Stefanie Dimmick, Inside Sales Mgr.; Tim Stewart, V.P.-Sales/ Mktg.; Larry Hentrup, V.P.-Bus. Devel.
Specialty tubular products: carbon, stainless, copper, brass, aluminum; custom fabrication.

Phillips Metals Inc.

P.O. Box 385, Plainfield, IL 60544-0385 (866) 206-1305 Fax: (815) 600-8241

Chad Cilley, Terr. Sales Mgr.; Rich Phillips, Pres.
Welded and seamless tubing in materials including carbon, alloy, stainless, cupronickel, copper, nickel alloy, and titanium. Long length, u-bent, cut-length, finned tubing. Fabricated tubular components.

Phinney Tool & Die Co. Inc.

11023 W. Center St., P.O. Box 270, Medina, NY 14103 (585) 798-3000 Fax: (585) 798-5612

Brendan Whistler; H.J. (Bud) Whistler; Clifford Fuller
Fin lines, end sheet lines, fin dies, enhancement tooling, fin die rebuilding, and sheet metal tooling, turbulator production, stamping-fin production/development.

Phoenix Contact

586 Fulling Mill Rd., Middletown, PA 17057 (717) 944-1300 Fax: (717) 944-1625

Jack Nehlig, Pres.; Lou Grice, V.P.- Mktg. Comm./Cust. Care; Greg Jerrehan, V.P.-Device Connection; Kevin Zak, V.P.-Indl. Components/Electronics; Dave Skelton, V.P.-Regl. Bus. Unit; Joel Ness, V.P.-North American Serv.

Develops and manufactures industrial electrical and electronic technology products that power, protect, connect and auto- mate systems and equipment for a wide range of industries.

Plasma Automation Inc.

1801 Arctic Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716
(631) 563-7234 Fax: (631) 563-7239
T. E. Walsh, Pres.; M. J. Walsh, V.P.; J. Faha, Inside Sales Mgr. Cutting systems, plasma, software.

Plastec Ventilation Inc.

2216 60th Dr. E., Bradenton, FL 34203
(866) 360-2422; (941) 751-7596 Fax: (941) 751-7598 or
Complete line of corrosion-resistant polypropylene fans from 20 to 5,000 CFM and up to 11.5” S.P.

Plate Concepts Inc.

1221 Rte. 22 E., Lebanon, NJ 08833 (908) 236-9570 Fax: (908) 236-9575

Products include gasketed and brazed plate heat exchangers, including double wall and semi-welded designs in stainless steel and other corrosion resistant alloys.

double-wall plate heat exchangers, semi-welded plate heat

Plenums Inc.
P.O. Box 1890, Pinellas Park, FL 33780
(727) 521-3567; (800) 237-2275 Fax: (727) 526-1819; (800) 238-1819
Carl Beckler, Pres.; Audrey Hollander, V.P.
Plenums, curbs, vibration isolation rails, adapter curbs, mixing boxes, coil guards, dampers, power exhaust systems, econo- mizers, and prefabricated duct kits for commercial rooftop air conditioning units.

Plumbing Fittings Direct

2271 Cae Dr., Iowa City, IA 52246 (319) 354-4421

Plymovent Corporation

115 Melrich Rd., Cranbury, NJ 08512
(800) 644-0911; (609) 395-3500 Fax: (609) 655-0569
Brad Pitzl, Gen. Mgr. N.A.; Bruce Martin, Regl. Sales Mgr.; Kerry Falzone, Mktg. Assoc.
Plymovent offers a broad range of products to ensure clean air in your working environment. Our expertise includes welding fume extraction, dust & oil mist ventilation/filtration systems, vehicle exhaust extraction systems, indoor air quality solutions and more.

Pneuform Machines Limited

Unit 4, The Royston Centre, , Lynchford Lane, Ash Vale, Aldershot, Hants, GU12 5PQ ENGLAND, U.K.
+44 (0)1252 376448 Fax: +44 (0)1252 376447
T. Clark, Managing Dir.
Programmable 2 and 3-axis tube bending machines – capac- ity 3mm-15mm, taking tube direct from bulk coil. Serpentine bending for the solar industry.

Pneuline Controls

312 Darby Rd., Havertown, PA 19083
(800) 227-9800; (610) 449-9800 Fax: (610) 789-7300 or
Automatic temperature controls, pneumatic air supplies, energy management/building automation systems, pneumatic transducers and automation supplies, VAV controls. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s), controls training workshops.

Pneumafil Corp.

P.O. Box 16348, Charlotte, NC 28297 (704) 399-7441 Fax: (704) 398-7528

Dust collection and air filtration systems and products.

Polar Technology

3630 Trousdale Dr., Ste. H, Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 742-3301; (888) 834-0233 Fax: (866) 966-0872
T. Kwierant; R. Allin; W. Baker; Patti Cabauatan; T. Atwood Refrigerant recovery, recycling, reclamation, cylinder exchange recovery program, used refrigerant buy-back, refrigerant sales, analysis service, cylinder sales, repair, recertification.

Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers LLC

28 May St., Edison, NJ 08837
(732) 225-3100 Fax: (732) 225-9155
S. Weintraub, Pres.; K. Desai, Engr.
Plate heat exchangers, compact brazed plate heat exchangers,

exchangers and automatic self cleaning filters/strainers.

Polidoro USA Inc.

P.O. Box 315, Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 433-1739 Fax: (760) 967-7424

Premix Metal-fiber or steel gas burners. Tubular burners atmospheric or semi-premix. Multi-blade burners, pilots. All suitable for natural or propane gas. Combustion process development services.

Polyguard Products, Mechanical Products

P.O. Box 755, Ennis, TX 75120-0755
(214) 515-5000 Fax: (972) 875-9425 or
P. J. Dunn, V.P.; Nate Brink, Mkt. Devel.
Waterproofing, vapor barrier membranes for insulated ducts and piping. Exterior UV rated. Also a patented corrosion treat- ment system to eliminate corrosion under insulation.

Polymeric Systems Inc.

47 Park Ave., P.O. Box 522, Elverson, PA 19520
(610) 286-2500 Fax: (610) 286-2510 or

R. Zukauskas, Sales/Mktg. Coord.; J. Kane, V.P.-Sales; S. Sturgis, Inside Sales Mgr.
Manufacturer of high-performance, elastomeric joint sealants (RTV silicones, polyurethanes, polysulfides, MS Polymer poly- ethers); epoxy repair compounds, putties, gels.

PoolPak International

3491 Industrial Dr., P.O. Box 3331, York, PA 17402 (717) 757-2648 Fax: (717) 757-5085

Chuck Munchel, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Karl Schaphorst, Western Regl. Sales Mgr.
Controlled dehumidification, outside air ventilation, heating and cooling for indoor swimming pools, archives, commercial and industrial applications, natatoriums.

Port-A-Cool LLC

P.O. Box 2167, 709 Southview Cir., Center, TX 75935
(936) 598-5651; (800) 695-2942 Toll Free or
Kimberly McLeroy, Cust. Serv. Mgr.-Port-A-Cool; Susan Watkins, Cust. Serv. Mgr.

Port-A-Cool units are portable, evaporative cooling systems used when standard air-conditioning may be unavailable, impractical or cost prohibitive. Units operate on 115v and water. Port-A-Cool, LLC, also manufactures Kuul Pads media for all evaporative cooling systems and portable evaporative cooling units.

Portals Plus, Commercial Products Group

815 Kimberly Dr., Carol Stream, IL 60188
(800) 624-8642 Fax: (866) 466-9335 or C. Abramson, Natl. Sales Mgr.; M. Meyer, Prod. Mgr.; Mark Walraven, V.P.

Pipe and angle iron flashings, roof drains and equipment sup- port rails for every type of roof system.

PortaTemp USA Inc.

PMB 6-282, 5030 Champion Blvd. G-6, Boca Raton, FL 33496 (800) 425-3247 Fax: (800) 921-3247

J. S. Stoltz, Pres.
Manufacturers and vendors of portable air conditioners, split systems, spot coolers from 7500 BTU/HR to 120,000 BTU/HR.


5101 Blue Mound Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76106 (817) 509-2300 Fax: (817) 831-3110

Pat Cockrum, Pres.; Brad Bauer, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; Robin Capps,


Mktg. Mgr.; Mark Saunders, West Regl. Mgr.; Tom Ruggieri, East Regl. Mgr.; Mike Almaguer, Corp. Sales Mgr.
Smoke dampers, fire damper, combo fire/smoke dampers, louvers, control dampers, access doors, ceiling dampers, motors and actuators.

Power Flame Inc.

2001 S. 21st St., Parsons, KS 67357 (620) 421-0480 Fax: (620) 421-0948

W. A. Wiener, Pres.; M. Wehmeier, V.P.-Engrg.; D. Mills, V.P.- Mfg.; D. A. Wilkinson, V.P.-Finance; J. R. Rizza, V.P.-Sales/Mktg. Commercial-industrial gas, oil and gas/oil burners. High effi- ciency and low emissions.

Powered Aire Inc.

109 Mortensen Rd., Greenville, PA 16125 (724) 588-3305 Fax: (724) 588-3371

Phillip Rodenbaugh, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Jamie Cook, Regl. Sales Mgr.; Ken Lapinski, V.P.-Sales
Manufacturer of high performance stainless steel air curtains for the commercial, industrial, food service, material handling, overhead door, automatic door and cold storage industries.

PowerMate/L P International Inc.
P.O. Box 696, 151 Savannah Oaks Dr., Brantford, ON N3T 5P9 CANADA
(800) 697-6283 Fax: (519) 759-3298
Sales Dept.
L P International manufacturers and sells the PowerMate line of safety lifting equipment including the very popular line of electric stair climbing hand trucks. Machines available with lifting capacity up to 1500 lbs. The PowerMate name is synonymous with quality work- manship and expert service. The website is detailed and has video.


Powers Equipment Co. Inc.

105 Steamboat Dr., Warminster, PA 18974 (215) 675-9220 Fax: (215) 675-0878

B. J. Powers, Pres.; M. Heiser, Purch./Production
Commercial refrigeration equipment including beverage cool- ers, floral coolers, beer line chillers, laboratory chambers.

Prattco Inc.

955 Pratt Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 (847) 364-2480 Fax: (847) 364-2485

Exclusive distributor of LG compressor in North America. Rotary, scroll, and reciprocating compressors in R410A, R22 and R134A for HVACR. Exclusive distributor of Welling motor in North America. HVACR motors, Compressor motors, DC motors, HVACR DC motors, Blowers DC, Refrigerator DC, ECM motors, Brushless DC motor for Fan Coil units.

Precision Air Technology Inc.

P.O. Box 2176, Kirkland, WA 98083 (866) 412-2121 Fax: (425) 820-9005

Manufacturer of electronic air filtration, ventilation and energy efficiency monitors.

Precision Multiple Controls Inc.

33 Greenwood Ave., Midland Park, NJ 07432 (201) 444-0600 Fax: (201) 445-8575 or Defrost controls for commercial refrigerated walk-in and reach- in cases; full line of 24 hour and 7 day time switches.

Precision Tube Co., A Mueller Industries Company

287 Wissahickon Ave., North Wales, PA 19454 (215) 699-5801 Fax: (215) 699-0761

J. R. Gentile, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; G. Delp, Engrg. Mgr.; M. Pfeiffenberger, Gen. Mgr.
Seamless, nonferrous metal tubing, fabricated tubular parts.

Premier Mfg. Corp.

867 Premier Way, Henderson, TN 38340 (731) 989-3700 Fax: (731) 989-0707
K. R. Yackel, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.

Wire forms, fan guards, motor mounts, grilles.

Pres-On Corp., Tape & Gasket Div.

21 Factory Rd., Addison, IL 60101 (630) 628-2255 Fax: (630) 628-8025

Preso Meters, A Division of Racine Federated Inc.

8635 Washington Ave., Racine, WI 53406
(800) 632-7337; (262) 639-6770 Fax: (262) 417-1148
Tracy Lagona, North American Sales Mgr.; John Erskine III, V.P. Flow metering equipment, flowmeters of the annular and ven- turi types as well as gages and P.C. driven reporting and logging.


411 S. Ebenezer Rd., Florence, SC 29501
(800) ESAB-123 (3722-123) Fax: (843) 664-4258
ESAB – welding and cutting products.

Presto Lifts Inc.

21 Park St., Attleboro, MA 02703
(508) 222-0177; (800) 343-9322 Fax: (508) 222-2996
R. DaSilva, Sales Mgr.
Ergonomic lift tables, stackers, container tilters, hand pallet trucks, transporters, etc.

5850 Main St. N.E., Minneapolis, MN 55432 (877) 570-0000 Fax: (763) 572-1100

PRIHODA s.r.o.

Za Radnici 476, Hlinsko, CZ 53901 CZECH REPUBLIC 420-469-311-856 Fax: 420-469-311-857

Z. Prihoda; R. Tuska; J. Slaby; P. Zemanek
Manufactures the textile air distribution systems (fabric ducting).

Prism Visual Software Inc.

1 Sagamore Hill Dr., Port Washington, NY 11050 (516) 944-5920

L. Keating, V.P.-Mktg.; Andrew Kuneth, Dir.-Sales; Mike DelColle, Sales Rep
An award winning software designed for HVAC businesses who need to install, service, dispatch and maintain financial control over multiple projects, with or without crews.

Pro Kontrol

1989 Michelin, Laval, QC H7L 5B7 CANADA (450) 973-7765 Fax: (450) 973-6186

Richard Caouette, QC City Branch Mgr.; Patrick Dansereau, Laval Branch Mgr.; Sunil Dyal, Toronto Branch Mgr.; Chelsea Stevens, Halifax Branch Mgr.; Claudine Boulanger, Laval Branch (Mktg. Dir.)


Wholesaler in electronic, pneumatic and electric HVAC con- trols, ddc systems integrator.

Pro-Source LLC

2041 W. Hebron Pkwy., #3512, Carrollton, TX 75010 (972) 939-3231 Fax: (469) 892-6750

Air conditioning lifting and transport device, portable cranes.

Proco Products Inc.

2431 N. Wigwam Dr. – 95205, P.O. Box 590, Stockton, CA 95201-0590
(800) 344-3246; (209) 943-6088 Fax: (209) 943-0242
Scott W. Wallace, V.P.-Intl. Sales/Oper.; Robert Coffee, V.P.- Sales/Mktg.; Ed Marchese, Pres.
Expansion joints made of rubber, plastic, metal for piping and ducting systems, rubber and teflon piping gaskets.

Progressive Energy Solutions Inc.
6428 W. Wilkinson Blvd., Ste. 204, Belmont, NC 28012
(704) 825-5553 Fax: (704) 825-5554 or or
J. Copeland; L. Copeland
Low-E reflective insulation, energy conservation products, attic stair insulator, door insulator, and hatch insulators, attic radiant barrier blankets, whole house fan insulator, ventilation grill covers.

Proliphix Inc.

3 Lan Dr., Westford, MA 01886 (978) 692-3375 Fax: (978) 692-3378

Promax, an SPX brand

655 Eisenhower Dr., Owatonna, MN 55060
(800) 327-5060 Fax: (507) 455-7451
Air conditioning, refrigeration, appliance refrigerant recovery equipment and evacuation equipment.

Promolux Lighting International, MGV Inc

P.O. Box 40, Shawnigan Lake, BC V0R 2W0 CANADA (800) 519-1222; (250) 743-1222 Fax: (250) 743-1221

Jamie Orr,, Key Acct. Mgr.; Carlos Paniagua, Intl. Sales Mgr.; Trevor Brien, Sales Mgr.-Canada; Scott Werhun, Sales Mgr.; Antonio Oquendo, South American Sales Mgr.
Low UV merchandising lamps for display cases in supermar- kets for meat, produce, seafood, deli, flowers and all perish- able products.

Protec Cooling Towers Inc.

6935 N.W. 50th St., Miami, FL 33166 (305) 594-3684 Fax: (305) 477-2514

A. M. Sotolongo, Pres.
Cooling towers, cross-flow, counter-flow with FRP, stainless steel construction.

PSG Controls Inc.

1225 Tunnel Rd., Perkasie, PA 18944
(800) 782-8412; (215) 257-3621 Fax: (215) 257-4288
Commercial and residential digital & analog thermostats, including programmable, non-programmable, wireless, & occcupancy sensing, as well as digital and dial thermometers.

Purafil Inc.

2654 Weaver Way, Doraville, GA 30340 (770) 662-8545 Fax: (770) 263-6922 or

The leading manufacturer of gas-phase air filtration media and systems designed to eliminate corrosive, hazardous, odorous and toxic gases.

Pure Air Control Services Inc.

4911 Creekside Dr., Ste. C, Clearwater, FL 33760
(800) 422-7873 Fax: (727) 572-5859 or or

J. Vree
Pure Air Control Services is an indoor environmental con- sulting firm with expertise in Industrial Hygiene, Building Sciences, Building Health Check, Microbiology, Mechanical Engineering & Public Health. SBA-CCR certified, Minority- owned Business Enterprise.

Pure Chem Separation LP

11050 S. U.S. Hwy. 287, Rhome, TX 76078 (925) 831-8185 Fax: (925) 831-9785

C. Ludwig, Pres.; F. Schwartz, Exec. V.P.; Mark Ludwig, Dir.-Sales/Mktg. Provides refrigerant recovery, reclamation, separation and cylinder certification services in Rhome, Texas.

PureAire Monitoring Systems Inc.

557 Capital Dr., Lake Zurich, IL 60047
(847) 726-6000; (888) 788-8050 Fax: (847) 726-6051 or
A. Carrino, Pres.; A. Bock, Mktg.; D. Austin, Sales; B. Alan, Sales
Continuous gas detection including refrigerant, ammonia, oxygen deficiency, chlorine, fluorine, HF, HCl, hydrides, hydrogen, hydrocarbons, VOC’s and a complete line of toxic and corrosive monitoring systems.

Puroflux Corporation

2121 Union Pl., Simi Valley, CA 93065
(805) 579-0216 Fax: (805) 579-6005 or
D. Jamison, Sales Mgr.; H. Greenberg, Pres.
Manufactures industrial water filtration and separation equip- ment used mainly in the HVAC industry.

Purolator, CLARCOR Air Filtration Products Inc.

100 River Ridge Cir., Jeffersonville, IN 47130
(866) 925-2247 customer service; (502) 969-2304 ext. 1 Fax: (800) 784-3458
Purolator manufactures replacement filters for all types of HVAC systems. ie: office buildings, industrial, healthcare, schools, universities, public arenas.

PVI Industries LLC

P.O. Box 7124, Fort Worth, TX 76111
Manufacturer of ASME commercial water heaters. All energy sources. Efficiency to 99%. Custom design available.


QMark Div., Marley Engineered Products, An SPX Company
470 Beauty Spot Rd. E., Bennettsville, SC 29512
(843) 479-4006 Fax: (843) 479-8912 or
Chris English, Mktg. Support Mgr.
A leading brand of residential and commercial heaters and ventilation systems. We serve the residential, commercial and industrial markets with a product portfolio that includes baseboard heaters, wall heaters, unit heaters, infrared heaters, convectors, thermostats and controls, specialty heaters, ceiling fans, air circulators, air curtains and exhaust products.


Quality Compressor Inc.

7500 S. Garfield Ave., Bell Gardens, CA 90201 (562) 806-5185 Fax: (562) 806-5191

J. A. Pollock, Pres.; W. Baron, Engrg./Sales
Remanufactured compressors, reciprocating open-drive and semi-hermetic; compressor skids, open drive; compressor parts and accessories.

Quality Engineering Products Corp. 9400 N.W. 12th St., Miami, FL 33172 (305) 599-2222 Fax: (305) 593-0069

Capillary, copper tubing, cold controls, copper fittings, contactors, fan blades, hard start kits, motors, thermo- stats, timer defrost controls, transformers, vibration eliminators.


Quality Metal Stamping

845 E. Main St., P.O. Box 268, Henderson, TN 38340 (731) 989-2262 Fax: (731) 989-9376

Michael Hatch, Gen. Mgr.; Tim Nichols, Sales Mgr.
Quality Metal Stamping specializes in medium to long run custom metal stampings. We have been serving the metal industry for 35 years.

Quantum Group Inc.

6827 Nancy Ridge Dr., San Diego, CA 92121-2233 (800) 432-5599 Fax: (858) 566-9974

I. Nelson, Sales/Mktg. Mgr.; Dr. M. Goldstein, Pres./C.E.O.; B. Banach, C.O.O.
Carbon monoxide detectors and alarms.

Quatrosense Environmental Ltd.

5935 Ottawa St., P.O. Box 749, Richmond, ON K0A 2Z0 CANADA
(613) 838-4005 Fax: (613) 838-4018
Gas detection, indoor air quality, toxic gas, combustible gas.

Quest CleanAir Ventilator Ltd.

1233 Venables St., Vancouver, BC V6A 3X7 CANADA (604) 253-7771 Fax: (604) 251-1104
D. B. Russell, Intl. Sales

Kitchen exhaust ventilators and grease filters.

Quest Controls Inc., Commercial

208 9th St. Dr. W., Palmetto, FL 34221 (941) 729-4799

Ed Goggin, Pres.; Ken Nickel, V.P.-Engrg.; Ben Shipley, Comm. Div. Dir.; Mike Cannoy, Sales Mgr.
A leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent automa- tion systems for small and medium size buildings intended to deliver major energy savings. Our products provide an inte- grated surveillance solution to monitor and control all critical operating equipment and access control functions.

Quick Fitting Inc.

750 Narragansett Park Dr., East Providence, RI 02916 (877) 238-4826 Fax: (877) 258-4826 or

Quick connection fittings, valves and hoses in both low lead and lead free lines.

Quickpen, A Trimble Company

384 Inverness Dr. S., Ste. 200, Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 799-6500; (800) 252-3137 Fax: (303) 799-6547 or

Computerized estimating 3D CAD, tool and equipment man- agement software, automated pipe fabrication, construction industry software.

Quietaire Corp.

505 N. Hutcheson, Houston, TX 77003 (713) 228-9421 Fax: (713) 228-9425

Manufacturer of quality ventilation equipment for industrial, commercial and agricultural industries. Family- owned and operated since 1937.

Quietflex Manufacturing Co. LP 4518 Brittmoore, Houston, TX 77041 (713) 849-2163 Fax: (713) 849-0753
Flexible duct and fiberglass blanket.


Quietside Corporation

8750 Pioneer Blvd., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 (562) 699-6066 Fax: (562) 699-4351

Golden Stephenson, Sales; Jack Ernest, Senior V.P.; Lee Gilpatrick, Sales; John Miles, V.P.-Sales/Engrg.
Samsung/QS Mini Split A, floor standing, ceiling cassette, high wall, ducted and side discharge A/C systems, dual purpose and on demand water heaters. Quietside is the Master Distributor of Samsung A/C products in the USA and Canada providing quality mini-split and unitary air conditioning systems and service to the HVACR wholesale distributor.

QuikWater Inc.

8939 W. 21st St., Sand Springs, OK 74063 (918) 241-8880 Fax: (918) 241-8718

K. Weiman, Sales/Mktg.; T. Collins, Sales Mgr.
99% thermal efficient direct contact water heaters for indus- trial/commercial use; the heaters produce potable, hot water on demand.

Quote Software Inc.

232 W. 5th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401-2652 (800) 813-7020 Fax: (541) 684-4728


R.P. Machine

906 Stillwater Rd., Stillwater, NJ 07875
(973) 383-8994; (800) 838-6570
L. A. Labbee; R. Pobutkiewicz
Sales/service/repairs of sheet metal equipment machinery and parts. Yes, we do fix that!

Radiant Professionals Alliance

8512 Oswego Rd., Ste. 180, Baldwinsville, NY 13027
(315) 303-4735; (315) 303-5548 Fax: (315) 303-5559 or Hydronic and electric radiant heating and cooling trade asso- ciation, installer and designer certification, technical courses and educational materials.



RAE Coils

P.O. Box 1206, Pryor, OK 74362
(918) 825-7222 Fax: (800) 264-5329
Has been building a quality reputation since 1971. This is evi- dent by a coil product that meets your dimensions, performs according to your specifications, and arrives on time.

RAE Corporation

P.O. Box 1206, Pryor, OK 74362 (918) 825-7222 Fax: (918) 825-0723

Ramer Products Inc.

1840 Terminal Rd., P.O. Box 1027, Niles, MI 49120 (269) 684-7710 Fax: (269) 684-8894

Production pressure testing and evacuation tools.

Ranco, Proudly offered by Invensys Controls

191 E. North Ave., Carol Stream, IL 60188-2064
(630) 260-3400 Fax: (630) 260-7290
F. Stokes, Strategic Mgr.; J. Pastore, Natl. Sales Mgr.; M. Leonard, Prod. Mgr.-Comml. Refrigeration; G. Russo, Prod. Mgr.-Comml. Refrigeration for Electro Mechanical

Ranco electronic and electromechanical controls for the HVACR, food service equipment and automotive/mobile cli- mate markets dominate in meeting pressure, temperature and defrost control requirements.

Rapid Engineering LLC

1100 Seven Mile Rd. N.W., Comstock Park, MI 49321
(616) 784-0500; (800) 536-3461 Fax: (616) 784-1910 or bruce.bellamy@rapiden-
Bruce Bellamey, Pres.; David Parks, Dir.-HVAC Sales; Cheryl Fredricks, Sales Coord.-HVAC
Industrial and commercial HVAC manufacturer including make-up air, air turnover and custom rooftop units, unit and duct heaters, radiant infrared heaters. Direct fired space heat- ers, indirect-fired heaters, unit heaters, make-up air heaters, evaporative coolers, and electronic control systems for direct fired air handlers.

Rapid Positioning Clips Limited

40 Woolmer Way, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 9QF ENGLAND, U.K.
44-1420-472612 Fax: 44-1420-472463
Adrian M. Warrener, Managing Dir.
Manufacturer of poliamid pipe supports and hangers for strut and threaded rod.

Rapid Recovery

8971 W. Bloomfield Rd., Peoria, AZ 85381 (877) 372-7732 Fax: (877) 572-7732 or

Shari Miller, Eastern US Sales Support; Jayme Gamble, Central US Sales Support; Lauren Wells, Western US Sales Support

Job-site refrigerant abatement (from under 10 tons to more than 100,000+ lbs systems) and cylinder service. 27+ service locations covering the USA.

Rawal Devices Inc.
P.O. Box 2058, Woburn, MA 01888-0058
(800) 727-6447; (781) 933-3304 Fax: (781) 933-3306 or
Nick Faxon
Continuous capacity modulators and continuous partial- load dehumidifing devices for air conditioning and medium and low-temp refrigeration systems.


Ray Burner since 1872, a division of Selas Heat Technology Company LLC
130 Keystone Dr., Montgomeryville, PA 18936
(800) RAYBURNER (800) 729-2876; (215) 646-6600 Fax: (215) 646-5149
Ms. Vanessa H. Mai
Gas-oil burners, oil water heaters.

C. E. Ray Co. Inc.

1089 3rd Ave. S.W., P.O. Box 1118 (46082), Carmel, IN 46032 (317) 844-9600 Fax: (317) 575-9382

A. Ray, Secy./Treas.; Steve Ray, Pres./Sales Mgr.
Wet-bulb vacuum-indicator accurately measures vacuums down to 29.72 inches of mercury, using either water or methyl alcohol.

Raypak Inc.

2151 Eastman Ave., Oxnard, CA 93030 (805) 278-5300 Fax: (800) 872-9725

S. Thurlkill, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Heating and hot water supply boilers, hydronic heating sys- tems, swimming pool and spa heaters.

Raywal North America Inc.

2350 Austin Ave., Rochester Hills, MI 48309
(877) RAYWAL9 (729-9259); (248) 374-3100 Fax: (248) 374-3232
P. Burke, V.P.; K. Koltunick, Cust. Sev.
A manufacturer of pipe and conduit support systems and noise absorbtion products. Our innovative products are designed for ease of use and superior efficiency in order to save time and labor expense during installation.

RBI, A Mestek Co.

260 N. Elm St., Westfield, MA 01085
(413) 568-9571 Fax: (413) 568-9613
Doug Bolasevich, Sales Mgr.; Matt Klesczcynski, Mktg. Mgr. High efficiency copper fin boilers and water heater for com- mercial use.

RCD Corp.

2850 Dillard Rd., Eustis, FL 32726-6292 (352) 589-0099 Fax: (352) 589-0863

K. M. Brogan, Pres.
Water-borne low to high velocity air duct sealants and mastics that earn LEED credits. Water-borne weather barrier coating that protects exterior insulation from the elements. Water- borne insulation adhesives. Water-borne coil and fin cleaner.

RCS Technology, Residential Control Systems Inc.

11481 Sunrise Gold Cir., Ste. 1, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 (916) 635-6784 Fax: (916) 635-7668 or

B. R. Wiens, S.V.P.; M. Kuhlmann, Pres.; M. Hoffman, V.P./Eng.; Gene Goodell, V.P./Bus. Dev.
Manufacturer of HVAC zone control systems, dampers,


communicating thermostats and fresh air venting products; interfaced to R232/485, X-10, ZWave, ZigBee, WiFi, Lonworks, UPB networks.

RDM Products Div., Bettag & Associates Inc. 116 N. Central Dr., O’Fallon, MO 63366 (636) 272-4400 Fax: (636) 272-1405

M. D. Bettag, Pres.; Carrie Ellis, V.P.-Mktg./Devel Condensing unit enclosures, noise reduction panels, shelving, theft-deterrent cages.


Reade Advanced Materials

P.O. Drawer 15039, Providence, RI 02915-0039
(401) 433-7000; (775) 352-1000 Fax: (401) 433-7001; (775) 352-1001
Ms. Bethany Satterfield, Western Region (USA) Mgr.; Ms. Karen Ramos, Eastern Region (USA) Sales; Annie Barrios, Latin America Sales Office Mgr.
Manufacturer and global distributor of specialty chemical solids (metal, alloy, ceramic, composite, powder, sheet, wire, magnetic, conductive, fillers, reinforcements).


P.O. Box 25189, Richmond, VA 23260 (804) 644-2611 Fax: (804) 643-3561

Red-White Valve Corp.

20600 Regency Ln., Lake Forest, CA 92630
(949) 859-1010 (CA); (800) 222-7982 Fax: (949) 859-7200
J. Priest, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; B. Pritchett, Reg. Sales Mgr; T. Ha, Prod. Mktg. Mgr; J. Cicora, Reg. Sales Mgr
Plumbing, commercial and industrial ball, gate, globe, check and butterfly valves in bronze, brass, iron, and stainless.

Redi Controls Inc.
755 E. Main St., Greenwood, IN 46143
(800) 626-8640; (317) 865-4130 Fax: (317) 865-4145
D. Albertson, Pres.; M. Key, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; J. Stucky, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; C. Rohrman, Purch.
Oil, acid and moisture (OAM) purger, air purger, refrig- erant charge protection unit, backup rupture disk relief valves; also, very high pressure refrigerant recovery/ recycle/reclaim units.

SEE OUR ADS ON PAGES 237, 359, 364

Reed Manufacturing Company

1425 W. 8th St., P.O. Box 1321, Erie, PA 16512
(800) 666-3691; (814) 452-3691 Fax: (800) 456-1697; (814) 455-1697
M. Caldwell, Mgr.-Mktg. Serv.; P. Soderberg, Sales Office Mgr.; S. K. Wright, Pres.-Sales/Finance; M. A. Wright, Pres.-Mfg./ Prod. Devel.; T. Donohue, Dir.-Key Accts.
Cutters and cutter wheels, power drives, groovers, threaders, dies and oil, vises, water services tools/machines, plastic pipe tools, large diameter pipe tools, wrenches.

Reef Industries Inc.

9209 Almeda Genoa Rd., Houston, TX 77075
(800) 231-6074; (713) 507-4251 Fax: (713) 507-4295
Tom Scarborough, Sales Mgr.
Heat shrinkable reinforced plastic sheeting for shipping and storage covers, custom outdoor pallet and storage covers, flex- ible air distribution tubing, pressure sensitive tapes, corrosion inhibiting materials.

Rees Scientific Corp.

1007 Whitehead Rd. Ext., Trenton, NJ 08638
(800) 327-3141; (609) 530-1055 Fax: (609) 530-1854
Environmental monitoring, integrated access control, and automated watering solutions. Validation, 21CFR11, GxP com- pliance. Wireless and/or hardwired sensors monitor anywhere.

REFCO Manufacturing (US) Inc.

66-B Industry Ave., Springfield, MA 01104
(413) 739-4761; (800) 848-4232 Fax: (413) 733-9267
M. Ulrich, Pres.; S. Secord, V.P.; K. Walker, Cust. Serv. Mgr. Refrigeration service products and components, Thermaflo recovery and recycling equipment.

REFCO Manufacturing Ltd.

Industriestrasse 11, Hitzkirch, CH-6285, SWITZERLAND 0041-41-919-72-82 Fax: 0041-41-919-72-83

Offers a complete range of top quality refrigeration and air conditioning service tools and components – unequaled for durability and reliability.

Reflectix Inc.
#1 School St., P.O. Box 108, Markleville, IN 46056
(800) 879-3645; (765) 533-4332 Fax: (765) 533-2327
S. Ray, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; T. Hendricks, Sales Serv. Agent; D. Tokarski, Pres.
Duct liner, duct/pipe wrap, outdoor duct insulation, con- crete slab insulations.


RefPlus Inc.
2777 Grande-Allee, Saint-Hubert, QC J4T 2R4 CANADA (450) 641-2665 Fax: (450) 641-4554
J. Blanchard, V.P.
Commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment manufacturer.


Refricenter International

7101 N.W. 43rd St., Miami, FL 33166 (305) 477-8880 Fax: (305) 599-9323

Jose A. Armas, V.P.-Purch.
Wholesaler/exporter of heating, ventilation and air condition- ing parts, supplies and equipment.

Refrigerant Services Inc.

15 Williams Ave., Dartmouth, NS B3B 1X3 CANADA (902) 468-4997 Fax: (902) 468-5102

J. Thomas, Pres.; D. Thomas, Oper. Mgr. Replacement refrigerants.

Refrigeration Hardware Supply Corp.

632 Foresight Cir., Grand Junction, CO 81505
(800) 423-2446; (800) 716-7788 Fax: (800) 833-3515; (800) 835-6655 or
M. Thompson, Sales Mgr.
Magnetic and compression door gaskets, plastic strip curtains, wire type shelving, heater wire circuits, refrigerator and W/I door hardware.

Refrigeration Hardware Supply Corp., Branch Sales Office
9021 Norris Ave., Sun Valley, CA 91352
(818) 767-7223; (800) 423-2446; (800) 537-8300 Fax: (800) 833-3515
P. Sylvester, Sales Mgr.


Magnetic and compression door gaskets, plastic strip curtains, wire type shelving, heater wire circuits, refrigerator and W/I door hardware.

Refrigeration Industries & Storage Company SAK RIC, HVAC Division
Block 1, 5th Road Ring , Sulaibiya, Sulaibiya, 22261 Safat 13083, KUWAIT

009651833380 Fax: 0096524673562
Ahmad Murad, Mktg. Exec.
Refrigeration Industries & Storage Co. was established in 1973 with the primary intention to serve the refrigeration, storage and logistics markets in Kuwait. In 1980, the company built up a manufacturing plant for central air-conditioning and six years later it started production of locally manufactured cen- tral air-conditioning equipments, including chillers under the brand name ‘COOLEX’, both technologically advanced and superior in quality and workmanship. Today, the company has diversified operations in: manufacturing, engineering, logistics and warehousing, construction (mechanical, electrical works), maintenance and services.

Refrigeration Research Inc.
525 N. Fifth St., P.O. Box 869, Brighton, MI 48116
(810) 227-1151 Fax: (810) 227-3700
E. W. Bottum Jr., Pres.; M. W. Ramalia, Exec. V.P.- Purch. Mgr.-Wholesaler; J. B. Nelson, Chief Engr.; T. C. Abramson, V.P.-Opers. (Newport, TN); L. N. Clayton, Q.C. Mgr.
Refrigeration and air conditioning components.

SEE OUR ADS ON PAGES 283, 317, 360, 382, 383

Refrigeration Sales Inc.

1810 E. High St., Jackson, MI 48203 (517) 784-8579; (800) 482-0781 or

Rusty Lyke, Pres./Sales Mgr.; Denard Wilkinson, Outside Sales; Josh Hatt, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; Eddy Lyke, V.P.Oper. Mgr.
Third gerneration leading manufacture of Rotolock Service Valves since 1968. Utilizing the lasted sophisicated machine technology for superior quality, deliver and price. ISO2001- 2008 and UL approved.

Refrigeration Technologies

1111 N. Armando St., Anaheim, CA 92806
(800) 869-1407; (714) 238-9207 Fax: (714) 238-9234
J. Pastorello, Engr.; C. Pastorello, Admin.; M. Pastorello, COO Manufacturer of specialty chemicals, product research, devel- opment and marketing.

Regin HVAC Products Inc.
315 Riggs St., Unit 1A, Oxford, CT 06478
(203) 881-2600 Fax: (203) 881-2644
R. Magnusson, Pres.; J. Staber, Sales Mgr.
Leak detectors, draft gauges, damper hardware, humidi- stats, expansion joints, air leakage testers, relay testers, leaktest tools, hygrometers, voltmeters.

REHAU, Construction

1501 Edwards Ferry Rd. N.E., Leesburg, VA 20176 (703) 777-5255 Fax: (703) 777-3053

M. Dietrich, Bus. Team Mgr.-Heating; S. Koenig, Bus. Team Mgr.-Plumbing
REHAU delivers “Unlimited Polymer Solutions,” and is the premium worldwide brand for polymer-based innovations and systems in construction, automotive and industry. We gener- ate continuous growth through our expertise and innovative capabilities in materials development, systems design and surface technology.

Rehvac Sterling LLC, HVAC

4744 Center Park Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78218
(800) 856-5668; (210) 599-2800 Fax: (210) 798-8550
M. Garcia, Cust. Support/Inside Sales; G. Arnott, Engr.; M. Holt, Gen. Mgr.
An American manufacturer of high quality, piston-style regula- tors. Our products are distributed by most of the HVAC supply stores in the United States. Rehvac has a proud history of innovation and has many patents to our credit. Rehvac Sterling also provides innovative solutions for a variety of OEM’s and has in-house engineering and machining capabilities. Rehvac also produces the world’s only pnuematically driven pump. It is designed to pump liquid inert gasses such as CO2, Nitrous Oxide and Sodium Hexaflouride. This pump is ideal for filling small cylinders up to 10lbs.

Reliable Controls Corporation

120 Hallowell Rd., Victoria, BC V9A 7K2 CANADA
(250) 475-2036; (877) 475-9301 Toll Free Fax: (250) 475-2096
Pat Cronin, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.-North America; Robb Shipley, Western Canada Sales; Chris Gleason, Eastern USA Sales; Will McNeill, Western USA Sales; Rick Rosine, MidWest USA Sales; Gary Knowles, Eastern Canada Sales
We specialize in the design and manufacture of Internet- connected building controls and green BACnet building automation systems.

Reliable Products
P.O. Box 580, 1300 Enterprise Rd., Geneva, AL 36340
(800) 624-3914 Fax: (800) 508-1469
T. Hicks; Tom Edwards, Pres.; Chris Schartz, V.P.-Louvers/ Architectural Solutions; Mike Vincent, V.P.-Oper.
Architectural louvers, hurricane impact louvers for PTAC appli- cations, penthouses, screens, brick and block vents, dampers and sunshades.

Remcor Products Co., IMI Cornelius/Remcor Products

500 Regency Dr., Glendale Heights, IL 60139 (800) 551-4423 Fax: (866) 394-5140

Liquid chillers provides cooling for all types of applications by maintaining a constant supply of cool water in a recirculating closed and open loop systems.

RemTec International

1100 Haskins Rd., Bowling Green, OH 43402 (888) 873-6832 Fax: (419) 867-3279

R. Marcus, Bus. Devel. Mgr.; Gary Stofan, Sales
Refrigerant processing, separation, refrigerant identification, refrigerant cylinder testing.


MANUFACTURERS ALPHABETIC LISTINGS 125 Offers high temperature ceramic fiber shapes and boards for

RenewAire LLC
4510 Helgesen Dr., Madison, WI 53718
(800) 627-4499 Fax: (608) 221-2824
C. Gates; M. Friedlander; D. Steege; D. Baldus; D. Amundson; R. Ward
Manufacturer energy recovery ventilation packages from 70-8000 CFM, using AHRI certified plate exchanger that transfers heat and humidity.


Research Products Corporation, Aprilaire

1015 E. Washington Ave., P.O. Box 1467, Madison, WI 53701 (800) 334-6011 Fax: (608) 257-4357
M. McGowan, Pres.-Aprilaire; P. M. Graham, Sr. V.P.; L. Olsen, Pres./CEO-Research Products Corp.

Humidifiers, air cleaners, fresh air exchangers, zone control systems, electronic thermostats, air filters and related equip- ment, dehumidifiers, HVAC automation equipment including communicating thermostats, communication panels, software.

Resistance Welding Solutions Inc.dba LORS Machinery

1090 Lousons Rd., Union, NJ 07083 (908) 964-9100 Fax: (908) 964-4492

Edmundo Narvaez, Pres.; Gregory Labelle, CEO
Spot welders, standard/automatic; spot welders, portable/ suspended welders, resistance; spot welding electrodes/tips.

Resisto, Division of Soprema

800 St. Vailler W., 1640 Haggerty, Drummondville, Quebec, J2C 5P8, Quebec, QC G1N 1C9 CANADA
(800) 463-2382 Fax: (418) 660-2783 or
Marc-Antoine Fortier
Waterproofing for roofs, soundproofing for floors and pipes, reflective insulation for residential, agricultural and commercial constructions and asphalt care products.

Resource Conservation Technologies Inc., Aqua Guard 6408 Parkland Dr., Ste. 102, Sarasota, FL 34243
(888) 708-6622; (941) 708-6622 Fax: (941) 708-5200
James Duffy, Graphic/Design; Joseph Palermo, Graphic/ Design
Through research, analysis and product development, we have designed and introduced products that effec- tively monitor and arrest the necessary byproducts of the HVAC and plumbing industries.


Revcor Inc.

251 Edwards Ave., Carpentersville, IL 60110 (847) 428-4411 Fax: (847) 426-4630

J. H. Reichwein Jr., CEO; C. Hall, V.P.-Engrg./Oper.; Andrew Groharing, CFO; Lee Frick, V.P.-Materials; Jeff Fordeck, V.P.- Mktg./Sales
Blower wheels; fan blades; housings; injection molded plastics, motorized blower packages (metal and plastic).

Rex Materials Inc.

5600 E. Grand River, P.O. Box 980, Fowlerville, MI 48836 (517) 223-3787 Fax: (517) 223-6806

Robert M. Cravens, V.P.

insulating purpose.

Reznor-Thomas & Betts Corporation, HVAC Division

8155 T&B Blvd., Memphis, TN 38125-8888
(800) 695-1901 Product Fax: (901) 252-1305
D. Street, V.P.-Mktg.; T. Clark, Mktg. Mgr.-HVAC; Viswas Purani, Pres.; T. Roberts, V.P.-Eng.; D. Otten, V.P.-Sales

Complete line of gas, oil, electric and hydronic unit heaters, duct furnaces, packaged and direct fired heating, make-up air units infra-red high and low intensity, energy recovery prod- ucts, restaurant HVAC.

Rheem Manufacturing Company, Rheem Heating, Cooling & Water Heating
1100 Abernathy Rd., Ste. 1400, Atlanta, GA 30328
(770) 351-3000 Fax: (770) 351-3003
Bill Hanesworth, V.P./Gen. Mgr.-Heating/Cooling; Doug Smith, V.P.-Sales-Water Heating; Chris Peel, Sr. V.P./ COO; Peter Reynolds, V.P./Gen. Mgr.-Water Heating; Ken Rothgeb, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.-Heating/Cooling; Joe Fristik, V.P.-Natl. Accts./Mktg.
Rheem is proud to be the only company in North America to manufacture heating, cooling and water heat- ing products. Because of this unique capability, Rheem offers integrated air and water solutions that deliver more energy efficiency, greater savings and complete comfort for both residential and commercial applica- tions. In addition, Rheem offers indoor air quality acces- sories, stand-by home generators and a full line of HVAC and water heating parts under the PROTECH brand.


Rheem Manufacturing Company, Ruud Heating and Cooling
5600 Old Greenwood Rd., P.O. Box 17010, Fort Smith, AR 72917-7010

(479) 646-4311 Fax: (479) 648-4918
Bill Hanesworth, V.P./Gen. Mgr.; Ken Rothgeb, V.P.-Sales/ MKtg.; Gary Wehunt, Contractor Programs Mgr. Residential and light commercial unitary heating and cooling products, including split system and packaged air conditioners, heat pumps, gas/electric/oil furnaces, geothermal heating, air handling equipment, indoor air quality accessories, stand-by home power generators, and PROTECH parts.



RHH Foam Systems Inc.

17100 W. Victor Rd., New Berlin, WI 53151-4139 (800) 657-0702 Fax: (262) 754-8089

P. J. Bartell, V.P.; K. Morgan, Sales/Techl. Rep.; M. Wojtiuk, Gen. Mgr.
Portable and disposable polyurethane spray foam kits.

RIA Connect (METZ Connect)
200 Tornillo Way, Tinton Falls, NJ 07712
(732) 389-1300; (888) 722-5625 Fax: (732) 389-9066
R. Mitukiewicz, V.P.; B. Mitukiewicz, Sales Mgr.; M. Torbik, Regl. Sales Mgr.; R. Naulty, Regl. Sales Mgr.
Solderable and pluggable terminal blocks with spring clamp or screws, tubular screw terminal blocks, modular jacks and USB ports.


RIDGID, Subsidiary of Emerson

400 Clark St., Elyria, OH 44035
(440) 323-5581; (800) 769-7743 Fax: (440) 329-4551
R. Gilmore, Comm. Mgr.; D. Roberts, Comm. Mgr.
Offers more than 300 types of tools – most recently RIDGIDConnect, an online business tool – and serves the rent- al, plumbing, HVAC/R, utility, industrial, electrical, petroleum, institutional, commercial and hardware markets.

Riello Burners, North America

2165 Meadowpine Blvd., Mississauga, ON L5N 6H6 CANADA (800) 4RIELLO; (800) 474-3556 Fax: (905) 542-1525

Jason Smith, Sales Mgr.-Com./Ind. Burners
Manufacturer of oil, gas and dual fuel forced draft burners. Output range from 38 MBtu/Hr – 35,000 MBtu/Hr for residen- tial, commercial and industrial applications.

Rinnai Corporation

103 International Dr., Peachtree City, GA 30269 (678) 829-1700 Fax: (678) 829-1666

Jeff Oliver, Bus. Devel. Mgr.-Htg.; Tracy Young, Prod. Mgr.; Kirk Morrow, Dir.-Sales
Product offering includes hydronic furnaces, condensing wall- mounted boilers, direct vent wall furnaces, condensing and traditional tankless water heaters.

Ritchie Engineering Co. Inc., YELLOW JACKET Products Division
10950 Hampshire Ave. S., Bloomington, MN 55438-2623 (952) 943-1333; (800) 769-8370 Fax: (952) 943-1605; (800) 322-8684
Brian Flynn, Exec. V.P.-Sales
Complete line of HVAC&R service and installation tools including recovery, vacuum pumps, hoses, test and charging manifolds, gauges, leak detection and elec- tronic testing equipment, and service tools.


Rite Boiler

5832 Garfield Ave., Commerce, CA 90040 (562) 862-2135 Fax: (562) 861-9821

J. Coe, Pres.
Commercial and industrial water and steam boilers, blowdown tanks and condensate return tanks, manufacturer.

Riverside Hydronics LLC

990 Haltom Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76117 (800) 990-5918 Fax: (817) 509-0119

P. Bothner
Manufacturer of condensing and non-condensing gas boilers, low NOx boilers, electric boilers, oil-fired boilers and clean steam generators. Inputs from 399,000 to 3,200,000 Btu.

RMS of Georgia LLC

610 McFarland/400 Dr., Alpharetta, GA 30004 (770) 777-0597 Fax: (770) 777-0599

Refrigerants, alternative refrigerants, reclamation, tank recer- tification, recovery.

Robert Soper Limited

P.O. Box 277, Hamilton, ON L8N 3E8 CANADA
(800) 263-8334; (905) 528-7936 Fax: (905) 528-8128
Ted Portz, Sales Mgr.-USA; Lincoln Gallagher, Pres.; Bien Luey, Contract Admin.
Manufacturer and installer of Softwall fabric enclosures, parti- tions, and curtain systems to control noise, dust and fumes, temperature, privacy, overspray, cross-contamination and odour, and welding flash. Markets served include manufac- turing, warehousing, food, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and automotive.

Roberts-Gordon LLC

1250 William St., P.O. Box 44, Buffalo, NY 14240-0044 (800) 828-7450; (716) 852-4400 Fax: (716) 852-0854

Ken Brinks, Dir.-Sales; Roy Wyzykow, Pres.
Warm air heating equipment, infrared heating systems, direct and indirect heating cooling and ventilation systems. Industrial and commercial HVAC manufacturer including make-up air, air turnover and custom rooftop units, unit and duct heaters, radiant infrared heaters.

Robertshaw, Proudly offered by Invensys Controls

191 E. North Ave., Carol Stream, IL 60188-2064
(630) 260-3400 Fax: (630) 260-7290 or
F. Stokes, Strategic Mgr.; J. Pastore, Natl. Sales Mgr.; K. Evans, Prod. Mgr.-Thermostats/HVAC; R. Joubran, Prod. Mgr.-Water Heating/Space/Central

Trusted by professionals for over 100 years, Robertshaw prod- ucts include gas valves, ignition controls, appliance controls, thermostats, zone controls, IAQ and air conditioning controls.

Robinair, an SPX brand

655 Eisenhower Dr., Owatonna, MN 55060
(800) 327-5060 Fax: (507) 455-7451
Air conditioning, refrigeration and appliance service tools and equipment; refrigerant recovery/recycling systems, evacuation, analog and digital manifold gauges, vacuum pumps, service tools UV leak detection.


John R. Robinson Inc.

38-05 30th St., Long Island City, NY 11101
(800) 726-1026; (718) 786-6088 Fax: (718) 786-6090
Condenser and heat exchanger tools and services, tube clean- ing gun, rotary cleaning machine, brushes, shafts, tube plugs, leak detection, vacuum, installation/removal tools.

Robotics Design Inc., HVAC Cleaning and Inspection Division
2100 Guy St., Ste. 200A, Montreal, QC H3H 2M8 CANADA (514) 223-2540 Fax: (514) 223-2540 or

Charles Khairallah, Pres.
Robotics Design Inc. Canada Our products include the ANATROLLER ARI-100 and ARI-50 duct cleaning robots and the CABLEEYE CDE-100 and CEI-R35 cable inspection cameras.

Robson Thermal Mfg. Ltd., LEED Duct Sealants, Insulation Coatings / Adhesives, Anti-condensation Paint, Anti- erosion duct line
15048 Victoria Ave., White Rock, BC V4B 1G3 CANADA

(604) 538-6681; (888) 976-2766 Fax: (604) 538-6692
Robert Odynski, Gen. Mgr.

Duct sealants, duct liner adhesives, duct liner surface repair coating, anti-erosion coating for duct liner, anti-sweat coating, anti-rodent paint, anti-condensation paint, canvas jacket for insulation, low e paint, radiant barrier paint, energy saving coatings.

Robur Corporation

827 E. Franklin St., Evansville, IN 47711-5623 (812) 424-1800 Fax: (812) 422-5117 or

W. Schroader; R. Halbig; S. Ward
Single phase, gas-fired absorption heatpumps, chillers and chiller-heaters for residential and commercial comfort condi- tioning and industrial process cooling applications.

Rockwell Automation Inc.

1201 S. Second Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53204-2496 (414) 382-2000; (800) 223-5354 Fax: (414) 382-4444

At Rockwell Automation, helping manufacturers succeed and grow is what we do best — with industrial automation control and information solutions designed to give our customers a competitive advantage. From stand-alone, industrial com- ponents to enterprise-wide integrated systems, our solutions have proven themselves across a wide range of industries and in some of the most demanding manufacturing environments.

Rocky Mountain CFC Equipment Service Inc.

851 Hwy. 224, #A-10, Denver, CO 80229
(800) 626-3266 Fax: (303) 287-2612
M. Cirbo, Pres.; L. Cirbo, V.P.
Authorized service center for A/C refrigerant recovery equip- ment and vacuum pumps.

Rocky Research

P.O. Box 61800, 1598 Foothill Dr., Boulder City, NV 89005 (702) 293-0851 Fax: (702) 293-0854

M. Coronel, Laboratory Mgr.
Complete range of analysis for all types of HVAC&R fluids. Our laboratory specializes in chemistry for HVAC&R applications.

Rodman & Company Inc.

7047 Vineland Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91605 (800) 228-1806 Fax: (818) 765-8158
D. Chesgreen

The Rodman Multipurpose drill bits and The Rodman Nibbler.

Roof Products & Systems

815 Kimberly Dr., Carol Stream, IL 60188 (800) 624-8642 Fax: (866) 466-9335 or
C. Abramson, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Mark Walraven, V.P.
Roof curbs, equipment rails, duct mounting pedestals, pipe portal systems, expansion curbs, pipe mtg. pedestals, curb adapters.

Rooftop Anchor Inc.

345 West 600 South, Ste. 113, Heber City, UT 84032 (800) 411-3914; (801) 839-2900 Fax: (801) 839-2929

Kynan Wynne, V.P.; Nathan Sargent, Pres.
Engineers and manufactures fall protection and fall arrest systems for commercial, residential, industrial, military, aircraft maintenance and solar rooftop.

Rooftop Sleeper Support Inc.

2700 S. 900 W., Ste. 101, Salt Lake City, UT 84119 (801) 975-8885 Fax: (801) 975-6351

Nathan Sargent, Pres.
The RSS4 product is designed for easy rooftop conduit and condensate pipe support and helps protect against roof pen- etrations and damage to other rooftop material.

Rossi HVAC Hardware

2029 Verdugo Blvd., Montrose, CA 91020 (818) 252-3811 Fax: (818) 252-3812

The industry’s leader in manual air flow regulation. Our damp- ers, bearings, and quadrant handles (Everlock & Twistknob) revolutionized the industry.

Rostra Tool Company, SARGENT Quality Tools

30 E. Industrial Rd., Branford, CT 06405
(203) 488-8665 Fax: (203) 488-6497 or
Tom Raducha, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
PEX plumbing tools manufactured under the SARGENT Quality Tools brand. Crimpers, pincers, cutters and removers for most styles of PEX connections.

Rotarex Inc., Ceodeux Cryotec

221 Westec Dr., Westmoreland Technology Park I, Mount Pleasant, PA 15666
(724) 696-3345 Fax: (724) 696-3352 or

David Lawson, Prod. Mgr.
Manufacturer of cylinder, ton, safety relief and soleniod valves in brass or steel for refrigerants.

Roth Industries Inc.

P.O. Box 245, Syracuse, NY 13211 (866) 943-7256 Fax: (866) 462-2914

J. Johnson, Mktg. Mgr.; B. Coyne, V.P.-Sales US
Manufacturer of double-wall oil storage tanks, radiant heat- ing systems, pexc plumbing systems, solar systems and heat pumps.

Roth Pump Co., Subsidiary of Roy E. Roth Co.

P.O. Box 4330, Rock Island, IL 61204-4330
(309) 787-1791; (888) 444-7684 Fax: (309) 787-5142
Peter Roth, CEO; E. McRoberts, Senior V.P. Sales; L. Logan, Supvr. Htg. Equipt. Sales; Aaron Hoots, Process Equipt. Sales; Barb Streeter, Supvr. Parts Sales
Pumps, high pressure, high temperature, condensate, boiler feed and water; units, condensate return and boiler feed.

Rotobrush International LLC

801 Hanover Dr., #700, Grapevine, TX 76051
(817) 310-2300; (800) 535-3878 Fax: (877) 535-3878
The leading manufacturer in portable air duct cleaning equip- ment, parts and accessories.


ROTRONIC Instrument Corp.

135 Engineers Rd., Ste. 150, Hauppauge, NY 11788 (631) 427-3898 Fax: (631) 427-3902

Anthony Cordero, Sales/Mktg.
Humidity, temperature control instrumentation for HVAC and semiconductor applications.

Rowald Refrigeration Systems Inc.

515 Grable St., Rockford, IL 61109 (815) 397-7733 Fax: (815) 397-5936

Robert W. Rowald, Pres.
Refrigeration packages, specialty engineering and manufactur- ing, custom engineered and built refrigeration packages.

Royce Industrial Compressor Div., ECC Corp.

P.O. Box 12143, Hauppauge, NY 11788
(631) 231-1667 Fax: (631) 231-1864
G. Thomas, Natl. Sales Mgr.; P. Eaton, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; M. Kanes, Export Mgr.; M. S. Daniels, Mktg. Mgr.
Industrial hermetic, semi-hermetic, open drive compressors and compressor units from 1 to 150 h.p.

104 Carpenter Dr., Sterling, VA 20164
(703) 471-5659 Fax: (703) 471-7144
Integral finned, prime, and star insert tubes for heat exchangers, chillers and condensers; also retubing and tube cleaning tools and equipment.


RSD, Cooling Tower Div.

1201 Monterey Pass Rd., Monterey Park, CA 91754 (323) 264-2800; (800) 245-8007 Fax: (949) 461-7459

Gary Parker, Prod. Mgr.
Fiberglass cooling towers, CTI certified cross flow cooling towers, modular design for easy expansion, short lead times 10 year warranty.

RSS Combustion Corp.

4240 Church Rd., Lockport, NY 14094-9724
(716) 439-0473; (800) 551-6620 Fax: (716) 439-0473
T. N. Pils, Pres.
Radiant tube heaters, gas, parts, combustion air filters, vacuum pump motors, flame sensors, spark plugs, spark generators, tube fittings.

RTI Technologies Inc.

10 Innovation Dr., P.O. Box 3099, York, PA 17402 (800) 468-2321; (717) 840-0678 Fax: (717) 755-8304 or or

Kelvin Butz, V.P.-Mktg.; Susan Yoder, Sales/Cust. Serv. Mgr.; Keith Korchma, Dir.-Sales-Eastern USA/Canada; Ed Strausbaugh, Dist. Sales Mgr.; Mike Cable, V.P.-Sales; Kevin Merrick, Dir.-Sales-Western USA/Canada

Supplier in automotive aftermarket service equipment: refriger- ant recovery and recycling equipment, line of fluid exchange machines and nitrogen tire-fill.

Runtal North America Inc.

187 Neck Rd., P.O. Box 8278, Ward Hill, MA 01835 (800) 526-2621 Fax: (978) 372-7140

O. Kantor, V.P.
Invented the Swiss design panel radiator in the 1950’s; base- board, wall panels, vertical panels and towel radiators.

Rupp-Air Management Systems

17645 Juniper Path, Ste. 150, Lakeville, MN 55044 (800) 291-2452; (952) 435-0870 Fax: (952) 435-0890

B. Johnson, Sales Engr.; R. Puri, Sales Engr.
Modular make up air systems, direct fired systems, exhaust fans, kitchen ventilation systems.

3900 Dr. Greaves Rd., Kansas City, MO 64030
(816) 761-7476 Fax: (816) 765-8955
Dampers, fire and smoke dampers, louvers, shutters, access doors, and penthouses, zone control, air measur- ing, sound control, grilles, screens, air doors.


Ruskin Rooftop Systems
1625 Diplomat Dr., Carrollton, TX 75006
(972) 247-7447 Fax: (972) 243-0940 or bmartinez@roof-
Kenny Huffstutler, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Sean Moody, ERV Prod. Mgr.; Joe Ueckert, OEM Sales Mgr.; Tony Moffett, V.P./Gen. Mgr.
Energy Recovery Ventilators, economizers, roof curbs, concentric diffusers, adapter curbs.

Ruskin Sound Control
3900 Dr. Greaves Rd., Kansas City, MO 64030
(816) 761-7476 Fax: (816) 763-0986
Ruskin sound control manufacturers custom acoustical silencers, panels and enclosures.


8101 E. Kaiser Blvd., #110, Anaheim, CA 92808-2243 (714) 529-1935 Fax: (714) 529-7203 or
Dave Hartman, V.P.-Sales

Refrigeration equipment, packaged systems, DX evaporators, air and water cooled refrigeration condensing units, air cooled condensers, fluid coolers.


S&K Automation, Valves and Valve Automation

3530 Olive Ln. N., Plymouth, MN 55447
(763) 476-1013; (888) 813-6331 Fax: (763) 476-6920 or or
David Sheffield
S&K Automation Specializes in Valves, Actuated Valves and Control Valves.

S.I.T. Controls USA Inc.

1110 Center Park Dr., Ste. F, Charlotte, NC 28217
(704) 522-6325 Fax: (704) 522-7945 or
Manufacturer of control components and accessories for gas appliances.

S.O.S. Products Co. Inc.

Fourth & Railroad St., East Greenville, PA 18041 (215) 679-6262 Fax: (215) 679-0700

I. S. Pryor, CEO; W. S. Pryor, Pres.; B. Siedel, Office Mgr. Heating and air conditioning chemical products.


Sanuvox Technologies Inc.

146 Barr St., Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1Y4 CANADA
(514) 382-5823; (888) SANUVOX Fax: (514) 382-6475
A. Engel
Ultraviolet air and coil sterilization systems designed to destroy biological and chemical contaminants; applications include residential, institutional, commercial, medical, industrial and military.

Sauermann NA Corp.

415 Oser Ave., Ste. P, Hauppauge, NY 11788 (631) 234-7600 Fax: (631) 234-7605

T. Heinecker; Gerald Short, Sales Exec.
Condensate removal pumps, accessories for installation of air conditioners plastic duct, wall brackets, drain pipe.

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment

P.O. Box 460, 1 Industrial Blvd., Ste. 101, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379
(800) 779-3267; (320) 251-8696 Fax: (320) 251-2922
Schaefer cooling and spot heating products, circulation fans, exhaust fans, evaporative coolers, portable fans, air intakes, shutters, environmental control, infrared spot heaters, fan mounts.

Schaffner EMC

52 Mayfield Ave., Edison, NJ 08837
(800) 367-5566 ext. 253 Fax: (732) 225-4789
A. Carrasquillo, Mktg. Asst.
Produces EMC components, EMC insturmentation and test systems for radiated and conducted interference and power- supply test systems.

Schebler Chimney Systems

P.O. Box 1008, 5665 Fenno Rd., Bettendorf, IA 52722
(563) 359-0110 Fax: (563) 359-8430
Mike Mommsen; Brad Zogg; Scott Huston
Manufacturer of positive pressure venting systems providing complete design of boiler flue, generator exhaust, and grease duct systems tailored to the demands of today’s appliances.

Schneider Electric, Field Devices

1354 Clifford Ave., Loves Park, IL 61111 (815) 637-3000 Fax: (815) 637-5350


5285 Bradco Blvd., Mississauga, ON L4W 2A6 CANADA (905) 712-4766 Fax: (905) 712-4766

B. Alcott, Prod./Appl. Mgr.; J. McLellan, V.P.-Sales-North America; M. Grandbois, Pres.
Gas fired infrared radiant heaters, portable infrared heaters, patio heaters.


4037 Charter Club Dr., Doylestown, PA 18902 (215) 766-1487 Fax: (215) 766-1493

D. Darby, Sales Mgr.
Thermostats, temperature controls, HVAC measuring instru- ments, multi-zone systems, IAQ contols.

Sciessent LLC

60 Audubon Rd., Wakefield, MA 01880
(781) 224-7100 Fax: (781) 246-3340 or
Rachel Fay, Mktg. Spec.; Cyndy Hunter, V.P.-Mktg.
Provides silver-ion based antimicrobial solutions for HVAC products that inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi.

Scotsman Ice Systems
775 Corporate Woods Pkwy., Vernon Hills, IL 60061
(847) 215-4500 Fax: (847) 913-9844
Denis Griesmer, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Full-line of modular and self-storing cubers and flakers, Rapid Freeze Ice Flakers, drink dispensers, bins, water filtration sys- tems and accessories.

The Scott Fetzer Co., Wayne Combustion Systems

801 Glasgow Ave., Fort Wayne, IN 46803
(260) 425-9200 Fax: (260) 424-0904 or

T. Tranquill, Gen. Mgr.; J. Hawkins, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; Delany Johnson, Sales Manager
Oil and gas burners for ranges, dryers, heating equipment, pizza/bakery ovens.


120 Moore Rd., Hillsboro, OH 45133
(800) 543-9033 (out of OH); (800) 582-9025 (OH) Fax: (937) 393-1262
Mike Kelley, Pres.; Connie Butts, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; Bill Myers, Midwest RSM; Chuck Davy, Eastern RSM
Sheet metal duct, pipe and fittings for the HVAC industry; green label zero leakage fittings, Seal-Tite Rx antimicrobial duct and fittings.

Sealed Unit Parts Co. Inc.
P.O. Box 21, 2230 Landmark Pl., Allenwood, NJ 08720 (732) 223-6644 Fax: (732) 223-1617
C. Chivers, V.P.-Sales; G. Lampasona, V.P.-Mktg.
After market universal and exact replacement parts, and test instruments for the Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Appliance parts industry.


Security Metal Products Co.

P.O. Box 968, Kankakee, IL 60901
(815) 937-0121
R. Benson, V.P.
Air duct manufacturing machine, flexible air duct.

Sedco, Div. of Primore Inc.

P.O. Box 624, Adrian, MI 49221 (517) 263-2220 Fax: (517) 265-2456
Pressure relief valves assembly.

Seeley International
1202 N. 54th Ave., Bldg. 2 Ste. 117, Phoenix, AZ 85043 (602) 353-8066

Matthew Sculley, V.P.-Seeley International Americas; Michael Kozuch, Techl. Engr.
Breezair evaporative coolers-engineered for excellence. Climate Wizard indirect evaporative coolers-delivers very cool air with no moisture added and low running costs.

Seibu Giken America Inc., SG America

2929 Park Dr., Owatonna, MN 55060 (507) 214-2715 Fax: (507) 214-2924

T. Clemens
Air-to-air energy wheels and cassettes to 75,000 cfm, Air-to-air heat wheels and cassettes to 75,000 cfm, Air-to-air sensible wheels and cassettes to 75,000 cfm, Air-to-air enthalpy wheels and cassettes to 75,000 cfm.

Selco Products Company

8780 Technology Way, Reno, NV 89521-5908
(800) 257-3526; (775) 674-5100 Fax: (775) 674-5111
Michelle Blakeslee, Mktg. Comm.; Jon Skolmutch, Electronic Temperature Controls/Panel Meters Prod. Mgr.; Steve Bourdette, Thermostats/Thermal Protector Prod. Mgr.; Diane Padilla, Adjustable/Capillary Thermostat Prod. Mgr.; Mike Dobson, NTC Thermistors Prod. Mgr.
Manufacturer of disc thermostats, bulb and capillary thermo- stats, NTC thermistors, and electronic temperature controls. Complete customization such as custom brackets, epoxy over molding, and specialty connectors.

Selick & Bird-Thermidaire LLC

P.O. Box 108, Sea Girt, NJ 08750 (732) 449-0017 Fax: (732) 449-0273

L. G. Selick, Pres.; B. A. Selick, Secy./Treas.
Steam heating equipment, bimetallic-thermostatic steam traps with built in “y” strainer, air vent, check valve.

Selkirk Corporation

1301 W. President George Bush Hwy., Ste. 330, Richardson, TX 75080
(800) 992-8368 Fax: (972) 943-6100
A leading manufacturer of chimney, venting, fireplaces and air distribution products supplied to the HVAC, hearth, retail and commercial/industrial markets. For more information, visit

Sellers Engineering div. of Green Boiler Technologies Inc.
918 W. Walnut St., Danville, KY 40422
(859) 236-3181 Fax: (859) 236-3184 or rob@greenboilertech-
Rob Larson, Natl. Sales Mgr.; John Huffman, Inside Sales
High efficiency gas, LP and oil fired steam and hot water com- mercial boilers and water heaters, deaerators, instantaneous steam water heaters. Gas fired condensing boilers. Stock and custom ASME hot water storage vessels.


1800 E. Pointe Dr., Columbia, MO 65201 (573) 443-1481 Fax: (573) 443-6921

John Morissette, SVP Air Climate/Air Movement US; Phil Rivas, Gen. Mgr.-Duct/Acoustical Prod.; Doug Haas, Sales Dir.- Desiccant Wheel Prod.
Duct and fittings for high, medium and low velocity air move- ment, sound control silencers, round, rectangular and battens, double wall acoustical plenum enclosures, rotary energy recovery wheels/systems, ventilation preconditioning systems and active/passive chilled beams.

Sensata Technologies

529 Pleasant St., B-19, Attleboro, MA 02703 (508) 236-3876 Fax: (508) 236-2349
Pressure sensors, switches and thermal products for the HVAC industry.

Sensocon Inc.

P.O. Box 518, Highland City, FL 33846 (863) 248-2800 Fax: (863) 248-2798

Customer Service
A manufacturer of differential pressure gauges, controls, trans- mitters, and air flow probes.

Sensor Electronics Corporation

5500 Lincoln Dr., Minneapolis, MN 55436 (952) 938-9486 Fax: (952) 938-9617

A. Petersen, Sales Mgr.; S. Robb, Mktg. Mgr.; P. Smith, Dir.-Engrg. Digital gas detection system that monitors combustible gas, toxic gas, and oxygen deficiency. Gas analyzers have over 75+ gas sensors.

SenTech Corporation
5745 Progress Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46241
(888) 248-1988 Fax: (317) 248-2014
J. Conrod, Pres.; J. Spore, Dir.-Mktg.; J. Eder, Gen. Mgr. Single and multi-point refrigerant monitors for early warning of refrigerant leaks for CFC’s, HCFC’s, and HFC’s without false alarms or the need for periodic calibration.


Sentinel Performance Solutions Limited

1 Hardy Rd., Ste. 207, Bedford, NH 03110
(603) 341-4783; (877) 567-2560 or bob.simcox@senti-
Andrew Lapinsky, North America Bus. Mgr.; Bob Simcox, OEM Mgr.
Provides water treatments for hydronic heating systems, heat transfer fluids for solar thermal and heat pump applications. Widely endorsed by leading heating equipment manufacturers.

Seresco Inc.

2107 N. Decatur Rd., #464, Decatur, GA 30033 (770) 457-3392 Fax: (613) 741-3375

Ralph Kittler, V.P.-Sales
Manufacturer of highest quality, technologically advanced and energy efficient dehumidifiers. Units offered with WebSentry’s 24-7 factory performance and total monitoring capabilities for the lifetime of your equipment.

Service Automation Inc.

17405 Village Green Dr., Houston, TX 77040
(800) 774-7230; (713) 466-4084 Fax: (713) 466-3750 or or
David Haycraft, V.P., Sales & Mktg.
There’s only one service automation! Find out why sophisti- cated contractors across the country are switching to Sawin Professional and SAWIN Mobile.


Service Compressor Parts Inc.

1505 Carthage Rd., Lumberton, NC 28358 (910) 738-8224 Fax: (910) 738-6994

David McGuirt, Pres.
Service Compressor Parts was founded in March 2002 by own- ers that have over 30 years experience in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Compressor Industry, supplying both the independent compressor remanufacturer and the largest origi- nal equipment compressor manufacturers in the world.

Service Net Warranty – HVAC/R Division

P.O. Box 928, Jeffersonville, IN 47131-0928 (866) 513-1376 Fax: (866) 211-9259

J. Evans, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Extended service agreements on residential and commercial equipment for the HVAC/R industry; marketing services to attract and keep customers.

Seton Identification Products

20 Thompson Rd., Branford, CT 06405
(800) 243-6624; (203) 488-8059 Fax: (800) 345-7819
A manufacturer of all types of identification products including signs, pipe markers, labels, R-T-K products and more.

SG America

2929 Park Dr., Owatonna, MN 55060 (507) 214-2715 Fax: (507) 214-2924

Shaw Development

25190 Bernwood Dr., Bonita Springs, FL 34135 (239) 304-1000 Fax: (239) 304-0375

D. Patton, Pres.; J. Driscoll, V.P.; S. Shirakawa, Mktg. Dir.; M. O’Hara, Dir.-Engrg.; J. Glebas, Dir.-Mktg.; N. O’Hara, Oper. Dir. Tool which makes duct hangers; expandable rubber plugs.

Sheet Metal Connectors Inc.

5850 Main St. N.E., Minneapolis, MN 55432
(763) 572-0000; (800) 328-1966 Fax: (763) 572-1100
Jim Myers, Sales Mgr.
Spiral pipe and fittings all with Complete Seal, rectangular duct and fittings, flat oval spiral pipe, most all sheet metal HVAC products.

Sherwood Products Inc.
7846 Fortune Dr., San Antonio, TX 78250 (210) 684-5900 Fax: (210) 684-5005 Thermostat guard.


Shinyei Corporation of America

24 W. 40th St., 4th Flr., New York, NY 10018 (917) 484-7884 Fax: (212) 704-4206

Tony Tokuya
Shinyei is a Japan-based manufacturer of IAQ sensors includ- ing RH/particle/gas.

Shop Data Systems Inc.

712 E. Walnut St., Ste. A, Garland, TX 75040 (972) 494-2719 Fax: (972) 272-7062
K. John Del Vecchio, V.P.-Sales
HVAC CAD/CAM software with extensive library, full shape nesting, completely open architecture design, on-site training, 24/7 telephone support and over 30 years in the business.

Shortridge Instruments Inc.
7855 E. Redfield Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (480) 991-6744 Fax: (480) 443-1267
P. Madaj, Sales; T. Mullen, Sales
Air balance instruments, water balance meters.



110 Columbus W. Dr., Macon, GA 31206
(877) 974-8233; (478) 405-5494 Fax: (478) 405-5484
Tamiko Slocumb, Service Constultant; Rose Thaggard, Service Consultant; Natasha Duggan, Service Consultant; Michele Felker, Service Consultant; Maria Sullivan, Distributor Sales; Christy Fiveash, Distributor Sales
Shop – 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Huge selec- tion of XL shoe covers, coveralls, gloves, surface protection, cleaners, safety products, tools and marketing materials.

Shurclose Seal Rubber & Plastic

P.O. Box 305, Lake Orion, MI 48361
(248) 969-0500 Fax: (248) 969-0503
S. S. Blake; S. Morris
Compressor mounts, tube caps-plugs, molded and extruded rubber, rubber-plastic, seals.

Shurtape Technologies LLC, HVAC

P.O. Box 1530, Hickory, NC 28603-1530 (828) 322-2700 Fax: (828) 322-5583

M. Hooks; K. Shull; Tonia Williams, Cust. Serv. Rep
Full line manufacturer of UL-listed, cloth, foil, film and electri- cal tapes for use in HVAC, insulation, plumbing, and refrigera- tion applications.

Siemens Industry Inc., Solutions, Automation and Drive Technologies
1000 Deerfield Pkwy., Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-4513
(847) 215-1000; (800) 241-4453 Fax: (678) 297-8316
Siemens Industry helps customers in the industrial, infrastruc- ture and construction sectors succeed by providing complete electrical, engineering and automation solutions. Through a commitment to innovative engineering that goes back more than 150 years, Siemens serves the world’s largest and most respected companies through integrated solutions, software, hardware and services.

Siemens Industry Inc., Process Instrumentation and Analytics
155 Plant Ave., Hauppauge, NY 11788
(631) 231-3600; (800) 241-4453 Fax: (631) 231-3334
Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters for the measurement of liquid and gas flows, utility grade thermal energy metering systems.

Siemens Industry Inc., Building Automation Division

1000 Deerfield Pkwy., Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-4513
(847) 215-1000; (800) 877-7545 Fax: (847) 215-1093
Integrated building systems, HVAC controls, actuators, valves,


pneumatic components, controls for critical environments (i.e. laboratories and cleanrooms).

Siemens Water Technologies

181 Thorn Hill Rd., Warrendale, PA 15086-7527
(724) 772-0044; (724) 772-1402 Information Desk Fax: (724) 772-1300
Water and wastewater treatment systems, services, and equipment for industrial, municipal, aquatic, and laboratory applications.

Sierra Instruments Inc.

5 Harris Ct., Bldg. L, Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 373-0200 Fax: (831) 373-4402

S. Rouse, Prod. Mgr.; M. Olin, Pres./Dir.-Mktg.; M. Washington, Mktg. Comm. Mgr.
Manufacturers high performance mass flow meters and controllers for nearly any gas, liquid, or steam. Customers choose Sierra when they need an accurate and repeatable flow measurement, short delivery lead times, expert flow advice, and long term support. When it matters, customers choose Sierra. Visit us at or call us at 800-866-0200.

Sierra Monitor Corporation

1991 Tarob Ct., Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 262-6611 Fax: (408) 262-9042
Manufacturer of hazardous gas detection systems for combus- tible gas, oxygen deficiency, and toxic gases.

Don Siiter & Associates Inc.

18543 Yorba Linda Blvd., Yorba Linda, CA 92886 (714) 693-7259 Fax: (714) 693-7259

Sika USA Inc.

1500 S. Sylvania Ave., Ste. 111, Sturtevant, WI 53177 (262) 886-2695 Fax: (262) 898-0101

A global manufacturer of flow switches. Emphasis on reliabil- ity and innovative design has convergence in small, low cost switches for chillers and heat pumps.

Simon-Aire Inc.

746 E. 9th St., New York, NY 10009 (212) 254-8372 Fax: (646) 349-5921

Michael Milazzo
Manufacturer of high end replacement and new construction PTAC units and Water Sourced Equipment.

Simutech Systems Inc.

P.O. Box 7212, Beaverton, OR 97007 (800) 648-6209 Fax: (503) 649-8972

S. Gilmore, Sales Mgr.
Computer-based simulators that provide “hands-on” service training for air conditioners, heat pumps, commercial refrig- eration, supermarket refrigeration, hot water boilers, and gas and oil furnaces.

Skidmore Div., Vent-Rite Valve Corp.

1875 Dewey Ave., Benton Harbor, MI 49022 (269) 925-8812
M. W. Hendrix, Sales Mgr.; D. Van Houten, Gen. Mgr. Boiler feed and condensate return pumps and systems.

Skil-aire, A Div. of Tithe Corporation

1809 Bayard St., Baltimore, MD 21230 (410) 625-7545 Fax: (410) 625-6421

Lisa H. Ambrose, Pres./CEO; Pete Zafonte, S.V.P. Dir.-Sales; N. Olyshko, V.P./Dir.-Accting.; J. Davender, Sales/Mktg. Coord.; L. Holsapple, Traffic/Parts Mgr.; Meddaugh Ambrose, Opers.; V. Shapelyov, Techl. Support

WBE, HUD Zone, Enterprise Zone,Mission Critical Data Center Environmental Contol & A/C USA Custom and stock packaged or split air conditioning, heat pumps and energy recovery systems from 1-30 tons.

Skuttle IAQ Products

101 Margaret St., Marietta, OH 45750
(888)-SKUTTLE (758-8853) Fax: (740) 373-9565
Davis K. Paners, Pres./CEO; Martin A. Hausell, V.P.; Debra S. Rewick, Controller; John P. Riley, Sales Mgr.
Humidifiers, make-up air controls, air flectors, media air cleaners.

Skymark International Inc.

505 Finley Ave., Ajax, ON L1S 2E2 CANADA
(888) 759-6275 Fax: (905) 426-1804
Indoor air-cooled packaged or split horizontal air conditioning equipment; air cooled condensers, heat-cool furnace pack- age, vertical air-cooled packaged A/C, horizontal and vertical water-cooled A/C equipment.

Smart Electric
12201 N.W. 107th Ave., Medley, FL 33178
(866) 591-9898; (305) 500-9898 Fax: (305) 500-9896
Maria Hernandez, Pres.; David Say, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Gregg Blankenship, Dir.-Mktg.
Components, motors, capacitors and transformers for air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and appliances.


Smart Parts, Division of Pneuline Controls Co.

312 Darby Rd., Havertown, PA 19083
(800) 227-9800; (610) 449-9800 Fax: (610) 789-7300; (610) 853-4774 or or
HVAC controls distributor. Pneumatic and DDC Control products and accessories for energy management/building automation systems. Boiler and power plant supplies. Steam traps, pumps.

Smartcool Systems Inc.

1280-333 Seymour St., Vancouver, BC V6B 5A6 CANADA (888) 669-1388 Fax: (604) 602-0674

A cleantech company that specializes in energy and cost reduction technologies for the HVAC and refrigeration systems of commercial, industrial and retail businesses. The Smartcool product line of green technologies reduces the electricity con- sumption (kWh) and demand (KW) of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors.

SmartLouvre Technology Ltd.

Edward House, Penner Rd., Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1QZ ENGLAND, U.K.
044 2392 456 333 Fax: (0044) 2392 492 732

Paul Reynolds, Prod. Mgr.
External micro louvred sun screens, woven bronze. Display case light diffusers, laminated screens.

SMC Technologies Inc.

1517 Ocama Blvd., Midwest City, OK 73110
(405) 737-3740; (800) 727-2740 Fax: (405) 737-3759
B. J. Bowersox, Pres.; S. C. Bowersox, V.P./Sales Mgr.; P. G. Bowersox, Secy./Treas.; Dr. Brockway, Tech. Dir.
Water treatment chemicals for boilers, cooling towers, closed systems, waste water treatment, metal finishing, specialty cleaners, and chemical feed equipment/filters; solvent replace- ment chemicals.

Smith Cast Iron Boilers, A Mestek Co.

260 N. Elm St., Westfield, MA 01085 (413) 562-9631 Fax: (413) 562-3799

Mike Nihill, Prod. Mgr.; Doug Bolasevich, Sales Mgr; Matt Kleszczynski, Mktg. Mgr.
Provides a complete line of residential and commerical boilers for steam and water applications.

Smith’s Environmental Products

300 Pond St., Randolph, MA 02368 (781) 986-2525 Fax: (781) 986-8934

P. Wheat, V.P.; S. Williams, Natl. Sales Mgr.; E. Lemay, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Kickspace heaters, fan convectors, hot water booster coils, high efficiency perimeter heating equipment using low water temperatures.

SNTech Inc.

1702 E. Highland Ave., Ste. 400, Phoenix, AZ 85016 (480) 776-0500 Fax: (480) 452-0554

Jordan Bass, Bus. Devel. Mgr.
The Green Motor a high efficiency ECM-Electronically Commutated Motors by SNTech.

Softac Systems Ltd.

220, 19358-96th Ave., Surrey, BC V4N 4C1 CANADA (604) 888-9507 Fax: (604) 888-1025

I. Bowman, Pres.; N. Bowman, Sales Mgr.; Colin Bellamy, Mktg. Coord.
Manufacturer of Solid state reduced voltage motor starter, vari- able frequency drives, custom control panels, chiller starters, refrigeration control and PLC control systems.


2800 Perimeter Park Dr., Ste. A, P.O. Box 1154, Morrisville, NC 27560
(919) 439-2387 Fax: (919) 573-0791 or
Dan Gretsch
SOLARHOT manufactures a full line of solar heating equip- ment and provides engineering and design services.

Solaronics Inc.
704 Woodward Ave., Rochester, MI 48307
(800) 223-5335 Fax: (248) 651-0357
Gas fired infrared heaters for industrial and commercial use and process burners.


Soleus International Inc.

20035 E. Walnut Dr. N., City of Industry, CA 91789 (909) 718-0478; (888) 876-5387 Fax: (909) 718-0464
Window portable, PTAC, mini split air conditioners, dehumidi- fiers, and air purifiers.

Solvay Fluorides LLC

3333 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX 77098 (713) 525-6700

K. Neugebauer
Solvay Fluorides, Inorganic fluorides are used in such applica- tions as brazing flux in the manufacture of heat exchangers, electroplating, matte and blank etching of glass.

Song Chuan USA Inc.

2841 Center Port Cir., Pompano Beach, FL 33064 (954) 788-5889 Fax: (954) 788-8717

Sean McCarthy, V.P.
An ISO 9000/ISO14000/QS9000 Certified Manufacturer of gen- eral purpose and automotive relays.

Sonitec-Vortisand Inc.

11811 N. Freeway, Ste. 500, Houston, TX, TX 77060 (888) 876-9655 Fax: (514) 335-2295

Maurice Piche, Admin.

Sonitec-Vortisand Inc.

1400 Tees St., Saint-Laurent, QC H4R 2B6 CANADA (514) 335-2200 Fax: (514) 335-2295 or

Maurice Piche
The Vortisand filter is widely used for cooling tower side stream filtration, district cooling chilled water filtration, pre RO/DI, water reuse and other specialized polishing water applications. Our Vortisand filters help achieve LEED credits and are GREENSPEC Listed.

Sonneborn Refined Products

575 Corporate Dr., Ste. 415, Mahwah, NJ 07430 (201) 760-2900

Jeff Picerno, Lead Admin.
Sonneborn is the world leader in the manufacture and supply of high-purity specialty hydrocarbons. Our primary products are white oils, plastics oils, petrolatums, microcrystalline waxes, wax blends, refrigeration oils, cable filling compounds, compressor lubricants, ink oils, and petroleum distillates.

Sonobond Ultrasonics

1191 McDermott Dr., West Chester, PA 19380 (610) 696-4710 Fax: (610) 692-0674

Melissa Alleman, V.P.
Ultrasonic welding equipment for assembly of metals, filters, plastics and wire harnesses, and the sealing of copper tubing.

Sound Fighter Fans

1101 N. Redmond Rd., Jacksonville, AR 72076
(501) 982-7558; (800) 255-9014 Fax: (501) 982-5691
J. Wright, Cust. Serv.; J. Quinn, Head of Engrg.; Mktg. Dir. Custom manufactured industrial and commercial fans, tube/ vane axial, upblast and roof ventilators.

Sourcetec Industries Inc.

7475 Kimble St., Unit 8, Mississauga, ON L5S 1E7 CANADA (905) 678-9333; (800) 784-2383 Fax: (905) 678-7133

Carrie Lennox, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Manufacturer of exhaust and fume removal equipment. Hose reels, source capture arms, dust collectors, etc.

Southwark Metal Mfg Co

2800 Red Lion Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19114 (215) 735-3401


Prefabricated sheet metal ducts and fittings.

Southwire Company, OEM Division

One Southwire Dr., Carrollton, GA 30119
(770) 832-4590 Fax: (770) 838-6590
Southwire provides a full line of HVAC products. The company leads the industry in new and innovative products that help you save time and money.

Southworth Products Corp.

P.O. Box 1380, Portland, ME 04104
(207) 878-0700; (800) 743-1000 Fax: (207) 797-4734
R. Moore, Dir.-Sales
Ergonomic lift tables, container tilters, level loaders, pallet rotators, etc.

Space-Ray Infrared Heaters

305 Doggett St., P.O. Box 36485, Charlotte, NC 28236 (800) 438-4936; (704) 372-3485 Fax: (704) 332-5843

B. Genisol, V.P.
Tube, ceramic, garage and floor model infrared gas heaters for Industrial and commercial use. Infrared heaters typically save up to 50 % when compared to unit heaters.

Spartan Peripheral Devices

187 Joseph Carrier, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 5V5 CANADA (450) 424-6067; (888) 554-4465 Fax: (450) 424-6071

Paul Balazovjech, Pres.; Shannon Stewart, Admin. Asst.; Pamela Nadeau, Controller; Alexandre Leneveu, V.P.
Control valves, thermostats (electronic), actuators-electric, actuators-pneumatic.

Speakman Company

400 Anchor Mill Rd., New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 765-0282; (302) 765-0274 Fax: (302) 765-0286 or
Russell Waters, Dir.; Andrea Gafford, Mktg.
Since 2005, Speakman Cooling has been offering several lines of indirect/direct evaporative coolers which allow homeown- ers and businesses to cool their spaces while saving money and reducing their carbon footprint.


6850 McNutt Rd., Anthony, NM 88021
(800) 288-0892; (575) 589-6200 Fax: (575) 589-2398
Andy Kuehn, Electrical Eng./Spec-Air Parts; Antonio Casana, Chief Engr.; Tony Retana, Techl. Serv. Mgr.; Bruce Glover, V.P.-Sales; Alicia Ruiz, Purch./Traffic; Mike Bulzomi, Appl. Engr./ARES Products
Custom built air handlers, make-up air units, and indirect and direct evaporative coolers and energy recovery units.

Spectronics Corp.
956 Brush Hollow Rd., Westbury, NY 11590
(800) 274-8888; (516) 333-4840 Fax: (800) 491-6868; (516) 333-4859
J. Cooper, Pres.; G. Fixel, V.P.-Sales/Mkt.; M. Fleming, Natl. Sales Mgr.; G. Curry, Intl. Cust. Serv. Mgr.; B. Savasta, Mktg. Comm. Mgr.; D. Lax, Sales Acct. Mgr.
Fluorescent air conditioning and refrigeration leak detection system, fluorescent dyes, high intensity ultra- violet/blue/LED lamps, dye-infusion tools, leak detection kits, industrial leak detectors for oil/hydraulics, water, fuel, etc., specialized diagnostic tools.


404 West Ave., Stamford, CT 06902
(888) 700-3540; (203) 359-2645 Fax: (203) 724-1633;

(203) 323-1083
Jessica Sturm; Michael Hardy
SpeedClean is driven by a specific and clear mission. Develop market leading, innovative solutions for the HVAC and Professional Tradesman that save time, money and effort.


The Spencer Turbine Company

600 Day Hill Rd., Windsor, CT 06095
(800) 232-4321; (860) 688-8361 Fax: (860) 688-0098
J. Yablonski, Bus. Mgr.-Vacuum/Blower Systems; P. Johnson, Mgr.-Blower/Fan Prod.; C. Beaulieu, Mgr.-Vacuum Systems Centrifugal blowers, regenerative blowers, natural gas boosters and packages, central vacuum cleaning systems, separators, mobile vacuums, hose, tools, electrical controls, tubing and fittings.

Spinco Metal Products Inc.

One Country Club Dr., Newark, NY 14513 (315) 331-6285 Fax: (315) 331-9535

C. R. Straubing, Pres./CEO
Tubular and machined component parts and brazed sub assemblies, including copper dryers, accumulators, mufflers, strainers and brass refrigerant distributors. Brazed Assemblies, Simple/Complex.


P.O. Box 209, Pacific, WA 98047 (253) 833-4224 Fax: (253) 833-8991

Spinnaker Industries Inc.

27 Leading Rd., Etobicoke, ON M9V 4B7 CANADA (416) 742-0598; (800) 932-6210
Fax: (416) 742-4251; (800) 903-7294

4846 Jennings Ln., Louisville, KY 40218 (800) 932-6210 Fax: (800) 903-7294

G. McCarthy,V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; M. Lattanzio, Pres.: G. Schumacher, VP.-Finance; A. Lattanzio, Cust. Support; J. Sheridan, Cust. Support; M. Bailey, Cust. Support
100% outdoor air units, indoor packaged air cooled A/C units, dehumidification units, Multizone units, rotary energy recovery ventilators, water source heat pumps and air conditioners, screening systems, adapter curbs, knockdown and plenum curbs, economizers, diffuser heads.

Spiral-Helix Inc.

1450 Arthur Ave., Ste. B, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(224) 659-7870 Fax: (224) 659-7871
Spiral tube forming machines, oval duct forming machines, fittings machinery.


Spirax Sarco Inc.

1150 Northpoint Blvd., Blythewood, SC 29016 (803) 714-2000 Fax: (803) 714-2222

Tracy Britt, Mktg. Comm. Coord.
Spirax Sarco provides the expertise and solutions for the control and efficient use of steam, air, and other industrial fluids in the United States. With over 100 years of knowledge across many industries, our holistic approach to helping our customers meet their sustainability goals allows us to apply unequalled engineering capability in putting together complete solutions for our customers’ needs.

Spirotherm Inc.

25 N. Brandon Dr., Glendale Heights, IL 60139 (630) 307-2662 Fax: (630) 307-3773

D. Whitezell, V.P.-Mktg./Sales; T. Dresselhouse, Regl. V.P.; J. Coggins, Regl. V.P.
Air eliminators, dirt separators, quick air releasers, heat exchange tubing.

Spot Coolers Inc.
444 E. Palmetto Park Rd., Ste. 200, Boca Raton, FL 33432 (800) 367-8675 Fax: (888) 750-5082
For over 25 years, Spot Coolers is the premier provider of the best engineered highest performing portable air conditioning units. With 36 locations throughout the U.S., Spot Coolers provides cooling solutions from computer rooms to emergency back-up cooling. Rentals and sales.

SEE OUR INSERT BETWEEN PAGES 214, 215 AND OUR ADS ON PAGES 205, 207, 208, 211, 213, 214, 218, 224

Spunstrand Inc.

620 N. Post St., Post Falls, ID 83854-8681 (208) 777-7444 Fax: (208) 777-7445

Kirk Nelson, Pres.; CJ Stock, Sales Engr.; Aaron Molina, Sales Estimator; Kim Wright, Mktg. Asst./Corp. Secy.; Gretchen Champaine, Dir.-Sales; Ryan Bettis, Sales Estimator; Daryl Feder, Natl. Sales Mgr.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic insulated and non-insulated duct- work for underground applications. Filament wound industrial products; zero-leak, balancing dampers; vertical, horizontal car- bon scrubbers; mist eliminators; chemical, water storage tanks.

SPX Cooling Technologies Inc.

7401 W. 129th St., Overland Park, KS 66213
(800) 462-7539; (913) 664-7400 Fax: (913) 664-7439
JP Valiulis, Dir.-Sales
Cooling towers, air-cooled heat exchangers, cooling tower reconstruction, cooling tower parts, components, fluid cooler and evaporative condensers.


8242 Loop Rd., Baldwinsville, NY 13027
(800) 843-8848 Tech Support; (800) 843-8848 Customer Service Fax: (800) 843-8848 Customer Service or or
Michael Hatch, Natl. Accts. Mgr.; Jim Godbout, Dir.-Sales; Dave Eastwood, N. East Regl. Sales Mgr.; Stephen Cone, S. Central Regl. Sales Mgr.; Rob Pauley, S. East Regl. Sales Mgr.; David Welch, S. West Regl. Sales Mgr.
Manufacturers of solid state timers: anti-short cycle, bypass, fan delay, defrost; AC voltage monitors, AC current monitors/ sensors, liquid level controls, custom designs.

SSHC Inc. (Solid State Radiant Heating Inc.)

P.O. Box 769, Old Saybrook, CT 06475 (800) 544-5182

Suzanne Delise, V.P.; Richard Watson, Pres.
Manufacturer of ENERJOY Radiant Ceiling Panels, documented by the US Dept. of Energy to save 30-50% on energy costs. Radiant electric heating systems: radiant ceiling panels, floor warming, snow melting, underdesk heaters, animal heaters, full line of thermostats and controls for residential, commeri- cal, industrial applications. UL, CUL, TUV Listed.

SSI Technologies Inc, Controls

2643 W. Court St., Janesville, WI 53548 (608) 758-1500; (888) 477-4320

T. Pfeiffer
Pressure gauges and sensors (3 to 7500 psi). Piezoresistive oil- filled technology designed with all laser-welded stainless steel for optimal media isolation for HVAC/R applications.

SSW Holding Company Inc.

1100 W. Park Rd., Elizabethtown, KY 42701 (270) 769-5526 Fax: (270) 769-0105

B. Nall, Dir.-Mktg.; R. Champion, Dir.-Sales
Wire shelves and baskets, fan guards, condenser guards, coil guards, grilles, motor mounts, wire and flat metal formed parts, wire forms, counterweights.

Stamford Metal Products Ltd.

4766 Christie Dr., Beamsville, ON L0R 1B4 CANADA (905) 563-8611; (800) 545-5588 Fax: (905) 563-6555 or

Drew Pinto, Pres.; Tracey Speed, Office Mgr.
Specialized refrigeration components, tubular, for air condi- tioning and refrigeration, copper dryers, accumulators, strain- ers, mufflers, tube fabrication. North American Outlets.

Stamped Fittings Inc.

217 Lenox Ave., P.O. Box 2146, Elmira Heights, NY 14903 (607) 733-9988 Fax: (888) 343-3676

M. Graham, V.P.-Oper.; S. Graham, Pres.
Manufacturer of die stamped and spun HVAC spiral pipe component parts.

Standard Metal Products Mfg.

P.O. Box 32610, 8030 Ranchers Rd. N.E., Minneapolis, MN 55432 (763) 783-7173; (800) 297-9360 Fax: (763) 785-6977
Cathy Myers

Yellow label manufacturer of balancing dampers, control dampers, backdraft dampers and louvers for the HVAC industry.

Standard Refrigeration, (now part of Alfa Laval)

321 Foster Ave., Wood Dale, IL 60191 (708) 345-5400 Fax: (708) 345-3513

Keith Funke, Mkt. Unit Mgr.-Refrigeration
Manufacturer of heat transfer equipment, including brazed heat exchangers, AHRI-certified plate heat exchangers, con- densers, chiller barrels, liquid receivers, suction accumulators, subcoolers, oil separators, oil reservoirs and suction line heat exchangers.

Standex – ADP, Air Distribution Products

7601 State Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19136 (215) 268-1841 Fax: (215) 335-1905

John D. Bailey, V.P.-Mktg./Sales
Galvanized pipe, duct and fittings and flexible duct.

Standex Air Distribution Products

7601 State Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19136-3495
(800) 899-2850; (215) 338-2850 Fax: (215) 335-1905

Tom Smid, Pres.; Tim Callander, Western Reg. Sales/Mktg. Mgr.; John Bailey, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.
Galvanized forced air pipe and fittings, flex duct and fittings, heat recovery ventilators for residentail and light commercial applications. Duct tape, mastic, duct liners and wrap, duct insulation, duct board, duct sealers, caulking.

Standex Air Distribution Products, Snappy

1011 11th Ave. S.E., Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 (218) 847-9258 Fax: (218) 847-6322

John Bailey, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; Scott Bell, Midwest Regl. Mgr.; Dave Roberts, Eastern Regl. Mgr.; Tim Duncan, Southeast Regl. Mgr.; Tim Callander, Western Reg. Sales/Mktg. Mgr. Manufacturer of quality pipe, duct and fittings for the HVAC Industry. Also sell related ancillary products related to air distribution systems.

Stargate International Inc.

10235 S. Progress Way, Units 7&8, Parker, CO 80134 (303) 840-8206 Fax: (303) 840-8320

Mike Taylor

State Water Heaters

500 Tennessee Waltz Pkwy., Ashland City, TN 37015 (800) 365-8170
Audra Wait

For more than 60 years, State Water Heaters has built depend- able, long-lasting water heaters for commercial and residential applications. State remains focused on manufacturing durable products that last longer. For more information, visit www. Solid. State.

Steril-Aire Inc.
2840 N. Lima St., Burbank, CA 91504
(818) 565-1128; (800) 2STERIL Fax: (818) 565-1129
R. Scheir, Ph.D.; D. Frahn
High output germicidal UVC lamps deliver mold and microbial control for energy savings, reduced mainte- nance and odors, and enhanced IAQ.


Sterling Inc., Steam Control Products Division

2900 S. 160th St., New Berlin, WI 53151
(262) 641-3808; (888) 777-4085 Fax: (262) 641-8625
D. Pampel, Mgr.-Steam Control Prod. Div.; Tanya Proby, Inside Sales
Steam heating specialties, temperature control valves, con- densate and boiler feed pumps, water regulating valves, steam traps.

John J. Steuby Co., Screw Machine Products

6002 N. Lindbergh, Saint Louis, MO 63042 (314) 895-1000 Fax: (314) 895-9814

Steel refrigeration service valves, access valves, roto lock valves, roto lock fittings and elbows, teflon washers roto lock, core valves, quick disconnect of all types.

Stewart-Hall Chemical Corp., of The Rectorseal Company

2601 Spenwick, Houston, TX 77055 (713) 263-8001 Fax: (713) 263-7577

Specialty parts and chemicals for HVACR trade, specialty clean- ing, and other chemicals for heating, refrigeration, cooling, and industrial uses.

StockCap, A Sinclair & Rush Company

123 Manufacturers Dr., Arnold, MO 63010
(800) 827-2277; (636) 282-6800 Fax: (636) 282-6888 or Sales, Regl. Acct. Mgr.
Manufacturers plugs and caps for use in the HVAC industry. Vinyl, rubber or plastic parts are ready to ship. Custom options available.

Streamlight Inc.

30 Eagleville Rd., Eagleville, PA 19403 (610) 631-0600 Fax: (610) 631-0712

Manufacturer of quality portable lighting products including a broad range of rechargeable and alkaline battery, precision- engineered flashlights and lanterns.

StrionAir Inc.

410 S. Arthur Ave., Louisville, CO 80027 (303) 664-1140 Fax: (303) 664-1210

Frank Stamatatos, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.
StrionAir provides the only High efficiency (MERV 15) / Low Static Pressure (< 0.20″ wg) filtration system for Energy Efficient Air Distribution.

Strobic Air Corp., a subsidiary of Met-Pro Corp.

160 Cassell Rd., P.O. Box 144, Harleysville, PA 19438 (215) 723-4700 Fax: (215) 723-7401

C. Gans, Gen. Mgr.
Roof exhaust systems to eliminate pollution, prevent re- entrainment, reduce odors and drastically cut energy costs.


400 Commonwealth Ave., P.O. Box 580, Bristol, VA 24201-3820 (276) 645-8000 Fax: (276) 645-8132

G. Barefoot, Corp. Mktg. Mgr.
FRP composite pultruder of structural shapes, panels, flooring, handrail and grating.

Stulz Air Technology Systems Inc.

1572 Tilco Dr., Frederick, MD 21704 (301) 620-2033 Fax: (301) 662-5487

Stulz-ATS is a manufacturer of environmental control equip- ment including a full line of energy-efficient precision air con- ditioners, ultrasonic humidifiers, and desiccant dehumidifiers.

Style Crest, Inc.
Mobile/Manufactured Housing HVAC
Corporate Headquarters
2450 Enterprise Street, Fremont, OH 43420
(800) 945-4440; Fax: (419) 332-8763
Style Crest®, Inc. is a supplier of building products for the mobile/manufactured housing industry and manufacturer and supplier of vinyl siding products and accessories for the residential construction/remodeling industry.


Successware Inc.
9276 Main St., Bldg. 2, Clarence, NY 14031
(716) 565-3500 Fax: (716) 565-2328
Tim McGuire, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.
Successware21 is a complete business management soft- ware solution for companies in the HVAC, plumbing and electrical industries.


Summit Refrigerants

3537 FM 1960 E., Ste. A, Humble, TX 77338
(281) 540-2653; (866) 971-2653 Fax: (281) 540-0385
Jeff Carver, Pres.
EPA certified refrigerant reclamation company.

Summit Residential Products

501 Terminal Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76106 (817) 624-0820 Fax: (817) 624-8581

T. J. Small, CEO; A. Garcia, V.P./Gen. Mgr.; R. Posey, Dir.-Sales

Sumner Manufacturing

7514 Alabonson Rd., Houston, TX 77088 (281) 999-6900 Fax: (281) 999-6966

Brendan Conway, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Sumner Manufacturing makes high quality material lifts, jack stands, pipe fit-up clamps, welding tools, and material carts for a variety of industries.

Suncourt Inc., Corporate Office

P.O. Box 40, 500 W. Second Ave., Durant, IA 52747-0040 (563) 785-6466; (800) 999-3267 Fax: (563) 785-6465

C. K. J. Asselbergs, Pres./CEO; B. Asselbergs, Treas.; P. Smith, Sales/Mktg. Mgr.
Ventilation and ventilation related products, including centrifu- gal fans, dryer boosting kits, radon kits, duct fans, motorized dampers, sound control, telescoping thru wall fans, tempera- ture sensitive switch.

SunStar Heating Products Inc.

306 W. Tremont Ave., P.O. Box 36271, Charlotte, NC 28236 (704) 372-3486 Fax: (704) 332-5843

F. L. Horne Jr., Pres.
Manufacture and distribute SunStar industrial infrared gas heat- ers, vent free gas room heaters, and patio heaters.

Suntec Industries Inc.

60 Aberdeen Dr., Glasgow, KY 42141 (800) 367-7116 Fax: (270) 651-9276

Fuel and lubricating pumps, fuel transfer pumps, valves, sole- noid, oil shut off, vacuum and fuel oil filters.

Suntherm Heating Products

501 Terminal Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76106 (817) 624-0820 Fax: (817) 624-8581

T. J. Small, CEO; A. Garcia, V.P./Gen. Mgr.; R. Posey, Dir.-Sales Evaporator coils, fan coils, air handlers, custom coils.

Sunvent Industries, Sylro Sales Corp.

1 Industrial Dr., Unit #26, Pelham, NH 03076
(603) 595-4556; (800) 325-4115 Fax: (603) 595-4778
L. Joseph, Pres.
Manufacturer of extruded and cast aluminum heavy-duty vents.

Super Radiator Coils, Western Division

2610 S. 21st St., Phoenix, AZ 85034
(602) 257-9708; (800) 899-COIL Fax: (602) 257-0472 or M. Schuch, V.P.-Oper.; K. Kaye, Sales Engr. Mgr.; K. Killigrew, Custom Air Coolers; G. Rorwick, Sr. Sales Engr.
Custom designed and manufactured plate fin heat exchangers. Hot water/oils, chilled water, evaporator, condenser, steam, ammonia, and specialty coils. Copper, aluminum, steel and stainless steel construction. ASME Sec VIII Div I certified.

Super Radiator Coils, Corporate Division

104 Peavey Rd., Chaska, MN 55318-2324
(952) 556-3330; (800) 394-COIL Fax: (952) 556-3331
R. Holt, Pres.; J. DeWitt, V.P.-Oper.; J. St. Martin, Sales Engr. Mgr.; J. Bast, V.P.-Finance; K. Mickelson, V.P.-Engrg.
Custom designed and manufactured plate fin heat exchangers. Hot water/oils, chilled water, evaporator, condenser, steam, ammonia, and specialty coils. Copper, aluminum, steel and stainless steel construction. ASME Sec VIII Div I certified.

Super Radiator Coils, Eastern Division

451 Southlake Blvd., Richmond, VA 23236
(804) 794-2887; (800) 229-COIL Fax: (804) 379-2118
R. Birk, V.P.-Indl. Sales; P. Adams, Eastern Sales Mgr.; R. Shial, Dir.-Engr.; K. Mellina, Prod. Mgr.; Louis Rogerson, Regl. Sales Mgr.
Custom designed and manufactured plate fin heat exchangers. Hot water/oils, chilled water, evaporator, condenser, steam, ammonia, and specialty coils. Copper, aluminum, steel and stainless steel construction. ASME Sec VIII Div I certified.

Superior Radiant Products Ltd.

428 Millen Rd., Unit 23, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 3N9 CANADA (905) 664-8274; (800) 527-HEAT (4328) Fax: (905) 664-8846

Kevin Merritt, Pres.; Susan Samson, Mktg. Mgr.; Tom Delp, Natl. Sales Mgr.
SRP manufactures a full range of energy-efficient gas fired, high and low intensity infrared space heating equipment for the commercial, industrial, agricultural, residential and hospitality markets sold internationally. With Superior Radiant Products, customers can expect the highest quality of products developed, designed, and improved since 1995.

Sherwood Valve, Superior Refrigeration Products

2200 N. Main St., Washington, PA 15301 (888) 508-2583 Fax: (800) 416-0678

D. Sciullo, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.; John Foster, Natl. Acct. Mgr.; B. Matson, Natl. Acct. Mgr.
Manufacturer of Superior Refrigeration Products including refrigeration and airconditioning valves, driers, filters, fittings and accessories.



Superior Signal Company LLC
P.O. Box 96, Spotswood, NJ 08884
(732) 251-0800; (800) 945-8378 Fax: (732) 251-9442
J. Kovacs, Pres.; R. Hussey, Prod. Admin.
Providing leak detection products for 50 years: smoke generators to see air flow, and AccuTrak affordable ultrasonic leak detectors to hear the leaks, test expan- sion valves.


Superior Tool Company

100 Hayes Dr., Unit C, Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131 (800) 533-3244; (216) 398-8600 Fax: (216) 398-8691 or

J. White, CEO/Pres.; B. Formica, Sales/Mktg. Coord.; Ted Bradley, Prod. Mgr.
Manufactures premium hand tools for the plumbing profes- sional. Superior’s tools are engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards, and have been since 1947. For more information, visit the company’s web site at www.

Sur-loc Inc.

501 E. Swager Dr., P.O. Box 750, Fremont, IN 46737 (800) 223-7517 Fax: (800) 882-3414

T. Swager, Pres.
Climbing worker safety equipment includes Sur-Loc Safety Shackles, aluminum rails and ladders, fiberglass rails and lad- ders and Climber’s Buddy Fall Protection Systems.

SureFlow, by International Environmental Corporation

P.O. Box 2598, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-2598 (405) 605-5000 Fax: (405) 605-5001 or

R. Porter, System Mgr. Hydronic fan coil systems.

Surplus City Liquidators

409 Indianapolis Ave., P.O. Box 607, Lebanon, IN 46052 (765) 482-7000 Fax: (765) 482-7215

B. Daniels, Pres.; Jerry Tuck, COO
Contactors, relays, transformers, electric motors, capacitors, compressors.

Sussman Electric Boilers

43-20 34th St., Long Island City, NY 11101 (718) 937-4500 Fax: (718) 937-4676

L. Mound, Indl. Group Mgr.
Electric steam and hot water boilers, stainless steel boilers steam superheaters, steam to steam generators.

SWEP North America Inc.
3675 Crestwood Pkwy., Ste. 501, Duluth, GA 30096 (770) 923-7444; (877) 602-2989 Fax: (770) 923-8911
Martin Pambor

Compact brazed plate heat exchangers, evaporators, condensers, sub-coolers, oil coolers, economizers, heat recovery, district heating.


Swifter Fans, Div. of Glocon Inc.

600 Parsippany Rd., Parsippany, NJ 07054 (973) 463-7300 Fax: (973) 463-1670

A. Agarwal, V.P.-Mktg.
Swifter Industrial Fans: 1) Solar Series- hybrid solar-powered HVLS industrial ceiling fan, 2) CTX Series- industrial cooling tower, 3) SW/SE Series- corrosion-resistant HVAC/agriculture impeller fans.

SymCom Inc.

222 Disk Dr., Rapid City, SD 57701
(605) 348-5580 (SD); (800) 843-8848 Fax: (605) 348-5685
Jim Godbout, Dir.-Sales; Rob Pauley, Regl. Mgr.; Dave Eastwood, Regl. Mgr.; Michael Hatch, Regl. Mgr.; Stephen Cone, Regl. Mgr.; David Welch, Regl. Mgr.
Three phase and single phase voltage and current monitors, custom controller boards, current transformers.

Synergy Business Solutions

221 First Ave. W., Ste. 107, Seattle, WA 98119 (206) 859-6505 Fax: (206) 859-6501

Jered Cady
Synergy Business Solutions solves financial management and project accounting issues that HVACR companies face through implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics SL, software that integrates with the Microsoft software you already use and is specifically designed for project-centric companies.

Synex Controls

972 Centerville Rd., Pulaski, NY 13142
(315) 298-8555 Fax: (315) 298-6390
Joel Southwell, Bus. Mgr.; Dan Fleet, Sales Engr.; Margaret Engelbrekt, Oper. Coord.

ModSync is a new kind of boiler sequencing system with updated control philosophies and a user-friendly interface, designed to take advantage of condensing technology (includ- ing hydronic, steam & thermal fluid systems).

System Homes Company

4-6-4 Taishido, Ste. 102, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 154-0004 JAPAN 81-3-3421-2958 Fax: 81-3-3421-2974

An international trading and servicing firm structured on high technology aerospace R&D capability.

System Sensor

3825 Ohio Ave., Saint Charles, IL 60174
(630) 377-6580; (800) 736-7672 Fax: (630) 377-7871
D. George
Fire protection products – smoke/fire detectors, duct smoke detectors, gas detection, CO detection, horns, strobes, bells and chimes.



T and D US LLC
P.O. Box 321, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
(518) 669-9227 Fax: (413) 639-9227
S. Knuth, Pres.
Wireless, waterproof data loggers for temperature, humid- ity, voltage, current, events, motor on/off, switch closures etc., including models with Network/Internet connectivity.


Taco Inc.

1160 Cranston St., Cranston, RI 02910
(401) 942-8000 Fax: (401) 942-2360; (401) 248-0046
J. H. White Jr., Pres.; T. D. Lawrence, Sr. V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; T. R. Smith, Dir.-Mktg./Comm.; Todd Facey, V.P.-Sales/Mktg. Pumps, valves, heat transfer, expansion tanks, controls, and accessories for hydronic systems.

Takagi Industrial Co. USA Inc.

5 Whatney, Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 770-7171
Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evidenced by the revolutionary and highly efficient tankless water heaters we’ve produced over the years.


2277 Leger St., Lasalle, QC H8N 2V7 CANADA
(514) 544-3675; (514) 677-9493 after hours line Fax: (514) 544-4360 or
Josee Frechette, Admin.; Jean Talarico, Dir./Owner Manufacturer of the TALOC clinching machines used to fasten sheet metal products. The new C7 product line is now avail- able for immediate delivery. Visit

Tamman Electric Heating Elements Co. Ltd.

No. 1 Xiangshen Rd., Nantou Ave., Nantou Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, CHINA
86-760-87832832 Fax: 86-760-23128082 Dicky Hu

Tappan Heating and Cooling Products

8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 63366 (636) 561-7300 Fax: (636) 561-7397

Matt Lattanzi, Brand Mgr.
Heating and cooling products for residential and light commer- cial industries, including the 24.5 SEER iQ Drive air conditioner and heat pump.

Tarrant Service Agency Inc.
P.O. Box 99586, Louisville, KY 40269-0586 (800) 626-1808 Fax: (502) 491-2717
Replacement parts and compressers.


Taylor Precision Products

2311 W. 22nd St., Ste. 200, Oak Brook, IL 60523 (630) 954-1250 Fax: (630) 954-1275
P. Reeder, Indl. Sales Mgr.

Thermometers, hygrometers, psychrometers.

TCC (Technical Chemical Co.)

P.O. Box 139, Cleburne, TX 76033
(817) 645-6088; (800) 527-0885 Fax: (817) 556-0694
R. Miller, V.P.-Sales; K. Adams, Natl. Sales Mgr. Complete line of A/C service tools and accessories.

TCS Basys Controls

2800 Laura Ln., Middleton, WI 53562
(800) 288-9383 Fax: (608) 836-9044 or
Jack Toal, Pres.; Steve Manthey, Construction/Vertical Mkts. Dir.; Brian Tarbert, Natl. Accts. Sales Dir.; David Doll, COO Manufacturer of communicating thermostats, HVAC/lighting/ refrigeration controls, building automation software, sensors, transducers, web enabled building/facility/energy manage- ment systems.


29 Brookfield Dr., Spars, NJ 07871 (973) 300-9242 Fax: (973) 300-9409

Techno Adhesives Co.

12113 Mosteller Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45241
(513) 771-1584; (800) 432-0107 Fax: (513) 771-1684
R. L. Thesken, Pres.; T. R. Thesken, V.P.
Manufacturer of a complete line of U.L. Recognized and clas- sified insulation and duct liner adhesives.


Calle Los Plasticos 204, Lima 03, L-03, L-03 PERU 51-1-348-7570 Fax: 51-1-348-0750

J. Rodriguez, Gen. Mgr.; J. Lira, Pres.
Manufacturer of brazing rods and wires of copper, silver and aluminum alloys for the HVAC industry.

Tecumseh Products Company
1136 Oak Valley Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48108
(734) 585-9500 Fax: (734) 352-3800
Chuck Brewer, North America Sales; Keith Gifford, Dir.- Global Mktg.
A leading global manufacturer of hermetic compressors, condensing units and systems for residential and com- mercial, refrigeration and air conditioning applications.


tekmar Control Systems Ltd.

5100 Silver Star Rd., Vernon, BC V1B 3K4 CANADA (250) 545-7749 Fax: (250) 545-0650

P. Williamson; R. Baerg; L. Metzger; J. Vath
tekmar controls provide comfort and energy savings to resi- dential and light commercial HVAC systems.

Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co.

408 St. Paul St., Rochester, NY 14605
(800) 232-5335; (585) 232-1440 Fax: (585) 232-3857
K. Chenot, Mktg. Comm. Mgr.; Y. O’Brien, Sales Mgr. Thermometers, pressure gauges, transmitters, and accessory products.


10200 W. Innovation Dr., Ste. 300, Milwaukee, WI 53226 (414) 223-0473; (888) 703-9398 Fax: (414) 258-8307


J. Sobieski; J. Tienor
Telkonet is a leading provider of energy management technol- ogy. The EcoSmart product suite and the EcoCentral man- agement platform provide control over a building’s energy consumption to deliver energy savings.

Telstar Technologies S.L., Telstar Vacuum Solutions

Josep Tapiolas 120, Terrassa 08226, Barcelona, SPAIN +34.93.786.16.00 Fax: +34.93.785.93.42

Mr. Gustavo Chiaverano, Area Sales Mgr.
A European manufacturer of vacuum equipment, developing vacuum pumps, components, accessories and customized equipment, particularly for the refrigeration, air conditioning, surface treatment and car industry, among others.


3700 W. Preserve Blvd., Burnsville, MN 55337 (952) 707-5050 Fax: (952) 707-5297

J. Korn, CEO; J. Kumbier, Prod. Mgr.; S. Brainard, Prod. Mgr./V.P.
Temporary heating, cooling, dehumidifying, and air filtra- tion rental services. Manufacturer of Topaz Portable Air Conditioners, available from 1-5 tons.

Tempco Electric Heater Corp.

607 N. Central Ave., Wood Dale, IL 60191-1452
(630) 350-2252; (800) 323-6859 Fax: (630) 350-0232
W. Kilberry, V.P.-Sales; D. Padlo, Adv. Mgr.
Electric heating elements, temperature controls, thermocou- ples, RTD’s and turnkey process heating systems for industrial and commercial applications.

Temprite Co.
1555 W. Hawthorne Ln., Ste. 1E, West Chicago, IL 60185 (630) 293-5910; (800) 552-9300 Fax: (630) 293-9594
Tom Schmidt, Pres.; Jim Nonnie, V.P.-Oper.; Fred Gerleve, Sales Mgr./Tech Support
Manufacturer of refrigeration oil management systems, conventional and coalescent.


Temprite-A Mestek Co.

4830 Transport Dr., Dallas, TX 75247
(214) 638-6010 Fax: (214) 905-0806
D. McPherson, Sales Mgr.- Bus Retention (Canada); M. Kaler, Gen. Mgr.; D. Dillenburg, Prod. Mgr.

Heating equipment, air turnover units, make up air equipment.

Tempstar Heating & Cooling Products, International Comfort Products LLC
P.O. Box 128, Lewisburg, TN 37091
(931) 270-4222 Fax: (931) 270-4166 or
Charlie Piranian, U.S. Sales Mgr.; Rob Angell, Bus. Devel. Mgr.; JT Holtschlag, Gen. Mgr.

Residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning products, condensing units, furnaces, heat pumps, accessories, 2-25 ton rooftop units.

Temspec Inc.

6720 Columbus Rd., Mississauga, ON L5T 2G1 CANADA (905) 670-3595; (888) 836-7732 Fax: (905) 670-3592 or

Allan R. Conant
Classroom vertical unit ventilators and heat pumps up to 5 tons cooling capacity, vertical stack fan coil units for hotels, student residences, casinos, barracks and condominiums.

Term-Lok Manufacturing Co.
200 F Street S., Haines City, FL 33844
(863) 422-4775; (888) 333-4400 Fax: (863) 422-4030
B. R. Prince, Pres.; K. A. Prince, Sales Dir.; Kristie Ward, Bookkeeping
Replacement part for burned and non-burned spade terminal connectors; specifically designed for air condi- tioning and refrigeration compressors.



1830 Lefthand Cir., Ste. B, Longmont, CO 80501
(866) 498-1564; (303) 442-4960 Fax: (866) 919-2515
Steve Sparks, Acct. Mgr.
Terralux, a Colorado company, designs and manufactures LED flashlights and worklights. Our patented technologies offer greater energy efficiency and longer battery lifetime, while producing brighter, constant light output.

Test Products International Inc.

9615 S.W. Allen Blvd., Ste. 104, Beaverton, OR 97005 (503) 520-9197; (800) 368-5719 Fax: (503) 520-1225

J Peter Aleskus, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Handheld oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, digital clamp-on meters, gas detection, CO analysis, refrigerant, leak detectors, digital manometers, temperature instruments, probes, test leads and accessories.

Testo Inc.
40 White Lake Rd., Sparta, NJ 07871
(800) 227-0729; (862) 354-5001 Fax: (862) 354-5020
Portable instrument for combustion analysis, tempera- ture, air velocity, humidity, pressure, data logging, ther- mal imaging, sound, RPM, visual inspection, moisture, refrigeration and IAQ.


Therm-All Inc.

31387 Industrial Pkwy., North Olmstead, OH 44070 (440) 979-9494 Fax: (440) 734-5282
Gerard J. Spadaro, Natl.

Therm-All Inc. is a national manufacturer/insulation of insula- tion for a variety of industries including HVAC. We have 9 plants across the country to service our customers.

Thermacor Process LP

1670 Hicks Field Rd. E., P.O. Box 79670, Fort Worth, TX 76179 (817) 847-7300 Fax: (817) 847-7222 or

J. Keyes, Bd. Chmn.; R. B. Bender II, V.P.; J. Keyes Jr., Pres.; Caroline Kerzman, Pres.; Matt Theilken, Sales Mgr. Preinsulated pipe for chill and hot water, steam and condensa- tion, containment pipe for hazardous fluids.

Thermal Care Inc.

7720 N. Lehigh Ave., Niles, IL 60714
(847) 966-2260; (888) 828-7387 Fax: (847) 966-9358
Jason Lehman, Dir.-Indl. Sales
Leading manufacturer of fiberglass cooling towers in sizes from 40 to 240 tons; portable and central chillers in air-cooled, water-cooled and remote condenser models.

Thermal Corporaton

4637 Winfield Rd., Houston, TX 77039 (281) 590-1172 Fax: (281) 590-3086

Jim Garrett, Gen. Mgr.; Donald Bathe, Sales Mgr.; George Davie, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Eric Lardi, Prod. Mgr.
Quality air handling equipment since 1945.

Thermal Gas Systems Inc.

11285 Elkins Rd., Bldg. H1, Roswell, GA 30076
(770) 667-3865; (800) 896-2996 Fax: (770) 667-3857
Jay West, Pres./Gen. Mgr.; Lisa West, Mktg. Director; Steve Morgan, Sr. Design Engr.; John Sherman, Engineered Sales Worldwide manufacture and sales of 24×7 monitoring systems for refrigerant leaks, oxygen depletion, CO for parking or fleet facilities, using the latest photoacoustic infrared and CMOS options. SCBA also available.

Thermal Hydronic Supply Ltd.

101 Sharer Rd., Woodbridge, ON L4L 8Z3 CANADA (905) 265-1527 Fax: (905) 265-9739

Thermo Products LLC (Thermo Pride)

P.O. Box 217, North Judson, IN 46366 (800) 348-5130 Fax: (574) 896-5301

G. Pottberg, Natl. Sales/Mktg. Mgr.
Oil furnaces, gas furnaces, air conditioning

Thermo Technologies, Aurora Solar Energy

9009 Mendenhall Ct., Ste. E, Columbia, MD 21055 (410) 997-0778 Fax: (410) 997-0779

Dr. F. Mahjouri, Pres.
Manufacturer and distributor and installer of solar energy col- lectors and controllers.

Thermo-Cycler Industries Inc.

111 Hamilton St., P.O. Box 22, Union Mills, IN 46382-0022 (219) 767-2990 Fax: (219) 767-2991
D. Drexler

Industrial heating and heat recovery equipment (gas and oil- fired), air conditioning.

Thermoplus Air Inc.

262 Scott St., Saint-Jerome, QC J7Z 1H1 CANADA (450) 436-7555 Fax: (450) 436-5970

A. Homsy, Oper. Mgr.; J. Blanchard, V.P.
Portable dehumidifiers, ice rink dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners, water source A/C and H/P, filtration units, indus- trial, commercial and residential.


8253 Sugarland Dr., Manlius, NY 13104
(315) 416-0780 or

ThyCurb, Div. of Thybar Corp.
913 S. Kay Ave., Addison, IL 60101
(630) 543-5300; (800) 666-CURB Fax: (630) 543-5309
W. Evitt, CEO; G. McGuire, Sales; T. Warner, Pres.
Sheet metal accessories for heating and air conditioning rooftops (roofcurbs). Recognized leader for 51 years, five locations (IL, OH, TX, KY, NV), including licensed P.E. on staff!


Tier-Rack Corporation

425 Sovereign Ct., Ballwin, MO 63011
(800) 325-7869; (636) 256-3819 Fax: (636) 256-4901 or
A. LaJeunesse, Regl. Sales Mgr.; Mike Mudd, Used Equipment Mgr.; Todd Windes, Regl. Sales Mgr.
Portable stacking racks, pallet stacking frames, pipe racks, returnable shipping racks, carts, dollies, custom fabrications.

TIF Instruments, an SPX brand

655 Eisenhower Dr., Owatonna, MN 55060
(800) 327-5060 Fax: (507) 455-7451
Electronic refrigerant leak detectors, UV dye leak detection, charging meters, digital thermometer/pyrometers, refrigerant scales, digital HVAC analyzers.

Time Management Inc.

6500 Winegard Rd., Ste. 200, Orlando, FL 32809 (407) 888-9663 Fax: (407) 855-4344

M. Johnson, Pres.
Manufacture of GPS tracking equipment both passive and real time.

Titan Air Incorporated

13901 16th St., P.O. Box 717, Osseo, WI 54758 (715) 597-2050 Fax: (715) 597-3620

G. Hageness, Pres.; J. Hageness, V.P.; J. Windjue, Sales; R. Christenson, Tech. Support; J. Skoyen, Tech. Support; Terry Halderson, Sales
Makeup air heaters, direct fired, indirect fired, electric, custom air handlers, evaporative coolers, energy recovery units and industrial heaters.

Titan Flow Control Inc.

290 Corporate Dr., Lumberton, NC 28358 (910) 735-0000 Fax: (910) 735-3848

A premium manufacturer of check valves, butterfly valves, pipeline strainers, pump products, fabricated designs, and pipeline accessories meeting industrial and commercial requirements.

TJ Longda Tools North America LLC, Tianjin Longda Industry and Trade Development Co. Ltd.
P.O. Box 1791, Tacoma, WA 98401-1791
(404) 918-8198 Fax: (206) 337-1121 or

E. L. Zhang, Gen. Mgr.-N.A. Sales
A leading tool manufacturer in China specialized in Pex Tools has supplied the variety of Pex tools to North America Market and other markets for decades.

Tjernlund Products Inc.

1601 9th St., White Bear Lake, MN 55110


(651) 426-2993; (800) 255-4208 Fax: (651) 426-9547
Duct fans, draft inducers, power venters for horizontal vents, vent hoods, fresh and combustion air intakes, room-to-room transfer fans, exhaust and radon fans.

Topog-E Gasket Co.
1224 N. Utica, Tulsa, OK 74110
(918) 587-6649; (800) 587-7123 Fax: (918) 587-6961
E. Thomas, COO
Molded rubber manway and handhole gaskets for inspection openings in steam boilers, hot water heaters, water, air, and refrigeration vessels. 180 psi & 2000 psi / 636 degrees F.


TOPP Portable Air
900C Tryens Rd, Aston, PA 19014
(610) 459-5515; (800) 892-8677 Fax: (610) 459-3822
D. Thompson, Cust. Support Mgr.
Specializes in portable air conditioning, large-area dehu- midifying, and temporary heating for any application.


TOPP Portable Air, Nat’l Headquarters 900C Tryens Rd., Aston, PA 19014 (800) 892-8677 Fax: (610) 459-3822
D. Thompson, Cust. Support Mgr.
Temporary heating, portable air conditioning, and dehu- midifying equiment for sale and rental that fits practi- cally any application.


Total Refrigeration Gaskets Inc.

2205 Platinum Rd., Apopka, FL 32703 (800) 452-4275 Fax: (407) 889-5714

Michelle Jackson, Cust. Serv.; Lynn Foster, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; Judy Handfield, Pres.
Commercial refrigeration door gaskets and hardware. Home of the “Evolution System” changing a screw on gasket to dart style. The TRG Total Tag on each gasket lists all gasket infor- mation as well as any information supplied by the customer such as a job name or unit name. We can create a Customer Log or “Favorites” list for each customer. All popular gaskets can be cross referenced with the manufacturers part number. Sample rings available upon request at no charge.

Totaline Sales Centers
One of the world’s largest networks of stores for aftermarket parts serving the HVAC/R industry. In-stock and special order parts available for all types of equipment. Totaline Sales Centers are Factory Authorized Parts suppliers for Carrier, Bryant and Payne brand equipment. Visit for store locations and phone numbers.

Toxalert International
P.O. Box 159, Mound, MN 55364
(952) 472-4541; (800) 405-2248 Fax: (952) 472-4960
C. W. Wolfe

Carbon monoxide detectors, carbon dioxide detectors, toxic gas detectors, combustible gas detectors, IAQ sen- sors, refrigerant monitors.


TPI Corporation

114 Roscoe Fitz Rd., Gray, TN 37615
(800) 251-0382 Fax: (423) 477-0683 or
M. Abell, V.P.-Mktg.; M. J. Clagg, Sales
Ventilation equipment; electric infrared portable and mounted heaters, fan-forced electric heaters, explosion-proof heaters, unit and cabinet unit heaters; portable and mounted task lights, thermostat and control equipment.

TracPipe, a division of Omega Flex

451 Creamery Way, Exton, PA 19341 (610) 524-7272 Fax: (610) 527-7282

E. Moran, V.P.-Residential Mkts.; K. Hoben, Pres./CEO; S. Hockenberry, V.P.-Comm. Mkts.; M. Albino, Exec. V.P./COO; Dean Rivest, V.P.-Ind.
CSST; lightning energy dissipating CSST underground pre- sleeved fuel gas piping.

Trade Service

15092 Ave. of Science, San Diego, CA 92128 (800) 701-7003 Fax: (800) 418-4363

S. Rao
With the Internet-based TRA-SER SX, you get pricing info on the go — simply login to access the 2,100,000 plumbing/ mechanical items you need for estimating.

Trane, Residential Solutions
6200 Troup Hwy., Tyler, TX 75707
(903) 581-3200 Fax: (903) 581-9070
Jamie Byrne, V.P.-Sales; Joyce Warrington, HVAC Brand Mktg. Dir.
Our quality products, services and solutions include residential and light commercial heating and air condi- tioning systems, indoor air quality solutions, advanced controls, and remote home energy management. Trane is a business of Ingersoll Rand-the world leader in creat- ing and sustaining safe, comfortable and energy efficient environments.


Trane Rental Services

4500 Morris Field Dr., Charlotte, NC 28208 (800) 755-5115 Fax: (704) 398-4681

Portable air conditioning; rental chillers and heaters; rental generators; and, rental air compressors.


Transportable Temperature Systems
444 E. Palmetto Park Rd., Ste. 200, Boca Raton, FL 33432 (800) 367-8675 Fax: (888) 750-5082
Portable air conditioning systems.

Tranter Inc.
1900 Old Burk Hwy., Wichita Falls, TX 76306
(940) 723-7125 Fax: (940) 723-1131
James Liss, Regl. Sales Mgr.; Richard Doerr, Regl. Sales Mgr.; Billy Brasfield, Mktg. Mgr.; Jerry Cluley, Supv. Tranter is a global manufacturer of Gasketed and Welded Plate Heat Exchangers for use in a wide variety of indus- tries. “THE HEAT TRANSFER PEOPLE”.


Trent Technologies Inc.

15939-FM2493 (Old Jacksonville Hwy.), Tyler, TX 75703 (903) 509-4843 Fax: (903) 534-8212

P. D. Trent, Pres.; W. C. Trent, CEO
Condensate drain seals for draw-through HVAC systems.

Trenton Refrigeration

11401 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19154-2197
(877) 225-9100 Fax: (215) 464-9135 or
P. Catrino; R. Ryan; J. Warnock; C. Bock
Manufacturer of commercial refrigeration products, including evaporators, condensers and condensing units.

Tri-Dim Filter Corporation

P.O. Box 466, 93 Industrial Dr., Louisa, VA 23093 (800) 458-9835; (540) 967-2600 Fax: (540) 967-2835

D. Colwell, Dir.-Mktg./Tech.
Has provided innovative solutions in air filtration and indoor air quality for over 40 years.

Tri-Went (Canada)

1519 Sandy Beach Rd., Pickering, ON L1W 1Z5 CANADA (905) 831-6964 Fax: (905) 831-4794

Custom tube bending and fabrication: return bends, cross- overs, multi-bends, connectors and serpentines. Materials: copper, copper-nickel, aluminum and stainless/carbon steel.

Tri-Went (USA)

2501 Quality Ln., Knoxville, TN 37931 (865) 670-2900 Fax: (865) 670-9955

Custom tube bending and fabrication: return bends, cross- overs, multi-bends, connectors and serpentines. Materials: copper, copper-nickel, aluminum and stainless/carbon steel.

Triad Boiler Systems Inc.

1099 Atlantic Dr., Unit 2, West Chicago, IL 60185 (630) 562-2700 Fax: (630) 562-2800

K. S. Womack; T. Zies; V.Sands
Uniquely rugged, modular steel boilers, both hydronic and steam and high efficiency condensing, used in commercial and industrial applications. Gas-fired, oil-fired and dual fuel available.

Triangle Engineering of Arkansas Inc.

1101 N. Redmond Rd., Jacksonville, AR 72076
(501) 982-7558 Fax: (501) 982-5691 or

Jerry Wright, Cust. Serv.; Mktg. Dir.
Industrial fans, commercial fans, portable fans, agricultural fans, whole house fans, pedestal fans, tubeaxial fans, upblast fans rooftop fans, roof ventilators, portable air circulators.


4487 Park Dr., Ste. A-2, Norcross, GA 30093 (770) 242-1922 Fax: (770) 242-1944

Tony McDermott, Sales Mgr.; Steve Reeder, Mktg. Mgr. Manufacturer of building control products including room pressure controllers, monitoring stations, lighting control panels, venturi valves, actuators, fume hood controllers and network gateways.

Triatomic Environmental Inc./Fresh-Aire UV

P.O. Box 1867, Jupiter, FL 33468
(561) 748-4864 Fax: (561) 748-4865
C. Willette; R. Saunders
Manufacturer of germicidal UV purification and filtration sys- tems for residential and commercial HVAC systems.

Tricor Metals, Heat Exchangers

3225 W. Old Lincoln Way, Wooster, OH 44691
(330) 264-3299 x2114 Fax: (330) 262-6678 or
Ron Krajcik, Mgr.
We are a woman-owned, small business with facilities in Wooster, OH and Houston, TX. We design and build quality bolted and gasketed plate heat exchangers. We distribute all Funke GmbH heat exchangers. And provide spare parts, repair and refurbishing of most competitors’ models of PHEs.

Tridan International Inc.

130 N. Jackson St., P.O. Box 537, Danville, IL 61834-0537 (217) 443-3592 Fax: (217) 443-3894

D. L. Burmeister, Mgr.-OEM Sales; T. C. Edwards, Mgr.-Parts/ Serv.; M. Purchase, Pres./Gen. Mgr.; T. Walborn, Domestic Sales Mgr./Global Microchannel Mgr.; T. Bell, V.P.-Sales/Mktg. Special machinery and tooling for heat transfer coil produc- tion; complete fin lines, fin dies, coil expanders; automatic tube benders, end sheet dies and special designed equipment for copper and aluminum round tubing; electronic air cleaner collector cell tooling. MicroChannel (Flat Tube) processing machinery and accessories for aluminum multi-port tubing.


3951 Westerre Pkwy., Ste. 350, Richmond, VA 23233 (804) 747-4771 Fax: (804) 747-5204

M. Petock, V.P.-Global.-Mktg./Comm.
Developer and marketer of the Niagara AX and Sedona Frameworks. These software platforms solve the challenges of device and equipment integration connectivity and interoper- ability.

TRION, Air Purification Systems

101 McNeill Rd., Sanford, NC 27330 (919) 775-2201 Fax: (919) 777-6399

Complete line of filters, air cleaners, cartridge dust collectors and electrostatic precipitators.



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Trolex Corporation
55 Bushes Ln., Elmwood Park, NJ 07407-3204 (201) 794-8004 Fax: (201) 794-1359
R. N. Foster, Jr., Pres.
Air control dampers, zone controls, economizers.


Trox USA Inc.

4305 Settingdown Cir., Cumming, GA 30028 (770) 569-1433 Fax: (770) 569-1435

Ken Loudermilk, V.P.-Tech./Devel.; Todd Pfahl, Dir.-Sales; Scott Wenaas, Pres./CEO; David Miller, Appl. Engr.; Melanie Ham, Mktg./Public Relations; Kevin Cash, Appl./Lab Engr. Products: passive, active and displacement chilled beams, displacement diffusers, swirl and floor diffusers, volume flow rate controllers, HEPA filters, jet nozzles and tunnel dampers.

Trs Systems Inc.

601 Carlson Pkwy., Ste. 1050, Minnetonka, MN 55305 (952) 745-4510 Fax: (952) 828-6093
A. Wong

Wireless sensors, monitoring and controls with network inter- face to MODbus, BACnet & LON networks systems.

Tru-Flex Metal Hose LLC

P.O. Box 247, 2391 S. State Rd. 263, West Lebanon, IN 47991 (765) 893-4403; (800) 255-6291 Fax: (765) 893-4114

V. Chaffee, Inside Sales; M. Daniel, Gen. Mgr.
Manufacturers of flexible metal hose products since 1962; CSST flexible gas piping, stainless steel gas appliance connec- tors, aluminum and stainless steel liner kits and custom metal hose products.

TSI Alnor

500 Cardigan Rd., Shoreview, MN 55126
(800) 874-2811; (651) 490-2811 Fax: (651) 490-3824
J. Schumacher, Appl. Engr.; Vince Majkowski, Mktg. Mgr. Temperature measuring, air velocity measuring instruments, moisture measurement instruments, pressure measuring instru- ments, and fume hood monitors.

TSI Technologies, TSI-Hengfa Air Conditioning Components Factory
133 W. 72nd St., Ste. 601, New York, NY 10023
(212) 501-0142 Fax: (212) 501-0143 or
J. Darr, Gen. Mgr.
Custom manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigeration

parts. Custom made copper & brass refrigeration assemblies with variable components. Copper-headers, tube assemblies, mufflers, strainers, manifold assemblies, ball valves, service valves, check valves, reversing valves, brass distributors, cop- per fittings and complex assemblies. ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified.

Tulstar Products Inc.

5510 S. Lewis Ave., Tulsa, OK 74105 (918) 749-9060 Fax: (918) 747-1444

Phil Bates
Globally based distributor of refrigerants.

Tunstall Steam/Macon Controls

118 Exchange St., Chicopee, MA 01013 (800) 423-5578 Fax: (413) 598-8109

M. LeFebvre, Sales Mgr.; C. Shea, Inside Sales; T. Moylan, Inside Sales; T. Tunstall, Engrg.; C. Shea, Engrg.; T. P. Tunstall, CEO
Steam traps, control valves, self contained controls, steam trap capsules for all steam traps.

Turbo Air Inc.

1250 Victoria St., Carson, CA 90746 (888) 900-1002 Fax: (310) 900-1088

P. Jo, Gen. Mgr.
Air conditioner ductless mini split, condensing unit and evapo- rator coil for walk-in cooler.

Turbotec Products Inc.
651 Day Hill Rd., Windsor, CT 06095
(800) 394-1633
Manufacturer of surface enhanced fluted tube heat exchangers and heat recovery products. Applications in geothermal heat pumps, water cooled ice machines, marine air conditioners, pool heaters and refrigeration. Metals include copper, cupronickel, stainless, aluminum, carbon steel, titanium, etc.

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TurboTorch, A Thermadyne Brand

16052 Swingley Ridge Rd., Ste. 300, Chesterfield, MO 63017 (636) 728-3000 Fax: (636) 728-3006
Acetylene torch kits, LP torch kits, hand torches, oxy-fuel out- fits, gas cylinders, and brazing & soldering alloys.

Turbotorch, Div. of Victor Equipment Co.

2800 Airport Rd., Denton, TX 76207
(800) 238-0282 Fax: (800) 535-0557
Brazing and soldering torches, refrigeration leak detectors, brazing and soldering materials, cutting and welding equip- ment.

TVM Building Products

169 Jari Dr., Johnstown, PA 15904
(888) 699-1645; (814) 269-9674 Fax: (814) 269-4683
D. Thomas; D. Claxton; M. Boulding
TVM’s line of building products includes two component spray foam systems, reflective insulation, silicone and specialty seal- ants, polyurethane foams, firestops and a range of extruded products to meet the building industry needs.


Twin City Fan & Blower

5959 Trenton Ln. N., Minneapolis, MN 55442 (763) 551-7600 Fax: (763) 551-7601

Brad Jacobson, V.P.-Sales; Mike Szczepanski, Dir.-Sales-Comm.; Krish Ramaswamy, V.P.-Ind. Sales; Rich Ryan, Dir.-OEM Sales Commercial and industrial fans and blowers, plenum and plug fans, power roof ventilators, pressure blowers, radial tip fans. Industry leading designer and manufacturer of centrifugal fans and blowers, axial fans and power roof ventilators.

Twin City Hose Inc.

20615 Commerce Blvd., Rogers, MN 55374 (763) 428-5100 Fax: (763) 428-5111

A leader in the metal hose and expansion joint industry. We provide flexible connectors, expansion joints and custom fabricated products to a variety of industries. Our success is a direct result of our dedication to providing the highest quality product, delivered on time, and at a fair price.

Twin City Ventco

5959 Trenton Ln. N., Minneapolis, MN 55442
(763) 551-7600 Fax: (763) 551-7601
Brad Jacobson, V.P.-Sales; Tim Siverhus, Mgr.-OEM Sales; Rich Ryan, Dir.-OEM Sales

Light weight industrial fans, sizes 6” – 40”. Double width, double inlet fans forward curved and backward inclined fan wheels.

Tyco Thermal Controls/Raychem

307 Constitution Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 474-7658; (800) 542-8936 Fax: (800) 457-5995 or Kimberley Erwin, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Self regulating heating cables, crank case heaters and electric floor heating.


U.S.A. Coil & Air Inc.

11 General Warren Blvd., Malvern, PA 19355 (800) 872-2645 Fax: (610) 296-9763

HVAC replacement coils, shell and tube condensers and chiller barrels, stock heating and cooling coils, standard heat exchanger and industrial coils, air handling units, unit heaters, fan-coil units, fiberglass cooling towers.

UE Systems Inc.

14 Hayes St., Elmsford, NY 10523
(914) 592-1220; (800) 223-1325 Fax: (914) 347-2181
M. Godman, V.P.-Engrg.; H. Clint; Doug Waetjen, V.P.-Sales Ultrasonic sensors for leak detection and mechanical analysis; portable and fixed systems, digital systems and software to compute cost and carbon footprint reduction of leak surveys.

UEi Test Instruments

8030 S.W. Nimbus Ave., Beaverton, OR 97008 (503) 644-8723 Fax: (503) 643-6322

Michael Kane, Pres.; Sean Tierney, Dir.-Mktg.; David Wheaton, Prod. Devel. Dir.
Multi, digital, resistance, temperature, humidity voltage tes- ters, leak detectors, combustion gas, and carbon monoxide analyzers.


W137 N5560 Williams Pl., Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
(262) 783-6666; (800) 666-0766 Fax: (262) 783-4860; (800) 691-0031
B. Kotecki, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; B. Frank, Gen. Mgr.
Color mini cameras to inspect ductwork, pipelines, heat exchangers, etc. Also pipeline cleaning parts and generators.

Ultra-Aire Products, a division of Therma-Stor LLC

4201 Lien Rd., Madison, WI 53704
(800) 533-7533; (608) 237-8400 Fax: (608) 222-1447 or
Todd DeMonte, Pres.; Clayton Page, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.; Justin Mundth, Inside Sales Mgr.
The Ultra-Aire whole house ventilating dehumidifiers provide total customer comfort through effective humidity control, air filtration and optional fresh air ventilation for the entire home with one high-capacity, energy-efficient unit. All Ultra-Aire ventilating dehumidifiers are ENERGY STAR rated.

Ultratech Industries Inc.

1411 W. Garner Rd., P.O. Box 465, Garner, NC 27529 (919) 779-2004; (800) 656-2004 Fax: (919) 779-5768

Airflow and pressurization measurement and controls.

UltraViolet Devices Inc.

26145 Technology Dr., Valencia, CA 91355 (877) 787-3882 Fax: (661) 257-4698

I. Gene Doucette, Global Sales Mgr.; Paul Cochrane, Public Relations Mgr.; Kathi Million, Inside Sales Mgr.
UVDI manufactures ultraviolet disinfection products that reduce HVAC energy consumption and maintenance costs. UVDI also manufactures gas phase filtration products.

ULVAC Technologies Inc.

401 Griffin Brook Dr., Methuen, MA 01844 (978) 686-7550 Fax: (978) 689-6300

Chris Goebel, Sr. Dir.-Sales/Mktg.; Dick Matte, Regl. Sales Mgr. Automatic leak testing systems and equipment, helium charg- ing and recovery systems and refrigerant charging systems, vacuum pumps.

Uni-Line, Proudly offered by Invensys Controls

191 E. North Ave., Carol Stream, IL 60188-2064
(630) 260-3400 Fax: (630) 260-7290
F. Stokes, Strategic Mgr.; J. Pastore, Natl. Sales Mgr.; M. Leonard, Prod. Mgr.-Comml. Refrigeration; G. Russo, Prod. Mgr.-Comml. Refrigeration for Electro Mechanical; K. Evans, Prod. Mgr.-Thermostats/HVAC; R. Joubran, Prod. Mgr.-Water Heating/Space/Central

The Uni-Line distribution center offers over 8,000 service parts for HVAC, refrigeration, safety and appliance products for use in residential and light commercial markets.


7401 Alabama Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63111 (800) 527-0896 Fax: (314) 457-9000

Manufacturer of the small-duct central heating and air condi- tioning system for the historic/older home retrofit and remodel industry and new home construction.

Unifrax I LLC

2351 Whirlpool St., Niagara Falls, NY 14305 (716) 278-3800 Fax: (716) 278-3900

FyreWrap fire protection materials provide fire protection insu- lation and protective wrap systems for the commercial building industry. FyreWrap products provide fire rated enclosure and shaft alternative for grease, HVAC, chemical fume, and life safety ducts. Also provides protective wrap for combustible items in return air plenums.



United CoolAir Corporation

491 E. Princess St., York, PA 17403 (717) 843-4311 Fax: (717) 854-4462

N. R. Tucker, Pres.; R. Beever, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; A. Khan, Eng. Mgr.
Horizontal splittable, vertical, portable, mini-split and ceiling grid air conditioners, air-cooled and water-cooled, VAV, DOAS, 1 thru 70 tons. Standard, specialized and OEM.

United Enertech Corp.

P.O. Box 71659, Chattanooga, TN 37407-6659 (423) 698-7715 Fax: (423) 698-6629

B. Tate, CEO; R. Schwall, CFO; A. Schwall, COO; C. Yancey, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Dampers, air control products, louvers, plenums, curbs.

United Industries Inc., Tower-Flo Division

202 E. Cleveland, Sterling, KS 67579
(800) 835-3272; (620) 278-3160 Fax: (800) 500-3115; (620) 278-3115
J. Walton, V.P.; D. Nash, V.P.-Tower-Flo Div.
Sand filter systems and centrifugal separator systems for cool- ing tower and industrial process water.

United Metal Products Inc.
1920 E. Encanto Dr., Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 968-9550 Fax: (480) 968-9555
Custom air handling, energy recovery, and evaporative cooling.


United Rebuilders Internacional, S.A. de C.V.

Rafael Garza Cantu 3619 Norte, Col. Hidalgo, Monterry, NL, 64290 MEXICO
52-81-8331-2218 Fax: 52-81-8351-9828
Remanufactured Semihermetic Carrier and Copeland recipro- cating compressors, and Hanbell Screw Compressors.

Universal Fan & Blower Ltd.

P.O. Box 40, 30 Barkers Ln., Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0 CANADA
(613) 393-3267 Fax: (613) 393-1937
R. A. Robb; D. W. Skinkis
Centrifugal and axial FRP composite corrosion resistant indus- trial and commercial fans.

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Instituto de Ingenieria Energetica
Ciudad Polit?cnica de la Innovacin, Edificio 8E, Cubo F, Planta 5¬, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Camino de Vera, Valencia, E-46022 SPAIN

+34963879243 Fax: +34963877272
J. Gonzalvez, Assist. Professor
Software to assist the design of refrigeration equipment. Complete and accurate simulation of all components and the entire system.

Uniweld Products Inc.
2850 Ravenswood Rd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 (954) 584-2000; (800) 323-2111 Fax: (954) 587-0109

D. B. Pearl, Exec. V.P.; J. Hanson, V.P.-Sales; J. Richardson, Central Regl. Sales Mgr.; Angel Coleman, Admin. Asst.; D. Foster, Mng. Dir./HVAC/R Div.; D. S. Pearl II, Pres.
Gas, soldering, brazing, heating and welding equipment and accessories, test equipment, pressure gauges, alloys, manifolds and charging equipment, leak detectors, vacu- um pumps, tubing tools.


Uponor, (formerly Wirsbo)

5925 148th St. W., Apple Valley, MN 55124
(800) 321-4739; (952) 891-2000 Fax: (952) 891-2008 or
A. Tolston, Exec. V.P.; I. Mattsson, Sr. Mgr., Brand Mgmt.; D. Stroud, Sr. Mgr.-New Bus. Dev.
A worldwide provider of PEX-based radiant heating and cool- ing, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems for the residential and commercial markets.

URI Compressors Inc.
405A Allentown Dr., Allentown, PA 18109
(800) 964-0888 Fax: (484) 223-3260 or
Air conditioning and refrigeration compressors, reman- ufacturer open and semi-hermetic types 5-125hp, all manufacturers, air conditioning and heating parts.


US Boiler Company Inc., Manufacturer of Burnham Brand Boilers
P.O. Box 3020, Lancaster, PA 17604
(717) 397-4701 Fax: (717) 481-8478
D. Cork, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; K. Niemi, Mktg. Mgr.; G. Stanton, Training Mgr.; R. Beck, Training Mgr.; N. Warren, Prod. Mgr.; M. Hook, Mktg. Comm.
Hydronic (water and steam) heating systems, space heating boilers, indirect-fired water heaters, hydronic hot water and steam radiation.

US Energy Group

78-40 164th St., Ste. AA, Fresh Meadows, NY 11366 (718) 380-1004 Fax: (718) 380-1432

T. Scali, V.P.-Sales
Building Energy Management System (BEMS) – monitoring and analysis for residential and commercial properties. Save 15-35% on fuel usage, payback within two years. http://www.use-

USA Refrigerants

155 Airport Executive Park, Nanuet, NY 10954
(800) 898-4872; (888) 468-5250 Fax: (845) 425-5338
Mike Mulligan, V.P.-Mktg./Sales
USA Refrigerants distributes refrigerants to HVAC Contractors and HVAC Wholesalers through a comprehensive network of distribution centers and reclamation facilities, providing fast and efficient deliveries. Since 1992.


1985 Carrol St., Clearwater, FL 33765
(800) 998-9929; (727) 441-2651 Fax: (800) 865-8383; (727) 443-7167
Dave Wormmeester, Dir.-Sales
USAIRE offers a full line of registers, grilles, diffusers and life safety products for the HVAC industry. We are dedicated to


providing the highest level of quality, value and service, before and after the sale.

UV Resources

P.O. Box 800370, Santa Clarita, CA 91380
(877) UV4-HVAC Fax: (877) 794-1294 or
Dean Saputa, Sales; Daniel Jones, Mktg./Sales
The one-stop-shop for UV-C product for HVACR all applica- tions. Product offerings include fixtures for small to large systems as well as replacement lamps for most OEM fixtures.


Vac Systems International

11950 Riverwood Dr., Burnsville, MN 55337
(800) 597-3955; (952) 808-1619 Fax: (952) 808-1617
Peter Haugen, Pres.
Specialized equipment, products, and training for the inspec- tion, cleaning and restoration of residential and commercial HVAC systems and duct work (air duct cleaning).

Vacuum Technology Incorporated

1003 Alvin Weinberg Dr., Oak Ridge, TN 37830 (865) 481-3342 Fax: (865) 481-3788

G. M. Solomon, Pres.; D. P. Westcott, Mgr.-Mktg./Sales
Helium and refrigerant leak testing systems with manual or automated operation; calibrated leak standards for all leak rates, gases, and types of detectors.

Vaisala Inc.

10-D Gill St., Woburn, MA 01801
(781) 933-4500; (888) VAISALA (toll free) Fax: (781) 933-8029
The leader in environmental measurement: develops, manu- factures and markets state-of-the-art relative humidity, dew- point, carbon dioxide, oxygen, moisture in oil, and barometric pressure and wind instruments for industrial processes, HVAC, IAQ, R&D and OEM applications.

Valley Fastener Group

1490 Mitchell Rd., Aurora, IL 60505
(630) 299-8910 General Office; (630) 299-8919 Hal Stetson- direct Fax: (630) 892-4916 or
Semi-tubular rivets, piercing rivets, solid rivets, shoulder rivets, threaded fasteners and cold formed specials, rivet machines and tooling.

Valley Tool & Design Inc.

Rt. 276, P.O. Box 68, Grottoes, VA 24441 (540) 249-5710 Fax: (540) 249-3539

R. F. Carr Jr., Owner
Damper crankarms, ball joints, push rods.

Vanguard Technology Inc.

29495 Airport Rd., Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 461-6020; (800) 624-4809 Fax: (541) 461-6023
S. Kujawa, Pres.; R. Dempsey, Serv.-Parts
High-temperature gas-fired booster heaters, step-fired tankless modular water heaters, high-efficiency volume water heaters.

Vapac Humidification

9501 de I’Innovation, Montreal, QC H1J 2X9 CANADA (514) 352-0406 XT: 328 Fax: (514) 352-4568

P. Theriault; L. Mercadante; S. Landry; R.Theakston
LE Series – Electrode humidifiers, LR Series – Resistance humid- ifiers, GF Series – Gas-fired humidifiers, Single or Multiple tube steam distributors, Humidistat for room or duct applications and all humidification controls.

Vapor Power International

551 S. County Line Rd., Franklin Park, IL 60131 (888) 874-9020 Fax: (630) 694-2230

M. Dupuis, Sales Mgr.
Steam generators, hot oil heaters.

Vari-Kool Mfg. Inc.

42 Main St., Valley Springs, CA 95252 (209) 772-8148 Fax: (209) 772-8152

Vari-Kool designs and manufactures the most energy efficient systems to meet commercial-industrial refrigeration needs – Compressor racks, chillers, and entire refrigeration mechanical rooms. Vue-Kontrol is our user-friendly control system which may be accessed and controlled via the internet featuring visu- al presentations of real-time data with alarm viewing, monitor- ing and notification via email, text message, and fax. Vari-Kool systems qualify for utility company rebates where available.

Varidigm Corporation

3070 Ranchview Ln. N., Plymouth, MN 55447 (763) 258-0170 Fax: (763) 258-0411

B. Blankenship, CEO/Pres.; D. Gambiana, V.P.
Variable speed motor controls, modulating combustion con- trols and integrated combustion/motor controls for gas-fired HVAC equipment.

VAW Systems Ltd.

1300 Inkster Blvd., Winnipeg, MB R2X 1P5 CANADA (204) 697-7770 Fax: (204) 697-7789

Murray Salo, Prod. Mgr.-Indl. Div.; Dave Wolon, Sales Mgr.- Comml. Div.; Larry Boitson, Dir.-Sales/Mktg.
A leading supplier of noise control products for all applica- tions and markets.

Vector Controls LLC

17 Francis J. Clarke Cir., Bethel, CT 06801 (203) 749-0883; (203) 770-0325

Blake S. Bonnabeau, Gen. Mgr. Sensors and controls for HVAC.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions LLC

10 E. 5th St., Deer Park, NY 11729
(631) 586-7400 Fax: (866) 873-0066
Vehicle Tracking Solutions provides real-time GPS tracking services.

Venmar CES Inc.

2525 Wentz Ave., Saskatoon, SK S7K 2K9 CANADA (306) 242-3663 Fax: (306) 242-3484

Commercial and light commercial energy recovery ventilation equipment and vertical unit ventilators. Custom-built energy recovery equipment with heat pipes, fixed plate, membrane plates and enthalpy wheels heat exchangers.

Venmar Ventilation Inc.

550 Boul. Lemire, Drummondville, QC J2C 7W9 CANADA (819) 477-6226 Fax: (819) 475-2660
P. Ialenti; S. Svien

Residential ventilation system, residential heat recovery ventilation system, commercial ventilation system, commercial heat recovery ventilation system, range hoods, central vacuum systems.


Venstar Inc.

9250 Owensmouth Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311
(818) 812-9930
Steve Dushane, Pres./CEO; John Peil, Prod. Mgr.-Thermostats; Steve Tudhope, Dir.-Mktg./Bus. Devel.

Venstar is a leading thermostat and energy management sys- tem (EMS) supplier and designs and produces Venstar-branded products as well as OEM thermostat products for the biggest names in HVAC.

Vent Products Co. Inc.

1901 S. Kilbourn Ave., Chicago, IL 60623
(773) 521-1900 Fax: (773) 521-5613
M. Valerugo, Exec. V.P.; D. Dwyer, Controller; R. Berliner, Sales Mgr. Louvers, dampers, curbs, roof ventilators, penthouses.

Vent-A-Fume, Vent-A-Kiln Corporation

51 Botsford Pl., Buffalo, NY 14216
(716) 876-2023; (877) 876-8368 or Brian Brandon, V.P.

Custom manufacturer of exhaust systems to capture and remove heat and fumes from electric and gas kilns, hazardous duty and corrosive environments.

Vent-A-Kiln Corp., Vent-A-Fume

51 Botsford Pl., Buffalo, NY 14216
(877) 876-8368; (716) 876-2023 Fax: (716) 876-4383 or
Manufacture ventilation equipment for pottery, glass, dental and jewelry kilns. Economical ventilation for welding, glass torching and the jewelry industry.

Ventamatic Ltd.

P.O. Box 728, Mineral Wells, TX 76068-0728 (940) 325-7887 Fax: (940) 325-9311

T. Siegel, Pres.; B. Berman, V.P.-Corp. Serv.; J. Redier, Cust. Serv.; J. Laughlin, V.P.-Oper.; J. Goretzke, Comptroller; S. Dahl, Human Resource Spec.
Power attic ventilation, whole house fans; wind turbine, static ventilation, portable air circulators, bathroom fans, static ventilators.

2525 E. 29th, Ste. 10B-343, Spokane, WA 99223 (509) 321-0175
John Robison

Heat registers, cold air returns, vent covers, stock or custom, metal or wood, opera grilles extremely wide variety. CDDBall sizes and custom work is our speciality!

Ventrol Air Handling Systems Inc.

9100, rue du Parcours, Anjou, QC H1J 2Z1 CANADA (514) 354-7776 Fax: (514) 354-2110

Custom air handling, heat recovery equipment and coils for commercial and industrial markets. Knock-down construction, foam thermal break technologies, fan retrofits and FANWALL TECHNOLOGY.

Verilon Products Company

452 Diens Dr., Wheeling, IL 60090 (800) 323-1056 Fax: (847) 541-4525

Mark Constantino, Sales Mgr. Vinyl strip doors.

Veris Inc.

6315 Monarch Park Pl., Niwot, CO 80503
(877) 837-4700; (303) 652-8550 Fax: (303) 652-8552
Verabar sensors for gas, steam and liquid flow measurement; Accelabar no straight run flowmeter for gas, liquids and steam measurement.

Veris Industries

16640 S.W. 72nd Ave., Portland, OR 97224 (800) 354-8556 Fax: (503) 598-4664

A premier provider of energy and environmental sensor products, recognized for setting new standards in customer service and product innovation. Known for providing easy to use labor saving products, whether it’s a current sensor for monitoring positive proof of flow, a C02 sensor for demand ventilation, or a power meter for departmental budgeting, Veris Industries has the ideal product to meet your needs.

Vermette Machine Co. Inc.

7 143rd St., Hammond, IN 46327-1395
(219) 931-5406; (800) 348-6454 Fax: (219) 931-8652
J. Geisen Jr., Pres.
Hand operated material lifting equipment for installation work.

Vertical Market Software

9295 Scenic Hwy., Pensacola, FL 32514 (850) 476-0094 Fax: (850) 478-5103

J. Snyder
Provides an intergrated suite of financial software applications designed for the service-oriented contractor. Service manage- ment, field mobile, job cost, and accounting are examples.

Vibration Isolation

225 Grand St., Paterson, NJ 07501 (973) 345-8282 Fax: (973) 345-8285
D. L. Bennett, V.P.

Vibration, shock and noise isolation systems.


727 Tapscott Rd., Scarborough, ON M1X 1A2 CANADA (800) 565-8401 Fax: (888) 811-2264

Tim Charlton, Mktg. Serv./Intl. Comm.; Sami Elkhazin, Dir.- Mktg.; Steve Cuthbertson, V.P.-Sales
Manufacturer of dissipative, film-lined and no-media silencers for HVAC fan systems. Straight, elbow and transitional designs available, designs and manufactures specialty air handling units. Vibration Isolation and seismic products.

Vicon Machinery LLC

1801 Arctic Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716 (631) 563-7234 Fax: (631) 563-7239

T. Walsh, Pres.; M. Fischer, COO; J. Faha, Inside Sales Mgr. Coil line systems, roll forming equipment.

Viconics Technologies Inc.

9245 Langelier Blvd., St-Leonard, QC H1P 3K9 CANADA (514) 321-5660; (800) 563-5660 Fax: (514) 321-4150

Mike Sabinash, Dir. U.S. Sales; Antonio Francischiello, Mktg. Mgr. Programmable multi-stage and heat pump controllers, wireless communicating controllers, zone controls and humidistats, SCR power controls, solid state relays, step controllers.


4901 Kesslersville Rd., Easton, PA 18040 (800) PICK-VIC Fax: (610) 250-8817

Victaulic Customer Care
Mechanical piping products including couplings, fittings, valves, accessories and pipe preparation tools for HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and process piping.


301 N. Main, 9th Floor, Wichita, KS 67202
(800) 976-9819; (877) 843-4262 Fax: (316) 425-7618
D. Schmierer, CEO; C. Geisthoff, V.P.-Mkt. Innovation; D. Garlow, V.P.-Sales; A. Banes, Dir.-Mkt. Intelligence; B.


Gottermeier, V.P.-Bus. Devel.
Pipe and fittings for plumbing, hydronic radiant heat, snow melt and marine applications.

Viessmann Manufacturing Company (U.S.) Inc.

45 Access Rd., Warwick, RI 02886 (401) 732-0667 Fax: (401) 732-0590

S. David, Comm. Sales Mgr.; R. Gruber, Sales Mgr.
Residential and commercial hot water heating boilers, indirect- fired DHW tanks, controls and accessories.

Viking Plastics

1 Viking St., Corry, PA 16407
(814) 664-8671 Fax: (814) 664-4797
K. Goodsel, Pres./CEO; D. Smith, Prog. Mgr.; Greg Bowes, Plant Mgr.
Manufacturer of custom injection molded and assembled seal- ing solutions and high temp high pressure closures.

Viking Pump Inc., A Unit of IDEX Corporation

405 State St., P.O. Box 8, Cedar Falls, IA 50613-0008 (319) 266-1741 Fax: (319) 273-8157

J. Bruggeman, Reg. Mgr.; B. Gearhart, Reg. Mgr.; J. Peterson, Reg. Mgr.; J. Munson, Reg. Mgr.; J. Krepper, Reg. Mgr.
Positive displacement rotary pumps and related equipment; norminal capacities to 1,600 USGPM; materials of construction include cast iron, ductile iron, steel, and stainless steel.

Vilter Manufacturing LLC, Emerson Climate Technologies

5555 S. Packard Ave., Cudahy, WI 53110 (414) 744-0111 Fax: (414) 744-3483

Mark Stencel, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; Charles Klockner, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Sam Gladis, Bus. Dir.-Heat Pumps
Established manufacturer of industrial refrigeration compres- sors, systems, and industrial heat pumps. Leading producer of reliable and energy efficient single screw compressors.

VIMCO (Vibration Management Corporation)

3532-A, East TC Jester, Brookwood Business Park, Houston, TX 77018
(713) 263-8181 Fax: (713) 263-1133
Ashish Tripathi, V.P.-Mktg./Sales
Vibration, shock and noise control products; flexible connec- tors; instrumentation including pressure gauges, thermometers; sheet metal duct hardware, piping supports/clamps; seismic restraints.

Vinotemp International

17631 S. Susana Rd., Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221 (800) 777-8466; (310) 886-3332 Fax: (310) 886-3310

Manufactures/supplies wine cellar cooling systems, as well as support for full design and production of wine cellars/ rooms (custom wine cabinets, wine racks, cooling units, etc). Split, ducted and self-contained cooling systems and support available.

VTech Process Equipment LLC

P.O. Box 2931, Alpharetta, GA 30023
(678) 691-4935 x.100; (404) 432-1629 Fax: (678) 691-4935
Gordon Purkis, Sales Engr.
A U.S. based manufacturer of process equipment for the air conditioning and refrigeration industries. We combine decades of experience in equipment and process engineering, struc- tured through our business partners in the US and Italy to create a complete range of products covering every step of your assembly line.

VTI-Valtronics Inc.

3463 Double Springs Rd., Valley Springs, CA 95245 (209) 754-0707 Fax: (209) 754-0104
Manufacturers gas analyzers for environmental protection, process controls and OEM applications. VTI specializes in workplace safety.

Vtronix LLC

P.O. Box 267096, Weston, FL 33326 (305) 471-7600 Fax: (305) 471-9787

A. Gowda; L. Mena; R. Gerbich
Custom design and manufacture of HVAC electronic control boards and thermostats.


Waltco Systems Ltd.

270 Argyle Ave., Delhi, ON N4B 2Y1 CANADA (519) 582-4040 Fax: (519) 582-4242 or

D. Walton; P. Glendenning, Sales
Factory built CTI Certified induced draft cooling towers.

Ward Industries

815 Kimberly Dr., Carol Stream, IL 60188 (800) 624-8642 Fax: (866) 466-9335

C. Abramson, Natl. Sales Mgr.; J. Johnston, Prod. Mgr.; M. Walraven, V.P.
Four-bolt duct connectors, corners, fire dampers, ceiling radiation dampers, access doors, vane and rail, slip and drive.

Warren Controls Inc.

2600 Emrick Blvd., Bethlehem, PA 18020 (800) 922-0085 Fax: (610) 317-2989

A US manufacturer of control valves and related products for industrial process/general service and specialty applications, HVAC – building automation, Military/Marine, boiler deaerator components and OEM specialty valves. Warren Controls is a privately held and veteran owned company.

Warren Manufacturing Co. Inc.

2050 W. 73rd St., Hialeah, FL 33016 (305) 556-6933 Fax: (305) 557-6157

Heater manufacturer.

Waterco Canada Inc.

5460, Martineau St., Saint-Hyacinthe, QC J2R 1T8 CANADA (450) 796-1421; (888) 796-4333 Fax: (450) 796-4365

Simon Nadeau, Sales Mgr.; Johanne Beaupre, Cust. Serv. Mgr.; Denis Ellefsen, Gen. Mgr.
Established in 1981 and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1989, Waterco (ASX: WAT) manufactures and distributes a diverse range of products for the international swimming pool & spa industry, as well as for the water treat- ment and aquaculture markets. Product categories include: pumps, filters, heat pump pool heaters, chillers, lights, chlo- rination, valves, water levellers , accessories, Award winning MultiCyclone. Waterco delivers high quality water treatment pumps and filtration systems, solar pool heating, chemicals and swimming pool and spa accessories at exceptional value to over 40 countries worldwide, through the pool & spa and the HVAC/R channels.

WaterFurnace International Inc.

9000 Conservation Way, Fort Wayne, IN 46809


(800) 222-5667; (260) 479-3214 Fax: (260) 747-5780
M. Albertson, Sr. V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; P. Albertson, V.P.-Dealer Sales Manufacturer of geothermal and water-source heat pumps for all applications, selling around the world, earth loop piping systems.


815 Chestnut St., North Andover, MA 01845-6098
(978) 688-1811 Fax: (978) 794-1848
Watts designs, manufactures, and sells an extensive line of valves and other flow control products for residential plumb- ing and heating, commercial and OEM markets.

Watts Water Technologies

815 Chestnut St., North Andover, MA 01845-6098
(978) 688-1811 Fax: (978) 794-1848
Jim Erhardt, Mktg. Mgr.; Bruce Parrott, V.P.-Sales Admin. Hydronic heating valves, relief valves, pressure regulators, radiant heating systems, manifolds, expansion tanks, and ther- mostat and mixing valves.


2800 De La Cruz Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95050
(408) 988-5331; (800) 879-8585 Fax: (408) 988-5373
Rita Renner, Dir.-Mktg.
The leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting controls for commercial and residential use.


616 N. 5th St., Minneapolis, MN 55401 (612) 338-1401 Fax: (612) 338-6783

Patrick Stone, Pres.; Dick Ruhberg, V.P.-Sales
Industrial and commercial HVAC manufacturer including make-up air, air turnover and custom rooftop units, Unit and duct heaters, radiant infrared heaters, wire enameling and annealing ovens.

Webster Engineering & Manufacturing Co. LLC

619 Industrial Rd., Winfield, KS 67156 (620) 221-7464 Fax: (620) 221-9447

Ted Wrona, Pres.; Gene Tompkins, Engrg. Mgr.; Dale Russell, Quality Manager; Gerry Gibson, Controller
Manufacturer of commercial and industrial burners.

Webstone Company Inc.

P.O. Box 59, Worcester, MA 01613 (800) 225-9529 Fax: (800) 336-5133

Bill Colglazier, Natl. Sales Mgr.; John McCaffrey, Natl. Accts. Mgr.; Fred Hoffman, Central Regl. Sales Mgr.; Todd Anderson, Western Regl. Sales Mgr.; Inside Sales
Residential and commercial valves used in plumbing, hydron- ic, radiant, solar and geothermal applications. Designs focus on labor and space saving concepts that simplify future maintenance.

WEDJ/Three C’s Inc.

491 E. Princess St., P.O. Box 209, York, PA 17405 (717) 845-8685 Fax: (717) 854-4462

N. R. Tucker, Pres.; J. Koser, Sales
Military air conditioners, marine air conditioners and specialty ECU’s.


500 Blaine St., Michigan City, IN 46360
(219) 879-6561 Fax: (219) 879-4025
Cast iron and cast aluminum boilers for space heating in resi- dential, commercial and institutional buildings plus indirect- fired water heaters, baseboard.

David Weisman LLC, Infrared Oven and Hot Air Dryer

30 Mill Valley Ln., Stamford, CT 06903 (203) 322-9978 Fax: (909) 498-9406
Dave Weisman; David

Designs and manufactures gas and electric infrared heater/ control packages, and infrared, hot air/convection and combi- nations ovens, and wet and powder spray booths, and powder spray equipment.

Weiss Instruments Inc.
905 Waverly Ave., Holtsville, NY 11742
(631) 207-1200 Fax: (631) 207-0900
J. Weiss, Pres.; T. Keefe, Sales Mgr.; M. Cubillo, Engrg. Thermometers, humidity indicators, pressure gauges and temperature controllers.


Wendes Systems Inc.

1130 W. Lake Cook Rd., Ste. 185, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-1986 (847) 808-8371 Fax: (847) 808-8762
Computerized estimating software and CAD with digitizer board for plan takeoff for sheet metal, piping and plumbing contrac- tors serving the commercial/institutional/industrial markets.

WennSoft Inc.

1970 S. Calhoun Rd., New Berlin, WI 53151-2214 (262) 821-4100 Fax: (262) 821-3838

WennSoft develops business software solutions that help HVACR companies manage labor-costs, schedule techni- cians and get invoices out quickly. Products include Service Management software for call management/dispatching, job costing software and project management software.

Westair Industries Inc.

P.O. Box 740183, Dallas, TX 75374 (214) 361-2164 Fax: (214) 361-2165

Mini split systems, condensing unit, ducted fan coil and air handling unit, chilled water fan coil and air handling units.

Westermeyer Industries Inc.
1441 State, Rte. 100, Bluffs, IL 62621 (217) 754-3277 Fax: (217) 754-3288

T. Westermeyer, CEO; G. Westermeyer, Pres.; D. Petersen, Quality Mgr.; Jared Soer, Engr.; A. Chapman, Sales Refrigeration and air conditioning components.


Western Engineering Div. of Green Boiler Technologies

918 W. Walnut St., Danville, KY 40422
(859) 236-3181 Fax: (859) 236-3184 or rob@greenboilerrtech-
John Huffman, Inside Sales Mgr.; Philip Parts, Parts Sales Mgr.; Rob Larson, Natl. Sales Mgr.
Manufacturer of high efficiency condensing and non condens- ing commercial gas fired hot water boilers, water heaters, ASME water storage tanks, pressure vessels, steam and hot water generators and fully assembled hot water package sys- tems shipped ready-to-install, gas-fired hot water boilers and water heater for comercial and industrial applications.

Westinghouse Heating and Cooling Products

8000 Phoenix Pkwy., O’Fallon, MO 63368 (636) 561-7300 Fax: (636) 561-7397

Dave Garvin, Brand Mgr.
Heating and cooling products for residential and light commer- cial industries, including the 24.5 SEER iQ Drive air conditioner and heat pump.

Whaley Products Inc.

526 Charlotte Ave., P.O. Box 817, Burkburnett, TX 76354 (940) 569-4116; (940) 781-1403 (cell) Fax: (940) 569-4247 or http://www.waterchillingproducts. com

Design build modular and packaged chillers, pump/tank systems, cooling towers, split chiller systems, glycol to water system.

Wheeler Manufacturing, Division of Rex International USA
3744 Jefferson Rd., P.O. Box 688, Ashtabula, OH 44005-0688 (800) 321-7950; (440) 998-2788 Fax: (440) 992-2925
Customer Service; Sam Woodland, Sales Mgr.
A specialty tool manufacturer of pipe cutters, pipe threading machines, hydrostatic test pumps and many other tools for the plumbing, industrial, fire sprinkler, waterworks and util- ity markets.

Whirlpool Home Cooling & Heating, Tradewinds Distributing Company LLC
14610 Breakers Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32258
(904) 407-4470 Fax: (775) 369-6550 or Chris P. Campbell, Dir.-Mktg./Sales; Larry Pittman, Dir.-Oper.; Bob Williamson, V.P./Gen. Mgr.
Residential air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, pack- aged units, air handlers indoor IAQ/whole home dehumidi- fiers.

White-Rodgers, Emerson Climate Technologies
8100 W. Florissant Ave., P.O. Box 36922, Saint Louis, MO 63136-9022
(314) 553-3600 Fax: (314) 553-3650
Craig Johnson, Pres.; D. Shingleton; Geoff Godwin, V.P.- Mktg.; Steve Carey; Ken Perkins, V.P.-OEM sales; R. Miles, V.P.-Dist. Sales; S. Carey
Thermostats, gas valves, ignition systems and ignitors;

controls and IAQ products for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.


J. C. Whitlam Mfg. Co., Whitlam/Plum-Pro

200 W. Walnut St., P.O. Box 380, Wadsworth, OH 44282
(800) 321-8358 Fax: (330) 334-3005 or
D. Whitlam, CEO; J. Whitlam, Pres.; M. Whitlam, Sr. V.P.-Sales; S. Carey, Sr. V.P.-Oper.

Plumbing, heating, and refrigeration chemicals, paint coatings, and hand tools.

Wieland Electric Inc.

49 International Rd., Burgaw, NC 28425
(910) 259-5050; (800) 943-5263 Fax: (910) 259-3691
Wieland develops and manufacturers innovative plug and play electrical interconnect products. Core products include printed circuit board connectors and terminal blocks, din rail mount terminal blocks.

WIKA Instrument Corporation

1000 Wiegand Blvd., Lawrenceville, GA 30043
(888) 945-2872; (770) 513-8200 Fax: (770) 338-5118
Producing over 43 million gauges, diaphragm seals, transmit- ters, and thermometers worldwide annually, WIKA has the most extensive product line in the industry.

Williams Comfort Products

250 W. Laurel St., Colton, CA 92324-1700 (909) 825-0993 Fax: (909) 824-8009

Ruth Ann Davis, V.P.-Sales; Mike Markowich, Pres.; Tami Williams, V.P.-Mktg./Techl. Serv.
Wall furnaces, dehumidifiers, fan coil units, air handlers, garage heaters, floor furnaces, room heaters-vented, evapora- tive coolers, vent-free heaters.

Williams Furnace Co.

250 W. Laurel St., Colton, CA 92324 (909) 825-0993 Fax: (909) 370-0581

Ruth Ann Davis, V.P.-Sales; Tamara Williams, V.P.-Mktg./Techl. Serv.; Mike Markowich, Presi.
Manufacturer of wall furnaces, dehumidifiers, fan coils, air handlers, garage heaters, floor furnaces, room heaters-vented, evaporative coolers, vent-free heaters.


1290 N. 25th Ave., Melrose Park, IL 60160 (866) 945-6872 Fax: (708) 338-9455

Thomas McCarthy, Natl. Sales Mgr.-Bldg. Serv.
WILO USA LLC, provides pumps and pump systems for heat- ing, refrigeration, air conditioning, water supply and sewage. WILO pumps are used in all areas of public life: in commercial buildings, communal facilities, industry and in private homes.

Wilspec Technologies Inc.

6000 N.W. 2nd, Ste. 500, Oklahoma City, OK 73127 (405) 495-8989 Fax: (405) 495-8999

L. Wilhelm; D. Thomas; B. Pike; G. Chennukesu; C. Bednarz; N. Kumar
Pressure switches, adjustable pressure switches, pressure sen- sors, thermostats, reversing valves, ball valves, contactors and capacitors, filter driers, accumulators, sight glass.

Windgate Products Co. Inc.

1060 Griswold Ave., San Fernando, CA 91340 (818) 303-3124 Fax: (818) 303-3125

Robert Modoyan, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.


Dedicated manufacturer of round and rectangular duct com- ponents. Our core products are made in the USA and we are a Union Shop.

Wine Hardware, Napa Valley, Walnut Creek, Sonoma, S. San Francisco
659 Main St., Saint Helena, CA 94574
(866) 611-WINE; (800) 616-WINE Fax: (707) 967-5506 or

Michael Vecchia; Jim Mackey; N. King; A. Dennis; M. Stone Supplier of temperature controlled wine storage cabinets and wine cellar cooling equipment. Whisperkool, Breezaire, Wine Guardian, Vinotheque, Transtherm.


540 Mt. Gallant Rd., Rock Hill, SC 29730 (803) 328-6600 Fax: (803) 328-6623

S. Beauchamp
Manufacture modular axial impellers ranging in size from 6 inches to 78 inches. Blade profiles include low noise sickle, reversible and airfoil.

Winters Instruments

600 Ensminger Rd., Buffalo, NY 14150 (800) WINTERS Fax: (716) 874-8800

Desmond Khor, Mktg. Mgr.; Bill Rahm, Exec. V.P.-Sales – USA Manufacturer of pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pres- sure switches, diaphragm seals, thermometers, snubbers, syph- ons, needle valves. Custom dials, ranges and various connec- tion sizes and types are available. 5-yr warranty. High quality.

Winton Products Company Inc.
P.O. Box 36332, Charlotte, NC 28236 (704) 399-5151 Fax: (704) 392-5389
J. Rick, Sales Consultant
Chemical type leak detectors.


Wolf Steel Ltd., Napoleon Heating and Cooling
24 Napoleon Rd., Barrie, ON L4M 4Y8 CANADA
(705) 721-1212; (800) 461-5581 Fax: (705) 722-6031; (800) 667-6063
R. Gripton, V.P.-Sales; G. Thomas, Dir.-Sales; T. Hicks, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Bob Emmell, North American Sales Mgr.-HVAC
Residential air conditioning systems, ductless splits, gas, wood and pellet furnacesas well as wood, gas, electric and pellet stoves, fireplaces, fireplace inserts, zone heat- ing hearth products.


Wolverine Joining Technologies

235 Kilvert St., Warwick, RI 02886 (800) 225-2130 Fax: (401) 739-9555

J. Sands, Mktg. Mgr.; D. Beanland, Wholesale Prod. Supv.; J. Porter, Wholesale Prod. Mgr.; C. Francis, Cust. Serv. Rep Wolverine Joining Technologies is a manufacturer and lead- ing global supplier of brazing alloys, solders, and fluxes. Our Silvaloy brand has set the industry standard for quality and performance for over 50 years. Products are offered in a wide variety of sizes and shapes including wire, rod, preforms, and strip. Our new generation of Flux Complimented Brazing Alloys are designed for easy use and maximum results.

Wooden Radiator Cabinet Co.

P.O. Box 148037, Chicago, IL 60614-8037 (800) 817-9110 Fax: (773) 281-1089

Peggy Kennedy, Owner Wooden radiator cabinets.

Worth Home Products

2315 Maroneal, Houston, TX 77030 (713) 660-0025 Fax: (832) 202-2522

Worthington Cylinders, A Worthington Industries Company 200 Old Wilson Bridge Rd., Columbus, OH 43085
(866) WC-TANKS Fax: (614) 438-3083

Juliea Weisenborn, Cust. Serv. Spec.; D. Burks, Sales Dir. Non-refillable and refillable portable refrigerant cyl- inders, recovery and recycle cylinders, high pressure industrial gas cylinders.


J. W. Wright Inc.

18324 Jorene Rd., P.O. Box 661, Odessa, FL 33556-0661 (813) 920-2773 Fax: (813) 902-6575

W. G. Wright, Pres.; J. M. Wright, Secy./Treas.
Hot gas reheat dehumidification for PTAC packaged terminal heat pumps and air conditioners – patent No. US 6,904,467 B1 and No. US 7,165,414 B2. Also sub-cool reheat dehumidifica- tion for PTAC and heat pumps.

Wrightsoft Corporation

131 Hartwell Ave., Lexington, MA 02421
(781) 862-8719; (800) 225-8697 Fax: (781) 861-2058
C. Edgren, V.P.-Sales/Mktg.; M. Moreno, Natl. Sales Mgr.; G. Palandro, Regl. Sales Mgr.
Offers easy to use, drag-and-drop HVAC design and sales software that combines both residential and commercial loads, CAD-quality ducts, proposals and in-home sales tools, all in one program.

WSA Engineered Systems Inc.

2018 S. 1st St., Milwaukee, WI 53207
(414) 481-4120 Fax: (414) 481-4121
M. Carabajal, Sales Mgr.; D. Barta, Engr./Field Tec. Serv. Mgr. Condenser on-line tube cleaning equipment/chiller- shell/tube and plate/frame heat exchanger tube/plate cleaning and auto- matic backwash systems, flow diverter valves (4-way), chiller tube cleaning equipment.

WTT America Inc., SEE GEA PHE Systems


XCI Zoning

4315 Huron Ave., Lubbock, TX 79407 (806) 687-8170 Fax: (806) 687-8466

Mark Evans, Oper. Mgr. Residential/commercial zoning systems.


4000 N.W. 39th Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK 73112 (888) XPEDIAIR (973-3424) Fax: (405) 917-7694

Hydronic system for coils.

Xpelair USA/Coast Products

954 Elliott Ave. W., Seattle, WA 98119 (800) 735-7026 Fax: (206) 285-5123

P. O’Donnell, Pres.
Xpelair high quality quiet fans for window, wall and roof mounting. 2-speed reversing fans for exhaust or air intake.

XREF Publishing Co.

810 Water St., #2, Port Townsend, WA 98368 (360) 385-4279 Fax: (360) 385-4417

J. Vance, Pres.
The ultimate information source for HVAC/R parts and equip- ment. Guaranteed to help you sell more parts by providing the cross reference data needed.


Yazaki Energy Systems Inc.

701 E. Plano Pkwy., Ste. 305, Plano, TX 75074 (469) 229-5443 Fax: (469) 229-5448

Joe Wiche, Prod. Support; Pat Hale, V.P.; Chris McCord, Serv. Mgr.; Steven Cohen, NY Sales Engr.; Bud Leavell, Sales Engr. Gas fired air conditioning and absorption chillers for co- generation systems.

YELLOW JACKET Products Division,
Ritchie Engineering Co. Inc.
10950 Hampshire Ave. S., Bloomington, MN 55438-2623 (952) 943-1333; (800) 769-8370 Fax: (952) 943-1605; (800) 322-8684
Brian Flynn, Exec. V.P.-Sales
Complete line of HVAC&R service and installation tools including recovery, vacuum pumps, hoses, test and charging manifolds, gauges, leak detection and elec- tronic testing equipment, and service tools.


York Heating and Air Conditioning, Unitary Products – Johnson Controls
5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069
(405) 419-6563 Fax: (405) 419-6545
Residential and light commercial air conditioning, heat pumps and furnaces.

Young Regulator Co.

7100 Krick Rd., Walton Hills, OH 44146 (440) 232-9700 Fax: (440) 232-8266

J. Swank, Office Mgr.; Michael Dolphin, Sales Mgr.; Marty Gullatta, Purch.; Michael E. McGuigan, Pres.; Richard Steiner, Engrg.
Dampers – motorized and manual, damper regulators, damper hardware, zone control dampers, outside air dampers, cable controlled dampers, electronic balancing dampers, VAV dif- fusers.

Yunker Plastics Inc.

251 O’Connor Dr., Elkhorn, WI 53121
(800) 236-3328; (262) 743-1234 Fax: (262) 743-1233
M. Yunker, Pres.
A fabricator of flame retardant flexible duct work.


20 Commerce Park N., Bedford, NH 03110
(603) 669-5136; (800) 654-5600 Fax: (603) 669-0309
M. Brunt

Stainless steel and aluminum chimney liner in both flexible and rigid; Z-Vent special gas vent pipe CAT II, III, IV. 3 gas fired heating; OEM manufactured product for all heating equipment.

Zebra Instruments/HVAC

4500 Williams Dr., Suites 212-422, Georgetown, TX 78633 (512) 869-7000 or

Bob Leake, Sales; Kelly R., Cust. Serv.
Diagnostic tools, circuit protection and electrical HVAC/R products.

Zero Zone Inc.

110 N. Oakridge Dr., North Prairie, WI 53153 (800) 247-4496 Fax: (262) 392-6450

Lance Van Der Ploeg, Sales Mgr.-Case Div.; Carl Petersen, Mktg./Adv. Mgr.; David Morrow, Pres./CEO; Dan O’Brien, Natl. Sales Mgr.; Bruce Hierlmeier, Engrg. Mgr.; Rick Steer, Gen. Mgr.-Systems Div.

Reach-in display refrigerators and freezers, refrigeration sys- tems, mechanical and electrical centers.

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55 Bushes Ln., Elmwood Park, NJ 07407-3204
(201) 794-8004 Fax: (201) 794-1359
R. Foster, Pres.
Zone control systems, automatic dampers, registers and diffusers for fresh air intake, economizers and ventila- tion control.

SEE OUR ADS ON PAGES 268, 340, 341

Zonex Systems

5622 Engineer Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 898-9963 Fax: (714) 898-6802

Jeff A. Osheroff, Pres.; Charlotte Coffins, Cust. Serv. Mgr. Zone damper and DDC control systems from a two-zone residential system to auto change-over by-pass VAV products, which can support up to 198 air conditioning units; line includes modulating diffusers and a complete line of com- municating thermostats.

ZRC Worldwide

145 Enterprise Dr., Marshfield, MA 02050
(800) 831-3275; (781) 319-0400 Fax: (781) 319-0404
S. P. Collins, V.P.-Sales; Lorraine DeWald, Natl. Sales Mgr. Zinc-rich coatings for galvanizing repair and restoration.

Z-Flex (U.S.) Inc.


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Poll Highlights Best Marketing Methods

By John R. Hall For The NEWS

HVAC contractors — like many y other business owners — have been given many choices for marketing their business. The

list includes newspaper and radio advertis- ing, email blasts, direct-mail pieces, word of

learning the trade

mouth, and social networking. Each one fits a certain need depending on the market and products/services offered.

Beyond that, the question remains as to what type of deal is best to offer in any or all of these marketing campaigns. Is it best to offer free or discounted products? A prize offer? Or is it best just to explain the features or benefits of the equipment you sell or services you offer?

A recent poll at of the pre- ferred marketing offers drew 175 responses from HVAC contractors, business owners, and business consultants. The 30-day online survey ran from early August to early Septem- ber 2011.

The poll consisted of one question with five multiple choice answers:

“What type of marketing promotion is


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best when prospecting for new customers?” • Discount on services/products;
• Cash rebates;
• • F r e e g i f t ;

• None, just explaining benefits;
• Other.
The results showed a trend toward

explaining benefits versus all other forms of

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hvac briefs

• Brady (Raleigh, N.C.)

has named Michael Butland as a controls special project man- ager and Jimmy Perry as a controls project developer.


• Lincoln Electric Co. (Cleveland) has named Christopher L. Mapes
to the position of Chief Operating Officer.

• ClimateMaster (Oklahoma City) has named Dennis Harris as engi- neering director for controls.


• Meier Supply Com-
pany Inc. (Johnson City,
N.Y.) has hired Lloyd
Gala as the new HVAC Territory Manager responsible for the Roch- ester and Syracuse, N.Y., markets.


• HVACExcellencehasgrantedaccred- itation to South Central Louisiana Technical College (Morgan City, La.)

Anthony Weaver, student at Vatterott College, Brecksville, Ohio, is at the Parker booth at the Famous Expo in Cleveland to examine a few gadgets on a display table. See story in Distribution Center section on page DC1.

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CriticalSkillsGapStillWidening fyi

By Joanna R. Turpin Of The NEWS Staff

hvac briefs

Even though the worst recession in recent memory officially ended in June 2009, the unemployment rate has remained above 9 percent, and jobs have not bounced back as quickly as anticipated. One of the reasons for that,


noted the not-for-profit organization, ACT (, is that a significant segment of today’s labor force does not have the requisite skills that employers demand.

• The Dwyer Group (Waco, Texas) will welcome international master licensees, franchisees, associates and vendors in Indianapolis on Oct. 19-21forits2011AnnualReunionin conjunction with its 30th anniversary. Brady (Greensboro, N.C.) an- nounced that Jim Brady, company president, has been awarded the Department of Defense Patriot Award. This recognition is given to employers who support mem- bers of the U.S. armed forces in

This information probably does not come as a surprise to HVAC contractors, many of whom have complained for years that it is extremely difficult to find skilled workers to fill job openings. There is plenty of blame to go around as some point the finger at high schools, trade schools, or the contractors themselves. Many in the industry have ideas on what can be done differently to ensure there is a larger pool of well-educated, skilled service technicians ready to enter the workforce.

the workplace.

Mind The Gap

There are many opinions floating around concerning why there are not enough skilled individuals entering the HVAC industry. Some blame contractors, noting that they need to pick up the slack on training if they want a reputation for providing quality work.

• Aquatherm Inc. (Lindon, Utah) announced that Ed Eldredge has been promoted to executive vice president of U.S. sales.

By Peter Powell
Of The NEWS Staff

Somewhere in the mix is HVACR with a dozen or so points (enough totipthescalefromonelevelof certification to a higher one) directly related to heating and coolingequipment.

the normal amount of paperwork. Is it worth it? Well, it depends on who within the HVACR

for a LEED project, we are prepared to do so.” He noted one of his most recent projects was a multiusemunicipalbuildingthatearnedGold

• See SKILLS GAP | page 30

HVAC instructor, Kevin Livingston (right), noted that most students in his classes are very Continued on page 4 motivated to work hard and obtain the skills necessary to become service technicians.

LEED Pay Off Debated by Industry Contractors

In the green movement, the most measureable aspect is the LEED — LeadershipinEnergyandEnvironmental Design — certification program. Building owners striving for such

sector you talk to. certification.

certification — be it for cost saving energy efficiency, or recognition of being green, or both — seek to accumulate up to 35 points depending on the level of certification.

view it as another project that we can do. We don’t specifically search out LEED projects to do, but if the opportunity presents itself for us to provide our services

building.” One of his favorite projects was what he described as a solar cottage that garnered LEED Platinum.

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There is a need for HVACR contractorsskilledinfittinginto
the mix and able to do their job
amidst other trades while under the watchful eye of the general contractor and at the same time wading through more than

Jeff Phillabaum, president ofHill-YorkinFortLauderdale, Fla., who has been involved in

Hugh Joyce, president of James River Air Conditioning Co., Richmond, Va., called it, “A great learning process” and something

Mitsubishi Electric
Cooling & Heat-
ing (Suwanee, Ga.)
announced that Eric
Dubin joined the
national accounts group as manager of strategic accounts and utilities.


manyLEEDprojects,said,“We thatfitintohis“passionforbuildingabetter

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Contractors Guide
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Industry Debates Labor Rules

Controls Grow
in Retrofit Market

By Kimberly Schwartz Of The NEWS Staff

Background on the Rules

ees. Both of these proposed rulemakings were published in the Federal Register on June 22. The comment period for these rule- makings ended on Aug. 22, and at press time, the NLRB had not issued final rules.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Department of Labor (DOL) recently proposed to change the rules for union elections. The

The rules governing union elections, which are very complex, are administered and enforced by the NLRB. One major change NLRB has proposed is to shorten the time frame elections must be conducted by after a petition for election has been filed. According to NLRB, this change “would remove unneces- sary barriers to the fair and expeditious resolu- tion of questions concerning representation.” NLRB has also proposed a rule that would require employers to provide unions with a voter list of complete contact info for employ-

In addition, DOL has proposed rules that would require employers to file more govern- ment reports on their activities to persuade employees against unionizing. This notice of proposed rulemaking was published in the Fed- eral Register on June 21, and the period for sub- mitting comments was extended until Sept. 21.

proposed rules, which have stirred up politi- cal controversy across the country, are being debated by the HVAC community. Some in the industry worry that the new rules will favor unions, while others believe the rules will have minimal, if any, impact on HVAC contractors.

By Kimberly Schwartz Of The NEWS Staff

improving comfort + profits

According to Marc Petock, vice president, global marketing and com- munications, Tridium, the retrofit- ting opportunities in today’s market far outnumber opportunities for new construction. “In North America alone, there are over 5 million exist- ing commercial buildings that can be retrofitted right now,” he said.

Contractors explaining and installing modulating gas furnaces find customers are comfortable and satisfied. They are finding improvements in their bottom line. Story on page 8.



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With new construction still down, contractors who specialize in commercial controls can find more opportuni- ties for their business by retrofitting existing buildings.