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Other Refrigeration Tools

Besides supplying refrigeration equipment and accessories, we offer a full range of refrigeration tools for maintaining and installing your equipment. We know that high quality installation tools makes all the difference in an effortless and painless installation process.

We supply basic refrigeration tubing tools, like tube cutters, tube benders, and flaring tools and kits, as well as other refrigeration tools that meet our customers' specific requirements and applications. All of our tools are made from quality material and are easy to use.

Exhibition of Refrigeration Tools

LBS-14 for 1/4" O.D. tubing;
LBS-516 for 5/16" O.D. tubing
LBS-38 for 3/8" O.D. tubing;
LBS-12 for 1/2" O.D. tubing;
LBS-58 for 5/8" O.D. tubing;
LBS-34 for 3/4" O.D. tubing;

(7" Pinch-off tool, for O.D. tubing no larger than 5/16" (8mm)

(for pinch-off suction tubes and O.D. tubing no larger than 3/8" O.D)

LCT-122 for 1/4", 3/8" & 3/16", 5/16";

LCT-208 for 3/16" ~ 1 1/2" O.D. tubing / plastic body;

LCT-209 for 1/4" ~ 1 5/8" O.D. tubing / zinc body;

LFC-550 -- Aluminum Fin;

LFC-551 -- Plastic Fin 6-in-1 of 8, 9, 10,12, 14, 15;

LCT-501 -- Mirror O.D = 32mm,
Length closed = 127mm, Length opened = 500mm, Dia.= 8mm;

LCT-502 -- Mirror O.D = 50mm,
Length closed = 200mm, Length opened = 410mm, Dia. = 10mm.

Length closed = 126mm,
Length opened = 637mm.

Handy deburer equipped with swiveling blade.