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Ball Valve

Exhibition of Ball Valves

A ball valve is a type of check valve with a spherical disc which controls the flow of air or gas through it. This manually operated ball valve is designed for pipes in which liquid, air, or heated gas flow through in refrigeration equipment or cooler boxes. The valve seat of this straight ball valve is hermetically sealed, allowing a maximum flow, even under extreme temperature ranges.

Sealing caps are also attached to the valve and fastened by metal threads. Our quality ball valves come in several models and are excellently manufactured to serve different applications in HVAC and refrigeration equipment.

Features of Ball Valves
Well designed and manufactured, this refrigeration ducting valve has the following features:

1) No pressure drop during the flow;
2) With only a 1/4 turn, this ball valve switches from "fully open" to "fully closed";
3) Rotation limits for "fully open" and "fully closed" have been set for safety;
4) Two way flow;
5) Designed with an argon-arc welding structure;
6) Equipped with an explosion-proof valve push stem;
7) Sealed by modified PTFE materials;
8) Designed to avoid accumulation of fluids in the valve;
9) Can be mounted on control panels.

Technical Specifications of Ball Valves

Part No. Connectionsae Odf
LBV14 1/4 -
LBV38 3/8 -
LBV38S - 3/8
LBV12 1/2 -
LBV12S - 1/2
LBV58 5/8 -
LBV58S - 5/8
LBV34 3/4 -
LBV34S - 3/4
LBV78 - 7/8
LBV118 - 1 1/8
LBV138 - 1 3/8
LBV158 - 1 5/8
LBV218 - 2 1/8
LBV258 - 2 5/8
LBV318 - 3 1/8
LBV418 - 4 1/8