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Hand Valve

This commonly used diaphragm hand valve is operated manually. Designed for one-way flow applications, this refrigeration valve is used in the pipelines of cooling, heating, and refrigerating equipment. The industrial valve includes the following features:

1) Equipped with two stainless steel diaphragms, this flow controller is leak-proof;
2) Equipped with quality valve cores, this hand valve can be opened or closed with a small torque force;
3) With just one turn, the valve switches from "fully open" to "fully closed" for convenience.

Technical Parameters

Part No. Tube O. D.
LHV14 1/4
LHV38 3/8
LHV12 1/2
LHV58 5/8
LHV34 3/4

Technical Parameters

Part No. Tube O. D.
LHV14A 1/4
LHV38A 3/8
LHV12A 1/2
LHV58A 5/8
LHV34A 3/4